After over a year and a month or so, I'm finishing this up. Sorry it took so long… Sorry again, but it's gunna be really short cuz I forgot what I was gunna do before. After this, I'm probably going to write stories for the Harry Potter section. Keep an eye out for me!

It was 2 months after the whole incident at the racetrack had occurred. Psymon had been put into a mental rehab back in the United States after trying to kill himself for the twelfth time. Kaori and Elise were scheduled for release on the same day. Mac had come down to visit Kaori every day and he won most of the races. As Elise and Kaori went back to the hotel, Rahzel was standing in front of mostly everyone in a circle. He saw them entered and waved for them to come over.

"Hey girls! Come here, almost everyone's here. I've got an announcement."

Zoe looked around. "Who we missin'?"

Rahzel sighed. "Luther."

Zoe chuckled. "That's all you need?" She cleared her throat. "YO LUTHER!!"

Luther came around the corner. "Hmm?"

"There you are!" said Rahzel. "Alright, now everyone listen up. You've all spent the last couple months here racing and stuff but I'm disappointed to say that it's time we head home."

The racers all cheered and hugged. Rahzel smiled. "The seasons over, bitches! We headin' home! Yee-haw!"

The crowd cheered again and then departed to start packing. Mac walked over to Kaori, who looked slightly disgruntled.

Mac smiled. "What's the matter, Kao? Don't you wanna head home?"

Kaori shrugged. "It's just nice to be around people who look like me for once."

"Awe, come on Kaori." He pulled her into a hug. "You can come back anytime you want. I'll take ya myself."

Moby walked by them and laughed. "Kaori and Mac sittin' in a tree. K-i-s-s-i-n-g!" He started laughing like it was the funniest thing in the world. When he noticed Mac wasn't getting mad, he felt a little uneasy. "Oi! You hear me?!"

Mac turned to him. "You know, Moby, your words of torture only amuse yourself."

Moby looked stunned. Had Mac just said something smart?

Mac put his arm around Kaori and walked off.

Moby then came to senses and looked for something to say. "Yeah? Well… You… I have… better hair than… and my shoes are… and the…"

Zoe came up and patted him on the shoulder. "Better luck next time, eh?" She walked off.

Moby grunted and kicked the air and went down to his room in a huff.

Up in Mac and Brodi's room, the six friends: Mac, Brodi, Eddie, Kaori, Elise, and Marisol were hanging out and just talking about the last few months.

"I don't know too much of what's happened these past couple months seeing as I've been sleeping for most of it," said Elise.

Kaori smiled. "Ditto."

Mac stretched his arms in sarcastic laziness. "Well, basically I've been winning races non-stop."

Brodi shook his head and smiled. "Oh, come off it. You've won probably seven out of twenty."

Marisol laughed. "Yeah, well, that's better than me. I won once and only because I was against Eddie here."

"Hey! I won two, thank you very much!" shouted Eddie. Everyone laughed.

They heard a loud voice from downstairs. "Everyone, I read the days wrong! We're leaving in one hour! Hope it isn't a problem!"

Everyone in the room stared at each other. They hadn't started packing. They all screamed in unison and went back to their rooms.

When all the packing was done, Mac took Kaori's hand and led her to an isolated area so they could be in private.

As Brodi was walking by, he saw them kissing and he smiled. He looked behind him and saw Allegra was watching, too. She looked like she was going to throw something, but she just stormed away. Elise walked past her Brodi signaled for her to come down. Elise looked at them and grinned. Brodi and Elise stared at each other and shook hands.

Elise smiled. "Mission accomplished."

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