True, Lando had snuck out and was hurrying toward the main hangar. He, of course, thought he had squeezed out of Darth Vader's grip, but when he reached the main hangar, and was dialing in his code, a stormtrooper came up to him and said fuzzily, "You are supposed to be supping with Lord Vader. If you snuck out, he will not be pleased. Go back to the dining room. Now."

Lando sighed, picked up some random pebble, chucked it at the stormtrooper, and made his way to his bedroom, while the stormtrooper's gear thudded on the ground.

Meanwhile, Leia was out looking for Lando. She was actually very happy to be out of that muggy dining room and out in the Bespin halls where everyone else were. Maybe if she just snuck out...

Darth Vader was growing impatient. Leia had not come back, neither had Lando, and the idiot Jedi is still goggling at him(!), because Luke had never thought an old man in armor could break-dance.

Leia jogged down the length of the hall and stopped short at the main hangar. She'll steal any ship. Girls can steal any ship they like around here, she thought.

Right then, a stormtrooper marched his way to Leia and said fuzzily, "You are under strict orders to come back to Lord Vader's dining hall with Lando Calrissian. Where is he?"

Leia rolled her eyes and said, "He's right behind you about to pelt you with a dozen random galaxy rocks." Leia then used her magical force powers and picked up some very random galaxy rocks and flung them in the back of the stormtrooper's head. They collided with a thump, and the stormtrooper fell unconscious.

Sprinting down the length of the hall, Leia punched the lift button, and the doors swished open. She leaped inside and hammered the #12 on the screen. As the doors shut, she swore.

"This is a glass elevator!" she cried, exasperated. Everyone could see her!

Lando's door swished closed behind him, and he flopped down on a squishy armchair. He slouched there, stunned. Boy, was Darth Vader really going to hurt him now.

The only thing, he snickered, he doesn't know my password to get in here!

Darth Vader, meanwhile, was smoldering with anger. Luke had recovered from his stupor, and he, Han, Chewie, R2-D2, and C-3PO (who had been turned back on) were all huddled in a corner, watching Darth Vader's armor steam. Luke knew what was coming. He closed his eyes and plugged his ears.


They all cringed, and the vibration caused C-3PO, against his will, to crack into a thousand pieces.

"What the..." Lando jumped up. One low wavering note was echoing through his floor. Darth Vader had finally cracked.

Stomping up the chairs, Darth Vader drew closer to Lando's dull force bubble. (He was using the force to find Lando.) He must pay! By singing TWO songs!

Leia hid herself in a shadow in the lift, as it slid itself up to the 12th floor. She couldn't believe her luck.

"Now," she said quietly to herself, "I'll just hop into the Millennium Falcon and fly away... leaving the others behind! How could I! I'm so rude."

She sighed sadly, then patted herself on the back. "That's what I'm good at!" She said proudly.

The lift stopped, and she ran out onto the landing. Where to go? Hmmmmmmmmmm. She reached a fork and turned left... to a dead end, except for the stairs.

Han, Luke, and the two droids, unstuck each other from being huddled in one corner for two long, and, since Darth Vader was gone, were thinking of a plan. Darth Hideous, was oblivious to everything that was going on, and was humming to himself and practicing his force lightening techniques by frying flies on the windowsill.

"Why don't we get in the Millennium Falcon," Han began, "then... wait no. Hang on. Er... Let's find Leia, jump down into the docking bay..."

"And break our necks," Luke replied. "Bad idea."

"If I may inquire..." C-3PO said, but Han silenced him with 'a look'.

"Ah ha!" Palpatine cried. "I have found out that using force lightening on this plastic makes it turn to green and orange goo!"

No one paid him any attention. Han began again.

"Ok, I got it... let's all space out, I'll go to the M. Falcon, zoom around the docking bay, until you guys come out on the balcony above, and I'll fly up, and you people can hop aboard!"

"But what about me?" C-3PO cried. Han thrust a finger at his nose.

"We'll leave you behind," he said savagely.

Darth Vader reached Lando's bedroom door and sliced it open with his lightsaber. Lando crouched down in the armchair, afraid of Darth Vader's wrath.

"Get up, you worthless pile of dung! Get up!" he cried swishing his lightsaber around his head like a lasso. He grabbed Lando by the neck, and hauled him out of his room.

"This wasn't part of our agreement!" Lando managed to gasp as Darth Vader pulled him down the stairs.

Leia gasped as she heard a thumping of great metal boots on the stairs ahead of her. Soon, the black figure of Darthy emerged dragging... Lando! She had to get to the others... fast.

Turning around she headed for the elevator doors, and, as they opened, the most peculiar figure stepped out.

"Excuse me. My room is right behind you." Luna Lovegood said as she stepped out of the lift. "Have a nice day!"

Leia goggled. No wonder this place was so weird...

The door banged open, and Darth Vader came into the dining room, hauling an unconscious Lando.

"You! Get over here!" Vader cried pointing at Han and dropping Lando. "You're getting carbonited!"

Han stared. He was going to be frozen in carbonite, as if this whole thing was his fault! He'll show 'em, he'll show 'em all!

He raised his fists, but Chewie got there first. He punched Darth Vader in the mask, much to his displeasure, for he got hurt worse than Vader did.

"And you, you get to go in prison where you belong!" Vader cried, pointing at Chewbacca. Chewie growled as he massaged his knuckles.

"I'll deal with you later," he said, kicking Lando aside. "And you, droid," he said, looking at C-3PO's scattered limbs, "you can piece yourself together!"

"I'm doomed!" the droid's head replied. R2-D2 sniggered mechanically.