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It began to turn cool outside right around then.

The leaves started to fall from trees. I thought it was quite generous of the trees to give up their leaves just so I could play with them.

Because play with them I did! I could chase those things even longer than those reflections on that shiny floor. I just wished that the Grass Cutting Person would stop constantly gathering all those fun toys up with that big broom-like thing.

People kept shivering and complaining about the wind. I felt very superior, because my fur was much better protection than the jackets of those humans!

One day, it got really cold overnight. It was so cold, I had to make a little den out of blankets in my Person's bed.

The next morning, there was this odd fuzzy white stuff on the grass. People were calling it "frost".

I sniffed it. It was too cold for my liking, so I didn't eat it.

I just stayed inside all day.

But aside from that, life was good. People were nice to me, I was fed enough, and that was all that mattered.

So why did they have to go and change everything?


I was asleep in my bed, minding my own business, when my Person picked me up.

"Guess what, Pharaoh...we're meeting some new friends! Isn't that nice?"

Oh, if only I could have talked in human language, I would have said that the only thing I found to be "nice" right now was my bed, from which I was currently being cruelly abducted!

But I couldn't communicate that, so off we went.

We were soon at the room with The Box.

I was furious. My Person had dragged me out of my warm, comfy bed just to see THE BOX? We did that every day...there was nothing special about it at all!

I was just about to run off when I heard it.

The voices of other People.

Maybe this visit would be different after all...

There were so many People, in fact, that I got overwhelmed. I soon ran under a table, where I could observe without being bothered.

There was one lady who had a really big cat. I had never seen a cat so big before!

I did not like this freakish cat in the least, so I hissed at it and batted its nose. It wanted to fight back, but was stopped by its Person, who had it on a rope. I walked away, looking at the evil cat smugly.

I decided that this Person who owned the cat would be the Evil Cat Person. She smelled like a lot of different animals, but mostly that cat.

There was another Person who had an odd-looking face.

Since my vision was not adapted to see features of People, I could not exactly discern what was different. But something wasn't quite right.

I would just call him the Face Person until I could investigate further.

He didn't smell like any scent that I had smelled before.

There was yet another Person who had a box that was almost the same as the one that my Person owned.

Therefore, she would be the Box Person.

I didn't like her. She smelled like blood and her box.

There were more, but I just couldn't process them at the moment. They just all blended together into one big unit.

They were all so scary...and they smelled funny...and I was scared!

I looked to my Person for encouragement, but he didn't notice.

Enough was enough. I ran out of that place as quickly as I could.


I spent quite a long time just savoring the solitude and inhaling the fresh air.

Finally, my Person found me.

He apologized over and over again. He said that he was dumb to bring me to such a thing. He even said he would make pancakes for my breakfast tomorrow.

I didn't let him take me back to the house until he said that last thing.

And if the pancakes weren't REALLY good, I'd ignore him the whole day!

With that thought, I started to doze off again. I was vaguely aware of being put back in my bed.

Ah yes...my bed...it was there when nothing else was...

I fell asleep completely then.