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Makoto, after graduating for Shiro-Amano High School, was accepted into Aglis-Miata, a very prestigious Drama School. The only way his father would allow him to go was if he dressed as a girl until he finishes the school with no one finding out. If his is to fail, he will have to attend a real college and take over the family business, running a Kempo Dojo. This is where he meets a very hyperactive tomboy, who has talked her family into letting her purse her dream, to become an action movie star.

A/N: This is an idea I've been playing with for a few days, and I've come too really like the plot so far. My only problem is what plays to do (I'm considering sticking with ones already done in the manga but I would also like a different approach with some different plays too), I already know a basic plot but not all the in-between events, as always! I must get at least 1 review per chapter, including one for this prologue. I want to know that some people really read this.
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