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After B.A. had successfully donated his blood for Murdock, the team never thought twice about staying with him and making sure he was going to be fine. There was always that chance that someone in the hospital would recognise them as the A-Team but as far they could see… they had no choice in the matter. They had to be there for their friend. If anything, they wanted to be there in case there were any complications and Murdock needed them to be with him. They also knew that with Murdock being mentally unstable anyway; this ordeal wouldn't have helped him any.

Once again they were sat in the waiting room, staring at the depressing white walls when a nurse approached them.

"Hi, are you Mr Murdock's family?" asked the young nurse, a little unsure whether she was right or not; they all looked so different.

"Yes" was Hannibal's simple reply, and there was so much truth in his words that there was no doubts about his sincerity. Hannibal himself knew how true that one word was. The team was a family, and they have stuck by each other through so much and always will. Hannibal just hoped this would all be over soon and things would get back to normal (or as normal as anything could be in their life).

"He seems to be recovering well, he sure is a fighter" The nurse happily informed them

There was a sigh of relief coming from each man. "Can we see him?" asked face who couldn't bear being sat waiting and guessing Murdock's condition. He wanted to see for himself that Murdock was defiantly ok… he knew how bad his friend had been before, when he was in that basement, beaten to unconsciousness and bleeding to near death. He couldn't get that picture from his mind until he saw Murdock was ok.

"Of course, He's recovery so quickly we've been able to move him to a ward so he's on ward 9 now, just down this corridor and to your left" The Nurse explained before leaving in the direction she just pointed them to go in.

As the three men neared the ward, they were uncharacteristically quiet, all thinking about what state Murdock may be in; mentally and physically, and also trying to think what they're going to say when they see him.

They all walked up to his bedside and each took a seat next to him. Murdock looked so small and fragile whilst he was laid in a drug induced sleep. His cuts had been cleaned and stitched up; he was no longer in his blood soaked clothes. All in all, he looked so much better and this brought real relief to each member of the team. They couldn't accept his recovery without seeing it for themselves and having ultimate proof in there minds. And seeing him now brought that. He was hooked up to various IV tubes; probably painkillers and anti-biotics. But he was making a full recovery and very quickly which is all they needed for now.

Face decided to break the silence and at least see if his friend would maybe respond to him. He missed Murdock and as much as he was relived to see him well. He just wanted the crazy Murdock back (something he never thought he'd wish for) "Hey Murdock" He attempted.

No response, he looked briefly at the others and they were content with this but they decided that maybe it would be best for Murdock if they did try to talk to him.

"We got the suckers that did this to ya!" said B.A. glad to share the good news but couldn't keep the concern from his voice. Hestillcouldn't help thinking this was his fault.

"Yeah, we'd have left em for you to deal with but we just couldn't resist… sorry captain" Added Hannibal as a slight joke. Hannibal was no longer worried or concerned for Murdock. He knew a bit about these wounds and these problems. He'd seen it enough in the war and the way Murdock looked, the medication he was on and the fact that he'd been moved to a ward rather than ICU all assured him that the Crazy Pilot was in fact recovering fine.

Murdock opened his eyes a little and slowly, blinking rapidly due to the bright light hitting his eyes after so much darkness. He tried to move but didn't have the strength still.

"Murdock!" Shouted B.A with surprise at what he was seeing. This caught the attention of the other two men sat next to him

"Stay still captain" said Hannibal gently. He could tell Murdock was disorientated,

'Where am I' thought Murdock, totally confused and disorientated. He couldn't remember anything. He turned his head to the side to where he was hearing voices. He saw three men next to him, staring at him, talking to him. He started to panic. Who were those people, why were they staring at him? His noticed everything around him was white, 'Am I dead? Have I gone to heaven?' He thought suddenly scared.

The guys noticed Murdock was too disorientated and was starting to panic. They could tell he didn't even recognise them and that scared them. After all, they knew his physical state was all ok and recovering now. But until this moment, no one knew what his mental state was going to be like.

Murdock was shaking uncontrollably and his breathing was becoming very rapid. Hannibal tried to hold him down a little and B.A. grabbed his hand as they both attempted to calm there friend. Face went to the nurse station to find a nurse 'why is there never a nurse when you need one? But when you want to be alone with a patient, they're breathing down your neck every 2 minutes.' He thought with slight panic that Murdock needed medical attention and there was no one to give it.

"What's wrong with him?" B.A. asked Hannibal. He was getting more and more worried for Murdock by the second.

"He's having and anxiety attack" replied Hannibal with no major emotion in his voice except the strain from holding Murdock.

Face returned without any medical assistance. "There's no one there" he told his friends, and went to assist with Murdock who was now much calmer and seemed to be falling asleep. B.A. never let go of his hand. He wanted Murdock to know they were there, to give him something to focus on and to try to get Murdock to enter the real world if only for a few minutes to show them all that he would be ok.

A few minutes later, Murdock awoke again. They were all cautious about how he would react to them this time but to there relief, he was finally showing to be much better

"Hannibal?" he asked, weakly

"I'm here Murdock" Hannibal reassured him. "How do you feel Captain?" He asked

"I'm great…. What am I doing in here? I'm fine" he said realising he was in a hospital. They knew this was a good sign. Murdock never complained about an injury or illness so they were finally happy they were getting the old Murdock back.

"You really scared us back there" stated Face, also pleased to see his friend recovering

"Were you worried about me B.A?" asked Murdock knowing full well that he was winding B.A up and was going to make him mad and call him a 'Crazy Fool'. But he wanted to know that things were ok with him and B.A and nothing was going to change between them.

"Worried? As if I'd worry about a crazy fool like you? Only thing worries me, is if you don't stop your crazy jibber jabbering, I might have to really hurt you" said B.A in his angry, gruff voice. But this was music to Murdock's ears. He knew what B.A. was really feeling and if B.A. had given any other reply… he'd have been really worried. But things were going to be just fine. Everything was already getting back to normal.



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