Summary: You All know it!

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AN: Okay, So you know how I've been basing the story mostly on Haru? Now It's going to be on both Haru and Tohru. This is 8 years later. They are both 16. Just before Kyoko dies…

Ch.6: I Need You…

In Japan:

"Tohru, I came to say goodbye. I want you to know. I will always be here for you. So if anything happens, call me. This is my mom's number. Just call. I will take the first plane from China to see you. Just promise one thing."

"What Haru-san?" she looked at him with those eyes.

"Never change. I'll try to keep in touch." And with one final hug, he ran out of the Honda's apartment.

Tohru sighed. Even after eight years, she couldn't forget about Haru. She could never forget. He was her first love. He never kept in touch. She guessed it was too painful for him. At least he is with his father, Tohru reminded herself, he is happy.

In the eight years since Haru left, Tohru had become best friends with Saki Hanijima and Arisa Uotani. Those three were inseparable. And when she turned 15, Yuki Sohma became her boyfriend. His cousin Kyo was also one of her good friends. The five were always together and having fun.

When Yuki asked her out, she was beyond surprised. The first thing that popped into her head after he introduced himself was, Sohma? Is he related to Haru? When she asked him this, he got all moody and responded no. Her second thought was, What about Haru? Can I just forget about him and learn to love another? And third thought was, Oh My God. Yuki Sohma just asked me out.

Ever since she said yes to Yuki, her life was, well, not the same. Yuki was always with her. And she loved him, but he was so needy. He was always pushing her to get to the next step in their relationship. She wasn't ready yet. It just didn't feel right. And he didn't really get along with Kyoko. She was so humorous, and well, he wasn't. Plus, he wouldn't hug her. She didn't understand why, but he just didn't. Kyo-kun as well.

I just wish Haru would come back. I miss him, she thought.


In China

"Yo, Sohma! Heads up!"

Haru looked up to see a Frisbee coming his way. He jumped and caught it. He smiled. Marcus was always doing that.

Tohru would enjoy this, he thought. He shook his head. No more Tohru. No more pain. Akito won. It was over.

"Haru? Are there?" A hand was waving in front of his eyes.

Ah. Rin. Haru had met her half a year ago. She was beautiful, sexy, and talented. Everything he needed to keep his mind off Tohru.

He grabbed her and kissed her long and hard. "Oh yeah, I'm here. Why don't we just get out of here and go back up to my room? My parents are gone for the weekend." He raised his eyebrows suggestively.

Rin smirked. She grabbed his hand and pulled him up. "Well, what are we waiting for? There's something I want to show you…" Haru got hard just thinking of what new tricks she had up her sleeve.

They ran to his apartment building and got in the elevator. Haru met Rin at a bar. She was wearing nothing but black leather. And she looked good. He introduced himself and took her home. That night, he had sex for the first time. But during the whole thing, he imagined it was Tohru. He loved Tohru. And he imagined how it would be to see her naked, kiss her, make love to her…

When the elevator door opened, Rin grabbed him and opened his door. She pushed him onto the sofa and took off his shirt. Next were the pants. Haru just sat there. Rin liked being in control. When they were both naked, Rin jumped on him and started to kiss him slow and hard.

Forgive me Tohru. I love you.


In Japan

"Will Miss Tohru Honda please come to the office."

Tohru looked up. What? They wanted her? What for? Yuki sensed her confusion and whispered in her ear, "Don't worry, they probably want to ask you a few questions about what kinds of food you are baking for the bake sale. I would go with you but I need to finish up these student council duties." He smiled and kissed her for reassurance. Tohru nodded and walked to the office. On the way she was ambushed by Hana-chan, Kyo-kun, and Uo-chan.

Kyo-kun stepped in front of her and smirked. "So what did you do this time squirt?"

Tohru got all wide-eyed, "Nothing! Absolutely noth-"

Hana joined in, "Tohru, we told you that breaking into the school kitchen would somehow be painful…"

Tohru was now all flustered, "But I didn't do anyth-"

Arisa smiled, "Don't worry Tohru. We're just kidding around. Orange top here said we should come with you to make sure everything was okay."

Tohru sighed, "Okay, lets go. I don't want to get in trouble for being late."

When they arrived, the school secretary rushed Tohru in to the principle's office. When she closed the door, the principle announced,

"Your mother was involved in a deadly car crash. Your mother is dead Tohru."

Tohru just sat there. No, it's not possible. Mom can't be dead. Haru needs to know. I need Haru. Haru said he would come when I need him. I need him. And with that, Tohru ran out of the office, past her friends, and to her apartment. She opened her jewelry box and found what she was looking for; Haru's number. She picked up the phone and dialed the number with shaky numbers.

"Hello?" A lady had answered. Haru's mom.

"Hello?" she asked again.

Tohru responded, "Hi. Mrs. Sohma? It's Tohru. Tohru Honda from Japan? I was wondering if you had Haru-san's number?"

"Why, hello dear! Of course it 475-9173. I'm sure he'll be glad to here from you."

"Thank you very much Mrs. Sohma. Have a nice day." She hung up the phone and picked up again. She dialed the number. And someone picked up. A girl.

"Hello?" She sounded like she was out of breath. Also very mad.

"Um, hi. Is Haru-san there?" Tohru crossed her fingers that this was the right number.

"Yeah, he is. Who the hell are you?" Tohru was surprised? Did Haru have a sister she didn't know about?

"Rin? Who is it? If it's for my dad, just hang up. Come back to bed. I'm not done with you…" That sounded like Haru in the background. Oh. It was Haru's girlfriend. No need to be jealous, I have Yuki, she told herself.

"Umm, my name is Tohru Honda. I really need to speak to Haru-san. Please."

"Tohru Honda? Haru, are you cheating on me? Who are you slut? What do you want with Haru?"

Tohru was about to cry. "Please, I just need to speak to Haru-san."


In China

Haru was just about to enter Rin when the phone rang. They both groaned and Rin picked up the phone. Of course Rin sounded pissed. Who wouldn't be if you were about to fuck your girlfriend and the damn phone rang?

But when he heard her say Tohru Honda, he sat straight up and grabbed the phone from Rin's hands.

"Tohru? Is that you? What happened?" he hadn't talked to Tohru in 8 years. Why now? Something must have happened.

"Haru-san. It's you. I need you. My mom. My mom…" she sounded like she was crying.

"What happened to your mom Tohru?" this couldn't be good.

"She's dead. In a car crash."

Haru almost dropped the phone. He knew now why she called him. "Tohru, I'll be there tomorrow."

"Thank you Haru-san." And with that she hung up the phone.

Rin looked at him. "So, you wanna tell me what that was about?"

Haru sighed, "I have to leave for Japan. I'm sorry Rin, but I can't see you anymore." And with that he went into his room and packed his suitcase. Called the airport and reserved his ticket.