Crossing The Line

Crossing the line…once it's crossed…there's no turning back…

A/N: I don't own Inuyasha. This takes place in the Feudal area, so yes Alternate Universe. First things, this is before the "betrayal" and Kagome is related to Kikyo, find out how in the story. Originally I hadn't planned on the other couples featured in this story, heck three of the chapters took form of their own accord, but this really helps with the drama and romance of this epic.

Couples: Inuyasha x Kagome, Sango x Miroku, Inuyasha x Kikyo (implied) and an unexpected mystery pairing.

Summary: "I'm supposed to become mortal for Kikyo, but is it really what I want? A few days ago I would've probably said 'yes,' but now…Kagome has changed everything."

Today's Quote: "I'm not supposed to love you, I'm not supposed to care, I'm not supposed to live my life wishing you were there. I'm not supposed to wonder where you are or what you do...I'm sorry I can't help myself, I'm in love with you."

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Chapter One: My Dashing Hayou

Inuyasha snorted and kept looking towards the lake from the tree. He was in a really bad mood and Kikyo's words only irritated him all the more.

"The only way you'll ever be accepted is to become human, Inuyasha. It's for the best, for the good of everyone." Kikyo had said.

Inuyasha laughed harshly.

Accepted? Ha! They'd still remember. No wish could change what I am. They'll see right through it. Doesn't Kikyo understand I hate being mortal? Doesn't she understand if I became mortal I'd actually have to depend upon her for protection when it's suppose to be the other way around? Does she want me to lose what little pride I have left? Doesn't she even care about my feelings in this? I do care for her, I really do, but…sometimes I just wish—

Inuyasha caught the apple that had been thrown at his back. He turned and saw a girl that looked similar to Kikyo. Unlike Kikyo her eyes were a lighter shade of brown, her skin tone more pinkish and not pale and her eyes danced with laughter. Her hair was unbounded unlike Kaeda and Kikyo. When it came to clothing, she did not wear the traditional priestess outfit but chose to wear the kimonos left behind by her father. Most were silks. But all were beautiful.

"Her name is Kagome. She is the illegitimate child of my mother, the deceased Lady Uma, and some lord."

When Kikyo had said this there had been some resentment towards the girl. But knowing Kikyo she wouldn't come out a say she hated somehow unless she positively did. Inuyasha believed the child, Kagome, was innocent of being treated any less because of her parentage. In some sense she had reminded Inuyasha of himself, the bastard son of a princess and a lord, not accepted because he was born out of wedlock and born a half-breed.

Of the three, Kagome was the 'middle child' at sixteen years olds. Kikyo was the oldest, twenty and little Kaede, Kikyo's 'full sister' was the youngest, ten. All three shared some characteristics but when it came down to it, they were nothing alike. Kaede and Kagome were the most carefree, but Kaede the most. Kagome when she wanted to got serious, really serious. It seemed anytime Kagome or Kaede wanted Kikyo to join in their play she'd dismiss them and say something about taking care of the ill. It was a nice thing to do and say but not when you're found playing with the village children seconds later.

"What do you want?" Inuyasha asked.

"I got all this food but no one to eat it with. Won't you come down and help me?" She asked sweetly. He could smell no lie or deceit coming from her. It had always been like that. Kagome was always straight forward with one hell of a temper if she wasn't obeyed.

Inuyasha debated on whether or not to 'grace her with his presence.' After a minute had gone by with Kagome waiting patiently by the tree, Inuyasha hopped down.

Kagome smiled happily and eagerly sat down next to him. From what she had seen, Inuyasha wasn't as bad as the villagers had said him to be. Sure he was a bit standoffish but she hardly knew the guy. The thing that fascinated Kagome the most were those cute puppy dog ears of his. As well as his golden eyes, his hair, fangs, his claws—well everything about him was so interesting.

Kagome giggled, her eyes were absolutely sparkling. Inuyasha felt a bit uncomfortable around her. She was so happy. When it came to Kikyo, she was always solemn and depressed. They were like hot and cold water, how could he adjust? But in all honest, he wasn't in the mood to be bothered. Did she come to give him advice on treating a lady like all the village men do?

"Why bother? He'll never learn. He's half human, but all demon. It's a waste of time. Kikyo might as well stop messing around and just purify his ass." The fisherman snickered.

Inuyasha clenched his fists.

"What's wrong?" Kagome asked, looking at him with concern and confusion. Was it something I did? She thought, ashamed.

Kagome looked down at her lap; a million questions ran through her mind. Was I too blunt in asking him to eat with me? Kikyo always said I—

"Nothing," he said curtly, turned away and took a large bite out of the apple.

Kagome giggled. His ears twitched. "You're lying."

Inuyasha turned to look at her. Humans don't have sensitive noses like mine. How can she—?

Kagome answered his silent question with another giggle, "Because your nose twitches when you lie, silly."

S-Silly? No one ever called him that before.

"Why don't you come to the village anymore?" Kagome asked.

Inuyasha stiffened then snorted. "Keh."

"Oh." Kagome looked at her feet. "It's sad being alone, I know that but I had no choice. But why would you willingly choose that?"

Inuyasha shrugged.

"You're not alone; I can help you if you let me." She narrowed her eyes. "And while you're at it, stop being so stubborn."

"I beg to differ." Inuyasha scowled. "I can be alone if I want to."

Kagome smiled. "I think when you find someone special, you don't want to leave their side and it's hard to. You'll find someone to love you," She remembered Kikyo talking about Inuyasha and her. "But you do now, don't you? I know that, yet I'm still crying."

"Crying?" Inuyasha blinked. No one other than his mother had cried for or about him. But this girl didn't even know him like that so why was this girl…?

Not wanting to show he was affected, Inuyasha snorted. "Keh, you human women and your emotions."

"Kikyo said you will turn human for her so you two can wed next season." Kagome said.


Why does he always say that? Is that part of a new language? Kagome wondered.

"But why are you doing that? Wouldn't you rather stay like how you are? You know, as a half-demon."

Inuyasha didn't respond.

"If it makes any difference I…I-I like you as hayou, ears and all." Kagome blushed, reaching out to rub one of those adorable ears.

"Lay off." Inuyasha, to his own dismay, pulled away.

They sat in silence for a while, Kagome not minding glanced shyly over at the half-demon. His left ear twitched slightly. She smiled and had to stamp down on the urge to rub it. Inuyasha noticed her glances especially those that focused upon his ears.

"Don't think some kind words and food will change anything." Inuyasha said.

Kagome blinked innocently at him, confusion written all over her young face.

Inuyasha grunted at her and continued, "Even though you may think we've come to a 'truce' nothing has changed. I won't lie to you. All along I've only wanted one thing and that's the Shikon no Tama. I'm only after that and nothing else. I won't ever be accepted as I am. If I have to become what I hate to have companionship, then I must."

Kagome frowned at him, and here she thought she had made a new friend. The poor guy. She wondered if Kikyo knew this. Inuyasha could smell her distancing herself from him, emotionally anyways.

I always tend to make people farther away from me than closer. Always at arms length, why is that? Maybe it's because I fear vulnerability or the security that will one day be taken away. But why do I notice this now? Why this girl? Inuyasha wondered.

"Stupid girl."

"You mean Kagome." She said sweetly.

"Sure…whatever…" He smirked, "Wench."


"Keh," Inuyasha turned away from her.

"Hum…" Kagome glared slightly at him before munching on her apple.

She seems harmless enough—no! She's a priestess…she can't be trusted. No one can because they'll just end up betraying me…right? "I—I don't know why you're even here."

"I like you." She said simply.

S-She likes me? Inuyasha blushed and turned his head away. "Keh, whatever. Don't so stupid."

Kagome glare intensified. "I'm stupid because I like y—"

"Besides aren't you over looking someone far better than me?" Inuyasha finished as if not hearing her.

Huh? Kagome thought. Oh, he means Hojo.

A boy with chestnut hair and dark-brown eyes came to mind. The boy then smiled. Hojo, the soon-to-be monk from their village was also the same boy that always gave her the weirdest gifts. But being nice by nature, she hadn't asked him pointblank why and just accepted the odd presents.

"He's courting you isn't he? Wouldn't it look odd with you hanging around me? Human or not, though it probably doesn't matter since—"

"I still like you a whole lot better." Kagome shrugged. "You speak your mind not sugarcoating anything because of my gender. Though you're a man of few words, I can have a decent conversation with someone without having to speak about specific subjects. Another plus is you're not falling all over yourself to please me."

"You got that right." He said, folding his arms crossing his board chest. He looked at the flower in her hair, "What's that for?"

"Hojo gave it to me." Kagome replied. It was a gift; she had no choice but to honor it.

Inuyasha pulled it out. "If I were to give a girl a flower I'd at least make sure she ain't allergic to it. Those human boys can't court for shit." He grumbled.

Kagome smiled sweetly at him, despite her blush. "You know you what? I think we're going to be great friends. You're kind of cute like that."

Inuyasha paused, his hand in midair. His face went through several different shades of red before choosing the brightest one. Kagome blushed and glanced down at her lap. She began mentally scolding herself for her forwardness and decided she should ask for forgiveness.

Kagome looked up at the half-demon, secretly glad he hadn't left. "Inuyasha I—"

Inuyasha narrowed his eyes and pushed Kagome downwards and himself as well. Whatever that had been flew right by where they had just been. Kagome blushed, who wouldn't? Inuyasha was practically on top of her, looking as handsome as ever and between her legs, well as far as he could with her kimono in the way.

He saw the large trees that had been in front of them snapped into two leaving a quarter of the forest on the ground. From the looks of it smaller trees would now be considered firewood. Whatever that was could've done the same to them if he hadn't sensed them when he had.

"Whew, close one." He muttered. Inuyasha glanced down at Kagome and seeing her blush, he blinked.

Inuyasha was quite confused on why the girl was blushing. What had embarrassed her? So he decided to ask. "What are you…?" He followed her gaze.

Inuyasha glanced down and saw their position, a position so racy or 'improper-behavior-in-public' in this time period the two would be forced to marry if anyone had walked in on them. It didn't matter if it was by accident or not. His faced was inches of her own, their lips even closer. Both of their faces were bright red as they stared at the other with large eyes.

Yelping, Inuyasha moved his upwards body away from hers, but he still straddled her.

Kagome at last found her voice, "Y-You pervert!" She shoved him off of her completely.

Inuyasha fell onto his back and saw Kagome hovering over him with her hands on her hips.

Inuyasha growled at her, "Me a pervert? What the hell are you talking about? I just fucking saved your life kid. A little gratitude would be nice!"

"Gratitude? Ha! I'll show you gratitude you y-you…humph," She turned on her heels, taking her small pouch with her, and stormed back to the village. "And I'm not a kid!"

Inuyasha watched her go, she hadn't let him finish! That irritating little wench…

Yet he couldn't help the half smile on his face. It was sort of…refreshing to argue with the girl.

It was nice.

She was nice.

Inside Kikyo's hut, young Kagome and her sensei Kikyo, who is also the village's protector, sat in the middle of it. Soon far all the answers came easily to her because the majority were easy because of her kind nature however, the remaining were a bit trickier. Kagome answered the last of Kikyo's quizzing.

Kagome said, "A priestess is not to show any emotions, must always do what is right, and must k-kill…"

Silence fell upon the hut. Kagome knew the final rule, she knew it but she wish…

"Kagome, is something the matter?" Kikyo asked, not sensing her discomfort.

Kagome shook her head as she continued struggling to say the last part. Images of the arrogant yet kind hayou named Inuyasha came to her mind and he tugged at her heart so. But if she didn't answer she would never become accepted by Kikyo or become a priestess.

Kagome took a deep breath. "Kill all demons."

"Good, you got all the questions correct." Kikyo smiled sweetly at Kagome. "You'll make a great priestess one day, Kagome."

Kagome nodded, but it felt hard to breath. She felt like she was betraying Inuyasha, how she was unsure but she felt it nevertheless.

"It's late." Kikyo stood up from the mat, "I have busy to attend to."

Kagome watched her go. Kikyo always found riding the area of demons not as a chore but as an adventure. However when it came to healing it felt more like a chore to the older woman.

Never show any emotions.

Sacrifices must be made, whether it would be sacrificing a life for several others, it has to be done.

There's no looking back when it comes to duty. A priestess must always believe in herself and her powers. Your skills can be used for good…or for evil.

Kill all demons…

Kikyo always empathize the final statement even though she was to wed Inuyasha, when he turned human that is.

Kagome hugged herself. K-Kikyo…a-are you…trying to turn me in-into…you?

The second time they, Inuyasha and Kagome, had eaten together a similar mishap had happened. The trees to the north of them had been chopped down. Inuyasha growled deeply. He could smell a demonic aura but where exactly was it coming from.

Kagome looked at him quite confused. He was growling, narrowing his eyes, looked ready to fight and his ears were swerving to catch his opponent's movements.

Kagome couldn't help but smile. He's a great warrior. Maybe it was because she never had a knight in shining armor before which made her look at him with awe. It seemed the sun glowed solely upon him giving him the look of a god.

Kagome screamed, putting her hands in front of her and a blue energy formed blasting the two demons that tried to pounce on her into dust.

Inuyasha stared at her. She purified them. Kikyo had said a priestess, no matter how much they trained, took nearly twenty years to control or release that amount of spiritual energy. Soon after the two were fighting side by side, her bow and arrow and his claws against the attacks of their enemy.

Kagome screamed again, this time she was too weak to create a blast and had ran out of bows. She closed her eyes and then heard shredding.

"Iron reverse soul stealer!"

After a whole minute or so had gone by, she opened her eyes hesitantly and realized she wasn't dead nor hurt in anyway. She smiled and looked up. Inuyasha had his back to her and was looking at his claws.

Inuyasha looked at his claws. So much blood…

Never had he had such a primitive urge to kill. It felt good for some odd reason. The demons were sprawled on the ground, many without head and their limbs unrecognizable. Inuyasha's nose picked up on a specific scent, Kagome's.

Inuyasha looked back at Kagome. She hadn't run screaming nor froze up entirely. The next thing he knew she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek. Inuyasha was beyond shocked by her sudden affections.

Never mind the blush on their cheeks, she said, "You were amazing!" She was pretty hyper now.

Despite the uncomfortable silence that followed they tried to act as if none of that had happened, the kiss and all. They had sat back down to finish their meal, the battle forgotten by Kagome but not by Inuyasha. He kept glancing at her, confusion written on his face. Her appearance was getting annoying yet comfortable all the same. Nevertheless he had to know. Why hadn't she ran away, why hadn't she left when she had the chance. Why not leave him after what he had done; he did exactly what the villagers said he was capable of doing, some a bit farfetched but true to a degree.

The young girl noticed his stare and his confusion. "What is it?" Kagome asked, picking some berries from her pile.

"Aren't you afraid of me?" Inuyasha blurted out. He had meant to ignore her question and not ask but his mouth obviously wasn't cooperating.

Kagome glanced up, nibbling on the berries. "Should I be?" She blinked at him. Her eyes were full of trust, it should've been sickened and annoying but it wasn't.

Inuyasha stared at her. Really full blown stared wide-eyed at the teen. He was a demon, she had to be afraid of him it was only logical! Even if he was just a half-demon he was still a damn demon! The only person he knew that didn't fear him was Kikyo but she didn't have to because she knew how to control her powers and could purity him without a second thought. That and she never went anywhere without her bow and arrow.

"I…you…" Inuyasha grew frustrated. She has to be insane! She can't even purify me if she wanted to! She's naive and doesn't know what she is saying!

But it felt good to hear those words even if she didn't mean it. He could count on one finger how many people had said that after his mother's passing.

Back at the village, traveling merchants opened a marketplace and it was a great success. The women were ecstatic, their husbands didn't mind handing over a few yen and the children bothered their parents to buy them something into their parents had cave-in.

"Oh this kimono looks beautiful, don't you think?" Ayumi asked. She held up the silk kimono and it instantly reminded her of the expensive material Lady Kagome wore.

Eri and Yuka squealed happily. Taking that as a 'yes,' Ayumi paid for the garment. Not even a second later the two other girls dragged Ayumi away to buy more things for her upcoming wedding ceremony.

Kikyo watched the village girls with envy. You can go as you please, do whatever you please while I must watch over you like some…some…She didn't finish the thought.

Angered, Kikyo clenched the jewel around her neck. It doesn't matter. Inuyasha promised me salvation and he will deliver it. She was sure of it. With that said, she felt better.

Kikyo began to walk up to the shrine steps. Soon she would be a free woman, no longer the protector of the jewel. If she only had to wait a few more weeks, she could bear it with a convincing smile if she must.

Inuyasha found himself thinking about the young girl even when he was spending time with Kikyo. He'd help her defeat a few demons around the area but all the while he kept thinking of Kagome. Sometimes when he thought he just might lose he'd seen a vague image of Kagome cheering him on. It might sound silly but it was more than enough for him to continue fighting and win!

"You're a really good fighter, Inuyasha." Kagome beamed at him.

The sun and the gentle breeze that day had made her look all the more angelic. He felt some of the ice around his heart slowly begin to melt. What was it about this girl?

That day Inuyasha realized he was no longer fighting for himself. He was fighting for Kagome. He had something to protect, someone to protect. It felt good. It felt damn good.

"Whore!" a man yelled and from the sound of it, had smacked the woman across her face.

A female cried out in pain.

Inuyasha narrowed his eyes and began to move quickly and quietly through the trees. He could smell tears, fear and blood.

He knew that scent like he knew his very own. K-Kagome! Inuyasha thought.

Next Time: In Private? Accidentally Kissed!


A/N: OK so far? I hope so. Originally I think this was supposed to be a one-shot but I got so into this story that I finished all the chapters and everything.

For future References

Define Hayou—(Japanese term) — Half-demon.

Define Kami—(Japanese term)—God, supernatural being

Don't worry, other than those two terms, I don't plan on using much Japanese vocabulary. I'm not a big fan of using them too often in a chapter. Just some sentences flow better using these terms.