Crossing The Line

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Today's Quote: "A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep"

Chapter Seven: Toying with the mind and reaching the boiling point

All was quiet in the village near Inuyasha's forest until—

"Don't look at me with that bitch's eyes!" Kikyo yelled, slapping Kagome across the face.

Kagome remained still, unmoving, her eyes wide from the shock. Perhaps I should've brought Inuyasha with me to 'drop the bomb—' the young girl mentally shook her head.

That look of love that mother had when she always talked about that lord, that same damnable look. Kikyo thought, she was simply disgusted by it. She was jealous this girl had found the love within the man who had promised to marry her, not some bastard!

How she had grown to despised her mother for bedding with and loving that lord just a year after her first husband's passing. How she loathed her for leaving her and Kaede behind for that same lord. How she scorned her for having Kagome and loving her more.

How she hated her.

It took a moment for the anger to dissolve from Kikyo's face; she looked at her hand and then Kagome's cheek. It was bright red especially because her spiritual powers had been involved in the blow.

"I…forgive me. I was out of line." Kikyo said, looking down at the floor. "But you cannot marry him, Kagome."

Well do bad, I already did! "Yet it was ok for you to marry him before, Kikyo?"

Kikyo placed her hands upon the younger girl's shoulders, "—least not the demon him. I cannot allow you to make a mistake that I have. You do understand, don't you Kaggie?"

She hated that nickname but Kikyo was trying, wasn't she? She'd try to meet her halfway but not if it meant leaving the one she loved the most.

Kagome stood up and looked at Kikyo. "Stop treating me like I child. I know what I want. Why don't you want to see me happy?"

"You have it all wrong, little one. Of course I want to see you happy…" Kikyo said, hugging the girl tightly. Just not with him!

"T-Then if you really want my happiness then let me be with him, I want to be with Inuyasha. He loves me!"

"You poor soul." Kikyo sighed and released the young girl.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Sit down." Kikyo gently seated the young girl and began to braid her hair similarly to how their mother did to them all. Kagome relaxed and thought that maybe, just maybe, there was a chance that Kikyo would eventually come to love her, or at least accept her.

"Kagome, you still do not understand." Kikyo said this gently. "I know who he really is now. He is as deceitful as any demon. You're only seeing what he wants you to see. He manipulated you, used sweet words but one day—"

"That's not true. He claimed me as his one and only—see look!" Kagome pushed back her long hair to show the kanji mark. "We're together now. This proves it."

Silence followed as Kikyo sucked in some air and tried to calm her nerves to no avail. Her body seemed to become ridged and the tension became unbearably thick.

Then I was right. Kikyo stared at the mark, anger boiling up within her. "H-He did that?"

"In demon society, we are already wed. We plan to have many children or at least a girl and a boy. We want to build a hut underneath the God tree too. Look at me rambling on. You're always welcome to visit. After all you are my older sister."

Kikyo swallowed and stood up.

"You are happy for us aren't you Kikyo?" Kagome said softly, looking up at Kikyo for the one thing she ever wanted from her.


Not love, even though Kagome wanted that above all, she knew it was not possible. Kagome knew that would be far too much to ask of Kikyo when the woman, despite how she went about, didn't like her all that much.

"I…" Kikyo could not tear her eyes off the marking. I was to be his bride, I and I alone yet she has not only stolen his heart from me but his marking as well.

"I'm not sure if I'll still become a priestess though…after…" Kagome blushed lightly. "I mean…priestesses are to be pure in mind and body, right?"

"But it's tradition." Kikyo said sternly. "Every female in the family—"

"Then it's time for a change." Kagome said suddenly. "I like helping people, I really do, but I don't think being a priestess is my destiny. You seem to think the same about yourself. Why do something that is required of you when you should be something you want to do? Didn't you always want something other than living the life of a priestess? Like, I don't know, being a normal woman, Kikyo?"

Be a normal woman. Kikyo couldn't speak. How can she when she knew the truth? That Kagome would live out her dreams, with her intended, with what should be her children!

Envy ate away at Kikyo until she could do nothing more but look away.

Kagome looked at Kikyo, guilt written all over the younger girl's face. "I don't want to hurt you…neither of us. I feel worse because, to be honest, I always thought of you as the older sister I always wanted." But couldn't have… "We meant no harm. I wish…"

Kikyo refused to look at Kagome and turned her back to her as she spoke. "There's no need to wish. Wishing gets us nowhere and dreaming leaves us empty and cold inside. That is all I've come to know and believe."

Kikyo. Kagome looked up at her strangely, her heart reaching out to Kikyo but the older woman rebuked it.

"I am sorry you feel that way. But regardless of our difference I want to see you happy Kikyo but to do so I would need to live without him which I cannot and will not do. Even for you, Kikyo. I want to be with him. I know this isn't how things were to be, but they are. Although we are wedded already, I want to marry him in the mortal way as well with you there—"

"I cannot believe what I am hearing." Kikyo glared up at her, eyes filled with rage and the look of betray on her face was clear. "You marry him? This nonsense has to stop Kagome—"

"—with or without your blessings…!" Kagome shouted and ran out of the hut with tears in her eyes. I thought you understood!

Kikyo could only stare as the girl departed. The priestess shook her head sadly. What have I done?

(Sango's Dream)

"Who's there?" Sango looked around. It was pitch-dark and she was floating in the dark space.

"Miroku? Kirara? Kaede? Hello?" Sango panicked and began to wonder what happened to her companions.

Suddenly the scene changed and she was home again. The village was actually lively again with no traces of the battle that had destroyed it.

Then a familiar figure stood before her. Sango had to blink many times before she spoke.


Though the young boy smiled at her, he looked sadden. "I'm sorry I left you all alone."

"This is crazy. W-what are you doing here? You're…dead…" Sango swallowed back the pain.

Kohaku looked at her as if she was the crazy one. "No I'm not. I've been here all the time, you just didn't notice me."

Sango shook her head and smiled at him. "But how can I not? You're my little brother."

"Oh sure," Kohaku grinned at her. "You never really do see me when you're sparring with the trainers but that didn't matter to me because I like watching you fight, San. I never want to get in the way."

"I…" Sango shook her head once more. "You are never in the way."

"You look nice." Kohaku said suddenly after a moment's pause.

"Huh…I-I do?" Sango looked down and noticed she was in her preteen form. "Kohaku how did I…"

Was everything just a dream? The demon slayer wondered while she walked towards her family. Was Kagome and the others just part of another world? People who never existed?

Miroku had easily defeated the demoness, though with her many tricks and attacks, it had taken a bit longer than usual.

"We may have killed that demoness but she's too far gone. She's still trapped and may never come back to me—us." Miroku said this more to himself.

He looked at the unconscious slayer. He had tried to grope her and received no smack, not a yell…nothing. It was disappointing, at least to Miroku anyways.

"Sango…please wake up…I need you." Miroku whispered. The monk gently brushed back the forelocks of the young woman's brown hair and silently prayed.

(Sango's Dream)

"—since we are to be wed," Seventeen year old Sango had said, sitting beside Miroku. "So tell me about your parents."

Sango watched, quite concerned, when Miroku's face became clouded with emotions before he spoke.

"My father was a monk, a very highly praised one at that. He was a wonderful father and husband." After that his voice grew sad. "However, he was killed by the family curse placed upon the males of my family by an old enemy of my grandfather."

"I am so sorry." Sango said. The demon slayer was ashamed that she made her fiancée reveal his painful past.

The young monk sighed; his eyes were filled with past pain and duty. "I do not know anything else about his death…than what I witnessed. I was almost ten when it had happened."

He witnessed his own father's death and at that age? How terrible. Sango felt even worse.

Miroku looked up at the morning sky. "The only thing I know is to avenge my father and grandfather before I die but I know not where to begin. Every clue is so small except for the name Naraku. Where he is, that is where my path must lead me to. I cannot fail."

The poor guy. Sango swallowed. "A-And your mother?" She was afraid to ask.

"She went through a depression after that. She started to hear voices, wouldn't eat for days on end and…one day…abandoned me." Miroku said softly.

Young Miroku ran after his mother, but her feet moved too fast for him to catch up. Her figure became smaller and smaller until the young boy fell and saw her no more. "Mama, come back. Come back, mama. Don't leave me!"

Don't leave me!


"For a year I lived with my grandmother in a small village not far from where my parents had raised me." Miroku said looking towards the forest. "Despite everything I was hoping that she'd return for me. I kept hoping for an entire year and a half…"

A bird flew by above the pair before Miroku continued.

"She did return…in fact, she stayed until I turned eighteen. She said she was better now but her eyes…her eyes told another story. My grandmother always said my parents fell in love the moment my father groped her." He chuckled sadly then grew solemn. "It was the night before I left to journey into priesthood when it all changed…"

"Mama no!" Miroku yelled, trying to stop her. His mother had slipped in some herb or whatnot into his green tea to slow down his movements. He saw her standing before a cliff, her hands outstretched.

"I'm sorry, but I can't. I miss him so. " The young woman, with tears in her eyes shook her head.

"Don't be foolish. Please don't—please don't leave me all alone!" Miroku's feet gave out and soon he could only crawl to keep going. "Mother, I love you—!"

"And I you, Miroku. Never forget that."

"But why! Why, mother!"

"I-I do not understand! He wouldn't want this, mother. He wouldn't!" Miroku said while tears streamed down his face.

"Find that woman that you cannot live without then, and only then, will you come to understand. But I beg the gods you do not come to feel the pain I have endured or the woman you love."

"There must be another way! You are still ill, you don't—"

"I am a grown woman!"

Miroku looked as if he had been physically slapped.

"You worry too much. You have lost your youth caring for me I will not let you continue onto a path that you are not destined to walk upon. I will be fine. It is time for your life to began. We will guard you from the heavens."


"But I beg of you to forgive me my son but it's the only way. I will watch over you from the heavens, and so will he." She smiled reassuringly at him. "Do us proud, Roku. I will always love you, my little Miroku."

"You promised me, mother!" Miroku cried helplessly. "You promised me you wouldn't die!"

The woman looked back at him, her hands lowered for just a moment. "Miroku…"

"You promised me you wouldn't try to kill yourself. You promised!" The young man sobbed. Memories of his father's demise kept flashing before his eyes.

I was too weak to save him…and now mother will die too. Will I always be so weak that I will always lose the ones I love? Miroku thought, slamming his fists into the mountain's side until he drew blood.

The barrier his mother created prevented him from coming too close but then the herbal remedy was enough to keep him down.

"I know." The woman looked sorry but her heart continued to pain her. "But please… Forgive me, my son."

"Please don't!" Miroku watched helplessly as one of his mother's foot left the ground.

Miroku's eyes grew wide, the flash back of his father's death was speeding through his mind a thousand miles per hour as he watched his mother fall. And then he found his voice—

"—Mother!" Miroku cried.



"She had disappeared into the water, I never saw her again." He swallowed, looking down at his feet. "I know why she chose how she died. My father always loved the sea so I guess she felt he'd met her halfway."

I shouldn't have asked. I feel so terrible! Sango thought.

"My grandmother says my mother came from a line of good swimmers and if the gods did not want her to die just yet, then she may still live." Miroku sighed. "I hope…but it's too painful to hope and then lose it. So I don't know what to do…how to feel."

"But it wasn't your fault—"

"That's kind of you to say, Lady Sango but it all comes down to weakness." Miroku said with another sigh. "Maybe if I had been stronger…maybe she would still be alive. Maybe if I had been able to help her. But then why bother with maybes when you know you can't do anything."

Miroku looked up at the mother bird in a nest, feeding her young. "It's strange but every fall night I keep reliving this same nightmare over and over…yet no matter how hard I try I can't change destiny not in reality and not even in my dreams. Guess old memories are hard to forget. Guess I'm destined to let everyone I love down."

"Don't say that!" Sango felt tears run down her cheeks. "Oh Kami, I'm sorry Miroku that I—"

"I may not have been able to save her…but…" He smiled at Sango, brushing away her tears with his thumb. "I'm glad I was able to save you at least."

He did save me, saved me from myself. "M-Miroku…" Sango blushed, looking at her lap. "You f-flatter me so…"

A silence fell upon then as the birds sang their sweet songs and the morning breeze brushed over them.

The monk stood up. "I grow bored of this conversation. So shall we get some lunch then, Lady Sango?" Miroku asked suddenly, smelling the meal coming from the cooking area.

Sango, though confused by his sudden change, beamed instantly anyways.

Standing up, Sango said, "That would be—pervert!" Her sparkling eyes turned to that of a cold glare. "Can't you keep your hands to yourself? Honestly!" she yelled while storming off.

Miroku grinned wickedly. "That's the spirit."

Kagome panted heavily. Her hair was plastered onto her forehead and her vision seemed to blur. She was tried and sweaty after running for what seemed like hours. She wasn't sure where she was but all she knew was that she was alone in a forest unknown to her.

Kagome couldn't help but become frightened by this. She hugged her body just as a cold breeze came and went.

Inuyasha…help me…I-I'm scared.

"I love you, do you know that? Didn't tell you, but I do. Wish I could…but I can't." Miroku gently brushed the stray hairs from Sango's forehead.

Sango's eyes were halfway open and stared off at nothingness, still trapped in her dream.

"M-Miroku…" Sango said softly, obviously dreaming since she hadn't responded.

Miroku sighed. "Sango…please… don't leave…"

"Has she awoken yet?" Kaede asked hurrying over with a bowl of water.

"No." Miroku said, jerking his hand away. The poison had yet to set in the demon slayer's body.

Miroku touched Sango's forehead and quickly removed it. "She's burning up. At this rate she'll die from this fever long before the poison can get to her."

Kaede frowned and wiped the sweat from Sango's forehead. "Even sweating as she is now she looks so at peace. I wonder what she's dreaming about."

As if awake, Sango answered, "Oh Kohaku you're so silly." She giggled happily afterwards.

Miroku narrowed her eyes. That damnable…she's showing Sango her dead brother! Miroku clenched his fists.

Yume chuckled. "She will suffer as I did—no worse. She will believe he's there when he isn't. No one can bring her back and no one shall. Even with my death, she will not be released and eventually the slayer will soon follow. That is my revenge."

Miroku snarled, "You—!"

"Does that anger you, monk? Well then," Yume pulled out a sword that glowed bright blue. "You can gladly join her!"

Miroku shook her. "Kaede, what can be do—"

"Nothing I am afraid." Kaede sighed, she wanted to help but she couldn't. "It's like Yume had said—"

"She will continue to dream until her body can no longer last in this world." Yume tilted her head to the side. "Why so angry? Surely you are not angry with me. After all, she willingly chose this and did not fight it. No one can bring her back but the slayer herself."

Yume grinned. "It's only been a year since her brother's supposed death. And being so, the wounds are still fresh and have yet to heal."

"Taking advantaged of someone else's pain? How low can you go?" Miroku shouted. He was completely disgusted by the demoness.

Yume chuckled before Miroku angrily charged at her. She easily dodged him.

"She is happy there, is she not? A lot happier there than in this godforsaken place!" Yume laughed haughtily.

"You don't know any—"

"Oh don't I? And say if I did bring her back to reality, would she be happy? To realize once more she is alone?" The demoness taunted. "Think about it monk."

That got Miroku to stop.

"Unless she has something here more precious, only then will she leave. And she has not. For what is more important to her than her own family, tell monk?" Yume finished. "Why would she choose a perverted monk and a cat over the comfort of her own family?"

Kirara growled as if to say 'I am family.'

Is Sango truly happy in that world? She sounds…happy. The monk wondered.

"So you see," Yume's eyes flickered in an intimidating way. "There's nothing you can do to stop it!"

"And as you can see…" Kaede trailed off sadly.

"Don't underestimate her. She's been through so much." Miroku said softly. "She's strong, a fighter by nature."

"Ack, pervert!" Sango yelled, smacking Miroku across the face. Many similar scenarios played in Miroku's head, all involving his perverted actions and Sango's responses.

Kami, what I would do for another one of those slaps of hers. Miroku thought with a sigh.

"Everyone needs somebody Miroku, she needs you and you need her. In fact, she needs you now more than ever." Kaede whispered. "You must reach out to her and only then shall she be released. Believe in each other and your love."

Miroku nodded then he frowned. "But how?"

"Tell her the truth. Try penetrating through that world from ours. You must break through."

Again he nodded. "Sango, wake up! Kohaku is dead. Sango, snap out of it!" Miroku shook the unconscious slayer. He hated saying this part over but it had to be said, "I'm sorry but Kohaku—"

(Sango's Dream)

"—is dead—" A voice shouted suddenly. A great wind came over the scene, the leaves died, the birds fled and the people were all covered in blood. And they too vanished.

"Kohaku…dead…?" Sango felt Kohaku vanish from her side. "No, Kohaku!"

Sango stood still, her heart breaking. Was it true? She shook her head stubbornly. "No, he can't be. He couldn't be. He can't be gone. He wouldn't."

Then a flashback came to the young woman and made her become stalk still.


"No—let me die. I deserve to die." Sango cried, trying to get the dagger to penetrate her though the heart.

"Stop it!" Miroku slapped the knife from Sango and it scattered across the room. Sango gasped and looked at the knife. While she did so, Miroku pulled the suicidal girl to him, forcing her to accept his embrace.

"Why did you…you idiot…y-you idiot." Sango wept in his arms. "I-It's my fault h-he died…I s-should've protected him better. After all I'm his big sister and I-I couldn't…I failed him. I-I…"

"How can you even think that's what he wants? Killing yourself won't bring him back."

"I…" Sango glanced away. "You don't understand."

"Believe me; I understand more than you know." Miroku said softly. "And don't worry."

"You say not to worry…" Sango looked up at him. "Why…?"

"Because you'll be together again, someday…" Miroku embraced her and this time she did not struggle.


"Why can't she understand that I love Inuyasha and he loves me?" Kagome asked herself, trying not to concentrate on the fact that she was alone in a strange place.

The young girl held onto a tree, willing herself not to cry. "Why can't she be happy for me for a change? D-Doesn't she want me t-to be happy for once?"

Unable to stay standing Kagome fell onto her knees beside the tree. "Does she want me to be lonely and to be unloved? Does she not want me to ever be happy again? Does she hate me that much?"

Tears rolled down her cheeks but she brushed them away. She didn't want Inuyasha to see her like this. She didn't want anyone to.

"You're the cause mother died, you—" Kikyo had been too angry to finish and had, after calming herself, left the hut.

Less frightened now, Kaede swallowed the little grains of rice she had had in her mouth prior to Kikyo's outburst.

"She's jealous, that's why." A voice said.

"W-who's there?" Kagome gasped. The small hairs on the back of her neck stood. She quickly pulled out an arrow and got her bow ready. "Show yourself!"

"Kagome?" Inuyasha jumped from a nearby tree.

"I-Inuyasha?" That voice wasn't his…I just know it. For that voice scared me, his does not.

Kagome turned around and looked at the worried half-demon. "You ok?" He asked.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome cried.

Kagome dropped the arrow and her bow as she latched herself onto the confused demon. He blinked several times when she began to sob. He embraced her and soothed her with soothing and kind words, not feeling all that awkward anymore.

"You shouldn't be out here alone at this hour. Let's get to home." Inuyasha said gently.

Not being able to do anything else, Kagome just nodded.

Damn you, Inuyasha. A figure watched them, scowled and disappeared without a trace. I guess it's time for the trump card.

"Please Sango wake up!" Miroku cried out and shook the woman's shoulders vigorously. He was becoming desperate now.

Sango's skin was flushed, she was sweating too much and her breathing was irregular. From the sounds Kirara was making, Sango didn't have much time left.

Sango murmured something then grew still.

"Sango, don't leave me!"

(Sango's Dream)

Sango was hovering in dark space, her hair unbounded and her eyes closed. "M-Miroku is that you?" She whispered.

A mist surrounded her; it looked like the mist that was between the world of the living and the dead.

"You shouldn't be here. You don't belong here." A voice came. Sango recognized him immediately.

"K-Kohaku…?" She opened her eyes slowly.

Kohaku stood before her with a solemn look. "Sango."

"But you can't be here…you're dead." Sango stated. He really is…dead…because of me

"That I know. But you have yet to heal, sister. It was my fault I died, Sango, not you so stop beating yourself up about it. I should've listened and I hadn't…besides, you should be more worried about the present than the past."


"The past is done with. Nothing can be done but to move forward. Move forward with him."


"Miroku he loves you as you love him. Haven't you figured that out yet? Don't be scared of being hurt…it will hurt more to go on without telling him."

Miroku…loves me? Sango thought. "But—"

"Don't sacrifice that for the sake of a memory." Kohaku shouted then he said softly, "Don't leave him. I'll be fine."

"—Sango!" A new voice shouted.

Miroku…Sango thought before frowning. He sounds so sad…

"It is because you are dying." Kohaku said as if reading her mind.

Sango paled. "D-Dying?"

Kohaku nodded. "Remember Yume and the spell? Well all that before my appearance now has been a dream. The longer you remain here the less chance you will be able to return to the living realm. You should wake up now. Everyone is waiting for you. Your life has yet to begin."

"Kohaku I—"

"Live for the moment, regret not. Let your destiny unfold on its own accord and not before. But utmost promise me you'll live, not just for me, but for you, Sango and those who love you."

Sango had this depressed look on her face. "Oh Kohaku…"

In response, Kohaku gave her a determined look. A look that had made Sango giggle but then it always did.

"Promise me!" Kohaku shouted again. From the blurriness of his vision he knew tears were in his eyes. He needed her to promise now for his body was fading away into nothingness.

"I promise." Sango nodded, tears still running down her face.

Kohaku visibly relaxed. "Good. Now I can rest in peace and you can move forward. Don't you worry, I'll be ok." He stepped back. "Goodbye, Sango."

Surrounding him were the dead slayers and their mother, each of her hands were on both sides of Kohaku's shoulders. They smiled reassuring at Sango.

Their mother blew a kiss at Sango and said, "We'll be watching over you. Tell your father that I love him. And you must never forget that I love you too, Sango."

It had been three years since Sango had last seen her mother; the woman still looked as vibrant and as kind as ever but now she had an ethereal glow to her. How soothing her words were. How just those few words made Sango's world feel all right again.

"I love you too…m-mommy." Still teary-eyed, she watched the smiling boy and their mother vanish.

Dazzling blue sparkles followed their departure as the young demon slayer began descending towards the earth. Sango closed her eyes and felt the winds unbinding her long brown hair. Her tears left her eyes and began ascending slowly into the heavens as her body began to leave them.

"Don't get all teary-eyed. I'm not going anywhere. I'll always be here, inside of your heart. Don't forget me, ok?" Kohaku said before his voice faded completely.

Sango nodded, her eyes still closed. I will never forget you, either of you.




She's not breathing…I'm so sorry, Sango. Miroku thought while a tear landed upon the demon slayer's now pale skin.

"Uh…" Sango blinked once and then several times. She saw Miroku above her and was just about to smack him when she noticed his tears.

Tears…Sango touched Miroku on the cheek gently. "M-Miroku…why are you crying…?"

"Sango! You almost…" Miroku turned away from her so he could wipe the tears away. Never had he cried like this…not since his mother's death. "And I couldn't…forgive me."

"What is there to forgive? But I must know why…why do you weep for me?" Sango asked.

"I feared that I wouldn't be able to tell you that I…I—forget it." She's alive…and that's all that matters. I'll tell her one day…I swear it.

"I love you, did you know that?"

Miroku…do you…did he say…"Miroku do you…" Sango suddenly glared at him. "Can't seem to keep your hands to yourself for even a second, you pervert?"

Kaede winced when Sango's right hand connected with Miroku's left cheek.

How I miss her! Miroku thought despite the red handprint on his face. One day I will tell you, Lady Sango. And that will be the day I marry you and only you Sango.

Suddenly Miroku latched onto her, hugging her in a shockingly non-perverted way. Sango blinked at him but couldn't help the blush on her cheeks. It felt nice to be embraced by Miroku—when he wasn't trying to grope her. The young woman embraced the young man. Silently to themselves the two said 'I love you,' to the other.

"Maybe there'll be two weddings instead of one." Kaede said. She looked on with a smile on her face and beside her Kirara purred happily.

The birds flew from the area when Naraku exited the cave. He smirked. Smart.

"Well it looks like the final stage will commence sooner than planned. Ah yes, the Shikon no Tama will be mine." Naraku chuckled as he easily destroying the cave with his own dark aura.

Naraku's form began to shift as he looked from the hill at the village. "But first I need to take care of some business. Two patronizing priestesses and one meddlesome hanyou to be exact."

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