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I'm Sorry Fool

"Shut up you crazy fool" BA said to Murdock while Murdock was singing tunes from his favourite TV shows all mixed together.

"Look BA, I'm not doing nothing to hurt ya" replied Murdock looking almost hurt by BA's comments

BA just gave Murdock one of his shut up or die looks and that convinced Murdock he really should be quiet now. He loved to push his friend to the limits but also new it wasn't wise to cross the line when it came to BA, he had too short a temper…. But at the same time Murdock wanted to sing his song and couldn't seem to stop himself, he wanted to push BA over that line just for telling him to shut up and so as he started to finish his song BA stood up tall gave Murdock a 'Now you'll die' look and walked towards him, already towering over him Murdock backed off

"Calm down big feller I wasn't doing nothing" said Murdock in his most innocent voice he had. BA, just happy to have gotten a reaction from him and scared him, then backed away and got back to fixing his van from there last mission

"Hey, Make yourself useful and go get my other tool box, I left it in the back of the van" said BA as his way of trying to lighten the mood between him and Murdock before Hannibal and Face get back. Not that it mattered really, both Hannibal and Face expected a little trouble from the duo they were just hoping there'd be no severe blood spillages.

Murdock complied without another word and BA instantly felt bad about yelling at him, He liked Murdock really, he just didn't want the guy to know, and Murdock really did get on his nerves so much with his crazy comments and acts that he does.

As Murdock went around the back of the van he was a hurt by BA's comments and he wanted him to know it. As he was thinking about it, a man walked in front of him from the other side of the van, he was holding a gun to Murdock's head, Murdock reached forward to land a punch in the mans face with one hand and tried to grab the Gun with the other when another man hit him around the head from behind. Murdock didn't see it coming and it all happened so fast he never got chance to shout to BA for help, He just fell to darkness.

The two men carried him off making sure they didn't alert BA to what was going off. The last thing they want is for that huge guy to 'confront' them.

"Murdock, what the hells keeping you so long? It's only a tool box for crying out loud" shouted BA as he walked around the back of the van to see what was holding him up. BA wasn't prepared for what he found. No Murdock

"Where you gone you crazy fool" said BA hoping Murdock would just be hiding to make him feel back for yelling earlier, but BA was slightly worried he might have hurt Murdock enough for him to run off. "No, He wouldn't have" BA whispered to himself, after all, BA tells Murdock off for his stupidity several times a day, always has and it's never bothered him before, Murdock never really cares what BA says or does to him.

"Come on Murdock I'm sorry man" BA shouted into the air in hope it would lure Murdock back and he could then kill him for hiding in the first place. But then BA looked down and found something that increased his worries ten fold, He saw blood on the ground.

BA was now fearing the worst for his friend, he jumped into the drivers seat of his van, started the engine and drove off, he didn't know where he was going, he just new he had to find his friend before something bad happened to him.

"Hannibal come in" he said into his radio with such urgency that Hannibal and Face both dived for the radio in Face's car, Hannibal was quicker and answered immediately

"Yes BA what is it?" asked Hannibal with the slightest hint of concern showing through

"Murdock's gone, I think he might have been kidnapped, I found drops of blood at the back of the van, that's where he was supposed to be" said BA, the worry for his friend evident in his voice.

"Don't worry sergeant, we'll find him. Where are you now?" replied Hannibal, he was worried for Murdock too but he new BA too well to know that as much as BA denies it, he cares a lot for Murdock, they all did and he had to try to keep the team calm while they find him. He had all confidence that they would find Murdock all in one piece.

"I'm heading east from the parking lot we were in before" stated BA, hoping that he could tell them his position without Decker or any of the Army finding out where they were if they happened to have the frequency.

"Ok, BA we're on our way to you. Don't go anywhere, we'll get together and we can find him as a team" said Hannibal leaving no room for argument as much as he knew it would be painful for BA to just stop and wait while Murdock could be hurt.

"Do you think Murdock's ok Hannibal?" asked Face, also showing concern for his friend. They all new how unstable Murdock could get, not that he cant handle things from himself because he can but if they start hurting him, it's possible it could make him worse.

"I'm sure he is Face, Murdock's strong and he's a fighter, whatever they throw at him, he'll get through it" stated Hannibal in hope that it would satisfy his team member. Inside, Hannibal was just as worried for Murdock as the others but he knew he and the others would go to any lengths to get Murdock back safely and for now, that's what he had to think about. What he needed, was a plan.