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Summary: Tohru and Haru have known each other since kindergarten. After Kyoko dies in a car accident, who id there to help Tohru? A Tohru x Haru fic. Enjoy!

AN: Well, this is my first story. Has many spoilers. So beware.

Chapter 1: Finger Painting

"Wait for me!" Five-year old Tohru Honda yelled.

"Why should I wait for you?" yelled back the boy that Tohru was chasing after.

"Because, I want to be friends!" At that, the little abruptly stopped and Tohru ran into him. He fell backwards with her on top of him.

"What did you say?" he whispered.

"I want to be friends!" she answered him with a smile.

The young boy was shocked, never had someone told him that they wanted to be friends with him. People would mock him because oh hid white and black hair and other just thought he was weird. He had never expected for this girl, this bright bubbly girl, to chase after him so they could be friends.

"Why do you want to be my friend?" he asked.

"Because, you seem lonely, and mother always says that I should befriend a lonely child." She replied.

This made the little boy angry, "Who says I'm lonely? Maybe I just don't want to be friends with any of you losers! Especially you!" He pushed her off him.

Tohru got up from the ground. When she looked back up to the boy, he saw that she was crying.

As the tears fell, Tohru whispered, "Its okay. I understand. You don't want to be my friend so I'll leave you alone from now on." And she ran.

The boy sighed. When am I ever gonna act normal? Why can't I just be nice to people.

He walked back to the classroom to find kids in groups playing games. This is kindergarten! This is the year I make my "forever" friends! What am I going to do? He sat down in his assigned seat and waited for sensei to tell them what they were going to do that day.

Maybe I can apologize to her? Would she forgive me? Probably not. Maybe I can give her my chocolate, maybe then she would forgive me! Yeah I'll-"

"Hatsuharu Sohma? Have you listened to one word I have said?" Sensei asked.

"I'm sorry sensei, what were you saying?"

"Sohma-san, you will be finger painting with Honda-san at the blue table over there. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sensei."

Haru went to the blue table. He sat down and started to paint. He painted a tree, a sun, a flower, anything to keep his mind off that girl. He was just starting to forget when he heard someone pulling a chair to sit next to him. He looked to the left and saw her.

"Oh! I'm sorry! I shouldn't be here! But I have to. Sensei said so! I'll leave you alone I promise!" Tohru rambled.

Haru sighed. When was this nightmare going to end? "Just sit down before you give yourself a headache. You are already giving me one."

Tohru sat down and started to finger paint. "I'm Tohru by the way. Tohru Honda."

"Hatsuharu Sohma." he replied.

"It's so nice to meet Hatsuharu-san!" she exclaimed.

"It's Haru." He mumbled.

"Oh, ok, Haru-san!" And with that, Tohru went back to work.

Haru wished he could speak to the girl without saying something stupid. He still hadn't apologized for earlier that morning. He didn't know how to! How can I tell you that I'm sorry? He took another piece of paper, and with his fingers, he painted, I'm Sorry.

He pushed the paper her way and she looked at it. She read it and blinked a few times. After a few moments, she smiled and took another piece of paper and finger painted, I'm happy we are friends now.

And with that Haru smiled. He finally had a friend.


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