Crossing The Line

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Chapter Six: Envious gazes and his…proposal?

Inuyasha squinted. The sun's rays—

He sat up suddenly.

Sun's rays

That meant morning had come and—

Inuyasha looked at his hands, his claws were back. He was a hanyou again.

…and last night…

The scent of wildflowers caught his nose's attention and he looked down at Kagome. Her hair was sprawled against his chest and she was practically on top of him—naked.

Inuyasha saw the teeth mark on the side of her neck and knew he had claimed her last night. The mark, he remembered, wasn't as deep because it was done on the new moon but now it was.

His name was there in kanji, small and in dark red. He touched his own neck and felt the corresponding kanji was her name. They were mated—for life. He was mated to her and she was mated—

To a hanyou. A voice said in his head snickered yet sounded disgusted. A hanyou! What do you have to offer her? As a human you had some luck but in this form? And what if she's with child? The villagers will not accept her. Who other than demons perhaps would accept this marriage? She was not wedded in the human way.

Miroku can marry us. Inuyasha thought. And to hell what those humans think!

But does Kagome feel that way? You know humans are fragile beings. Kikyo wanted you to become human because she didn't want the villagers to talk anymore behind her back. She didn't want her name to be dragged in the mud along with yours. She was ashamed of you. Ashamed she had agreed wed a hanyou when she wanted a human man.

Shut up! Inuyasha shook his head. Kagome was different. Kagome is different. She doesn't care about those things.

His demonic side seemed to snort. Kagome can't possibly be different. She is her sister, after all. Like they say 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree'.

You don't know what the hell you're talking about. Inuyasha retorted. Kagome is different.

"Aren't you afraid of me?" Inuyasha asked the girl.

Kagome glanced up, nibbling on the berries. "Should I be?" She blinked at him.

Those three words had later been the cause of their first kiss, his first kiss, her first kiss. At first he'd thought she was being naïve and foolish. But as soon as he thought that, the sooner he realized he had been wrong. Unlike her older sister, her eyes had been filled with trust and they lack the prejudice and hate for demons. She could truly judge a demon himself and not just from what was said about them.

Inuyasha felt uneasy and self-conscious. The villagers watched him attentively as he walked through the village holding Kagome's hand. Some of the mothers would hold their young close and the husbands would glare at him and order their families inside of their huts.

Kagome noticed his ears were drooped. She tightened her hold on him and whispered, "Don't let their stares get to you. Even if you don't have any other friend sin the world, remember, I'm here. I'll always be here."

"Kagome…" He didn't want her to be shunned for befriending a demon, a half-demon nevertheless. She was above that.

"You're my friend. I don't give a fig about them. We are the same, you and I. We have good hearts and deserved to be love for who we are and not what we are told to be or wish to be. I don't care what they think, as long as we're together, Inuyasha, that's more than enough for me."

Inuyasha glanced at the sleeping girl beside him and a gently smile spread across his lips. He gently brushed the forelocks of her black hair and in response she snuggled closer to him, murmuring his name lovingly.

Innocent was what he'd describe her when she was asleep. A hellion when she was awake. But she was special despite what state she was in. Special and his. He swore then and there he'd never let anyone hurt Kagome, not with words and not with actions.

"You always seem to hide a part of you behind some sort of a mask." Kikyo had said. "Surely no good relationship came become of it."

There will be no more masks. Inuyasha's eyes softened. There's no part of me Kagome cannot have if she so wishes of it.

And with that said all doubts and fears vanished.

The sun had just kissed the morning sky and the dew was still fresh but faraway from the hut an arrow soared through the air and hit its mark.

Kikyo scowled, retrieving her arrow from the tree. She had been doing this a lot, target practicing.

How could Inuyasha betray her?

She remembered how he looked at her when he said he didn't want to be with her, had fallen for another. Kikyo had seen them cuddling and watched him make love to Kagome, although she left before the latter had actually happened. But she knew it had occurred, she just knew.

He had fallen for Kagome, her half-sister. It hurt but it also pissed her off.

"Where has the hanyou I've fallen in love with?" Kikyo asked herself many times. Perhaps he never did love me. She'd answer. Maybe I never really loved him.

Kikyo shook her head. I do. He did. He does. But her heart would twist when she denied the inevitable. And that was Inuyasha's heart is no longer, if ever, hers.

Kikyo clenched her fists, anger and envy clouded her judgment. The only thing that stood in their way of happiness was Kagome. Somehow she always stood in the way.

Kikyo sighed. This anger wouldn't do. She had work to get done.

Miroku sighed and stretched his 'old bones.' He and Sango had been walking around the forest searching for Kagome. She had gone missing all night. Kirara had a hard time tracking her down because of the rain. Kikyo didn't seem all too concerned about her disappearance.

"She'll show up when she's good and ready. Don't underestimate her powers." Kikyo had said.

It seemed there was a double meaning when she said 'powers.' It also seemed that Kikyo wasn't at all worried, she sounded disgusted and angered. Priestess or not, Kagome was still an unmarried young woman.

Miroku yawned. "Maybe we should rest, Lady Sango."

Sango nodded and they got off of Kirara. The cat-demon, given to Sango by her father when she was young, transformed back into her smaller form. With a soft meow, she hopped back into Sango's awaiting arms.

Miroku said, opening the hut that lay in the middle of the forest. "This looks sturdy."

"Maybe Lady Kagome has already retur—good Lord!" Sango yelped and covered her eyes.

Inuyasha and Kagome yelped as well, scrambling to cover themselves with Inuyasha's kimono.

"I-It's not what you think." Both Inuyasha and Kagome fibbed. However their blushes and the glow upon their skin told another story though. And Miroku being well Miroku, he knew that too.

"Ssuuurreee it's not!" Miroku winked, giving them a knowing look. Miroku chuckled lightly when the two lovers' blushes darkened.

Sango's eyes grew wide as she peeked through her fingers. She looked at Miroku, who decided to take a seat in front of the naked pair. Was he oblivious to their nakedness?

Then Sango saw the gleam in his dark blue eyes. Sango paled. Miroku? No way—that pervert wouldn't.

He did. Miroku wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. "So how was it, Inu—"

"Let's go—now!" Sango grabbed him by the ear and ran off opposite of the hut. "Uh see you!"

"I hope it's a boy!" Miroku called out afterwards before they disappeared over the hill.

"We ain't taking requests!" Inuyasha shouted, wearing the bottom part of his fire-rat.

Left behind, Kirara sat quietly blinked at Inuyasha then at Kagome. Kagome's eyes lit up. "Oh how cute!" she exclaimed and began petting Kirara, who didn't mind in the least.

Inuyasha blinked several times trying to understand how the hell this had happened. Kagome's attention was on the cat demon and no longer on him!

He grunted and slumped against the hut with a pout. "There goes our alone time."

"The hanyou has claimed her." The man said, sitting in the darkest corner of the cave.

He was no longer the bandit she'd helped heal. He was a hanyou much like the one she would've wed had he not broken his promise. How she loathed him. How she loathe them both.

This man, Naraku, unlike his other self held no lust for her. Her youngest sister, Kaede had told her from Kikyo's explanations, not to go near the cave because the man lusted for her. Kikyo continued to go; she didn't heed her sister's warnings.


Because Kaede was young, naïve in the works of a priestess and didn't know any better. Two, this man appreciated her attentiveness and actually desired her company. Though it was foolish and against her practice, she felt wanted—truly and unconditionally wanted. And to pull her in further, the man himself didn't hold anything back.

Unlike Inuyasha who always kept a part of himself to himself, he always acted polite and always distanced himself. Even when they talked, it was like how one stranger would take to another stranger. Unyielding, not giving too much away but giving just enough to say 'Hey, you give a little, I give a little. 'No matter how much time they had spend together in the past, they never grew closure if anything, they only grew further apart. And now she could actually see the large rift between them.

However when she had walked in on Inuyasha and Kagome talking she had heard Inuyasha actually laugh, had seen them hold hands in the village, had seen them kiss and laying in a lovers' embrace.

Kikyo knew without a doubt she was jealous of her sister. Jealous that her mother betrayed, not only her, but her own family and gave birth to this nuisance without consulting her. Jealous that her mother had been willing to jeopardize everything just to warm some man's bed. Jealous Kagome could bring out feelings and emotions in Inuyasha that she herself could not. Jealous that she laid with Inuyasha, jealous of the kisses and touches they shared. Jealous that Kagome was Inuyasha's lover and not her.

As Kikyo sat there stewing, the darkness within her became darker and darker.

She was jealous and she hated that.

Naraku laughed, seeing right through her impassive mask. He laughed even harder when she tried to suppress her darkness.

"Do not toy with my emotions." Kikyo sneered.

"Your emotions?" Naraku mocked then he snorted.

Kagome, Miroku and Sango sat in the hut Kagome shared with Kaede. She offered them some green tea and the three sat in the center of the warm hut.

"I'm sorry you came all this way but there are no demons around here that need to be destroyed, Miroku." Kagome said sincerely. "I am truly sorry you came so far for not."

"Demons, you say?" Sango questioned then she groaned. "Don't tell me he claimed there is an 'evil aura' surrounding the village."

Kagome nodded. "I'm afraid so."

"But there is!" Miroku interjected. "I swear it."

Sango sighed. "It figures. He's always trying to trick innocent people to get free lodging and means. And here he calls himself a monk."

"I am a monk!" Miroku protested.

"Ssssuuurrreee…" Sango rolled her eyes playfully then she and Kagome laughed.

"Oh Sango, why won't you give me a chance?" Miroku jumped from one situation to another so quickly that it took Sango an extra second to feel his hand upon her bottom.

Sango yelped and smacked him upside his head. "Not with those hands of yours I won't."

Miroku frowned. "Why do you continue to blame me for something that is unavoidable? These things have a mind of their own. I am as much of a victim as you are. Please believe me."

"You? A victim?" Sango snorted. "Don't make me laugh. Do you take me as a fool?"

Miroku took one of Sango's small hands into his larger ones. "Now Sango—"

"Don't 'now Sango' me, you pervert!" Sango said while snatching her hands back. "Keep those wanders to yourself or I will get rid of them permanently."

"You wound me, Lady Sango, truly you do. For I quite fond and not to mention attached to them." Miroku said with a pout.

"Oh spare me!"

Kagome giggled lightly before sighing. It was obvious the two liked each other but Miroku's perverted ways and Sango's doubt concerning his faithfulness were keeping them apart.

Sango and Miroku blinked and looked at the young woman but before they could answer the flap of the hut opened.

"Kagome are you—" Inuyasha paused seeing Kagome was not alone. He had snuck around the village, all the while trying to keep himself hidden from the villagers. Inuyasha regretted being in such a haste that he hadn't bothered to sniff to see if Kagome was alone or not.

A silence fell upon the group as they all remembered the embarrassing scene from this morning. Miroku, however, broke it.

"Aha I knew there was a demon and you thought it was all bull!" Miroku cheered while pointing at Inuyasha.

"Huh?" Inuyasha blinked as Miroku put a small piece of paper on his forehead. "What the—"

Kagome stood in front of Inuyasha and snatched the paper off his forehead. "You will not perform any exorcism on him, got that? He's a friendly demon, Miroku."

"Oh yes very friendly' indeed. If you know what I mean." Miroku wiggled his eyebrows then yelped when all three conked him on the head. "Ouch!" Miroku pouted, "But still…couldn't I just…"

Kagome's glare was so heated it could fry the skin off of a person's bones. Miroku wisely nodded and sat back down quietly.

Kagome turned to look at Inuyasha. "Inuyasha what are you…"

"The sun will be setting shortly and…" He trailed off; a blush crept upon both Kagome and his cheeks.

"Ah a romantic outing?" Miroku said, wiggling his eyebrows the way he had earlier.

"Keh! You ain't invited so forget it." Inuyasha said and muttered what sounded like the words 'damn pervert' underneath his breath.

"I'm insult." Miroku said and dramatically placed a hand over his chest whereas Inuyasha just rolled his eyes.

Kagome cleared her throat. "That sounds lovely." She bowed at the two. "If you two will excuse us…"

Without another word both Kagome and Inuyasha left, their blushes had yet to reside.

Sango and Miroku watched them go. They realized unlike the rest of the village that Inuyasha was actually courting the young miss. Or from what they saw, was doing a whole lot more than that. Of course, they would never say a word to anyone.

"She's so young…" Miroku commented.

"But he really likes her…" Sango said.

A minute of silence followed before—

"They'll be good for each other." Sango and Miroku beamed.

"Your words are but lies." Kikyo glared at Naraku. "You seem fit enough to walk. You will leave no later than tomorrow afternoon. If not I will remove your loathsome soul from the Earth."

Naraku sighed. "Dearest Kikyo, I am only telling you the truth. I have eyes all over the forest; surely you have seen the love birds, Kikyo. You haven't been able to keep the betrayal out of your mind. He betrayed you, they both did. And you know this. Yet you keep this bottled up inside. Why?"

Naraku moved quickly and stood before her. His voice was calming and alluring for Kikyo's eyes became unfocused and darker. "Trust me."

"Trust…" Kikyo whispered.

"Use that dark feeling inside of you and free yourself from your pain." Naraku gently touched her upon the shoulders. "It's ok to hate. It's ok to hate them."

It's ok to…Kikyo shook her head.

"No, I will not listen to his wicked ways! I am above that! You best be telling me the truth, hanyou." Kikyo said, narrowing her eyes.

Deep down Kikyo didn't trust the man, heck she didn't trust anyone. Everyone had something to hide, including her. So why begin to trust?

"Or what priestess…?" Naraku arched an eyebrow in a challenging manner.

Kikyo smiled prettily at him but her eyes were dark with a warning, "You don't want to know.

Naraku smirked. "Oh I'm sure I don't want to." He said in a mocking tone.

"Do not cross me, Naraku. I am not a force to be trifled with." Kikyo said before leaving, unaware that the words she heard only sailors say were actually coming from her mouth.

Foolish woman, the Shikon no Tama will be mine and you will be the one to deliver it. Naraku snickered.

Inuyasha said it was going to show me something special. Kagome thought as she rode on his back. She loved it when they did this together. The wind against her face, her hair blowing in the wind and reaching all new heights right on her husband's back.

Inuyasha came to a stop and peeking over his shoulder, Kagome noticed a gravesite. She also noticed Inuyasha taking flowers from his kimono. She blinked and said not a word. Kagome got off of Inuyasha and walked with him to the grave.

Together they knelt before the grave. Inuyasha placed the flowers across it and they prayed silently. Inuyasha touched the headstone lightly.

Inuyasha said, "Mom, this is Kagome. Kagome, this is my mother. Mom, she means a lot to me, which I think you know already. In fact we're uh…we're mated." He blushed.

Kagome's eyes softened all the more.

"Didn't think you'd see the day I found a mate, huh. Actually you had faith in me that I would and I did. You were always right about a lot of things." Inuyasha sighed. "I don't know where life will take us but until then, I'm not sure I'll be able to visit for a—"

"Hi, I'm Kagome." Kagome said interrupting. "Don't listen to him. We'll come back every single day. You must've been a remarkable woman and a wonderful mother. You sound so nice from what Inuyasha said. In fact, you remind me of my own mother, so kind, strong and so understanding."

Kagome giggled then sighed wistfully. "It's strange but I can actually hear your giggles, see your calm face and your voice now after hearing all about you. I can almost feel your presence around this very forest, protecting it, protecting him. You don't worry about him; I'll protect him for you no matter what, if that's ok with you."

The wind blew gently and the cheery blossoms from the tree above them swirled around the two. It was as if Lady Izayoi agreed.

Inuyasha grinned and placed his hands over hers. "Call me crazy but I think she likes you."

Kagome smiled. "Good, 'cause I like her too."

"Hum…" Miroku said. He and Sango had both detected a demon around these parts. But the further they went into the forest, the darker and creepier it became.

"I don't like this Miroku." Sango said, looking around. "This place…the aura around here is strong."

Kirara had become unusually tired and in her smaller state, was curled up into Sango's arms and rested peacefully.

"Is it much further?" A female asked.

Both Sango and Miroku yelped. Sango strangely enough jumped into Miroku's arms. Being the pervert he is, Miroku wiggled his eyebrows suggestive. "Oh Sango if I had known you were—"

"Huh—" Sango smacked him across the face and jumped from his arms before he could grope her. "Yeah right!" The demon slayer grunted and turned around so he couldn't see her blush.

Miroku sighed, rubbing the red handprint on his face. "I'm so misunderstood."

"Kaede, what are you doing here?" Sango asked.

"I got bored and followed you guys." Kaede said simply with a shrug. "Either I'm getting better at this or you two really stink at—"

"Don't even finish that sentence." Miroku and Sango glared at her.

Kaede just giggled innocently. "You guys are fun."

Miroku and Sango glanced at each other, then at Kaede before sweat-dropping and letting out an exasperated sigh.

The four continued to walk towards the demonic aura after Sango and Miroku had unsuccessful been able to convince Kaede to turn back around.

A lone finger watched, chuckling lightly to itself. "Dream sweet dreams dreamers…dream…" It whispered.

Its target was the woman who had slain her brother weeks ago. Now it would trap her in a world of dreams until she died without even knowing it.

The demoness chuckled to herself and vanished into the bushes.

This is nice. Kagome leaned against Inuyasha's shoulder.

They had become so accustomed to each other's presence that they hardly blushed at all when they were this close and alone. Only a selected few knew of their 'marriage' and only half of those few would attend their second ceremony for their friends.

"What should we name our first child?" Kagome asked suddenly.

"H-Huh?" Inuyasha blushed looking at his mate. She had completely caught him off guard. "C-child?"

"I'm not with child or anything." Kagome said hastily before she looked up at him. "You…you haven't thought about it?"

Inuyasha shook his head and looked towards the lake. "No, it's not that but…so soon? I don't want to make you grow up any sooner than I have caused you too."

"But I was ready, I always was." Kagome hugged him. "I was ready to love you, Inuyasha. And I still am and still do."

"K-Kagome…"Inuyasha was unsure how to respond for she had taken him off guard. Taking this as an advantage, Kagome leaned up and kissed him fully on the lips.

"It doesn't matter. Why rush it? We'll take each day as it comes." Kagome rubbed his ears for a moment. "We have all the time in the world."

Silence followed until Inuyasha pulled her close to him and said. "This is nice."

Kagome agreed. "But this is even nicer." She said planting a light kiss onto his cheek.

They heard giggles and soon enough they filled the forest. Sango, Miroku and Kaede came to a full stop. Kirara hissed in Sango's arms and the little hairs on the trio's necks were raised ever so slightly.

"Who's there? Show yourself." Miroku said sternly. They could all see the creature's movements but not the creature itself.

The demon jumped from the branch to branch giggling while continuing to move swiftly about them in a never-ending circle.

Annoyed and impatient, Sango narrowed her eyes. "I've had enough of your games—Hiraikotsu!"

A grunt could be heard as the boomerang made contact with the figure. Soon the large weapon went flying back into Sango's grasp. Surprisingly the creature landed gracefully before the group and rose with the elegance of a noblewoman.

In fact the demon looked just like a noblewoman except for obvious differences. Her hair was dark blue and her eyes were a cerulean shade with occasional spikes of white. She wore a silk made kimono that clung to a dainty body. The demoness herself seemed to glow with an ethereal beauty despite what she was. In other words she looked heavenly to say the least.

"My name is Yume, the mistress of dreams and the mist." The demoness smiled at them, "I must say I am quite impressed—"

"And so am I. My, you are lovely. I don't normally do this, but will you consider baring my child?" Miroku asked, clasping the woman's hands into his.

"H-huh?" The demoness blinked at him, obviously confused and taken aback by the question. "I-I beg your pardon?"

"Miroku!" Sango snapped. A demoness of all things? Now he has hit an all-time low! I'll kill him!

"Maybe ten would be sufficient. No, twenty would be perfect. Oh that's selfish. What do you think, Lady Sango?" Miroku asked innocently. "I simply cannot decide."

Sango didn't answer. How could she when the demon slayer looked ready to kill him!

The demoness, whose eyes were now closed, growled. "Get off of me mort-aaallll!" A blue blast of energy emerged from her body.

Miroku jumped out of the energy blast's way just in time. "Wow, feisty. I like 'em like that, right Sango?" Miroku commented not seeing Sango's glare but boy could he feel it.

Sango tightened her hold on her weapon, which now visibly shook. I will not hit him. I will not hit him. I will not—

The demoness glared at the group. "My grudge is not with you monk but with that woman."

"Me?" Sango asked aloud. She looked clearly shocked and confused. "Why me?"

"Simple…because you destroyed my family, witch!" The demoness snarled.

The woman swiftly took a blue leaf from her hair and blew it from her hand. A dark blue mist overtook them, separating the others from Sango yet they could still hear the demoness.

"Dream yourself to your death. May my vengeance hold key and may you never awaken, slayer. Your thoughts and hopes swerved as reality fades and you become what you are."

"Miroku?" Sango turned to where the monk had been, fear radiated from her body. "Kirara? Kaede?"

"May your heart freeze and as you dream stay forever in your state. All those hearts blessed but that cannot wait."

"Lady Sango? Lord Miroku?" Kaede glanced around her. "Kirara where are you?"

A foreign symbol formed upon the demoness' forehead and her eyes glowed bright blue. "And may my vengeance be swift and painful. And so your life will end before the morn."

"Sango?" Miroku could see her figure outlined even through the mist.


The symbol flew off the demoness' forehead, landed and vanished into Sango's. Sango gasped as the mist was sucked into her body then darkness claimed her.




Sneak Preview of Next Week's Chapter

"Don't look at me with that bitch's eyes!" Kikyo yelled, slapping Kagome across the face.

Kagome remained still, unmoving, her eyes wide from the shock. Perhaps I should've brought Inuyasha with me to 'drop the bomb—' the young girl mentally shook her head.


"Sango…please wake up…I need you." Miroku whispered. The monk gently brushed back the forelocks of the young woman's brown hair and silently prayed.


Young Miroku ran after his mother, but her feet moved too fast for him to catch up. Her figure became smaller and smaller until the young boy fell and saw her no more. "Mama, come back. Come back, mama. Don't leave me!"

Don't leave me!



Kagome couldn't help but become frightened by this. She hugged her body just as a cold breeze came and went.

Inuyasha…help me…I-I'm scared.


"Oh don't I? And say if I did bring her back to reality, would she be happy? To realize once more she is alone?" The demoness taunted. "Think about it monk."


"Well it looks like the final stage will commence sooner than planned. Ah yes, the Shikon no Tama will be mine." Naraku chuckled as he easily destroying the cave with his own dark aura.

Confused? Interested? Whatever you feel, don't miss the next chapter. Everything is starting to piece together and Naraku's plans have been set.

Next Time: Toying with the mind and reaching the boiling point