Shadow in Death

My blood burns like fire from the pits of Hell. I can feel the heat coursing through my veins as I stand over the bodies, the ones I've killed with my own hands. I hold them up and stare at the palms, red with blood. My hands begin to shake, so I fist them.

There's a movement at my feet. The red one blinks his violet eyes up at me. "Why?" he whispers.

I shake my head. "Because I was created for destruction," I hear myself say. In my mind I am screaming at myself, telling myself not to do what my body already is. My foot connects with the Echidna's head and I hear a resonating crack as his skull shatters.

His body slams against the ground next to that of the bat he'd pledged his love to only days before. Blood trickled from his mouth. "I…forgive you," I hear him say.

I stand there, unmoving, frozen in time as I hear his breathing finally cease. Now there is no sound, but the crackling of the burning building behind me, the screams finally having ceased. My own breathing sounds heavy and lonely to my ears. He forgives me? But…why?

"What have I done?" I ask aloud. "What have I done?" I stumble, unable to walk properly, over to the mangled body that once resembled a young fox. I pry a gun from his lifeless fingers and hold it to my head.

The click that sounds when I cock the pistol causes me to flinch away, but I force my body to stay where it is. I swallow, a poor attempt to rid myself of the horrid lump in my throat. I can't hurt anyone else. I won't…

My finger twitches on the trigger and there's a loud popping sound. I suppose it echoed, but I, a mere shadow in death, was unable to hear it. I only had the chance to feel my body hitting the ground for a moment before I joined those that I killed minutes before…

Sorry it's so dark & creepy, but I wrote it at midnight when I couldn't sleep. Therefore I was NOT thinking happy thoughts.

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