Double or nothing

Double or nothing, cast your cards
And play out our hand,
Let's see who wins this round.

We're walking around in a circle;
Repeating the age-old process of every leader;
Who rises to power and controls for some time
And then the right hand officer comes,
Stealing it all away, within seconds…

So repeat that process once again,
Old Master against Traitor and
Friend against their lover…

Can the scissors cut them from this bond of
Faith, they once held?
Will the hate overrule any scrape of mercy that
They once held within their hearts?

Will the dark terror that drives the traitor on be enough?
Will his greed and corrupted soul be enough to withstand
All the emotion his old Master feels?
Does the old friend have it within her to seek forgiveness?

Can the pampered child of the Jedi learn to become humble?
Or will all those deaths and the blood on her hands
Drag her down with their screams and cries?

And the last, but does the old Master,
The one called the doom-bringer and man of peace…
Can he be the herald of a new age?
Where Light and Peace live unlike Death and Corruption
Do not linger alone in the darkness anymore…

Is it the end of the world… or a new beginning?

I'm only a teenager; I don't know all these answers
But I do know that Revan will save us all.
He promised to keep me safe

And I believe him.