Author's Notes

This is my first fanfic. I have no idea whether or not you'll like it. Oh, and bear with the prologue, I made the style slightly different from my usual. Now, read on! "Normal in quotes": Japanese, though in Yashi's case it's in her special technique-language.
"Italics in quotes": Chinese
"Quotes": dialogue
/Italics or in between slashes: Thoughts
(In parenthesis): Panda signs.

NOW read on!


Geez, never mind! I just want to add that I don't own Ranma 1/2, dragons, phoenixes, or any of the ancient-ish Chinese beliefs that I may have based some stuff on. Don't you dare sue me. Now, truly read on!


About 500 or so years ago

It was in a slightly dark room adorned with gold and rubies. A teenage girl was standing in the middle of the room. Her right fist was clenched, extended straight down, and her left was almost on her chest. She has medium-length hair draping down her back 'till her waist and was wearing a somewhat too short pink and gold Chinese one-piece dress. Her hair was flaming red with a yellowish tinge. Her eyes are red-orange with very round pupils, her ears, pointy like a demon's. She has goldenrod wings behind her back that looked like they belonged to a slightly oversized bird. Her wings are about five centimeters longer than her hair. There was a boy who appears adolescent with his long hair tied in a very, very long ponytail that goes down to the back of his knees and a furry greenish-brown band holding his unruly black bangs away from his chocolate hazel eyes (1). He, too, has pointy ears but his wings are more than slightly different, they're more like a dragon's than a bird. His back was turned to the girl. That girl is not Ranma's female form. She's Yashi Saotome. The room was almost silent except for the two young dragons' voices.

"Liang Ya…please…don't go," Yashi begged. (A/N: Liang Ya is Ryoga's name in Chinese Pin Yin. Also note that this is not Ryoga Hibiki and this Liang Ya has a very good sense of direction, so Yashi wasn't crying because she's afraid he'll get lost.)

"Liang Yaplease stay. I really don't want you to go to this one."

Liang Ya didn't turn around. "It is a Forest Dragon's duty to do this. I'm sorry, Ya Shi."

"Even though you're only half Forest Dragon? Even though you're engaged?"

"Even so. Don't worry, I promise I'll be back. Like I said before, I'm sorry." Liang Ya strode to the excessively decorated doors and added, "Good-bye, Ya Shi. Don't worry, I'll never break a promise."

"No…."Yashi whispered as she fell to her knees, "NO!"

It was the first time he'd broken a promise. Yashi swore to herself that she's going to make him make it up to her, no matter how.

1. Does any part of this sound familiar to you?