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Chapter 2

He stood before Aglis-Miata, the school the school that would make him into an actor. He had a wig, the same color of dirty blonde, over his normally shoulder length hair, pulled back into a high ponytail. He had the girls' school uniform on; a knee length skirt with a button down blouse both a light blue color. The school stood five stories high and about a quarter of a mile long and wide. The out look was very simple, something that fit with the little town it was in. The doors were like those only told of in fairy tales; they stretched to the top of the first floor and were about fifty feet wide. They had a design etched into them, what it was, he could not tell.

When he opened the doors, the sights he saw amazed him. The outside was meant to deceive people, for inside were things of the utmost elegance; very expensive furniture covered the main room and the whole place was made with the feel of mystery in the air. It was a fitting place to become an actor. Connected to the left wall was a receptionist desk, a rounded little cove that looked to be in the best of conditions. There were many doors around the room that branched off into other sections. No one was in the area, save for the receptionist. Most probably knew where to go.

"How might I help you?" the receptionist questioned as I stepped up to the desk. She looked to be in her late 20's with long flowing dark blue hair down to her knees.

"Well, I'm a little late this morning, so, I was wondering if you could show me where I could find a Mrs. Ito's room is located?" he stated in the girlest voice he could. "My name is Ito Narita; this is my first year here."

"Of course, I should have realized! So silly of me! She should be on the fourth floor with her group already. Just take the elevator in the room to my right up to that floor. No groups practice down here. The first floor is mostly for visitors and major productions."

"Thank you very much." he said, walking off towards the room she pointed at. Inside were7 elevators, each a golden color with the walls having a silver tint creating a very bright contrast in the room. Taking the first elevator to arrive, he rode it all the way to the fourth floor. From the moment he stepped out into a room the exact copy of the one on the first floor, he could hear distorted shouting in the room just outside.

"Explain to me why the hell I don't get to audition for my own damn part? Why do I have to have it picked for me!" exclaimed a familiar, husky voice. Opening the door, he saw the same young tomboy he had meet before. He wasn't expecting her to be here, in this group with him. He could only she wouldn't be able to tell that it was him.

He stood unnoticed as an older woman around 25, whom he guessed was Mrs. Ito, spoke, "Ito-kun! How can you be so mean! The part fits you! Be happy that you get to play one of the lead roles!"

"Ya, the MALE lead role." she yelled storming into another room.

"Umm, excuse me, but are you Mrs. Ito?" he implored. All the guys in the group watched, drooling, while the girls whispered as he walked up to the woman who had just finished talking.

"But you look so much better as the male lead!" she mumbled, turning to face him. "Ahh, our new student. Everyone, this is Ito Narita. I expect all of you to treat her with the greatest care and respect. Ito-chan, if there is anything that you need please fell free to ask me."

As she finished, everyone in the group came up to him, asking him all kinds of questions. Some where about his looks, it seemed that none could tell that he was really a guy, and others would ask if he would go out with them. Ito Miura, wondering what all the commotion was about, came out of the room dressed ready to practice. She had on a dark blue pair of jeans with a men's green dress shirt. When she saw the group gathered around a girl she had never met before, she stormed over saying, "What the Hell is wrong with you all! You need to learn to respect new members; not crowd them until they suffocate!" grabbing his hand and leading him to the room she just came out of.

"This is the girls changing room." she declared, closing the door. The room had mauve colored lockers, split into a total of four rows. The walls were a peach with benches of an orange-yellow tinting. "I don't know why they had to make this room so damn girly!"

"Not the colors I would have chosen either." he stated, looking around the room.

"Hee, at least I'm not the only one. Though, I do hope that those other girls weren't bothering you too much?"

"They were a little; mostly because it is not something I'm use to."

"Hee, I'm so glad I don't have to deal with that. Anyway, I'll leave now and let you change into clothes for practice." she stated, going back outside, leaving him alone for the moment.

After changing into a semi-tight yellow polo and a green pair of jeans, he exited, only to be surrounded by everyone in the group once again. The moment Mrs. Ito could get everyone to calm down, she declared, "I want to see what our new student can do before we introduce ourselves. Please, step up next to me and I shall give you the part I want you to read."

Stepping up, he did his best reading from the script she gave him. "O' Romeo, O' Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?" continue until Mrs. Ito told him to stop.

"That was amazing! One the best, even in this class!" she spoke. "Everyone, you could learn something from Ito-chan. Get to know her while I do the paperwork for her to stay." before leaving into a back room.

A young man that had been standing next to Ito-kun walked up to him, saying, "My name is Yoshiro. I am pleased to meet you." He was wearing a pair of orange shorts with an orange tank top to match. His hair was of a dark brown color, but his eyes were light brown, which made them stand out.

Pushing Yoshiro out of the way, a woman with very bright red hair exclaimed, "You, stay away from my dear Ito-kun! How dare you steal her name!"

As Yoshiro grabbed her and lead her to another room, a woman with shoulder length, jet black hair said, "Don't mind Tsugumi-sempai, she's always that way. I'm Nobuko by the way. I hope we get to be good friend."

Standing next to her was a woman with long auburn hair and very bright red eyes. "My name is Misaki. I am Nobuko's closest friend and I hope you will be a great friend to us as well." she said, in a very light, feathery voice.

"Don't mind them." Ito-kun announced, coming towards him. "So, your name is Ito too. Nice to meet ya, I'm Ito Miura."

"My full name is Ito Narita and it is nice to meet all of you too. I am pleased to be here."

"Glad to her that, I think you'll fit in well here. There's not much to show around this school. All the floors look the same, the only things different is what the groups bring in themselves."

Soon afterwards they all began to practice for the role they wanted to play in the production. Many said Ito-chan should be Juliet, but Tsugumi argued heavily against it. Most ignored her, while others agreed; though, only a very few did.

Just before they were to let out for the day, Mrs. Ito came back in say, "It's all done. Ito-chan is staying!" after which she dismissed them early. A great start for his new life.

Before going home, he walked around to a few places with Ito-kun and ended up having to take her home. This time though, he walked right up to her house with her. It stood two stores tall and was about the size of a small mansion. The second story had a balcony attached; a very simple yet great place to live. It had a homely feel to it which appealed to him.

Ito-kun, being the way she is, spoke, "Why don't you stay over for the night? It'll take you a while to get home and it's to dark for you to go home alone." right as she grabbed my hand and started to pull me inside.

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