Crossing The Line

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Today's Quote: "It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is the most painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel."

Chapter Five: Inside the lone hut

Kagome giggled to herself as she crept along the branches just like her favorite half-demon would. He'd taught her well. So well, in fact, that she'd been able to sneak up on him quite a few times. She held the wildflowers to her chest and smiled. Inuyasha liked these, she could tell because of how he'd look at those flowers especially when she wore them in her hair.

Kagome hid by the bushes that were about five feet from the dock. The young teen saw the boat come to a stop by the dock. She watched as Inuyasha got out of the boat then she saw her older sister get out as well. Suddenly Kikyo tripped and Inuyasha prevented the fall using the oar. Kikyo looked at Inuyasha and he looked at her. Kikyo kissed him for thirty or so seconds before they embraced.

Kagome could hear the shattering of her heart. It was so painful almost as if Inuyasha had ripped out her heart and Kikyo had participated by shooting an arrow right into it.

Kagome shook her head in disbelief, her brown eyes wide and her skin pale as her sister's. Her body shook as realization washed over her.

I-I'm such a fool…I didn't want to remember…I thought I…but no, they were going to get married. Inuyasha was going to turn human for her sister. I-Inuyasha was…never mine.

Thousands of emotions rushed through the young priestess. She could bear no more. Kagome dropped her flowers, turned and ran from the scene. She blindly ran through the forest, thorns and twigs tore at her kimono and at her skin. If that wasn't bad enough a single root tripped her. She gasped as she went forward onto the ground, face first.

Not knowing what else to do, Kagome wept softly.

"Don't do that…" Inuyasha said almost harshly as he pulled away.

Kikyo frowned at him but continued to hold him close. Had her suspicions been correct? But then this wasn't the first time he didn't respond to her kisses. How it hurt her…how it angered her.

"Forgive me but I do not comprehend." Kikyo looked up at him. "To my understanding isn't that what intends do? They touch…and feel."

Kikyo's expression grew somber. "It's as if you're hiding something from me. Inuyasha what are you trying to tell—"

"I can't marry you!" He hadn't meant to say it so quickly or so loudly but he did. "I don't want to hurt you by leading you on. You know why I feel this way. It's because I don't…" Inuyasha had said this just before she had kissed him but now she chose to hug him instead.

Kikyo's hug, he knew, was an attempt to change his mind, as was her kiss. Always had been…

Kikyo frowned. Why will he not marry me now?

You're holding onto something that just not there. Her conscious taunted.

Kikyo chose to ignore it for it had succeeded in striking a nerve. Is it as I have come to fear? When we kissed it was like he was holding something back, holding a part of himself back. Which is no surprise but it seems as if he feels guilty doing so. He has truly forgotten me, us. Have you truly betrayed me once again, hanyou?

"T-Tell me, I need to know why." Kikyo clung onto his kimono. She hoped her devastation would override her yearning to pin that demon to a damn tree like she had many times before, but permanently.

"I told you before, I just can't marry you. I care about you…I really do but I just don't lo—please try to understand." Inuyasha removed Kikyo from him and held her at arms length.

"How can I understand when you have yet to tell me the truth? You are being hasty, Inuyasha. You just…need time to think." Kikyo said. "We are meant to be together, remember? Whatever it is, it cannot break us. It will only make us stronger." He couldn't possibly be forgetting his promise, now would he?

"I've already spent days thinking already. It's like I said before, Kikyo I just can't…" Inuyasha paused and sniffed the air. Wait a second…


His heart plummeted.

Kagome's blood!

All pervious thoughts flew out the window. Inuyasha narrowed his eyes, determination written all over his face.

Kikyo frowned. "Inu—"

"I'm sorry but I have to find her!"

Inuyasha shoved Kikyo out of the way, hoping not too forcefully because of his panic, and began searching for Kagome's faint scent. He jumped onto a nearby tree branch and practically disappeared into the trees.

Kikyo watched him go, jealousy surged through her. It didn't take a genius to know where and to whom he was going to. After all he'd said the woman's name—well in directly anyways.

Kikyo picked up her bow and clenched it tightly; her anger was so fierce that anyone could physically see it. Instead of the usual bluish aura around her body, it was purple and dark. Unknown to her, the jewel around her neck began to darken as well; a negative aura was coming off from it too.

Inuyasha, how dare you. Kikyo narrowed her eyes while picturing his departure and his words over and over again.

Something wet rolled down her cheeks.

It was rain.

Kagome…Kagome…Kagome… Inuyasha thought wildly as he searched the grounds from the trees. Her scent is still fresh yet all over. She must've been running. She might be in danger and I wasn't there to protect her. Damn it all!

"Stop." Kagome said and Inuyasha paused in the middle of his sentence. "Stop protecting me!"

Inuyasha snorted. Like hell. I'm always going to protect you whether you like it or not. But…but if anything happens to her because I didn't protect her I'll never forgive myself.

The trail ends here. Inuyasha paused, his heart pounding. Her scent is much stronger right here in this area. This means she isn't too far ahead.

Inuyasha landed by the bunch of flowers Kagome had dropped earlier. The young woman's scent is still there. He was about to rule out a possibly abduction since there was only her scent but anything was possible.

A trace of her blood was near by as well.

Inuyasha glanced up and saw the young teen girl lying on the ground. His first reaction was fright. He was afraid she was…He shook his head. There was no scent of death around her body. However he could smell tears and blood coming from her.

Quickly he ran up to her and pulled her into his lap. Kagome began kicking and punching until he spoke, "Would you quit that?"

Kagome stilled instantly. She gasped and looked up at him with teary eyes. Kagome realizing who it was, she turned her face away. She couldn't bear to let Inuyasha see her like this, so weak and so childish.

"What's the matter?" Inuyasha asked. She was acting…shy. Why was she crying?

"Nothing." She said curtly, looking ready to go.

Inuyasha stopped her by grabbing Kagome by the wrist and kept a strong hold on her. "You're lying."

Kagome nearly shouted to the heavens, she'd forgotten he could smell a lie a mile away. That and the fact that he knew exactly what was wrong!

Kagome scrambled from his arms, stood with her hands on her hips and gave him her best glare. "You shouldn't be touching girls like that!" Kagome tried to sound stern. You shouldn't be touching me like that.

Inuyasha smirked. She couldn't be all that hurt if she was still so feisty…but then again. "I shouldn't?"

"No!" Kagome shouted. She winced because of her sudden movement and collapsed onto her feet. You idiot… she mentally scolded herself.

Inuyasha went to her side immediately. He removed her hand from her ankle and stared at it. Her hand was covered with blood. He lifted the kimono upwardly until he saw the large cut there. Quickly he tore at his own kimono, beneath his fire-rat, and made quick work cleaning up the wound with the help of the small stream running besides them.

Kagome had watched him quite bewildered, a blush on her cheeks but she said nothing. When Inuyasha was done he looked up at her, wanting to figure out what had upset her so and why she was out this far from the village.

Inuyasha heard the birds sweeping across the forest and the thunder that was not too far behind. Ignoring her protests, Inuyasha helped her get onto his back. "Ready?"

Blushing for the second time that day, Kagome nodded and placed her head onto his back.

"Yes." Kagome managed to say. Her ankle hurt but it felt a bit better now. It wasn't just because it was simply taken cared of but because it was taken cared of by Inuyasha. Without a word he took off, not running at his full speed because of the injured girl.

By the time they were halfway through the dense forest, the rain had begun and soon it felt like buckets upon buckets were being thrown on the pair. Inuyasha used his sensitive nose to locate a nearby hut because there was no way he'd make it to the village in this downpour.

While worrying about Kagome and himself, he'd plain forgotten Kikyo.

Sango frowned when she and Miroku left Kikyo's hut and entered Miroku's. "She doesn't seem all that worried about Kagome's absence."

Miroku agreed while he rung out the loose ends of his robe. "Shall we look for her in the morning?"

"I suppose." Sango said with a sigh that clearly said she wanted to go this very moment. "It's not like we can see very much in this weather."

Miroku nodded then he glanced at Sango. "Yes…"

The young woman shivered visibly but tried to keep it hidden. Possibly because it had to do with pride or the fact that if she asked for any comforts like something to dry herself with, she'd feel he'd expect something sexual in return.

That's mostly my fault. Miroku thought sadly while looking at Sango continuing to shiver.

Sango's hair was completely damp and her cheeks were rosy but probably cold from the weather. Her clothes were clinging to her body but Miroku decided he'd enjoy the view better when she was her fiery and outspoken self. She'd catch her death in those wet clothes.

"Here." Sango gasped when she felt the cloth touch her around her shoulders and her cheeks heated up when she felt Miroku's warm breath upon her cheeks.

"Uh…I…Thanks." The demon slayer was unsure what else to say. In fact she was flabbergasted and grew strangely shy. It wasn't just the fact that it was an unexpected but very gentlemanly gesture that had been offered onto her before, but it was because it was just Miroku.

Maybe he does see more like a person rather than just a woman with many curves. Sango thought and hoped against all hope that it was true.

"It was nothing. Dry your hair. I'll go over to your hut and grab you another kimono so you don't have to stay in those wet clothes." Miroku offered and went to the hut's entrance. He lifted up the flap—

"M-Miroku…wait." Sango said gently from behind him.

Miroku turned to look back at her. "Yes?"

"You better not go snooping where you don't belong!" The young woman threatened.

Miroku laughed nervously. "I won't even dream of it, Lady Sango." Miroku lied and left. Rats! Double rats!

Inuyasha crept into the hut with Kagome still on his back. Both their hairs were wet and most of Kagome's kimono was as well. Inuyasha settled the young girl on the floor and looked at his own kimono then at Kagome.

Inuyasha cleared his throat and glanced away, "I uh should go outside so you can…uh yeah…so…" He hurried outside the hut, unable to finish without blushing and feeling like a fool because of his stuttering.

Silently Kagome removed her outer kimono and laid it on the ground to dry. The one she wore beneath it wasn't all that damp so she kept that one on.

Suddenly Kagome heard something move. She turned around but saw nothing and shrugged it off. However the eerie feeling that she was being watched didn't leave her.

Why do I feel like someone is watching me? Kagome thought. She glanced at the closed flap of the hut. Kagome shook her head. Inuyasha wouldn't peek on me…would he?

Just as she began questioning this, the young woman saw something out of the corner of her eyes—

I really, really hate rain. Inuyasha thought grumpily. The hanyou looked up and felt the rain drops hit him repeatedly upon the head and his clothes.

Suddenly Inuyasha heard Kagome scream. He ran in there blindly to see what was wrong and came face to face with a very naked girl. However neither paid much attention to this.

Kagome latched onto him, not caring she sounded a bit whiny. "There's s-something in here. I-I heard it."

Inuyasha held her and looked around. He didn't smell any other scents in the hut but his and Kagome's nor did he hear or see anything. "It's gone now. It was probably nothing."

"Good." Kagome whispered.


Kagome looked up at Inuyasha and he looked down at her, suddenly the two blushed furiously. Realization dawned upon them. Kagome let out an embarrass yelp and the two jumped apart. Inuyasha turned away from her so she could get back into the inner kimono she had worn.

"I uh… gonna get a fire going." Inuyasha said breaking the silence.

He had spotted some dry firewood in a lone corner earlier that day. The hanyou quickly got to work and easily made a fire. Kagome was quite amazed at the short amount of timing and told him so.

Inuyasha shrugged. "You pick up a few things here and there when you need to learn to survive. If you don't you're as good as dead."

Kagome nodded silently.

Kagome noticed how damp Inuyasha's kimono was. She gently touched his shoulder and the half-demon nearly jumped out of his skin but quickly regained his composure.

"You'll catch your death in those. If you're wet you can…you know." Kagome said, blushing furiously. "Y-You don't have to feel uncomfortable or nothing. We are friends, aren't we?"

Friends. Inuyasha thought. How many years had he longed for a friend and now he had one he had gone and fallen in love with her.

Kagome blushed and avoided her gaze away from his board naked chest. Inuyasha blinked at her then he too blushed realizing he was most likely the first male she saw like this. Somehow knowing that made him feel so…

He watched her shiver. Inuyasha took her hand and brought her up against him. Despite his blush he was able to say this clearly, "You're trembling."

Kagome nodded against his chest, she admitted softly, "Y-yes…sort of."

Kagome felt something touch her back and realized it was the top part of his fire rat kimono. After hesitating for a few seconds, Inuyasha's hands slowly wrapped themselves around the young girl's body. He knew he could've easily handed her the top of the kimono so he wouldn't have to be the close to her but just being this close to her made everything in the world seem all right.

"I'll hold you until you stop trembling. Push me away when you like. It's up to you." Inuyasha said softly. He was surprised by his gentle tone as was Kagome but neither said anything.

Despite his limited experience when it came to women, he had grown quite comfortable with the teen girl over the past few days. She didn't ask for things he couldn't give nor wanted him to give up what he was. It felt nice being able to say anything without worrying about being looked at differently.

Kagome nodded but didn't say a word. She breathed in his scent and it calmed her. Kagome held onto him, neither minding the nearness or the lack of clothing. That's if I want to or could. How could I not want his arms around me? He maybe my enemy as a priestess because he a demon, but for now this is what I want because I love you, Inuyasha…

Somehow despite their embarrassment due to their intimate closeness, Kagome was able to drift off to sleep. Perhaps it was because Inuyasha had allowed her to rub his ears and he had begun to make a low rumbling noise that sounded oddly like a purr. Well, even if he hadn't allowed her, that one little amount of rubbing made him putty in her hands and in all honesty, he didn't mind.

Kagome…Inuyasha ran his fingers through her hair. She has never been afraid of me…even when I did such terrible things…

Inuyasha took a deep breath. She smells so nice…like wildflowers and summertime. He was unsure how a person could smell like summertime, but she did and he liked it—a lot.

Inuyasha felt funny. And this wasn't the funny feeling he got when he was around the teen girl, it was something he was most familiar with for years now. He could still hear the rain outside but his body bid him to see more. Inuyasha moved the flap of the hut and grimaced. Shit. The sun was setting and tonight was the new moon, his weak night.

Inuyasha bit his lower lip as the transformation began. It didn't really hurt but it didn't exactly tickle either. Almost instantly his silver hair faded into black hair and his golden eyes turned dark-violet. Inuyasha bit back a groan hoping not to awaken the girl in his arms.

In spite of his attempt to keep still, Kagome awoke from his sudden movement and blinked several times.

"Are you all right?" Kagome asked. Her eyes began to focus and her vision became clearer. His hair…

"Inuyasha…what happened?" Kagome whispered.

Inuyasha didn't reply to that. "I'm sorry, Kagome. I've awoken you." He said trying to draw her attention away from his new appearance.

"Your eyes…your hair…" Kagome touched his black hair, "You're human now. You really are a hayou." She smiled when she heard his snort. "So I…I guess tonight is your human night. If I had known…but I didn't."

Inuyasha looked ashamed. Of all the people in his life he had been the most open with her yet he couldn't tell her of this weakness. However his other weakness was her, especially when she looked as adorable as she is, wet hair and all.

"Kagome I'm…I am sorry that I deceived you and you learned the truth from…" He gestured vaguely at his appearance as if to say 'this'.

"It doesn't matter. But why? Why would you hide it from me? Did you think I'd run screaming because of what you are?"

"No!" Kagome shouted. "I will not leave him. I won't! Somewhere there's a part of him that remembers me. I will find it—I will find him."

Inuyasha couldn't answer. "I…just thought." What had he thought?

"In this form I can't protect anyone and…." Inuyasha said as he glanced away. "Look I don't trust people…not since…I've never had…it's nothing personal so don't uh go thinking it is."

"Don't turn away." Kagome said sternly. "Look at me. Look into my eyes."

Kagome used her hands to slowly turn his head so he'd look her right in her eyes. "Don't you see? Whether you're human or half, you are still you. I like you just the way you are, Inuyasha, and nothing can change that. I told you that before…yet you never seem to believe me…"

"I…it's not that I don't believe you…It's just hard when all your life—forget it."

"No, let's not forget it!" Kagome said defiantly. "Does it bother you about me knowing your secret?"


Kagome swallowed. "D-Does it…does it change your feelings towards me…That we can't be friends?"

"Don't be stupid. It doesn't change anything." Inuyasha snapped. His cheeks now had a rosy tint to them because of what he was about to say. "In fact I…I like…you." A lot…

How weird was it that she had fallen for her sister's intended. Now she awaited his verbal blow. Sure he might like her, but love? That was a bit much to hope for…wasn't it?

"You must know that I…I love you. Demon or human, my heart remains yours." Kagome said this hurriedly and softly, afraid to see the rejection and withdrawal in his eyes. "I know it's stupid and pointless but even so, I do not expect you to feel the same…it's not like we're you know."

Oh, Kagome. Inuyasha stared at her. His heart leapt and began to beat a thousand miles per minute when she had said those words. Suddenly his fears were lowly diminishing. How he'd longed for her to say those words, how he longed to say them in return. It felt too good to be true but just this once he'd cast caution to the wind and would live for the moment.

Inuyasha hugged her, unsure how to say those words. He had never been able to say those words for he became unable to say them. Only once did he say those words but that had been when his mother was alive and that was long ago. Too long to learn how to say those words again, too scarred by the past to become vulnerable once more to feel this emotion.

For after his mother's death he had closed up into his cold shell, refusing to come out because he didn't want to become hurt again. Why would anyone come out when they knew that would happen? Cowardly yes, but at least he had been safe.

As a child and up until recently, he thought no one else could love him like the girl right here did. Inuyasha never felt this way about anyone before. It felt so nice…so right…so—

Guilt suddenly filled him.


"Why won't you turn mortal for me, Inuyasha?" Kikyo asked. She sounded disappointed …and angry.

Doesn't he know I will not marry him any other way? Kikyo thought to herself unknown to the hanyou.

"B-Because I…" Inuyasha glanced away.

"You promise me, Inuyasha. I want the truth! Tell me!" Kikyo demanded. Well not entirely. She did not yell yet in just her tone one could see she demanded an answer and would take nothing less than the truth.

How could he tell Kikyo it was because he'd fallen in love with her sister? It would crush her. But how could he lie to her and deny himself the person he truly loves, even if that person hadn't felt the same about him. But still it wouldn't be fair to Kikyo, him or anyone to string them along on false hopes and dreams. These, dreams and hopes, proved true tonight.

Kagome saw his expression. Anytime he looked like that he was thinking of her sister, always Kikyo. She lowered her voice and whispered, "And yet it seems you do not share my feelings."

Inuyasha snapped out of his when he heard those words, felt her distancing herself from him physically and emotionally.

"Kagome that's not it. Don't go jumping to conclusions." He had yet to tell her how he felt; he was still warring with himself. Inuyasha knew if he wasn't in his mortal form he would've had one hell of a time saying some of these things. In his hayou form he wasn't use to showing such feelings or speaking of them aloud, it was just too hard…and a bit embarrassing.

Besides it wasn't socially correct to do so in public so he didn't know how one went about it. Wasn't it easier for girls than guys? Or was that just a guy thought?

Kagome looked away from him. Sure she was happy he finally said something that made her sure of his feelings, but still…"B-but why did you…Inuyasha. You and K-Kikyo…"

Inuyasha used one of his fingers and put it underneath her chin. Doing so, he gently turned her so she'd face him again. "Don't get all teary-eyed. You're wasting tears on nothing. There isn't any me and Kikyo anymore. It's just me, Inuyasha."

"Don't lie to me!" Kagome shouted furiously. "I heard you. I heard you! Y-You promised to become a human for her. You said it Inuyasha!"

Kagome lowered her voice once more. "You are to marry Kikyo and despite my feelings for you, I wish you the best." How she felt childish with those tears in her eyes and the cracking in her voice. "Even so you must never lie to me…even if it hurts me. For in the end it hurts more to be lied to."

"I may have promised to marry her but I …I changed my mind." Inuyasha said. After all, this promise wasn't engraved into stone. There were plenty of people who ending their engagements long before heading to the altar.

"Changed you mind?" Kagome didn't sound entirely convinced. "You can't just—I don't understand how—"

"Of course I can and I did. We, Kikyo and I, ain't getting married, wench." Inuyasha used the, what they both considered, a nickname for her. That and the name 'feisty bitch', but he'd never call her that—aloud.

"I-I don't understand. You—"

"Gees, do I have to spell it out to ya? I can't marry her…I-I just can't, ok? Just drop it." Inuyasha looked away. Would you understand if I was able to say that I love you? Would you understand that I'm scared of what would happen if I left myself fall more in love with you?

"Oh…I see." Kagome lowered her gaze and loosened her hold on him. "Is it because o-of…me?" She whispered.

Inuyasha smirked. "Mostly," He held her closer when he saw guilt on her face. "But not entirely. I couldn't marry Kikyo because I feel something for you…something so much more. It wouldn't be right."

Something much more…? Kagome thought, knowing she was blushing. "What would that be?"

"You love me as I am, though I despise being a hanyou at times, I hate being human most of all. I feel weak in this state but as a hanyou I can always know I can protect you. I know you say I'm not to protect you but I can't help it, I want to. As a full demon I lose control of myself and I get blood thirsty, you've seen that…and it scares me because I fear one day I might…"

"You won't!" Kagome said cutting him off then she looked up at him. "I…didn't…know that's how you felt. If I had known that was your goal…yet you said as much…"

"Didn't get the whole story before, eh? That's what you get for eavesdropping." He teased.

Kagome blanched. He knows? She reframed herself from rolling her eyes. Duh, he has a sensitive nose.

"Besides," Inuyasha said. "I found something more important to me than the jewel. Bet you can't believe I'm saying that, huh. But if you haven't figured that out what it is yet, then we're really in for it." Inuyasha flashed her that toothy grin of his.

Kagome looked down at the floor, unable to look up at him for the moment. My heart is pounding…I feel lightheaded and warm…

Inuyasha looked up at the roof, his expression sober now. "But it's true. It's funny though. I never thought anything would mean more to me than fitting in. But so many things have changed in such a short amount of time. Myself…my views on life…my feelings…"

Kagome glanced up, her eyes showing her uncertainty. "Are you just saying that…because if y-you are…"

Inuyasha cut her off with a kiss, their second kiss. The first had been shorter; this one was something special, more special than the first. The young woman's eyes had grown wide because he caught her off guard. But as soon as realization hit her, Kagome kissed back, slightly bashful but eager to please.

She's not rejecting me…maybe…she feels the same…she really does love me…and it's not just empty words. Inuyasha thought, this made his heart do multiple flip-flops and a warm feeling engulf him. If so…then it is possible to learn to love.

For so long he had always guarded his heart closely, not wanting anyone near it, never trusting anyone but himself—and scarcely so—yet Kagome had found an opening, wrapped herself tightly around his heart and it didn't bother him.

Inuyasha slowly pulled away, looking at her and she looked back at him. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes had this dazzling sparkle to them. "I-Inu—"

"You talk too much, wench." Inuyasha said before he kissed her again. As always dominating, seeking submission but not enough to break her from who she is.

Enjoying this new experience, Kagome leaned in forward. Just as she did so she winced as she remembered her wound, it hurt so badly.

That, to Kagome's disappointment, ended the moment for the hanyou grew concerned about her wounds. Inuyasha changed the bandaging without really moving them from their position.

"You'll be ok, it shouldn't reopen again." Inuyasha said. "You should change it right after you break your fast and not a second after." Inuyasha, for a second, had looked like a mother hen when he wagged his finger at her but Kagome didn't mind.

In fact, she laughed and even though Inuyasha didn't like that she didn't seem to take his serious expression too seriously, he laughed too.

Silence followed while Inuyasha gathered what little food was found and roasted it over the fire. He offered Kagome half and the two ate quietly.

"I found something more important to me than the jewel."

Those words…Kagome couldn't forget them but she had to know more. She had to know was it just because of a little moment they shared, was it because of his human emotions or was it truly her hanyou speaking.

Inuyasha opened the flap of the hut and peeked before closing it. "This rain should let up by dawn which is enough time for us to get back to the village."

"I don't understand. I always thought the only thing you cared about was the jewel…and Kikyo…" Kagome shook her head. "It just doesn't make any sense. I know you care about me and all…just…"

Do you love me? Kagome finished but to herself. I said I love you but…but you never said it back.

"At the beginning I guess I did." Inuyasha admitted. "I couldn't become a full demon so I had only one option to fit in. I thought this was it; this was how I'd live my life out."

"But next thing I knew I was caring for you, the innocent spitfire. I couldn't help it." Then Inuyasha looked at her from his side of the hut. "I guess, deep down, I didn't want to. Maybe what I'm feeling is what they call 'love,' if so, so be it."

Kagome listened intently. This was their very first heart-to-heart in quite sometime. She always loved when he revealed what he was thinking, though not the bad memories of his past, but that he trusted her enough to confide in her. It made her feel as if she belonged here with him.

"But first I want to settle things with Kikyo. I told her we couldn't be together but I want to make this a clean cut. I won't marry her but I don't want to lose her as a friend, if that's possible, nor cause any trouble between you two. She's your sister and…"and family means a lot to me…

Kagome nodded.

"Until that's settled, we'll only end up hurting each other and those around us. And that's not what I want." Inuyasha concluded.

"Then…what do you want?" Kagome asked, licking her lips as the juices from the corn oozed out from each bite.

"This," Inuyasha's mouth descended upon hers. Clearly caught off guard, the corn fell out of Kagome's hands and was soon forgotten.

Sudden warmth filled them as their lips connected for the third time in two days. She always enjoyed their kisses, though few but just enough for her to know his emotions.

Feeling wantonly unlike how she ever acted in her entire sixteen years, Kagome deepened the kiss wanting dominate him, to possess him, mark him as hers and hers alone.

The feeling was mutual.

Inuyasha noticed Kagome's new behavior, it excited him but he had to know…

He wouldn't force her nor make her feel obligated to do this. So the hanyou ran his teeth along her neck and collarbone; his teeth grazed her skin and sent pleasurable shivers down her body. Kagome could only imagine how much more pleasuring his fangs would feel against her skin.

"Kagome a-are y-you...?"

Kagome wanted so much more. People always thought she lacked knowledge and wisdom because of her age but she was like a wolf in sheep's clothing; always taking in when people thought, the village men especially, that she, as a female, was too simpleminded to understand. Girls—including priestesses in training—weren't supposed to do many things, especially feel what she felt now…and kissing your sister's ex fiancé.

Kagome wanted to forget the morals she was taught. These feelings, she learned, were not to be feared but embraced. With Inuyasha she was sure of this. She wanted this with him, and maybe one day, a life with him. Even if she couldn't have the latter, the former would do…for now.

Kagome nodded. She was positive, more so than ever. "Yes, Inuyasha, I'm sure. With you…I'm sure."

Inuyasha looked at the young woman, searching her eyes with his own, finding what he was looking for he smiled. "As am I…" He whispered before lowering his lips onto hers once more.

In just the short time I've gotten to know her somehow now I can't picture myself without her. Inuyasha thought. Maybe this is how things were supposed to be. No, it's a definite. This is where I belong…with her. I can't stop myself from feeling the way I do…I won't try. Not anymore.

I love you, Inuyasha. Kagome thought. And just for this moment, we can pretend everything is all right in the world because we have each other now.

A lone figure watched outside the hut, seeing the lovers embrace and fall asleep. The wind blew the flap closed and it stayed like this. Its dark eyes darkened all the more as anger washed over it. So he had been right after all.

"Thank you, Naraku." It said and disappeared into the foliage.

What's coming Next Week—A Teaser

Narrator: So…yeah they got intimate and Kikyo knows. So what is she going to do now? And what will Sango and Miroku think of this when and if they find out? And how does Naraku fit in all of this? Find out next week (hopefully) and keep reading for a sneak peak.


I am neither a demon nor human. I am the man that loves Kagome, nothing more and nothing less. There's no part of me Kagome cannot have if she wishes of it. Inuyasha argued back.


"Where has the hayou I've fallen in love with?" Kikyo asked herself many times. Perhaps he never did love me. She'd answer. Maybe I never really loved him.


"I hope it's a boy!" Miroku called out afterwards before they disappeared over the hill.

"We ain't taking requests!" Inuyasha shouted, wearing the bottom part of his fire-rat.


"Trust…" Kikyo whispered.

"Use that dark feeling inside of you and free yourself from your pain." Naraku gently touched her upon the shoulders. "It's ok to hate. It's ok to hate them."


Inuyasha grinned and placed his hands over hers. "Call me crazy but I think she likes you."

Kagome smiled. "Good, 'cause I like her too."


Sango gasped as the mist was sucked into her body then darkness claimed her.




Next Time: Envious gazes and his proposal