Davis couldn't help but look at the boy known as the Digimon Kaiser with his mouth open wide. This boy...Was this Ken? Was this ken's evil side?

Kaiser smiled. "You make me laugh little boy. And do you wanna know why?"

Davis snapped out of his shock, galring at Kaiser. "Cause you have a sick sense of humor?"

Kaiser frowned. "No one insults the great Kaiser!" With this, the young tyrant took out a whip, which had been lying there in his belt loop, waiting to be used. Davis was just able to dogde from being hit by the fast moving whip.

"You'll have to do better than that!" shouted Davis, not thinking. Kaiser grinned.

"Oh relax, I'm just warming up!" Kaiser was able to try and hit Davis again, when he stopped in mid motion, his eyes dialated as he grabbed his chest in pain. Davis watched as the boy fought an inner battle. He could hear the Kaiser mumbling to himself. Arguing...

"Why you little insect!" cried the boy. Kaiser convulsed into pain, and as he fell to the ground, Davis watched as his royal garb disapeared, returning to Ken's Tamachi uniform. The blackness that encased them vanished, and Ken's room returned.

"Ken!" cried Davis, kneeling over his friend. Ken was pain, he could tell. "He's...fighting with himself..." the red-head mumbled.

The door opened and Kari and the others walked in.

"Davis? What's going on? Why'd you lock the door?" asked TK.

Davis shook his head. "I hadn't locked the door. Listen! There's something wrong with Ken! Help me! We need to get him some help!"

Cody was about to say something when Ken bagn to move about. "D-Davis? P-Please help me...There's someone evil inside me...He..." Pain took over and Ken couldn't speak anymore.

"Davis, please tell us what's going on!" demanded Yolei.

Kari gasped. "Look! Look at him! He's surrounded by negative energy!" She pointed at Ken, a hand over her mouth.

TK narrowed his eyes. "This force...I've seen this force before...I saw it once in the digital world. When Kari got trapped by the Dark Ocean and I went to save her. She was surrounded by this too."

Everyone turned to TK, then back to Ken.

"Well, I don't what kind of darkness is around him, Ken is my friend and I refuse to let him get taken over by it!" cried Davis defiantly. Everyone smiled at his courage.

"Y-You're wasting your time..." came the Kaiser's voice from Ken. Alarmed, Davis shot back a bit. "Ken belongs to me...As soon as I get rid of him, this body will be mine...and I will be able to take over the Digital World, just like I've always planned. Owikawa has willingly helped me very much."

As from nowhere, Owiakawa seemed to have appeared. He sneered at the digidestined. "Hmm...I knew you brats would be trouble. I knew letting the brat have friends would be a bad idea. Yet, I will admit, if it ween't for you all, Matser wouldn't have been string enough to emerge."

Davis glared at the man hard. "How could you do this to a little kid? Don't you have any sense of what is right?"

Owikawa was silent for a moment, then grinned. "No. Matser promised me power, and power is what i wanted. I couldn't give up such a possibilty."

Davis scooted back as he saw Kaiser's royal outfit appear back on Ken, and the tryrant stood. Kaiser grinned at Owikawa as he looked up at him.

"That's right. Thank you very much for your kindness, now it is time to get your reward..." hissed Kaiser. Owikawa seemed close to tears of joy, yet still had an evil grin on his face.

"Thank you Master. I stayed by your side this entire time-" Kaiser raised his hand, having his palm face Owikawa. "I know it took a long time, but finally we are-" Kaiser grinned and a strong gush of wind emmitted from his palm and slammed into Owikawa with full force, sending the man flying out the patio door, shattering the glass.

The digidestined all looked away as they heard the man use his final breath in a frightening scream as he fell. Kaiser sighed, not caring.

"That man was extremely annoying. Now that's he's finally out of me hair..." he turned to the digidestined. "So...you were Ken's little friends...How cute..."

"Who are you?" asked Yolei.

Kaiser smiled at her. "Hmm...I am the Digimon Kaiser" he grabbed Yolei's hand. "And you are?"

"Let me go!" cried Yolei in outrage. Kaiser frowned. "Bring back Ken!"

"I don't think so...Ken's had it easy, he's been in charge of this body far too long...Years ago when i first inhapbited Ken, he became so weak due to my presence, along with myself. I wanted to get a new host, but I wasn't strong enough, so I waited until the time would be right. That's when I met Owikawa. I then created Arukenimon and Mummymon, who now are blindlessly destroying the digital world, as ordered. Ken is too weak now to stop me."

TK's eyes widened. "That's it!" he whispered sonething into Davis' ear. Davis nodded.

"Ken! Listen! I know you can hear me! You must be strong! You must deafeat kaiser! Don't let him win! You're the only one who can!" shouted Davis.

Inisde Ken's Mind

Ken opened his eyes as he lay on the ground of his mind. He could hear Davis speaking to him.

"Ken! Listen! I know you can hear me! You must be strong! You must deafeat kaiser! Don't let him win! You're the only one who can!" shouted Davis.

"But...I'm too weak..." mumbled Ken.

Kaiser growled in anger as Ken's words came out of his mouth.

"I can't do it..." mumbled Ken some more.

"Please Ken! You have to! "came Davis' voice again. "I just met you, and you're my best friend, I don't want to see you get hurt! Just please! If your life means anything to you, you'll fight. If you dedeat Kaiser, you'll be the normal kid you've always wanted to be!"

Ken's eyes widened. "I'd be...normal?"

Kaiser growled in frustration. He kicked the Ken inside his mind in the chest as ken lay there in pain.

"Don't listen to those brats! I am in charge here and nothing will change that!" shouted Kaiser. Ken shook his head, getting up.

"No...I want to be a normal kid...I want to be..." He looked up at kaiser, and glared. "Free of you!"

Ken stood and before Kaiser could react, pushed Kaiser down. Kaiser fell, surprised, yet was back on his feet in a heartbeat.

"You think you can defeat me?" demanded Kaiser.

"I know I can" hissed Ken in fury.

Within seconds, the teo boys were in a wresting fight. As they stodd, trying to push other back, Kaiser slipped on his cape. This gave Ken the oppertuniy to attack. As Kaiser tried to stand up, Ken put his foot on Kaiser's chest. Ken looked down at him with cold eyes.

"You've been controling my life long enough! Time to end this!"

Kaiser's eyes widened, all going black for him.

In Ken's Room

The digidestined were all gathered by Ken, who lay on the carpeted floor. The indigo boy appeared to be sleeping, but they all knew he was battling with Kaiser in his mind and soul.

"Come on Ken" whispered Davis into Ken's ear. The others couldn't help but smile at how much Davis cared for thier new friend. It was so sweet.

Ken began to moan, yet it wasn't from pain. The others smiled happily as Ken's amtheyst eyes slowly opened, and smiled.

Davis attacked Ken with a great big hug. "Ken! I was so worried. See! I knew you could do it!" Ken smiled as he sat up, hugging Davis. His friend.

Looking aorund the room, he found that everyone was there. Yolie. Cody. TK. Kari. They were all his friends.

"Thanks everyone. Now that I have you all for friends, I won't be afraid or weak anymore. Thanks to you, I can live a normal life."

Just that day forward, they were all the best of friends.

Author's Note: Finally it's over! And to answer any un-asked questions, no, there will be no sequel. Thank you for all the reviews!