Crossing The Line

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Today's Quote: "Love is shown in your deeds, not in your words."

Chapter Three: Sibling Rivalry


The large boomerang cut through the charging demon and instantly destroyed it before returning to its owner. The owner, a young woman to be exact, stood in the clearing easily catching her weapon. During the whole ordeal she hadn't moved from her spot, trusting her weapon to handle the situation without her using her hidden sword.

The demonic aura is getting stronger…almost like—

The young woman looked above her, tightening her hold on her boomerang. Above her flew many lower class demons, all looking at her with a hungry eye.

Just like I had suspected, there are an awful lot of demons about. She narrowed her eyes. I will find you, Naraku, disguise or no disguise. But first—time to have some fun! The demon slayer smirked, and with one throw of her weapon had slaughtered them all.

Somehow she found this a wonderful way of reliving stress and anger but also ridding the world of evil demons.

She looked and noticed a village not too far from there. Maybe they can help. She thought hopefully. She wouldn't mind getting some food and a decent bath in. Pleased with that she headed towards the village not hearing the distant jiggling sounds coming from behind her.

Kikyo looked up at the sky. She knew exactly where her half-sister and Inuyasha were but she didn't let them know she knew. She wouldn't let out her secret until the time came.

Three more moons to go. Kikyo thought clenching the jewel instinctively. Three more moons until I'm rid of you…the both of you.

Kagome and Inuyasha sat in the God tree, looking at the large land before them. Originally Inuyasha had been there but when he didn't come down, the stubborn girl had tried in vain to climb up the large tree. Inuyasha had sighed heavily and without much of an effort, brought him and the girl into the tree. Not long after Kagome had snuggled into Inuyasha's arms and he in turn wrapped his arms around her, quite hesitantly even when Kagome had showed no signs of recoiling. Despite both of them blushing, they seemed to get in a conversation without much stuttering.

Somehow despite the mellow scenery, their discussion was one of anguish. Slowly Inuyasha had begun to open up to her. Little tidbits. She didn't exactly pry nor did she blackmail him into telling. But it seemed he trusted her just a little and for that Kagome was glad.

"You're all alone in the world." Kagome repeated. But you aren't now…are you, Inuyasha? You have me as your friend, don't you?

Inuyasha nodded. He had explained about his father and mother's deaths and having no other siblings, except a half-brother who he hardly knew but knew enough to know the guy hated his half-breed brother.

"But you know what the best thing about it?" Kagome remained quiet, so he continued. "You have nothing to lose…and no one can hurt you."

"Oh," Kagome looked downwards. "I see."

"Or at least I would've said that a few days ago. But now I do have something to lose." The hanyou was blushing faintly and glanced away from the young woman hoping she didn't catch his slip up.

"I-Inuyasha…" Kagome whispered. She stared up at him blushing beautifully and smiled. Thank you Inuyasha…

"You overstep your boundaries, sir." Kikyo narrowed her eyes. "Furthermore I do not need your sympathy or your pity, Doctor Suikotsu."

The young doctor winced and shook his head. He had always admired the standoffish priestess for three years now and the day he acted upon his feelings she gave him the coldest glare known to man. Despite her coldness towards him and most males, he found himself strangely attracted to her.

"It 'tis not sympathy or pity Lady Kikyo. I just don't want you to suffer anymore. Let go of whatever is harming you." Suikotsu said.

The young man took one of her hand into two of his, surprising the priestess. "I want to see you smile. You haven't smiled in so long." His voice was both gentle and sincere. "Please let me in to your heart."

S-Suikotsu…Kikyo looked at him, her heart fluttered. Never had she felt this way. She felt the blush forming on her pale skin. When she realized this, she pulled her hand away roughly.

She was a priestess for goodness sakes. Even if she felt something for the man she was to marry Inuyasha to become free of her responsibilities regarding the jewel. She didn't have time for this or for him!

Kikyo stood up, taking her bow in hand and said curtly. "You best remember yourself, Suikotsu." She said in her best authority voice.

The young doctor sighed but nodded anyways. "Aye…forgive me, Lady Kikyo."

A great silence fell upon the pair. Kikyo and Suikotsu looked at the sleeping old woman from the village. The woman laid in her futon dreaming peacefully. Kikyo had just given her some herbs that made the woman sleep, easing the pains of her injuries.

"When should the wounds heal?" Kikyo asked trying to change the subject.

"By the next quarter moon I'd say." Suikotsu said. The young man was trying unsuccessfully to act like that scene before hadn't happened. The doctor knew he had made a fool of himself in front the woman.

Kikyo nodded, liking this answer. "Well then," She turned to leave.

Suddenly Suikotsu reached out, unable to let her go without asking her, for his own sake at least.

"Will you…will you not give me a chance, priestess?" Suikotsu asked, placing his hand on her shoulder.

Kikyo paused at the hut's entrance, turned and looked at him. Her expression gave nothing away. "Good afternoon, Suikotsu." She said briskly, bowing slightly before leaving.

"Afternoon," The doctor swallowed but nodded anyways.

Inuyasha felt uneasy and self-conscious. The villagers watched him attentively as he walked through the village holding Kagome's hand. Some of the mothers would hold their young close eyeing them suspiciously and the husbands would glare at him and order their families inside of their huts.

I knew I shouldn't have come. Inuyasha thought. Hurtful memories of his childhood kept flashing back through the entire walk. This was exactly how villagers would act whenever his mother and he went around. He was surprised they hadn't started spitting but it was still early.

Kagome noticed his ears were drooped and his hurt expression. She tightened her hold on him and whispered, "Don't let their stares get to you. Just remember, I'm here. I'll always be here."

"Kagome…" He didn't want her to be shunned for befriending a demon, a half-demon nevertheless. She was above that. Though he couldn't have helped his mother, he'd be damned if he let Kagome suffer because of what he was.

Inuyasha swallowed, the thought of Kagome getting hurt didn't sit too well with him. "Kagome you shouldn't—" He began to pull his hand away.

"You're my friend. I don't give a fig about them. We are the same, you and I. We have good hearts and deserved to be love for who we are and not what we are told to be or wish to be. I don't care what they think, as long as we're together, Inuyasha, that's more than enough for me. I hope you feel the same."

Inuyasha nodded, letting the words wash over him followed by great warmth flowing through him. Kagome…

Inuyasha wondered if Kagome knew how much her words meant to him. He doubted it but it was nice that she had said it. Either way, he found himself gently squeezing her hand in agreement and the young girl smiled happily at him, only at him, only for him.

Kagome tightened her hold on him and gave him a familiar squeeze. Not only did that reassuring gesture bring back memories of their first encounter years ago but it also made the villagers' glares intensified.

"How did this happen?" Kikyo asked. She was kneeling down beside Suikotsu bandaging his arm. She had only left the man alone for ten minutes and now he was injured!

Doctor Suikotsu smiled weakly. "Fell off the ladder. I was trying to fix up the roof of my hut but I was careless. And well…" He looked at his bandaged arm. "You know the rest."

"These should do the trick. You might feel a bit woozy." Kikyo said, mixing the herbs and added hot water. "It tastes similar to green tea."

"Thank you." He said. Suikotsu looked up at her, still drinking the mixture. He placed it down between them. "You look tried, Lady Kikyo. Have you been getting enough sleep?"

"Of course," Kikyo said quickly. "Enough about me, the village is buzzing about your engagement to Lord Sashimi's daughter, Ayumi."

Suikotsu nodded. "Aye, Ayumi is a special girl. She is very beautiful and wise. I care for her deeply." He said truthfully.

Kikyo smiled politely, envy coiling within her. "That she is. She is very gentle and quite a lovely girl. Lady Ayumi's someone one can surely love, Suikotsu. They say it is nice to have someone to love. I am sure you—"

"I want you to love me!" Suikotsu said suddenly knocking over the cup by his sudden action.

It took a second for Kikyo to realize what was going on after his outburst.

Kikyo's eyes widen. Suikotsu was…was kissing her. He was on top of her, his lips upon hers. Her bow clattered onto the hut's floor and her hands loosen their hold then tightened holding him closer.

Why can't I fight it? I can't resist him. Why is that? Am I not truly trying? Do I truly enjoy this? Do I truly want to be with him? Kikyo now realized she was kissing him back. Am I truly falling for Suikotsu? Is this what love is supposed to feel like? Kikyo wondered.

The hut's flap moved as Kaede opened it, blinking at them. "Kikyo—oh my gosh! Uh oh I…I-I'm sorry. Am I-I interrupting?" She said blushing furiously.

Kikyo and Doctor Suikotsu blushed as well.

"Forget I was even here." Kaede fled, taking the herbs she had collected with her. How embarrassing. The young girl thought to herself.

Kikyo looked back at Suikotsu, seeing the loving look in his eyes. For a moment he looked like he was going to kiss her, going to show her the love she was missing. An image of Kagome and Inuyasha flashed before her eyes. Glaring at him, she slapped him harshly on his face, the sound echoing in the small hut.

Kikyo's eyes widen a second later, looking at where her hand had connected with the Doctor's cheek. A large red handprint glowed brightly on his face.

A hurt look crossed the doctor's face before he hid it somewhat well underneath a mask of seriousness. Suikotsu quickly, after staying still from the shock, got off of her.

Still ashamed yet dazzled by this experience, Kikyo collected her bow and said coldly, "I think you can take care of yourself. Your wounds do not seem too bad." She said with her back to him.

"Forgive me for my forwardness." Suikotsu said hurriedly as he began to clean up the mess. His face was now bright pink, his voice slightly squeaking and his movements were a bit clumsy.

"Forget it. Just never mention this incident again."

Suikotsu blushed somewhat despite her harsh tone. "Uhm…and uh thank you for the herbs, Lady Kikyo."

Kikyo nodded curtly and left.

"Who are you?" Kagome asked.

The monk clasped her hands into his, Kagome's eyes grew wide. "I am Miroku, a monk that has traveled far to find the fairest lady in all the lands. You must be her. From your beautiful ivory complexion, to your luscious lips, chocolate-brown eyes, sparkling black hair and your fabulous figure. You are an angel among mortals, the sun shinning through the rain."

Kagome blushed. "Y-You flatter me, sir monk."

"It's Miroku. And you are?"


"Kagome, 'tis a beautiful name. But then it's only logical to have a beautiful name for an equally beautiful woman, a woman who is without comparison and without any equal in beauty or kindness."

"Uh…yes, that's what I've been told." Kagome blushed, even though a large sweat-drop rolled down her left cheek. "Your words are utmost kind, sir monk."

"Miroku." He said smoothly.

Kagome blinked. "Uh…Miroku…"

"If I may be so bold," Miroku stroked her hands and Kagome looked down at it. "May I ask of you one question?"

"Huh…uh…"Kagome blinked, still aware he was holding her hand longer than necessary. She was feeling slightly uncomfortable about this. "You may. And that would be?"

"Will you bare my child, Lady Kagome?"

Kagome blinked several times, her eyes wide. "I-I beg your pardon?"

"Will yoooouuuiiiee!" Miroku yelped. A woman with long brown hair in a ponytail grabbed him by the ears. The supposed monk grinned at her. "Ah S-Sango my dear, you're getting lovelier everyday as I can see."

"Humph!" Sango dropped and turned away from him. "Flattery will get you nowhere, monk. It never has and never will." She said with her hands on her hips.

Miroku dropped Sango's hands from his own and pouted. "You wound me, Lady Sango. You truly do."

Sango didn't buy it. "Monk I should—"

"Do you two…uh know each other?" Kagome asked.

"Sango and I are to be wed." Miroku said quickly.

"Says he but I have yet to get a conformation from my father. In fact, he'll have to hogtie me to get me to the altar. A pervert of all this, what was he thinking?"

"Oh don't be so cruel, Lady Sango." Miroku pouted once more. "You know my heart only longs for yours."

Sango rolled her eyes. "And every attractive woman under the age of seventeen."

"Despite my 'ways' I can assure you I am not a pedophiler."

"Sango?" Kagome murmured to herself.

Sango glared at Miroku. "You want to prove me wrong? Fad chance. What about that village girl—"

"She assured me she was eighteen and I stay faithful to you, my love, despite her charms." Miroku said sweetly and hastily, avoiding Sango's boomerang.

Kagome blinked then realization hit her. "You wouldn't happen to be the demon exterminator, that Sango?"

"Yes, that would be me." Sango said, turning her attention back to Kagome and acting as if her argument with Miroku and the man himself hadn't existed.

"I've always wanted to meet you." Kagome grabbed Sango's hands similar to how Miroku had.

"Huh uh…" Sango was unsure what to say. She was flattered and a bit shocked but she smiled anyways.

Kagome continued enthusiastically, "I've always wanted to see you in person. Your adventures sound amazing and they say you have exceptional skills—"

"—in bed and out!" Miroku joked and got clobbered by Sango's boomerang.

"Say it again, Miroku. Say it again I dare you." Sango hissed.

He hadn't—yet.

Inuyasha leaned against his favorite tree and said not a word. A flea-demon stood beside Inuyasha, introducing himself as Inuyasha's new faithful follower. After many attempts of riding the flea-demon, Inuyasha had simply given up and ignored the flea.

"You are confused." The flea said finally breaking the prolonged silence.

"No shit. You're so damn nosy. Go bug someone else." Inuyasha grumbled.

He sighed angrily when the flea plopped itself on his nose. Inuyasha swatted him away and looked up at the sky. "I don't know old man. Gees! I guess I am…about…my err feelings…and—"

"There is the fact that you seem to be falling for a mortal, the half-sister of the woman you promised to marry long before."

Inuyasha nodded. The guilt was eating at him. His feelings for Kagome felt to right but he knew he couldn't be with the girl because of his promise to Kikyo.

"You would lose one if you chose the other. Either way someone gets hurt and you do not wish this."

"Yeah…I wish…I wish—damn it all to Hell!"

"No use in wishing. Go with your heart; let it decide who it will lead you to."

"I wish it would make up its mind. I don't want to hurt Kagome or Kikyo. Really don't have much of a choice, do I old man. I have to keep that promise—right? I mean honor is important to me…but…"

"You don't want to sacrifice a relationship you are comfortable in whereas the other you're in because you made a promise and hoping this would lead to acceptance."


"With Lady Kikyo you seem so reserved and unsure how to act around her. You seek approval from her, acceptance as well. Ever heard the saying 'misery loves company'?"

"Got that right," Inuyasha muttered. That was exactly how it started.

"With Lady Kagome you speak whatever without any restrictions, you are unafraid to share your weakest or darkest moments with her. Your demonic form even recognized her, which is a plus. In fact, you seem calmer, trusting more, wise, gentle… I've never seen you like this before."

Inuyasha scowled. "You haven't seen me at all."

"But of course, I have. I've been watching you, Lord Inuyasha." The flea-demon grinned up at him.

"Now why does that not bring me any comfort, Myouga?" Inuyasha grumbled.

Myouga chuckled. "Whoever said it was to bring you comfort, my lord?"

Inuyasha glared slightly at the flea. "Stupid flea."

The flea-demon smiled. "All and all, it's wonderful that you've fallen in love at last."

Yeah…me too… Inuyasha thought and couldn't help but smile at that.

In another part of the forest, Kikyo closed her eyes and readied her arrow. When she opened her eyes she saw a faint image of Inuyasha on the oak tree. She shot the arrow and hit the image squarely in its chest—its heart.

Kikyo had watched them kiss the day before, holding onto each other like secret lovers, unworried of their surroundings.

Somehow seeing that had hurt but it only proved how demons couldn't be trusted. She felt this all her life, at one moment she thought maybe she could trust him but she was glad she hadn't, glad she couldn't. For if she had she knew she'd feel more sadness than hatred.

Kikyo retrieved the arrow and willed herself to calm down. Inuyasha was going to become human for her, that she was sure of. If Inuyasha showed any signs of straying she'd teach him a lesson he'd never forget.

She fired another arrow.

No one was going to get in her way of becoming free. Not Inuyasha or Kagome.

It hadn't taken long for Kagome to find Inuyasha, if he wasn't hanging around by the Bone Eater's well then he was in the God Tree. They had just sat in silence watching the village children play, Inuyasha had helped her gather herbs and had even taught her a few things about them that his mother had taught him.

It seemed like a lifetime had passed within each day they spent together. In the seclusion of the green forest Inuyasha didn't seem as shy when he'd occasionally hold her hand or embrace her just because.

When Kagome had hugged Inuyasha today he didn't hug her back. Kagome frowned; the half-demon looked deep in thought. "…I-Inuyasha?"

"It's strange…" Inuyasha said suddenly.

"What is?" Kagome looked up at him.

"The harder I try, the weaker I become." Inuyasha sighed. "Or maybe it's because I don't want to fight it even though I know it's wrong to feel…" He stared off into the distance.

"Feel what?" Kagome raised an eyebrow at him. Where had this all come from? "What are you talking about Inu—?"

"I'd be lying if I said I saw you as only a friend because I can't just think of you as a friend, not anymore." A faint blush crept upon his cheeks as he lowered his voice. "I-I seriously care for you."

"I care for you too." Kagome whispered while her cheeks became bright red from embarrassment.

Inuyasha continued, his arms encircling her body, something that became the norm for them—privately of course. "I-I may e-even…" …Love you, Kagome.

"You may even what Inuyasha?"

"I—nothing…" Inuyasha shook his head. "Forget it."

"No," Kagome smiled at him. "It's all right. I feel the same way."

"Y-You do?" Inuyasha stared at her in wonder.

The hanyou mentally shook his head. No she can't. She's too young to understand my feelings…if I tell her now…I could scare her off…I want to be with her, always…even if it's from afar…for Kami sakes I'm going to be her brother-in-law soon!

Kagome looked up at the sky and paled. "Ack, I got lessons!"

Without a second's thought Kagome kissed him lightly on the cheek and scurried off. Unknown to her favorite half-demon, her face was bright red that clearly stated how embarrassed she was.

I…I kissed him. Kagome thought and then she shook her head. It wasn't as if they hadn't kissed before.

She kissed me… Inuyasha thought.

"Uh…"Inuyasha stood there for a good whole minute touching the cheek she had kissed. He felt like some lovesick fool. He was acting as if they hadn't kissed before.


Inuyasha stiffened. He knew who it was without turning around.

Kagome arrived at Kikyo's hut but didn't find her there. She blinked several times but shrugged. The young girl began to mediate like she had been taught. If she could reach her spiritual peak before her twentieth birthday then maybe that would impress Kikyo.

A tensed silence filled the space between the two. Because Kikyo knew how to hide her emotions so well, Inuyasha's sensitive nose couldn't detect any true emotions.

"Kikyo I…" Inuyasha glanced away. "I don't want to hurt you but…this marriage thing…we gotta talk."

"There's no need to talk." Kikyo said hurriedly. "We are in love, are we not?" Kikyo stilled. Why where images of Suikotsu coming to mind at a time like this?


"Hush, my love, fear not. I know everything. Even knowing so, do you think it will change my feelings?" She said and kissed him forcefully.

Seeing that he wasn't responding she deepened the kiss but Inuyasha pulled away nevertheless. Doing so only angered Kikyo all the more.


"It's not that I don't care about you…it's just I'm…" …not sure anymore, is all. "Kikyo I—"

Kikyo glared angrily at the hanyou, her tone was cold yet strangely enough it gave nothing away. "So it's true than—you loathsome hanyou!"

Inuyasha winced. Kikyo only called him so whenever she felt threatened, angered or both.

How he hated being reminded of his mix blood, even so, he didn't want to hurt Kagome or Kikyo by bringing either of them into a mess he had created.


I am a hanyou after all, becoming human was the—no, Kagome liked me as a hanyou…but we'd be hated for being together. His brain hurt for it was running two sets of lists regarding the two girls.

How dare he mess with my emotions like such? Kikyo glowered up at him, her body glowing bright blue. "You loved me once, and so help me, you'll love me again!" Kikyo latched onto him, holding him close to her.

A deafening silence had followed. Inuyasha fell back behind the mask he always wore around Kikyo, an expressionless mask whose eyes held no warmth or vulnerability.

"Are you done?" Inuyasha asked, hoping his tone sounded as cold as the woman before him.

Kikyo had caught him off guard and said she wanted a word with him. Her word had been many words to be exact, each more brutal than the last. He had yet to even talk to her about—

Kikyo nodded curtly. Her icy gaze sent shivers down his spine, the little hairs on the back of his neck stood up—warning signs, he noted.

Inuyasha leapt into the tree, ready to disappear into the foliage.

Kikyo turned back to look at him. "Oh, while you're at it, I want you to stop playing your silly little love game with my sister." She spat.

Somehow she seemed pleased with that fact that a look of panicky crossed the young man's face before he covered it up. Somehow he had become very good at that since they met.

She knows…Inuyasha paused; his gaze wavered onto the woman below the tree.

"You're still mine, always will be." Kikyo made her point by gently stroking the jewel that hung around her neck. She eyed him, "After all you are a man of your word, aren't you?"

You are a man of your word, aren't you?

Man of your word?

Man of your word?

They both knew Kikyo had hit a nerve, like in all men of this time, honor was everything. Wordlessly Inuyasha watched her go, his claws dug into the bark of the tree. I never was yours. I don't belong to you. And I don't feel sorry that I don't.

But he couldn't hurt her like that…now could he.

He sighed. Damn.

Kagome began to get worried. It was not nightfall or nothing but where was Kikyo? She hadn't shown up for lessons and no one had seen her except for Kaede.

"She went into the forest a little while after…" The younger girl blushed and hurried off to play with some of the village children.

After what? Kagome wondered but didn't bother to ask.

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