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Chapter one: Birthday surprises

Harry had vowed to leave the Dursley's at the stroke of midnight on his 17th birthday. Harry however did not get to see the stroke of midnight like he had done for the past 17 years. No this year was different. He has been, like every year staring at the clock counting down the minutes tilt his birthday. At 11:58 he started to get a strange feeling in his stomach at first he thought it was a stomach ache nothing to worry about. Nothing could stop him from leaving that damn house he has been trapped in. Nothing. The pain got worse and worse as the seconds ticked by. As 11:59 ticked over on his clock he could no longer see, blinded by the excruciating pain he felt in his stomach, head starting to pound and he could feel the blood pumping faster and faster in his veins. Breathing quickening the portkey of a small glass figurine smashed from Harry's vice like grip. At the stroke of midnight he gasped, heart rate climbing to a dangerous level until it could no longer cope. His heart stopped and silence over took the house.

bang, bang

"Get up" screeched Mrs Dursley

bang, bang


Harry rolled over. It was his birthday. Why was he still here? What had happened? Searching for his glasses which had fallen the night before, he put them on.

"What the hell?" he said confused. He no longer needed his glass. He could see perfectly fine. 'What is going on' he though getting a bit distressed. What had happened to him?

He stumbled out of his room into the bathroom to get ready. He was still leaving; no one could stop him now. He was an adult in the eyes of the law. He was planning to go to 12 Grimmauld place for the rest of the summer. Sirius had wanted Harry to stay for the whole of the summer. Dumbledore of course would not have this, wards has been in place ever since Harry was a baby to keep him safe in his aunt and uncles house, and only would they come down when Harry turned into an adult. He did not want to stay any longer than was needed in this hell whole. He glanced at himself in the mirror then had to do a double take. 'What the bleeding hell' Harry though. He removed his shirt to see more of his milky white skin, paler than it had ever been. Broad muscles and a toned stomach could now been seen. 'Wow' Harry could not believe it was him in the mirror. The once tangled ball of hair was now sleek and shinny, eyes glowing more brightly before and looking more defined with out the glasses. Harry smiled at his reflection.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Harry screamed. He could see fangs poking out of the side of his mouth. He did not know what to do, too scared to look at himself any longer he ran out of the room back into his own room where there was a small owl waiting for him. He dashed over to his and taw the letter form its leg.


Are you alright? Nothing has happened has it?

Why did you not come last night? I am coming for you now. Be ready.


There was a sudden pop of some one apparating our side his bedroom door. Sirius rushed into the room not taking any notice of Harry's appearance, ran over to Harry and engulfed him in a bear hug.

"Harry you scared me, where were you? Are you aright? The muggles treating you ok? You're shaking... I'll bloody kill them if you if they have hurt you!" Sirius said getting more irate with each word. Harry could not answer any of his godfather questions he was tightly grabbing hold of Sirius cloak with tears streaming down his face.

"Hey, hey you are Ok I am here now I am going to take you away with me. You never have to come back here." Sirius said in soothing voice to try and calm the clearly very upset young man.

Harry cleared his though and stepped away from his Sirius "I am a freak" he turned his back to him "what is wrong with me?" he said with another wave of tears. Sirius came behind him and turned him around and gasped at what he saw. This reaction only made Harry worse and he feel to the ground with shuddering sobs. Sirius gathered him into his arms again knowing full well what had happened.

"Its Ok I can explain. It is fine you are not a freak I just need a little help explaining it to you. Come on trust me. Gather your things we will go home now." Harry still refused to move "come on Harry trust me. Ever thing will be ok" Harry nodded gathered his trunk, still not looking at Sirius. He grabbed the portkey and took off to his new home.

"Nothing to worry about my dear boy. I have some thing to explain to you." Dumbledore clearly said to Harry half an hour later in the Black's library. "Many pureblood lines had magical creature blood in them. Some show themselves some stay dormant for many generations. The potter bloodline is a very old pureblood line. For many generations this has not been seen. I believe the last one in your blood line was 6 generations ago. It is quite remarkable really. Oh I am rambling I do apologise. Mr Potter you are a vampire." Dumbledore stated bluntly. 'Best to get it out in the open' he thought as he could see the many emotions flash over the young mans face.

"What?" Harry whispered.

"I know it is a lot to taken in Harry but you must feed now. I know you are feeling very uncomfortable at this very moment." Dumbledore was of course right Harry could only barely sit straight form the crippling pain he felt in his stomach. "This is going to be strange for you Harry but you are going to have to drink the blood of another if you do not do this soon you will die. Young vampires need to be feed every four to six hours. The pains will go, I assure you once you have feed." Harry was shocked he did not know what to think.

"This is wrong I cannot drink blood from another. I am a monster!" Harry started to become upset once more.

"You are not a monster Harry" Sirius's voice came from the corner. "Here feed on me Dumbledore will talk you though it."

"NO! I WILL NOT DO IT!" Harry screamed.

"Harry you must please does as Dumbledore says and the pain will be going you'll see. Trust me" Sirius said in a pleading voice. He moved forward to Harry. Harry could see the blood pulsing in his veins, feeling his fangs becoming more prominent he turned sharply away.


"Harry do as he says it will be over soon." Sirius stepped up to Harry and turned him around. Harry stared at Sirius then at his neck hungrily. "That's right Harry bite it. Done be afraid" Harry lowed his mouth to Sirius neck and bit it sharply his mouth filling with the life giving substance of blood. With out being instructed to Harry started taken large gulps of the smooth blood. Loving its velvety feel, with the pains in his stomach leaving him quickly.

"That's enough Harry." Harry sharply drew his fangs out of Sirius neck. Sirius gasped in the pain. "Too fast Harry your spit should heal the gash. Lick over the area" Harry licked over the leaking gash on Sirius neck and lapped up the last of the blood. Sirius quickly sat down due to lack of blood. Dumbledore fire called Severus to give him a blood replenishing potion. Harry also collapsed in a happy and full state. He was right the pain had gone and he felt wonderful and powerful.

"Harry before I leave I must explain a few things that you may need to know about your new form. Vampires have mates Harry this can be one or two people. They are always vampires. You are new to this so the pull will not be as strong as it will be in a month time. You will start to feel attracted to your mates where ever he or she is. You must stay with Sirius at all times it is far too dangerous for you to be own your own at this time. You will need to be feed at least 3 times a day but this will die down over time and you will be able to go without feeding for weeks on end. I must ask that you read on this for yourself as you can see the black library has a wide range of books I think may help you. I am sorry I can be of no help now. I must leave. You will stay in the Griffindore tower but must report to Madame Pomfery every few days until such a time when you do not need to be feed so regularly. I shall see you in a month at school. Good bye Harry, Sirius." He nodded to them both before disappearing though the fire.

"Come Harry it has been a very trying day I am sure you need rest. I shall out in you a room next to mine. Wake me when you need feeding. Don't worry you will only hurt your self if you do not feed."

"Umm... Thanks... I am sorry did I hurt you?" Harry asked concern filling his eyes.

"No, no just gently next time." Sirius smiled at Harry making him feel slightly better but the guilt of what he has just done still staying in his mind. "Come now Harry, you can start your research tomorrow." Harry nodded then mad his way up to his room. He could still not quite believe the things that had happened in the past few hours. He was still in a state of shock. Harry potter the boy who lived had never been a normal boy, far from it.


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