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Chapter 8: Plans go wrong

Harry's stay so far has been quite enjoyable. For the past couple of days he has been bale to feel relaxed. With his mates with him practically everywhere he went it meant that his every need was catered for. He could get used to the luxury way of life having to do nothing much all day and doing what ever he pleased. Nothing had happened since the marking of his mates. His mates had thought it best, well… Lucius had told Draco that it was best to leave Harry for the time being to get settled into this new way of life. Draco of course disagreed with this but did not voice his opinion. Though it did feel very soothing when he was touching either on of his mates so there tended to be some physical contact thought-out the day.

He had now spent over a week at the manor and something was getting on Draco's nerves. Being very materialistic and liking to call himself fashionable, Draco had been disgusted by Harry's hand-me-down clothes.

"Oh god, take that hideous thing off please. I cannot stand it any more." Draco exclaimed on day at breakfast.

"What?" Harry said a little confused by Draco's out burst.

"I think what Draco is trying to say is that we need to re-think your wall-robe." Lucius said with a smile. "Draco has such a way with words" he added sarcastically earning a small chuckle from Harry making Lucius smile wider and Draco to glare at his father. It had been this way since Harry had got here. He would say little comments to put Draco down. What made it a hundred times worse for Draco was that Harry laughed or agreed with these comments. It was time for a little payback. He needed Harry on his own.

"Well maybe we can go shopping at the weekend?" Draco asked his father, always loving a shopping trip, looking like he was choosing to ignore the comment. Harry did not look so pleased with this idea.

"I really see nothing wrong with my clothes. Yes, they are a bit big and out of fashion but they are comfortable." Harry pleaded his case on deaf ears.

"I will not hear another word of that Harry. Your clothes look like they could fit another three people in there. You are the mate to the richest, pureblood family in the wizarding world. We cannot have you go around looking like that" Lucius said putting his foot down with no room for disagreement.

Harry sighed and rolled his eyes, Draco chuckled and Lucius scowled at him. Draco knew it was one of his fathers pet hates, he knew this first hand as he had received many lectures from his father about how it was extremely rude and not appropriate way for a Malfoy to act… 'Blah, blah, blah' thought Draco. Harry caught Draco's eye and smiled at him.

Latter that day Lucius said that he had urgent business to take are of so he left Draco and Harry to their own devices. After Harry's midday feed he felt raring with energy and decided to challenge Draco with a bit of one on one Quidich. Throughout the game they played like they had known each other for years. They both were teasing each other in a friendly manor hoping to make the other fail. Harry scored another goal.

"Aw Draco, what's up? Was the sun in your eyes that time or maybe dust or a fly?" Harry teased as Draco sulked for losing ten to two.

"Shut up Potter!" Draco snapped.

"Oh so it is back to Potter now? If I am not allowed to call you Malfoy then you are not allowed to call me Potter. I was given a name for a reason you know." Harry said in a teasing voice again.

Draco pouted haring the way that Harry was teasing him. Though he has to admit he has not had this much fun since he was a small child, even then he cannot fully remember feeling so… 'Happy?' Draco thought

"Right that is it I give up!" Draco said descending to the ground. Harry followed smiling. As soon as he got off of his broom Harry started doing a hilarious victory dance, chanting "I won I won!" Draco was sulking at first bit at the sight of Harry pouncing around he was in sits of laughter. 'I want him forever, I have never felt so close to anyone before him' Draco thought sadly when his laughter had died down. Harry, though him powers growing stronger each day had heard what Draco had thought. He stopped immediately and looked directly in Draco's eyes. They connected with each other and for who knows how long they stared at each other. It had not been that long since he had found his mates but all of the little moments he has shared with Draco were adding up and he could feel himself falling for him. Draco knew already on his heart that Harry was the one for him. He had never felt this free; it was like he had found a life long friend and partner all in one. There was one thing from stopping Draco from having him, Lucius. But now was not the time to think about his father

After Harry had heard what Draco has thought he immediately felt saddened. It was clear that Draco had no real friends and his father was never loving towards him. Harry had been the same for the first eleven years of his life. No friend, no family that loved him and so utterly alone.

Harry took a step closer to Draco. Draco was startled as he was always the one to make the moves as he knew that Harry was not comfortable with that at this stage. Harry outstretched his arms waiting for Draco to make his next move. 'It was a small step' Draco thought 'but a step in the right direction.' He entered Harry's arms with a smile. Harry hugged him for the longest time, sharing his warmth. Draco had never been embraced in this way by anyone and it brought a tear to his eye at the thought that Harry was doing this for him.

Harry felt a tear tickle his neck and withdrew Draco from him with a frown on his face. Draco cursed and turned his back on Harry making his way back to the house. 'Now he thinks I am an emotional idiot.' Draco thought with more tears coming to his eyes which he was powerless to stop.

"Stop!" Harry shouted, catching up with Draco, turning him around ad keeping him in place by holding his down by his hips. "What is wrong?" Harry asked, knowing what it was and it was breaking his heart to see his mate upset.

"I am being a fucking idiot, ignore me. Let's just go in and get showered and changed." Draco said not looking at Harry. Harry lifted his chin and looked in his eyes before crashing his lips onto Draco's. Draco was stunned and froze. He then realised what was happening as Harry was pulling away. Draco grabbed hold of Harry's hips and back and increased the pace of the kiss. Once air was becoming and issue they broke apart, smiling at each other. Harry gave Draco one more peck.

"Come on you big baby." Harry said, teasing Draco once more.

"Oh that is it. You are in for it now Potter!" Draco said chasing after and already racing Harry who was screeching and laughing in delight as they raced up to the house.


"Good morning Harry." Lucius said smiling at a very sleepy Harry. "We will be leaving in half an hour for out shopping trip." Harry groaned. Draco smiled at him; Harry saw this and smiled back. Lucius had noticed this little thing that Harry and Draco had going on ever since he had that 'urgent business' to attend to. As a matter of fact the dark lord has been very instant that Lucius attended every meeting that meant he was gone most days and for usually a good chunk of the day and night. He did not know that Harry was he knew mate and Lucius kept this bit a secret, for now at least.

Harry made his way with the two Malfoy men to Diagon ally. They went to a part of the ally right at the top which his friends usually by-past. It was full of highly priced designer shops. The kind of ones that did not seem to have much in them and were over priced for what they were selling.

"How can I help you Mr Malfoy?" the assistant asked.

"I am not here for myself today. I need to get my partner here dressed appropriately." The assistant nodded enthusiastically.

"Right away Mr Malfoy." And with that the sales assistant set to work. He measured Harry up and gave Lucius a sample book so that he could choose what would suit Harry. Harry held his tongue at this. Harry thought Lucius was very controlling, Harry wanted to wear what he liked not what every one else wanted him to wear.

Lucius went off with the assistant to talk over the finer points of Harry's garments and to settle the money. Harry sat in the chair much like a school child would, waiting to see the headmaster, with his head downcast. Draco was going though all of the shows and shoes. He seemed to have a problem when it came to shoes. He has enough o last him all year if he used one pair a day but still he looks though looking for a new pair to add to his collection. He saw Harry out of the corner of his eye and could sense some negative emotion emitting from his mate.

"What is it?" Draco huffed leaving the all of the pretty shoes.

"Nothing" Harry said dismissively.

"Oh really and that is why you are sitting there sulking?" Draco said sarcastically.

"Oh that is rich coming from you!" Harry snapped.

"What?" Draco said with mock hurt. Harry smiled a little and Draco felt triumphant but it did not last long. Draco sat beside him and said nothing if Harry wanted to talk he would. Plus the fact Draco did not know what to do or say in this situation so just thought it was better to keep his silence.

"I am just missing Sirius and my friends. I don't get to see Sirius that much and I only got to see him a couple of days before you both turned up." Harry said "and all of this…" Harry waved his arms about the shop." This is not me; I just don't feel in control of my life after all that has happened." Harry finished with a sigh. Lucius came with three assistances following him.

"We are finished here now" Lucius announced.

"Lucius this is really too much" Harry said eying up the many, many bags.

"Nonsense" Lucius said dismissing it. Harry sighed again. They spent the rest of the day shopping for things tat Harry saw no need for such as 10 pairs of jeans. 'Who needs 10?' Harry thought. 'I have to ward school uniform most of the time.' Harry continuously told Lucius that it was too much and he did not need it. This was Lucius's plan to make Harry his own, not that he wanted to buy Harry's love but spoiling him a little couldn't hurt. Right?

Lucius thought it was going so well. They had done all the needed to do for the day. They made their way back home when the worse thing for Lucius could have happened.

Sharp pain started in his arm where the dark mark was situated. The pain increased suddenly alerting Lucius that his master needed his immediate attention. By the time they had landed in the front hall of the manor Lucius could not ignore that pain and grabbed his arm, hissing in pain. The dark lord needed him quickly. Harry spun around in shock and was about to ask what was wrong but noticed his arm that he was clutching. He felt saddened and this shocked him, this whole situation was put up in the air. He has never thought about one of his mates being a death eater till now. He knew Lucius was but seemed to block it out, now it all came back to him in full force. He needed to think so he turned his back on Lucius without another word and left. Lucius felt like sobbing and screaming for Harry to come back but now was not the time. He needed to leave and with that he was gone. Draco went off in search for Harry with a smile on his face. 'Got him' he thought.


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