She was happy…really happy, as she made her way up the stairs…a definite bounce in her step. Her smile was wide and stretched right into her eyes. As she rounded the corner and peered into the room her smile vanished and her mood turned sour. She pushed back tears and let her anger shine through as she watched her best friend and boyfriend lying in bed together…his arm draped ever so tenderly over her small frame. "And to think I trusted either of you"

The two blondes awoke to Brooke's screaming voice. Peyton immediately stood up and stared form Lucas to Brooke. "Ohh…god…Brooke." She started but the brunette cut her off.

"Save your excuses for someone who cares Peyton."

"Brooke…will you just…"

"I don't even wanna think about what you could possibly have to say to me…you lied to me and told me how much you wanted me and then you turn around and pull this shit again."

"Brooke nothing happened….I"

"Whatever you say Peyton"


"Why is it that you only want Lucas when I have him."

"It's not like that" Peyton pleaded with the fuming brunette.

"And why do you wait until we're dating to go after her" she glared at Lucas as she fought back tears.

"Brooke nothing happened…I'm not repeating last year"

"No Peyton…this is worse then the first time…simply because there was a first time. I thought I could trust you"

"You can trust me Brooke…I swear to you nothing happened"

"Stop lying to me…I saw you Peyton…I walked in on you."

"You didn't walk in on anything Brooke…and whatever you think you walked in on you're wrong" Lucas stood in front of her trying to make her believe him. "What do you want me to say or do to prove to you that I didn't do anything."

"You can't do anything Lucas…I just wish you would've decided that you wanted Peyton before you came running to me and telling me that you loved me. Any more lies you wanna tell me before I leave"

"Brooke…" she cut him off and shoved his hands away as he tried to grip her shoulders.

"Don't you ever touch me again" she shook her head before turning around and walking out of the room. Peyton shot Lucas and guilty and apologetic look before running after her best friend.

"Brooke…wait" the blonde rushed down the stairs and grabbed the brunette's arm before she had a chance to leave the house.

"Let go of me…" Brooke spat bitterly as she tore away from Peyton's grasp. "What did you think Peyton….that I was gunna come back and you would tell me you two were madly in love and I would be just fine with it and wish you two the best of luck."

"Nothing happened Brooke…why can't you believe that…believe us…trust us"

"Because I tried that one already and it blew up in my face." Peyton cringed slightly as her words but she knew they were true. She had told Brooke to trust her…not long after her and Lucas started fooling around.

"I swear on my mother's grave that nothing happened last night."

"Yeah well that doesn't really mean shit because Anna wasn't actually your mother was she and as far as Elli…she gave you up for drugs so what that say about your relationship" She regretted the words as soon as she watched tears spring to Peyton's eyes and fall rapidly down her pale cheeks. She watched as Lucas glared at her and started down the stairs.

"Fuck you Brooke…we didn't do anything and I'm not gunna waste my time trying to convince you otherwise…you can believe me or not but I really don't give shit anymore. I'm sorry…I'm sorry I liked him and you forced us all to be friends and Lucas and I wound up going behind your back and I'm sorry that I bid on him like you asked me to and I'm sorry that he was here and I didn't kick him out of my house as soon as he showed up and I'm so god damn sorry that I let myself lean on him…but guess what…I only did it because you weren't there…damn it Brooke…you called me and you were on the phone with me for a good ten minutes and you were too wrapped up in your own petty problems to notice I was crying…you have all this time for you're clothing line and your boyfriend and helping Haley deal with her marriage crisis and plotting and scheming against Rachel and you even found the time to fuck Chris Keller…but no…my BEST FRIEND never seems to have the time to even PRETEND to give a shit about me." The blonde shook her head before shoving past Brooke and running out of her own house.

Brooke watched the front door slam before turning around to face Lucas. She looked at him sympathetically as she leaned her head against her raised shoulder…trying to find the right words.

"Save it Brooke…nothing happened between us…she needed a friend and I was there because I promised her I would be…and because you weren't. I don't who the hell you are…but I would love to know what possessed you to say that to dare you shove something like in her face."

"I didn't mean to…"

"Yes you did…I saw it in your eyes…you meant to be cruel and congratulations you couldn't have been any crueler. You may have regretted it after you saw her crying…but after you said…for a brief second there was a sense of satisfaction written all over you because you had caused her pain. You never changed Brooke…you're still the same heartless bitch you were last year." Lucas shook his head at the now crying brunette before leaving her alone in the house to digest everything that had just been thrown at her.