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Chapter 2: Broken nose, broken heart!

There was a knock at the door. The visitor came into the house without waiting for an answer. Luke and Lorelai pulled away from each other, both totally confused.


"Christopher?" Lorelai exclaimed, still a bit confused about what had just happened between her and Luke. She was also surprised to see Christopher, who had just walked in and was hugging her tightly.

Lorelai pulled away from his hug and looked at him strangely.

"What are you doing here?" Lorelai asked.

"I drove here as fast as I could, and I went to the hospital but you guys had already left so I tried your cell phone but all I got was the voice mail so I came here and as I saw the lights were still on. I thought that you and Rory were still awake... but apparently I wasn't exactly right." Chris said quickly, ending with a cold look in Luke's direction.

"Oh well... no." Actually Rory was a bit dizzy with all the meds, and...uh... Luke came over to see if we needed anything." Lorelai answered. And to kiss me? she thought, still confused about what had happened earlier.

"Did you find that kid?"

"Jess?" Lorelai asked, looking at Luke. What an awkward situation for him, she thought.

"Jess, dead meat, whatever his name is!"

"Oh, Chris, listen..."

"I think I'll go now," Luke said, feeling really out of place. He really didn't want to hear what Chris had to say about Jess. He also didn't want to make Lorelai more uncomfortable about the situation than she already was.

"Bye," Christopher said without looking at him.

Lorelai didn't want Luke to leave, but she let him go. Even though it hurt, she thought it was the best thing to do.

"How is she doing?" Chris asked without noticing the confusion on Lorelai face.

"She is in a cast."

"I know."

"The doctor said she'll be fine, it will come off in a couple of weeks. When Rory called me tonight and said the word hospital, I just legitimately thought I was having a heart attack, and let me tell you, it was not fun. It could have been so much worse."

"But it's not. Rory is okay, stop worrying about her."

"I know. That's also what Luke told me just after the accident"

"Just after?"

"Uh... yeah...well. While I was waiting for Rory to finish the X-rays, I went to see him."

"Are you together?"

"I beg you pardon? What make you think such a thing?" Lorelai was trying to blush.

Too many questions were running through her mind right now. What sort of relationship did she have with Luke? What did that kiss mean? What were his feelings for her? And what were her feelings for him?

"Well the fact that you went to see him while your only daughter is in the hospital is a pretty good hint." Chris answered.

"Luke and I are... we are... not together. We are good friends."

"So you ran to see your friend when our daughter was in the hospital instead of staying with her?"

"I was upset."


Lorelai sighed before answering.

"Jess is Luke's nephew"


"Please Chris, calm down."

"You are saying that this little delinquent who almost killed my daughter is the nephew of this irresponsible lumberjack"

"What! Luke isn't a lumberjack."

"He looks like it to me."

"Stop it! Luke is great; he was always there when Rory and I needed him. He feeds us, protects us, he always fixes stuff in the house. He is anything but an irresponsible lumberjack!"

"You defend him pretty strongly for someone who is just a good friend."

"This is none of your business."

"When my daughter is involved, yes this is my business. It doesn't matter anyway; I'm going to kick this little bastard's ass. He will learn what happens to people who hurt my daughter." Chris said as he walked towards the door.

"Chris, No!" Lorelai shouted after him, but it was too late. Chris was already in his Volvo driving towards the town... towards Luke's diner.


Rory was still a bit dizzy, but she was sure that she heard her father's voice.


Lorelai, worried to hear Rory calling, ran into her daughter's room.

"What's wrong Rory? Are you in pain? I'm calling the doctor right now."

"Mom stop. I'm okay. Wasn't that dad's voice that I heard few seconds ago?"

"Uh... actually yes. He came to see how you were doing."

Lorelai felt a strange feeling in her stomach when she saw the smile on Rory's face. This smile was saying it all. Her daughter needed her dad and she missed him.

"Where is he?"

"I sent him to Doose's buy some coffee. Go back to sleep honey. You can see him in the morning."

Rory didn't need much time to fall asleep again. She was exhausted from all the emotion, activity, and medication.

After checking on Rory to be sure she had everything she needed and to put the phone next to her, Lorelai took the keys to the Jeep and drove as fast as she could to Luke's.

When Chris stormed into the diner like a tornado, Luke was drinking a beer, sitting on a table, thinking about the night's events.

"Where is he?"

"Wow, what are you doing here?"

"I'm looking for your nephew, the delinquent."

"Jess isn't here," Luke answered, trying to stay calm.

"No?" Chris asked angrily. "Where is he then? Somewhere in town stealing another car?"

"Okay, calm down."

"Or maybe he's out somewhere breaking another innocent girl's arm, just for fun?"

Luke was trying really hard to control his temper. "Okay, first calm down. And second, I told you Jess isn't here."

"Where is he then?"

"Not here!"

"You have no idea where he is, right?"

"I know exactly where he is."

"Then tell me!"

"This is none of your business."

"You have no clue where he is, and you don't know because you are too irresponsible to raise a kid. This is all your fault!"

Luke couldn't stand it anymore. He couldn't restrain himself any further, and he began to shout out everything he had on his mind and in his heart.

"You want to know where he is? I'll tell you where he is! With his mother in New York! I sent him there after he hurt a young girl that I really love, and after I almost lost the woman who I care about more than my own life, a woman who has been my best friend for years! And who are you to tell me that I don't know how to raise a kid. You were never there for Rory or Lorelai when they needed you. You weren't here when Dean broke Rory's heart last year. You weren't here to congratulate her when she was accepted at Chilton. You want to know who was there? I was there. I congratulated her; I kicked Dean's ass; I brought the ice for sixteenth birthday party. "Luke finally stopped to take a few deep breaths and calm down a little bit.

He started again calmly, quietly, and very matter of factly, looking Chris straight in the eye. "I was there for them and I will always be there when they will need me. You will run away again and break their hearts and then come back when you wan..."

Luke didn't have the time to finish his sentence before Chris's fist hit him hard on the nose. Luke, unprepared for Chris's punch, fell on the floor.

"Luke!" both men heard, as Chris turned to see Lorelai jumping out of the jeep and running to the diner.

Luke took few seconds to clear his head and stop himself from hitting Chris back. When he finally opened his eyes, he only saw Lorelai running and yelling at Chris.

"What the hell are you doing? Are you crazy?"

"He... he..."

"No matter what he did or said and only if he hit you first, and the fact that you aren't flat on your back on the floor shows he didn't, you didn't have any reason to hit him!

"He insulted me!"

"And if you want my opinion, you probably deserved it!" She said kneeling near Luke. "Are you okay?" she asked him.

"I'm fine," Luke said, holding his nose. As he pulled his hand away, he noticed that he was bleeding. "Crap".

"You should be ashamed, Chris!" Lorelai said.

"Lorelai, it's okay." Luke said quietly.

"No Luke, it's not okay. He shouldn't have hit you like that!"

" No, Lorelai. I mean it's okay… I can yell at him by myself."

"Oh okay…" she said smiling at him when she suddenly noticed the blood. "Oh Luke, you are bleeding! Let me help you." She gave him her hand.

"Lorelai, my nose is bleeding, I'm not an invalid," he said, finally putting himself on his feet.

"But you may have a concussion or something," she said putting a hand on his hair and caressing his cheek, her eyes lost in his.

Luke was living a moment that he never thought he would ever see. Lorelai was looking at him with more love in her eyes than he had ever dreamt about. He caressed her hair too and said smiling: "I'm okay."

"Don't tell me you two are together!" Chris interrupted them.

"What's your problem? Why do you care about who I'm dating or not? You have no say about my love life!"

"But Lorelai, he works in a diner!"

"He owns a diner."

"But... but..."

"But what? Huh? Luke works hard, and he's done it all by himself. He is always there when I need him. You are not even able to buy a book for your daughter without your credit card getting declined!"

"So what? Is it about money? Everything we've been through together doesn't matter anymore? All those moments still mean something, right?"

Luke was standing between them and right now he would pay a lot to not be here. Even though Lorelai had been engaged to Max, Luke knew that Chris was the one who would always have a place in Lorelai's heart. That hurt him the most. Luke was scared that Lorelai would forgive Chris for everything he'd done in the past, and that he have to stand there and watch it happen without being able to do anything about it.

"Of course, Chris. It still means something."


It was like a second hit for Luke. Hearing Lorelai words to Chris hurt far more than any punch that Chris could throw.

"If I say that what happened meant nothing, that means that Rory is nothing," Lorelai said.


"Let me talk. Of course what happened between you and me still means something, but it's in the past. We were teenagers…we aren't teenagers anymore. Well, at least, I'm not anymore. I can't keep living a careless teenage relationship. I need to live my adult life."

"Do you love him?" Chris suddenly asked.

This time, it was Lorelai who felt like she was punched in the stomach. Chris just asked THE question. The one that she had been asking herself for few hours now. Or maybe she'd been asking it for years? Did she have feelings for Luke? And is that feeling love?

"I...I..." suddenly all the confusion turned into an inexplicable anger. "I don't understand why my feelings for Luke, if I have feelings for Luke, are important in this conversation! The point here is that you hit him with no reason!

"His nephew could have killed my daughter tonight!"

"But he didn't! And my kid is peacefully asleep in her bed, and if you had thought for five minutes before running here like an idiot you would be with her in case she woke up and needed something! Luke has nothing to do with this; this accident would have happened even if Luke didn't ask Rory to help Jess study."


"God, Lorelai when will you learn to shut your mouth," she scolded herself.

"You're kidding me, Lorelai! How can you say that he has nothing to do with that after what you just said! I could have lost my kid tonight..."

And at this moment, Lorelai saw it. The one little tear rolling down Chris's cheek, who quickly wiped it away.

Lorelai saw that even though Chris had acted like a real idiot, he was scared as hell. Even if he hadn't been there during all these years, he loved his daughter.

When she realized how much Chris cared about his daughter she suddenly calmed down and took a deep breath.

"Will you be okay?" she asked Luke.

" Yeah, nothing is broken..." except maybe my heart, he added to himself.

"Let's go home. Rory might need something," she said to Chris.

She looked for a last time at Luke and closed the door without a word.