Crossing The Line

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Chapter Two: In Private! Accidentally Kissed?

The large fisherman was between Kagome's legs, licking her cheeks in the most disgusting fashion. Kagome squirmed, fought back but his hits against her had made her continually fight against unconsciousness. She knew if she followed that dark tunnel she would be a goner, an easy prey for this sick man.

"You loath me yet you do not summon your demon lover?" The man smirked, his eyes lustful.

Kagome managed to open one eye and lift her head up, "D-demon lover? What demon lover?"

"Don't toy with me." He yelled. Using one of his hands to hold hers in lock, he turned her so she couldn't bite or spit. He used his own legs to keep hers down.

As she tried to escape with all her might, he started to open her kimono, "Guess it's time for step two. I've always had a thing for the pure and untouched—"

"No, please don't—"

"Shut up!" The man slammed her head roughly back onto the ground and Kagome cried out.

"Stop it!" Her spiritual energy attacked the man but because of her fright and lack of training it hit and slightly missed its target. Kagome fought over the darkness that threatened to take over her and leave her vulnerable.

"Bitch, how dare you—!"

"Iron reverse soul stealers!"

Kagome heard the shredding of clothes and felt blood spurt upon her face. She opened her eyes and saw the man was not only off of her but cut just above his heart.

"Leave her the hell alone!" Her rescuer then said.

Kagome's heart soared. She knew that voice. Could it be?

Kagome glanced up. Inuyasha stood above the tree Kagome was laying. Inuyasha cracked his knuckles and smirked as the large man noticed how close Inuyasha had been to his heart.

"Next time I won't miss, you can count on it." Inuyasha promised with a dark smirk on his face.

The human man paled, his eyes looking at his bloody kimono and Inuyasha's claws. He began to wisely step away from Kagome.

"Come for your whore, Inuyasha?" A demon appeared beside the fisherman. He had long claws, dark red eyes and flowing green hair. He wore a brown loincloth and his body was completely red too.

Inuyasha's left eye twitched.

How does he know Inuyasha? Kagome wondered. And did he just call me a whore!

"Humph, though you being a half-demon, that's the best you can do. Not surprising she is a mortal. You always did have a soft spot for her kind, probably because of your father, ne?" It hissed.

"Just who the hell are you!" Inuyasha sneered. And who the fuck does he think he is talking shit like that?

The demon smirked when he saw Inuyasha was getting annoyed. So he continued. "They always said mortals scream like banshees and claw at their lover's backs."

The demon gave Inuyasha an 'innocent' look. "Do you have any of those marks, hayou?"

Inuyasha snarled. How dare he ask that! How dare he degrade Kagome like if she was some type of whore?

Before Inuyasha could blink the demon had Kagome in its grasp, touching her legs with its claws. Kagome screamed from the sudden movement and the closeness.

The demon grinned wickedly and stroked her creamy legs, loving the glare Inuyasha was sending him.

The demon hissed, "Soft…oh so soft. Are you remembering how she wrapped them around you? Mortals easily move from one man to the next, will you be able to watch her eagerly wanting to get pleasured by me? For me to show her pleasures a hayou cannot."

"Stop it. Let go of me you beast!" Kagome tried to wench free. The demon growled at her and shoved her roughly into a nearby tree, knocking her unconscious immediately.

Inuyasha watched wide-eyed. Kagome! "Kagome!"

Kagome's brown eyes became unconfused before they closed and she remained unmoving, looking like she was actually dead. The blood seeping through her silk kimono didn't help matters. A gentle breeze passed over them; brushing Kagome's hair and making the scent of her blood grow. This alone intensified the tense silence.


Inuyasha felt his heart begin to speed up, his body pulsed and something began to eat away at him. Almost as if a chuck of his soul was being lost.

"—Whore!" A shadowed man yelled.


The woman cried out and collapsed onto her feet. Her black hair became unbounded and covered her bloody face. She chocked back a sob and willed herself to remain strong. She clenched her fists, she had her son to protect damn it.

"Kill the kid." He said without any hesitation. One of his followers eagerly stepped forward to do the job.

Just when his sword could've made contact with the ill child, his mother stepped in front of him, taking the attack. His sword penetrated her through the throat.

"Mama…MAMA!" Inuyasha cried out. The other three men stared but held no remorse.

"Stupid bitch." The leader spat angrily.

Blood spurted out of her mouth; she turned to look at the young Inuyasha with tears in her eyes. My beautiful baby, she thought. "Live, Inuyasha. L-live…for me ok?"

The woman collapsed and fell face first into the mud, dead.

M-Mama. The young boy looked at his mother with tears in his wide-eyes, his sadness turned to anger when he heard the men laugh.

"Poor hayou, gonna cry 'cause that bitch ain't around anymore?" One sneered.

"Heh, stupid woman. We could've had some fun with her but she had to die for that fucker." His friend replied. "Women can't live with them and sure can't fuck without them."

The leader of the three chuckled, "Let's finish this." He drew his sword.

"H-How dare you…HOW DARE YOU!" Inuyasha shouted, clenching his fists. Something about the dark aura coming from his body made the three take a wise step back.

Inuyasha growled. His eyes turned red and purple striped formed upon his face. His claws grew longer and his fangs grew bigger and sharper. Instantly, his eyes sought after his targets. He lunged at them, quickly killing them but that didn't satisfy him.

He killed until he almost killed a village girl who had picked him wildflowers the day before. Somehow, her big brown eyes had stopped the raging anger in his blood, reminded him of something he had lost, his innocence and trust in people. But it didn't stop the mistrust and doubt he had for mankind.

"When you have something to protect you live and breathe for it and it alone. When you have something you love, you protect it with both your hands and your heart so you won't regret anything in life…or in death. " His mother said. "Never allow hate to consume you."

"Aren't you afraid of me?" Inuyasha asked.

"Should I be?" Kagome responded.

Mother…Kagome…Something had snapped within him and his opponents knew it.

"H-Hey boss, this wasn't part of the plan. W-we weren't supposed to harm anybody." Four other men stood beside the fisherman.

"Shut the hell up!" The demon yelled. It wanted to know why the scent of a full demon was coming from this half-demon and it wasn't about to let some humans ruin it.

"So the whore meant that much to you, eh hayou? Aww, poor baby." The demon snickered.

The fisherman and his friends gulped.

Inuyasha growled, his hair rose and his eyes flashed between red and golden.

"Uh…w-where am…I?" Kagome slowly regained consciousness, laying there in a heap. Her eyes slowly fluttered open and the burly image of the three men became clear again.

The young woman stifled a gasp.

Kagome watched as Inuyasha's eyes turned red, and emerald replaced golden. Purple streaks formed on his face and darkened. Both his claws and fangs grew as his control over himself lessened.

Without hesitating Inuyasha lunged at the demon, shocking it as Inuyasha's claws went right through him. Inuyasha smirked maliciously in satisfaction as the demon spurted out blood from its mouth. Inuyasha withdrew his claws, slashed at the dying demon until he was cut into smell unidentified piece.

Inuyasha chuckled darkly and looked at his blood claws. He licked the blood and enjoyed the taste of revenge.

The fisherman stared in horror. He scrambled onto his feet and tried to escape. However, he could not. Inuyasha grabbed him and tossed him. He soon attacked the men's followers, slashing at their arms and legs, leaving many within inches of their lives.

Inuyasha looked at the squirming fisherman from the corner of his eyes. Inuyasha's red eyes narrowed. He wanted that man's head.

The fat fisherman ran blindly, looking behind him and saw the hayou was looking at him. He turned forward and ran smack-dab into—the hayou himself. The bubbling man yelped and fell onto his bottom, whimpering loudly.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome cried, tears spilling from her eyes. This was not her Inuyasha, the arrogant yet merciful one. But still, Inuyasha was in there and she'd find him.

Inuyasha stopped his clawed hands from entering the man's throat and looked up at the human girl. He glared at Kagome, his eyes telling her she'd be next.

Ignoring it, Kagome latched herself onto Inuyasha and held onto him. "P-Please don't. Please don't lose yourself!"

The half-demon snarled angrily. How dare this human wench touch him!

"Come back, Inuyasha please!" Kagome cried.

"Y-y-ye should get outta here. He is no longer the hayou, just a bloodthirsty killer." The man said through gasps.

"No!" Kagome shouted. "That's not what he is. He's hurt…confused…he's really gentle and kind deep down."

"You foolish—"

"I will not leave him. I-I won't!"

"Be reasonable child." The fisherman pleaded.

"No." Kagome looked up at Inuyasha, ignoring the fisherman's pleas. "Somewhere there's a part of him that remembers me. I will find it—I will find him." She said stubbornly as she looked into Inuyasha's eyes.

Kagome heard Inuyasha growled angrily, sinking his clawed hands onto the man's throat, not killing him but torturing him. The man continued to hold onto Inuyasha's hands, trying to, in vain, become lose.

"Come on snap out of it, Inuyasha!" Kagome cried out. "Don't give into it! You're stronger than that. Please remember me."

Kagome bit back a cry when his claws dug into her arms. "Remember me!"

Inuyasha growled and tightened his hold on her, long ago he had left go of the fisherman. He seemed to be trying to figure out who she was. Slightly shaking her, snarling and taking in her scent. Her blood and the others stained his claws and his eyes were unreadable.

Her scent…so familiar…and her tears…also familiar…

But why…

Who is she to him? To me?

"W-why'd you do that?" The little girl asked. Her wildflowers scattered all around her.

Young Inuyasha looked at her, unsure what he had done. "I…don't…know." His ears twitched.

"Forget it. I'm not mad anymore. I like your ears." The girl giggled. She blushed when the young boy had gathered up the flowers and presented them back to their owner.

"I haven't seen you around but then I'm new to this village. I came to visit my sister; she's kind of mean though, my only connection I guess. My mama's gone to heaven with my papa. Hey where's your mama and papa." The girl said innocently.

"She's…they're…" He looked away. "Dead…"

The girl frowned. "No brothers or sisters?"

Inuyasha shook his head.

"That's awful. I'm sorry to bring back bad memories." She looked sadden. Then she looked up at him. "Do you have any friends?"

"Keh! Who needs them? They just get in the way." He didn't want to seem anymore vulnerable.

The little girl saw right through his facade. She smiled sweetly. "I'll be your friend."

Inuyasha blinked at her. "Why would I want to be friends with you?" His real question was, why would you want to be friends with me, but he never asked.

The girl pretended to look upset but her smile ruined it. "Well, it's simple really. I got nobody; you got nobody so we'll be each other's family."

"I…" He blushed lightly, still looking at the girl before him.

The girl took his hands into hers and gave it a light squeeze. "You can always talk to me, if you want to. So what's your name? My name is—"

"K-Ka…go…me…" His eyes flickered between red and golden.

I want to stay with you, Inuyasha. Not just a part of you, but all of you. Kagome thought, a tear slipped through her closed eyelashes. Please come back…I-I love you.

A-a kiss…Inuyasha thought, his red eyes were wide.

Inuyasha was surprised at first before returning it. He maybe unaccustomed to such affections but instinct led the way as did his once subdued human heart. He closed his eyes and was even more surprised with himself when he deepened the kiss. It felt natural to kiss the young woman before him, felt right.

The fisherman stared. The young priestess was actually kissing the half-demon. When he saw the purple stripes slowly begin to fade, the fisherman wisely chose that exact moment to flee with the remaining set of men.

Soon, very slowly, Inuyasha broke the kiss, looking down at the blushing girl. His eyes were returning to their normal golden color and the purple stripes had faded completely.

"Kagome…" Inuyasha whispered just before the girl's eyes fluttered open. "Are you…"

"What just happened?" Kagome asked, still dazzled by the kiss.

Inuyasha blinked. "I don't know…"

"Please tell me. I want you to tell me the truth. I won't tell." She saw he wasn't speaking. "I won't let you go until you do." Kagome said firmly holding onto his kimono.

"All right, do that but I'd advise you to cover up." Inuyasha said, looking directly at her exposed chest. No blush anywhere to be seen.

"Huh…uh…" Kagome turned six shades of red before smacking him upside his head. "Pervert!"

"Hey why do you always assume—Keh, forget it." Inuyasha blushed and glanced away so Kagome could adjust her kimono.

Inuyasha rubbed his cheek and glanced around. Since he had met Kagome she had always called him a pervert at least once a week, but then he always did do something to deserve it. He never considered himself a…pervert…or really that interested in females as much as he is in Kagome. Not to say he wasn't attracted to women, it was instincts to feel that way about the opposite sex, at least sexually, and Inuyasha was no exception. It was kind of hard to become affectionate about people when you were teased and such for so many years.

"What just happened?"

But when it came to what had happened, he had no clue. To tell the truth he couldn't remember what happened. All he remembered was Kagome getting hurt, his blood boiled but he calmed himself down.

Inuyasha looked around them more carefully and noticed the results of his opponent. I-I must've transformed. Shit! Transforming always scared the hell out of him. True, he always got revenge but he was still a mindless killer seeking more blood and ending more lives until—

After a short moment Inuyasha looked at Kagome with unsure eyes. He could smell blood, lots of it. "Kagome…"


He fell forward, nearly bringing Kagome down with him, into a world of darkness.


A lone figure lay in a lonely cave in the outskirts of the village. It tried to move but couldn't go too far, still trapped in its bedding, alone and waiting eagerly for its caretaker.

"Oh where oh where has my little priestess gone to?" it asked. Its lust and longing for her was clear in its voice.

Where the hell am I? Inuyasha awoke and looked around the room. The room was very unfamiliar to him. It seemed the hut was spinning too. He was confused, lost and alone.

"—Inuyasha!" But a voice got to him, Kagome's voice got to him.

Inuyasha sat up quickly and looked around for her. He winced slightly and nearly fell back onto the futon.

Kagome steadied him. "Don't move so quickly or you'll reopen your wounds."

Inuyasha looked down at his naked chest that had white bandages going around it. Kagome's scent was still fresh upon them. "W-where am I? What happened?"

"You're in the old hut in the middle of the forest. What happened is unimportant. But what is important is you getting better, Inuyasha." Kagome said. "Now let me check your bandages."

Inuyasha liked when Kagome fussed over him, reminded him of some found memories of his childhood but he wasn't about to let her know that!

Inuyasha snorted. "I'm a demon, I'll heal soon. In fact—I-I smell blood…so much blood." He panicked.

"It's nothing, just your wounds is all." Kagome said hurriedly and began to bandage his arm again. "You had a nasty fall."

"But…"Inuyasha looked at his claws, true they were clean but the scent was still there. "I-I did something bad I just know it. I must've—I shouldn't be—"

"No! Don't you dare say that! You'll stay right here." Kagome said latching herself onto him once more when she saw he was trying to get up again. "Please don't go. I-I need you."


Kagome gasped inwardly. Did she just say what she thought she just said? She blushed heatedly. Did he hear her? Kagome mentally smacked herself. Obviously because of his knee hearing he had to.

S-she needs me? Inuyasha thought.

Kikyo never needed him because she could supposedly take care of herself but Kagome needed him. Maybe it was because she was still too young to control her powers or maybe just to make him feel better. But whatever the cause was, he liked being needed.

It felt like he had a purpose in life. It felt like he, Inuyasha the lone hayou, had a purpose in life…and that was to be with Kagome…right?

"Attacked you say?" Kikyo questioned.

The group of fishermen was now in Lady Kikyo's hut. Kikyo sat in the back of the hut and the men all sat themselves by the entrance of the hut, each man nervous.

The fisherman nodded dumbly. "Aye. But Inuyasha saved us that he did. We ask that you have the gods forgive us, Lady Kikyo, for our involvement."

Kikyo nodded. The fisherman and his friends looked relived.

"Ye men will need baths before the purification. Ye would not want to insult the gods, now would ye?" Kaede asked as she finished attending to another one of the men's wounds.

The group of men shook their heads in unison. The fisherman looked ready to bolt as did his friends.

Kikyo eyed him suspiciously. "Is there anything else? You seem to be holding something back, Omicron."

Omicron swallowed, nervousness and guilt was written all over his face. "Well…Lady Kagome was there…t-the demon tricked us…he told us he'd harm our families if we didn't lure Inuyasha and—"

"Please forgive us." All five men said getting onto their knees, bowing apologetically to her.

Kikyo looked interested by this, not that she would actually pray for harm on her half-sister. "What happened to her? Now that you mention it she has been gone for quite some time."

"I… she's not too beaten up when I last saw her…we don't know exactly where she is of the late because we left…" He wisely chose not to mention the kiss. "But I'm sure she's all right. She's with Inu—"

"You left her alone with that demon?" Kikyo yelled.

Kagome looked at the harbor and the water reflecting the sunset. She had her knees upwards and rested her arms on them and head upon her arms. The gentle breeze blew her midnight hair back and forth in a gentle sway.

She liked sunsets. She especially liked them now because of that one time she and Inuyasha had watched one together. Even though Inuyasha had said he had seen plenty, somehow she knew that day had been special to him too.

Kagome turned around, as if sensing a presence behind her.

She smiled instantly. "You're awake. I thought you'd sleep the entire day away, sleepyhead. The sun is just about to set, will you watch with me?"

Inuyasha smiled slightly then grimaced when he looked at the colors of the clouds. Guilt was written all over his face. Kagome frowned. "What's wrong?"

"I…I remember what happened back there." And from just his expression alone, her heart reached out to him.

"Inuyasha," Kagome ran up to him, his grief was so transparent. It was as if when he hurt, she hurt and even if it wasn't like that, she didn't want him so suffer.

Kagome hugged him. "It wasn't your fault. You were only protecting me. H-he didn't mean what he said."

"Of course he did. All those names he called you, every hateful glance he gave you. He meant them, Kagome." He clenched his fists and Kagome could see red cloud his eyes.

"Inuyasha…please do not…" Kagome tightened her hold on him. Please don't transform.

"Don't you see I-I could've killed that bastard. I really could've. I-I wanted to." Inuyasha confessed.

"But you didn't." Kagome said with a smile. "You didn't because you couldn't kill in cold blood. You are merciful, Inuyasha."

"No, it wasn't that." Inuyasha sighed.

Inuyasha looked away from her, unable to look at the young woman. "I would've done it, could've chop his body into unidentified pieces but something stopped me. It's because out of everyone, someone would know and that someone…that someone…"

"Would be Kikyo, right? Kikyo would've known." Kagome answered.

"No not Kikyo." Inuyasha said, looking back at her and gently stroked Kagome's hair. Something he had always longed to do, but hesitated yet it felt natural, right now.

"You would've known." Inuyasha said.

Kagome turned and looked at him, "I-I don't under—"

"Kikyo wasn't the one who saved me; it was you who saved me, Kagome. It was you that saved me from myself."

"Me?" Kagome asked softly.

A light gasp escaped from Kagome's mouth. It seemed Inuyasha's face was getting closer to her own. Kagome's eyes widen as she realized what he wanted to do. It wasn't like she hadn't seen couple's do it before.

"I-Inuyasha…" Kagome whispered.


Inuyasha lowered his head and hers rose upwards, he brushed his lips against hers, gently and lightly. He used one of his hands and brushed her hair back and deepened the kiss.

Kagome leaned in closer until their bodies were almost one. She sighed blissfully as the afternoon breeze swept over them. It along with the breathtaking sunset cast an alluring and beautiful picture. A picture meant to be treasured and admired but also one to envy and hate.

In the bushes, unknown to the two, stood Kikyo. Her long black hair swayed in the breeze. She clenched her bow tightly until her knuckles turned white and a dark purple glow surrounded her body.

H-how dare he betray me! Kikyo thought, hate filled her being but she held it in check. She would not let her heart rule her actions, lest not yet. She knew where Inuyasha's heart truly resided, after al he knew she'd never let him go of his promise. She'd let them have their fun…for now.

Kikyo faded back into the darkness of the forest, her eyes every so watchful.

She watched them kiss.

She watched them touch.

She watched them love.

She watched.

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