Chapter 1

Darkness. There was nothing but pure darkness within the fine black walls of the rooms of the unknown building. There were only two occupants inside this dark and chilling room.

One, was a woman, with a long red dress on, with a large spidery purple hat and purple sunglasses which reflected no light off them.

The other, was a man, who didn't stand entirely straight, instead, he leaned heavily on a thin crooked cane. He wore a blue jacket, coated heavily with buttons and straps, and blue pants to match. The collar of his jacket with so high up, you could hardly see the lower half of his face, and with his oversized hat, only his one eye was visible.

They both seemed to be standing in front of a screen, which provided so very little light in the room.

The woman growled in discompfort and impatience.

"I don't understand why He couldn't just handle them" she hissed, her mouth hidden behind the red collar of her jacket.

"Now, now my Sweet. You know as well as I do that our Master strictly told us that He needs to gain his strength. He is very weak at the moment, you know?"

"Yes, yes, I know! But He is strong enough to take care of a few measley pests such as them!" retaliated the woman in red by gesturing to the screen in front of them.

The two of them froze when they heard the faint sounds of whimpering and coughing coming from down the hallway.

"Perhaps HE is not as strong as I had originally hoped" sighed the woman.

"You must admit though, he is getting awfully stronger since we found Him. Before He was only with us for less than twenty minutes, now he He is with us for lamost an hour" said the man in blue. The woman nodded.

"That is true" she agreed.

"Now all we have to do, is come up with some way to make him stronger. If we wait for him to become stronger on his own, it'll be years before we can set our plan into action with the pace He's going!" thought the blue man out loud. The woman nodded.

"You certianly know how to speak the obvious..." hissed the red woman.

"I aim to please, my Sweet!" chuckled the man in blue.

The whimpering and coughing grew louder from down the hallway. You could hear someone breathing heavily, as though they just competed in a twenty mile race.

"Looks like it's time" commented the woman. The man nodded.

They turned away from the small screen and headed towards the darkened doorway and into the hallway. At the end of the dreary hallway, they came upon a large room. Almost as large as an auditorium, only without any seats. And instead of a stage, there were steps, which had a large purple and black thrown on it. Sitting inside the chair, sat a small person. It wore a purple robe with gold hemming. It sat hunched over, His or Her's head down low. The room had very little light. Only small round lamps around the walls of the room gave any light, making it difficult to see who the person was.Whoever it was, did not look well. He looked as though he was close to tears. The man and woman could tell by the gleam the light made on the tears.

"Your Highness..." spoke the woman slowly and carefully. "Are you alright?"

The person in the chair looked up, making His face visible. It was the face of a young boy, not yet hit puberty. Not even a teen yet. It looked sad, yet possessed. His eyes glowed red.

"No...I am not alright..." hissed a menacing voice not fit for a boy that age. It sounded older and too cruel. "You gave me such a weak body..."

"W-We did not choose your body Your Highness..." spoke the blue man. "Our Master...Owikawa did."

"Yes, so he's told me...but I do not care...I am in the mood for blaming...and you are the only one's here to blame..." spoke the boy.

The man trembled in fear, but the woman only rolled her eyes at him.

"We shall find energy for you You Highness...but you will just have to be patient..."

"I...Don't wish to be patient! I want power now!" the boy screamed. He then convulsed into a fit of coughs and trembling. He began to whimper, but with a child's voice. The child began to cry.

In a completely new voice, one that matched the boy better, he regained his composer a bit, and asked, "W-Where am I?"

"Hmm..." began the woman in red. She didn't bother answering his question. "How are you today Ken?"

The boy named Ken looked up at the sound of his name and frowned. "Not well, Arukenimon"

"Now, be a good little boy, and get your rest...You need to keep up your strength..." said the man in blue.

"I will Mummymon" spoke Ken nonchalantly.

Ken slowly stood, to the surprise of Arukenimon and Mummymon, and slowly made his way past them and into the darkened hallway.

He looked exhausted, bags under his eyes. "I'm going home..." he whispered.

When he reached the hallway, a small green worm-looking creature scampered over to Ken's legs, giving him a gentle hug.

"Ken-Chan!" it cried. Ken smiled, and picked up the small worm.

"Hello, Wormmon" Ken replied tiredly."How are you today?"

"Oh, just fine, Ken. But how are you?" replied Wormmon.

"I've had better days..." mumbled Ken. He continued to walk after pciking up Wormmon and made his way over to a small television. It was this television that would allow him to go home.

Reaching into his robe pocket and pulled out a small black divice. Flashing it in front of the screen on the television, Ken cried out, "Digiport Open!" And he was gone in a flash.

Arukenimon watched as he went, Mummymon right behind her.

"Do you think we should have let him go like that?" Mummymon asked.

"Doesn't matter. Whether he is in our world or his, he is still under our control. I am sure He will make sure of that" replied Arukenimon.

Mummymon nodded. "I just hope the Master won't be anrgy with us."