Crossing The Line

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Today's Quote: "If you are cold at night, let the promise of my love cover you like a warm blanket"

Chapter Eight: The consequences of your betrayal!

The next day, Inuyasha hurried through the forest. Kagome was out helping Kaede and would be back shortly so he didn't have much time. He caught up upon their scents and slowed down.

The three glanced when they saw Inuyasha come into view. Inuyasha along with Miroku and Sango sat all beneath the God Tree. Sango was petting Kirara but stopped abruptly when Inuyasha had said those words.

"You and Kagome are getting married?" Sango gasped.

Sango couldn't believe it…well, actually she could. But was he doing it out of honor after what she and Miroku had walked in on? Or was in because of love?

When Sango looked at Inuyasha briefly, she learned within an instant it was the latter. She was glad.

Miroku beamed at this. "It's about time, my friend." He said with a wide grin, he too remembering that day they'd walked in on Kagome and Inuyasha.

Sango nodded, a blush creeping upon her cheeks. "You two will make the most beautiful couple."

"But what about us?" Miroku pouted.

"What about us." Sango repeated his question, blinking as if she were a naïve fool.


"You know what I mean." Sango rolled her eyes at Miroku. "Good Lord, Miroku."

"Kagome and I were wondering if you'd like the honor of wedding us, Miroku." Inuyasha said.

"Me?" Miroku blinked.

"Him?" Sango shouted then she looked at Inuyasha as if he was crazy. "Are you sure?"

Inuyasha nodded while a grin formed on his face. "Not really but we don't have much of a choice. We want to ask you if you'd marry us. That is if it's all right with you."

Miroku couldn't refuse. Even if he wanted to, Inuyasha's eyes practically glowed with pride and love when he talked about Kagome nowadays and besides, Inuyasha and Kagome were his dearest friends. The five of them where like a big ole family.

Miroku grinned. "I would be insulted if you didn't."

Blood reeked all around the village but it was covered by an enchanting smell of flowers to keep the others away. Up from on top of a hill the murder snickered and his ears twitched. He had to hurry; he didn't want to get caught. But he couldn't help but look at his now scarlet-colored claws and enjoy the stench of the blood on them.

"I can't be happy forever as the way I am so let this be a lesson if you won't give me the Shikon no Tama willingly then I'll just kill more."

With that said he disappeared into the foliage but not before a single loose silver hair got caught into a piece of wood.

Kagome paused. Something is wrong.

Inuyasha jumped from the tree, scaring Kagome who had been gathering firewood near the hut. After realizing it was just him she gave him a little glare.

"You scared me." Kagome frowned at Inuyasha. "And you're late. Where we you? I was getting worried."

"Sorry." Inuyasha blushed and hid his hands into the sleeves of his kimono. He almost went unnoticed shifting his left foot then the right one somewhat nervously.

Kagome grew a bit suspicious. "Inuyasha are you ok?"

"Of course I am." Inuyasha said with a snort and glanced away.

"You're lying."

Inuyasha snorted again then glared slightly at her. "How can you even tell? You don't got a nose like mines to—"

"Don't need to. Your nose twitches when you lie. Remember?" Kagome tweaked Inuyasha's nose lightly with a giggle. "Now let me see your hands."

Inuyasha held his ground but after a full two minutes of the glare coming from Kagome he, to his disappointment, caved in. The hanyou pulled his hands out of his sleeves and showed them to her.

"Let me explain—"

"Is that blood?" Kagome gasped. Inuyasha meekly nodded but said nothing. His lips were parted as if he would speak but he said nothing.

A look of horror crossed her face then one of concern. "Oh no, you're hurt. Let me—"

"I ain't hurt. Stupid old hag in the village wanted me to kill some livestock for her. I didn't get a chance to wash it off because I was running late. She gave me some to bring back and I know how much you hate bloody animals and all so I went to clean it. During this I sensed some dark aura around your scent so I came back here to check on you."

"Dark aura?" Kagome tapped her lower chin wistfully then she nodded. "Yeah I did sense something like that but it went away pretty quickly."

"I didn't like it. It was too close to you and…"

"Well it's gone now. Besides I wasn't unarmed or nothing." She gestured to her bow and arrows which lay nearby.


"Inuyasha I can protect myself. Don't worry."

"Kagome… You mean a lot to me and…as my mate I must and will protect you."

"And as your mate I will be strong and protect you." Kagome smiled. "I understand. I'll be more careful, I promise."

Inuyasha jumped into the tree he had came out of, retrieved a pouch and returned to the ground. "Keh, I would've had time to hide it except well you know."

"It's all right." Kagome said. And it was. He went through all that trouble just to clean it when she would've swallowed down what bile that might threaten to come up just to prepare a bloody rabbit that her husband brought to her. Any good and loving wife would and she was no exception.

"Before I met the old woman I was waiting for Sango and Miroku but they took too long. They want to join us and Sango volunteered to stay with you since it's not all that 'proper' for us to be alone and all." Inuyasha added the words 'stupid society' underneath his breath.

"Well it's understandable. No one but us knows we're married. It's just not accepted in any village for an unmarried and unrelated man and woman to live together. After all many things can happen." Kagome said before thanking Inuyasha for gathering the firewood from the pile she had created.

"Yeah well it's not like we can do much of anything with those nosey busy bodies around." Inuyasha grumbled.

"You're so naughty." Kagome said with a devious grin while she tapped him lightly with her stirring spoon. "And besides the village women aren't nosy…"

Inuyasha snorted and Kagome just could do nothing else but laugh when she saw his expression. "Ok, you're right. They're really, really nosy."

"Damn right."

"Kagome. Inuyasha." Sango hollered from above. "Hello down there!"

The demon slayer and Miroku came descending from the sky upon Kirara's back. Miroku was sprouting another rosy handprint on his left cheek and this left no doubt in their minds what had kept the three from arriving sooner.

"Forgive us for our lateness we had some…uh matters to attend to." Miroku said.

"That's quite all right." Kagome said with a smile. "Come on in."

Kagome finished making the stew; she took a sip and was pleased with the outcome. "Come and get it."

Since Kikyo's outburst, Kagome had begun living with Sango while Inuyasha, after Miroku wouldn't stop nagging him, moved in with him so Kagome and Inuyasha would be close by.

This was beneficial to the monk who loved female companionship, another male to even the numbers and a good meal. For Sango, she enjoyed Kagome's company immensely and the two seemed more like sisters than close friends. Inuyasha, of course, got to be close to his mate and with Miroku and Sango pretending to be oblivious, the two would 'disappear for a while.'

"Ah, it seems your wife has again made yet another splendid meal, Inuyasha." Miroku complimented Kagome.

Kagome blushed, and nearly dropped the bowl on Miroku's lap. "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh he called me your wife. Oh my gosh, am I blushing? Of course I am!"

Laughing inwardly, Inuyasha sighed. He opened one eyes after he finished drinking his green tea. "Miroku didn't I tell you not to get her all—uh…Miroku where are you?" Inuyasha glanced around.

The monk had actually vanished.

Sango jerked her thumb upwards towards Miroku whose head was through the roof, literally. Kagome was still giggling about what Miroku had said and Sango went back to eating her meal.

Inuyasha sweat-dropped. That's my Kagome. He grinned. Doesn't know her own strength.

"He has come between you two again, he and he alone. You two shall never have the bond you desire with him, that hanyou in the way." Naraku said.

"He is indispensable. He has no honor. You'd be doing the village a favor. He will destroy anything in his path to get the Shikon no Tama."

Kikyo stared in horror at the village. She had only been gone for ten, at most fifteen minutes. She ran up to the nearest person, an old man who was creeping along the floor obviously because he lacked the strength and had broken ankles.

"What happened here?" Kikyo asked, kneeling beside him.

"I-Inuyasha…he came into the village and…" The old man collapsed and afterwards, because of his blood lost, he had fainted.

Kikyo stood up and looked around. Blood was everywhere. The most of the villagers had yet to be found but she knew instinctively where most were. Some were dead but many were injured.

A baby wailed but its mother never hushed it. Chickens and cattle ran lose but no one to tame them.

There's only one explanation for this. He must've been after the Shikon no Tama. But why now? Kikyo thought, she tightened her hold upon the jewel. The fool didn't even realize it was with me? How odd.

"It can't be Inuyasha, he wouldn't…" Sango said, joining Kikyo. "You must have it all wrong!"

"Lady Sango is right." Beside her Miroku agreed with his intended. "We just saw him and Kagome—"

"Then explain this, monk." Kikyo caught him off.

"I understand your shock and anger, Lady Kikyo, but surely there is a reasonable—"

"This is a piece of the hanyou's silver hair." Kikyo said holding up the silvery strand.

Kikyo tied the hair tightly over two of her fingers and then they began to bleed. "No other demons except dog demons have such silver and powerful hair. A village man spotted the hanyou with blood all over his hands before leaving the village as well. That man is a trustworthy priest and would never lie to me. Surely you cannot deny this."

Inuyasha was by the lake washing his hands off and I did see something red in the water. But that's impossible! "Lady Kikyo you are being hasty and injustice. Inuyasha couldn't—you have to believe us."

Kikyo said, cutting him off with a sneer and said, "Believe you? I hardly know you let alone trust you. I've known these people all my life; they are like a family to me. And they feel the same so why would the villagers lie to me?"

"Obviously because many of them resent Inuyasha or should I say what he is and would like nothing more to get rid of him and his kind." Sango said. "Why else would 'Inuyasha' suddenly attack the village knowing full well you carry the jewel with you at all times? Why now?"

Sango continued, not letting Kikyo get in a word edgewise, "How are you sure there are not other dog demons? Inuyasha mentioned a brother who hates humans but hates Inuyasha all the more. He could've done this as a sort of revenge and knew everyone would blame Inuyasha."

Sango couldn't stand it when people were wrongfully accused especially if one of those people is a friend of hers.

Kikyo narrowed her eyes. Even this woman knew more about Inuyasha than her and she use to be his fiancé. The words 'use to be' left a bitter taste in her mouth.

"Why are you so quickly to point the finger at a man you supposedly loved? Could the lines between love and hate be that thin? Or was it just a little flutter that felt like love? How could you be so heartless?"

"Sango," Miroku said gently. The young monk then placed a hand onto one of Sango's shoulder, signally she had said enough. Though he agreed with Sango, he didn't want the two women biting each other's heads off.

Despite Sango's words Kikyo had said nothing. She only narrowed her eyes some more but other than that she showed no emotions whatsoever. She did not want to hear anymore. So she looked around and spotted a brown horse by a watering hole. Not bothering to even spare the two a second glance, Kikyo began to walk away.

"Kikyo, where are you going?" Kaede asked, running up to the trio. "Can I—"

"Stay here." Kikyo said curtly, clipping the girl's question short. She did not want Kaede to become part of the problem too.

Kaede frowned. She could tell something was wrong. "B-But I don't understand—"

"Do it!" Kikyo shouted, scaring the younger girl into speechlessness. Kikyo gently apologized before quickly mounted the horse and galloping towards the forest.

Her hair swaying in the afternoon breeze, Kaede clutched her hands together. Her brown eyes were shimmering as tears formed in her eyes. "K-Kikyo…what are you going to do?"

"Don't you dare look at me; your mother is the one who abandoned you, not I. I can't bear to look at you." Seventeen year old Kikyo had hissed. "You are the cause that she died, you and you alone!"

That was their very first conversation many, many moons ago.

A part of Kagome still believes despite Kikyo's kindness towards her the past few moons, Kikyo felt the same. Kikyo had blamed her for the fact that Kagome was the result of their mother and Kagome's father. But other than the two outbursts from Kikyo, it is a somewhat murky and complicated subject.

I guess if I was Kikyo…maybe I'd feel the same. She doesn't trust anyone because mom fell in love again. Kagome thought. And me loving Inuyasha didn't help matters. I wish I knew what to do.

"I don't want to come between you and Kikyo, Kagome." Inuyasha said truthfully.

"You aren't. Not really. Kikyo and I never have been close. And…I guess we never will be." Kagome trailed off. However she did feel guilty. She had in some sense 'stolen' Kikyo's beau. But Inuyasha loves me and not Kikyo.

"I'm always the problem, aren't I?" Inuyasha looked down at his feet. The reason my mother died. The reason Kagome isn't accepted by Kikyo and soon the entire village. Maybe if I hadn't felt the way I do now then maybe…just maybe Kagome and Kikyo would be friends.

"No you're not. Kikyo and I are two different people. If things aren't meant to be then they're just that." Kagome then grinned. "Besides we have no choice in the matter of love. It's who our hearts choose is what we go by."

Inuyasha smiled at that and blushed somewhat when Kagome entwined her fingers with his. Not that he was really embarrassed about it but these feelings were still knew but felt wonderful.

"And who knows maybe we can all be friends one day." Kagome said even though they both knew that was a slim chance.

"But not if it means losing you." Inuyasha said.

Kagome nodded and smiled up at him. "Let's not worry about that minor detail. After all, we have all our lives to be together so let's not waste a second of it."

Inuyasha nodded and said, "Speaking of which Miroku and Sango said we should meet them in the center of the forest by the God Tree for the ceremony."

Kagome beamed and stood up. "Let's go."


Kagome paused when she noticed Inuyasha wasn't following. "What's wrong?"

"Kagome…" He sighed. "You became my mate knowing I have nothing to offer—"

"You have plenty to offer." Kagome interrupted him.

"Maybe…" Inuyasha said, sounding not entirely convinced. "But how do I go about making you happy? The villagers—"

"When you return just by saying 'honey I'm home,' will do. Protecting me from bad demons, that will do. A kiss or showing me some affection is nice. By eating the food I prepare even when it may taste bad you eat it anyways and say 'it's delicious'. That is more than I can ask for."

Kagome snuggled closer to him and he wrapped his arms around her. "By holding me just like this and loving me now as you do is more than I could ever want. Moments like this mean more to me than anything else. No amount of money or big hut will ever mean more. You know that…don't you?"

"I do…" Inuyasha answered but he didn't want her to have any regrets. He had to ask, "But—"

"No buts." Kagome said sternly. "As long as we're together I know we'll be all right. As long as we're together we'll be happy just about anywhere. Let's not worry about anything right now, just kiss me."

Inuyasha complied. She was right in more ways than one.

"I can't wait to live my life with you, Inuyasha." Kagome whispered and kissed him again.

Unknown to the carefree lovers, a lone figure clenched its fists by the side of its kimono, shaking them violently.

So, he dare promise her what he had longed promised to me? He dare slaughter my people and lay in her arms as if he is an innocent?

Its eyes darkened with anger. Inuyasha will die for his betrayal.

Sango glared at Miroku, "Would you keep those things from my bottom?"

Miroku grinned. "I am a man that knows rare beauty when I see it. And you, Lady Sango, are the ripest of them all."

Sango frowned. "You describe me like I am some fruit but I'd appreciate it if you'd keep those lecherous eyes off of my body."

"But every husband must adore his wife's wonderful attributes. But you, Lady Sango, have the loveliest of eyes."

"I-I do?"

Sango got real close to him until the young monk actually began to blush. His palms began to sweat and the lower region of his body began to react to her unusual nearness.

"What are you…?" Miroku fumbled over his words.

"Miroku tell me more." Her voice was oddly husky too and the way her eyes fluttered open and closed made Miroku's mouth practically water. "I want you…"

"Sango." Miroku said, licking his lips and brought them closer to hers.

"To make yourself useful and carry these." Sango said suddenly and plopped several items into the young man's hands. She seemed to dance around him and said in a teasing manner, "You didn't think I was going to kiss you, did you?"

"I—no, I mean it wouldn't be proper." Did I mention how much I hate society?

Sango smiled at him but inwardly she was blushing and turning bright red. I almost let him kiss me! No, I almost kissed him

Yet this didn't scare her. Actually this thrilled her, the thought of kissing and that he was still attracted to her. Usually Miroku's interest would demolish in a certain woman within a day or two—a week if they were extreme pretty or dotty.

Maybe next time I will let him kiss me. Sango thought wistfully as she held the silk kimono into her arms.

"Love is about feeling." Her mother use to say.

And just from that one wicked thought the once conservative demon slayer was learning to let lose with her feelings.

"I bet I can reach that tree before you can!" Inuyasha suddenly said and took off into the trees.

"What?" Kagome shouted, now recalling what he'd just said. "Hey! No fair! Wait up! You jerk, you can move faster than I do!"

"I know. Oh come on, at least try to beat me." Inuyasha smirked from above the tree branches. "You're such a sore loser, wench."

Kagome pouted. "Keh."

Inuyasha landed beside her and frowned. "No fair. You can't use my word."

Kagome playfully suck her tongue out. "I can and I will."

"Not until Hell freezes over."

"Keh. Keh. Keh." Kagome said in a sing-along voice. "You can't stop me."

"Oh use it while you can, Ms. Keh because soon your mouth will be too busy for that." Inuyasha said with a teasing tone yet his golden eyes became a bit smoky and darker.

Kagome blushed. Somehow his words held a double meaning in them. "You pervert."

"Maybe I am. Maybe I'm not. We'll find out later." Inuyasha grinned and grabbed her hand. "But we gotta meet some people first. So come on. Let's go."

In this short amount of time, I have come to know how to love, trust and enjoy happiness. Things that have been missing in my life I've found in both Kagome and our friends. I never though such things were possible yet I am liked based upon who I am and not what I am. I never felt this free or so loved in such a long time. Inuyasha reflected.

Inuyasha glanced at Kagome, who was walking beside him with a pout on her face. His eyes softened and a small smile formed on his lips. Kagome saw this and smiled back. Maybe, just maybe, love is enough to get us by…enough to ignore the villagers hate…enough to keep us alive and enough for us both. But two out of three isn't so bad. Not bad at all.

Inuyasha grabbed Kagome's hand, the two were suddenly laughing with each other.

They'd spent a good portion of the day making plans. Some of the plans would be harder to accomplish but the other ones wouldn't be. They'd get married in the mortal way, have at least four children—both dreamed of a large family and live in the forest—Inuyasha's forest—where they had first met. And every day they'd always be able to watch the sunset and rise, sit beneath the stars and cuddle—

Two arrows were shot, each making their marks and pinning Inuyasha to the God Tree.

Kagome cried out and looked at the now pinned hanyou. Inuyasha, struggling to free himself, glanced up and his eyes widen.

"K-Kikyo…" Kagome whispered.

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