Freshman Year – Late March 2003

"What's going on in that head of yours?" Jason gently stroked Brooke's hair as he questioned her.

They'd spent the better part of the rainy Saturday in March curled up in Brooke's bed. Brooke had always wanted her first time to be simple and sweet with someone she loved. Of course when she and Peyton talked about it ever unromantic and sarcastic Peyton had made sure Brooke knew that it would more then likely be painful and awkward and that she was getting her hopes up. It had been all of the above, a week before hand on their two month anniversary. It had just felt right and Brooke had refused to second guess or talk herself out of it.

"I'm thinking that I wish we never had to move out of this bed," Brooke snuggled closer to Jason and he wrapped his arms more tightly around her. Both lapsed back into silence listening to the rain hitting the roof overhead. It had been raining for two days, the kind of rain that turned the warming weather cold again and chased everyone back indoors but Brooke certainly wasn't complaining.

Although at that moment her stomach was complaining that she hadn't fed it since that piece of toast right before Jason had come over. "Now, I'm thinking that rainy Saturday occasion calls for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches."

Jason laughed, in bits and pieces he was starting to expect certain things from Brooke, "Is there any occasion that doesn't call for peanut butter and jelly?"

"Hey it's one of the only things I know how to make. Hmm," she tapped her finger against her lip in thought, "actually though there is an occasion that doesn't call for PB&Js and that would be funerals."

"Oh yeah, and what type of food is appropriate then?"

"Comfort food, like macaroni and cheese. But not the stuff out of the box, the homemade stuff that is cheesy and all clumped together and just makes you feel better with every bite. But now," Brooke kissed Jason quickly before moving off of him, "now it is time for peanut butter and jelly and hot chocolate." She quickly pulled Jason's sweatshirt over her head before leaving the room, Jason followed immediately behind.

"There are leftovers from Italian the other night if you'd rather have that," Brooke commented as she poked through her fridge looking for her jelly. Really the fridge was stocked full of food between the stuff Gabriella left weekly and the food Althea was constantly sending home with her, Brooke certainly wouldn't be starving any time soon.

"And miss out on your famous sandwiches?" Jason reached around Brooke and lifted the white Styrofoam contain off the top shelf, "I might have to take you up on that. A person, over the age of seven, can only eat so much peanut butter and jelly."

"Well, good for you. I just think you're crazy is all." Brooke laughed as they moved about the kitchen getting what they both needed to prepare their individual lunches. Once Brooke had made her sandwich she hopped on the counter watching Jason move around the kitchen. "See, amazing," Brooke waved the sandwich in the air in front of Jason.

Jason pressed the reheat button on the oven and then moved to her; with a smirk he lifted the sandwich out of Brooke's hands and took a bite. "Hey!" Brooke protested grabbing the sandwich back out of Jason's hands, "I may love you but not enough to let you steal my PB&J." The stern expression on her face gave way to a smile and she leaned down and wrapped her arms around Jason's neck.

"Oh yeah?" Jason trailed kisses along Brooke's jaw line as his fingers slipped over the soft skin of Brooke's up thigh and under the hem of is THH swim hoodie.

"I suppose I could be persuaded otherwise," Brooke murmured closing her eyes as Jason's fingers played their way slowly upward and over Brooke's skin.

"What the hell is going on here?" The male voice caused both Brooke and Jason to drop and contact. Jason flew about a foot away from Brooke and she dropped off of the counter with a light thud.

"Daddy," Brooke tugged at the bottom of the blue sweatshirt, only then realizing how little she was actually wearing. "What – "

"Juliet!" Wilson Davis bellowed for his wife, cutting his daughter off completely. When his wife didn't appear immediately he called for her again, only louder.

"Wilson what the hell is the matter with you?" Juliet Davis' voice could be heard coming down the hall accompanied by the click of her heels. "Whose car is in front of the…Jesus Christ!" The scene Juliet walked in on left very little to the imagination. "Brooke Penelope what in God's name is going on here?"

Brooke couldn't bring herself to look up from the tiled kitchen floor. She could feel all of the eyes on her, even Jason's but she can't even bring herself to meet his gaze. "Mr. Davis, Mrs. Davis, I'm Jason The-…" It couldn't have been easy for Jason to be the one to break the silence in the room, but it does finally get Brooke to look up for the first time. Her father looked ready to explode, his face had turned a deep shade of red and Brooke took a protective step closer to Jason. Her mother's piercing green eyes, the mirror of Brooke's, are locked onto Brooke and she's giving her a look that literally makes Brooke feel ill.

With a deep breath Brooke half turned to Jason, "you should go."

Jason's gaze moved between Brooke and her parents, "but…"

"Young man," Juliet's gaze was icy, "I believe that's a wise idea." Brooke had never hear such a tone come out of her mother before. As far as Brooke knew her mother had exactly two tones when in the presence of company; one was over the top and filled with fake enthusiasm and the other was simple disinterest.

Brooke didn't dare touch or speak to Jason when he walked out of the kitchen. No one in the room breathed or moved until they could hear his car door slam. Her parents care far to much about their public appearance to lose their cool in front of anyone, the risk of gossip was far too great. The instant they were sure that Jason couldn't hear a word they exploded.

Brooke would never be able to recall all of the words that came flying out of their mouths; or how long exactly it last. But the keywords of 'slut', 'white trash', 'hussy' were thrown around far more then any others and Brooke wouldn't forget them. She managed to hold her head high through it all and didn't cry until her mother dismissed her with a wave of her hand.

Even when she was curled in her bed, buried under her sheets, that still smelled lightly of Jason, she managed not to cry. Her mind wandered as her parents fought on the floor below. She'd never let her parents down before. Up until that very day she'd been the perfect Tree Hill high society daughter. She was pretty and fashionable. She never stepped out of line. Everyone knew that if you wanted to keep peace in an upper class Tree Hill family there were two definite rules to live by. You only stepped outside of the lines your parents couldn't see; Tree Hill parents didn't care if you fucked up your life so long as it wasn't out in the open for everyone to see. And the second rule a T.H. kid followed was that you never, ever, pointed out to your parents that they were never around. That was certainly the more important of the two.

Brooke didn't know what came next. She hadn't broken any of the rules before and she had no idea how her parents were going to react.

"What's happening?"
"Shh, don't worry about it. I love you."
"I love you."
"Close your eyes."

Well, as bad as things were at least Brooke could rest assured that she wouldn't have to stab Jason in the stomach and send him straight to hell. She had resolved herself to hiding in her room for the day; she didn't know where her parents were so she wasn't risking leaving the safety of her room. And thanks to FX she'd been wrapped up in the tragedy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer courtesy of one of those day long marathons. The tragedy of the story managed to keep her mind off of how truly mortifying the afternoon exchange had been. Your absentee parents walking in on you and your boyfriend, partially clothed and all over each other? Yeah, Brooke was pretty sure that it didn't get any worse then that.

Brooke?" Brooke's heart pounded when her mother knocked on the door right around dinner time and she quickly snapped the TV off before calling for her mother to enter.

Juliet pushed open the door but remained in the doorway. She shared Brooke's eye color but that was where the similarities ended. She was pale and blonde and the perfect southern society girl. She'd been born to Atlanta socialites; she'd been bred to be the perfect trophy wife to a successful business man. She could organize a function of a hundred people without batting an eyelash, but she had few practical talents. Dealing with disobedient troublesome children? Far too practical for Juliet Davis. That's what nannies and au pairs were hired for, and now that her daughter was too old for one she was clueless.

"Brooke, your father and I are incredibly disappointed in you. We counted on you to act responsibly when we are unavailable. We counted on you to act like we raised you, not inviting strange boys over to do God knows what."

"He's my boyfriend Mom, not some strange boy." Brooke protested quietly not meeting her mother's gaze. Honestly, through all of her faults Brooke couldn't blame her parents for being angry, they had their but that didn't make this any easy or the situation less awkward.

"I thought I made it quite clear that you weren't to see that boy anymore. When we spoke about him…"

"You didn't…"

"It's obvious that I didn't make myself clear," Juliet interrupted. "So I will state this as clearly as I can, your father and I are forbidding you from seeing that boy anymore."

"You can't do that!" Brooke exclaimed.

"Of course I can, I am your mother Brooke Penelope. You will do as I say."

Brooke's mother had forbidden her to do two things in her entire life, on top of the typical Tree Hill expectations. The first was that there was absolutely no playing when Brooke was forced to attend adult parties. She was to sit and look like a pretty doll and absolutely not run off to play with Nathan Scott and Tim Smith. Second, there was absolutely no eating or drinking in the formal living room, and it didn't matter if you were the best nanny their daughter had ever had, you would be fired.

"Furthermore, we are having the Warrenbrocks to dinner tomorrow; you are to be in attendance." At this point Juliet had entered Brooke's closet and was sifting through the contents. Moments later she emerged with a pale blue dress, "this will do. With the pearls Daddy got from Paris and that darling headband you wore to the Scott's barbeque over the summer." Brooke opened her mouth to attempt to form a protest but once again Juliet had cut her off, "we'll see about returning your cell phone after dinner tomorrow. That Andy Warrenbrock is such a nice boy."


"Goodnight Brooke."

Brooke let out a screech as the door shut behind her mother and she hated herself for not being able to stand up to her parents. She'd never seen the point before. Her parents had been far to absent from her life to warrant the need to stand up to them. But this was just too far. To forbid her to see Jason? They hadn't even let her speak up for herself to explain. Not that there was anything she could have said to explain what they had walked in on. But what were they going to do? Enforce their new punishment for a day or two until something else came up somewhere that wasn't Tree Hill?

Brooke took a deep breath as an attempt to calm herself. She would only have to get through a day or two and then they would be gone again. Long enough for them to forget they had a daughter, much less that they had punished her.

"Clair, it's been far too long. How have you been?"

Brooke watched her parents greet the Warrenbrocks. They, along with Dan and Deb Scott, were her parents closest friends. Their son Andy was an ass and Brooke wished that her parents had invited the Scotts over. The evening would have been far more pleasant and she could have stolen Nathan's cell phone after dinner to call Jason.

She'd spent ages getting ready that afternoon only because she had nothing else to do hiding from her parents in her bedroom. So there she stood looking like her mother's perfect little China doll.

"Brooke, darling, how are you?" Clair Warrenbrocks attention was now focused on Brooke, joy.

Brooke smiled and made small talk when she was addressed at dinner. She didn't dare of the nerve to push her parents any further, and besides she had this routine down pat. It was a role she'd been in her whole life and if her parents were going to hold her phone hostage until she played her role perfectly, well then she'd give them the show of their lives.

"You know, we just got a new surround system in the entertainment room," Wilson stated after dessert was nearly finished. "Why don't you kids run in along and find something to watch while we talk?"

Reluctantly Brooke led Andy toward the entertainment room. "Do you want to watch a movie?" A movie was a safe bet, considering their parents would probably talk for hours. If they watched a movie it cut out any conversation about what to watch on TV and as far as Brooke was concerned the least amount of conversing with Andy the better.

Brooke sighed audibly; she was tired of pretending she hadn't noticed that Andy was progressively moving closer and closer to her on the couch. When he'd placed is hand just above her knee she was done.

"Hands off Andy, I have a boyfriend. Remember? He's in your grade? Captain of the swim team?" She shoved Andy's hand away from her. Hopefully hard enough for Andy to back off and retreat to the other side of the couch.

"That's not what I heard," Andy draped an arm around Brooke's shoulder. "I heard that your parents walked in on you and that boyfriend of yours going at it in the kitchen. Who'd have thought you had it in you Brooke, if I'd known you liked it like that I would have followed my parents encouragement sooner." With his free hand Andy touched her knee again and Brooke flinched, "anyway. I hear you've been forbidden to see Jason. When I heard that I figured, why not head over see if Brooke's lonely…"

Brooke jumped to her feet at this, she'd had to deal with Andy for most of her life and honestly he'd been a pervy sleaze since even before puberty but she was tired of taking it. Pulling back her arm she slapped Andy hard across the face, "you're an ass." She left him shocked at her outburst and stalked into the living room where the adults were drinking and chatting.

"I'm done playing your perfect princess tonight, and your son is an ass." Before anyone could react she left the room and grabbed the cordless phone on her way out. She dialed the number quickly knowing that she only had a limited amount of time before her parents and the Warrenbrocks said their embarrassed goodbyes. "Hello?" They sounded so similar on the phone that Broke had always had a hard time differentiating between Alec and Jason.


"Brooke? I'm going to go get Jason, hang on…"

"No, Alec, wait. My parents may kill him if he shows up here, right now. Can you come get me?" Brooke quickly threw a change of clothes into her cheer bag as she checked to make sure that Alec knew how to get to her house.

"I'm walking out the door now." When Alec hung up Brooke glanced at the clock, it took five minutes if you hit very stop light to cross the distance between the Theophilus house and the Davis'.

"Brooke Penelope Davis!" The Warrenbrocks had to have gone because her mother's furious voice had carried easily up the huge flight of stairs.

There was no avoiding this conversation and her parents were standing between her and her exit plan. Besides, there were things that Brooke had resisted telling her parents for most of her life. She'd waited long enough and they'd backed her too far into a corner. She'd already broken the unspoken rule not to embarrass her parents in front of anyone, she might as well declare it a no holds barred conversation and tell them that they sucked as parents as well.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" Wilson eyed her bag the instant she stepped foot on the stairs.

"To Jason's until you guys run off to Europe or New York or whatever is next on the Davis' grand tour of the world outside of Tree Hill."

The statement goes ignored as her mother launched into a speech she must have had practically preplanned. "All this time we thought you were responsible enough to stay alone. You've nothing but prove us wrong since we walked in the door. Clearly we need to put you under parental supervision at all times."

Brooke couldn't help the laughter that bubbled out of her almost the instant the words left her mother's mouth. "So are you going to pay highly trained actors come in and fill this role? If so I'd recommend the parents from Seventh Heaven, they seem to be fantastic. Actually, hmm…" Brooke tapped her lips in thought. She couldn't believe the words that were spilling out of her mouth. Sarcasm was not a Brooke Davis thing, it was a Lydia or Peyton thing. But once the words had started there was no stopping them

"No, on second thought you wouldn't want those parents. I'm pretty sure they don't expect their girls to be China dolls, and you know their actually present in their children's lives. Hmm, that's really a touch. Maybe on your next transcontinental flight you can think of TV parents who represent the values you'd like instilled in me, your only daughter."

Her parents remained unmoving. Too shocked for it to even register across their faces. When they'd gotten off of the plane from St. Croix or New York or wherever they had been they'd had the perfect daughter. Sweet and quiet spoken with impeccable manners under all conditions. The girl in front of them might as well have been an alien because it certainly wasn't the daughter they'd paid good money to have raised.

At the full realization of what she'd actually just said tears sprang to Brooke's eyes. She'd spent her whole life trying to be the perfect daughter so that maybe her parents would spend more time with her, want to take them on all their trips. Any chance of that was now gone.

"Peyton will know how to reach me." She walked out of the house half-wishing, half-expecting her parents to call out to or attempt to stop her. They don't.

She sat on the front step hugging her cheer bag tightly to her. Willing herself not to cry, but the last two days have been far too emotional and she no longer has the energy to fight them. She didn't know how long her cruel words to her parents had lasted. Or how long she sat in the humid night air. It felt like hours but Alex had been leaving the house when he hung up with her. And the drive was only five minutes.

When the headlights swept into her driveway Brooke jumped to her feet and was half-way to the car before Althea was able to jump out of the passenger seat and pull Brooke to her. Brooke clung to Althea and sobbed into her shoulder. Within moments Althea had Brooke settled in the backseat, her arm wrapped around Brooke.

The two, along with Alec, were too focused on getting Brooke house to notice the figure that had positioned themselves at the window to watch the exchange. She would be expectedly out of the country when Brooke finally returned to her home Monday after school. For that unseen moment, though, she was a concerned mother watching her only child be taken care of by another women, because she had blown all of the second chances her daughter up willingly offered up to her.