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Chapter Nine:


Silence descended on the jungle in the heartbeat between twilight and dawn. The nocturnal animals retreated to their dens as the newly awakened stretched and yawned.

Bardock's senses reached out, touching everything that surrounded him even before his eyes opened. He felt the warm press of a body next to his, the silk of her skin, and the feather light caress of her hair.

The first thing he saw was the sheet of silver hair that flowed across his chest. Her hair was looped around his fist, tethering her to him. His fingers were curled securely around the locks as if he could keep her next to him for eternity. Her back was cuddled against his ribs, her head pillowed on his bicep.

The morning light touched her skin, giving her an ethereal glow. She slept next to him, in the security his arms, completely unafraid of the predators, neither in the jungle, nor the one who sat next to her.

Her ease brought forth other less comforting thoughts for him. She was his Prey. The one he was supposed to kill, and bring back a trophy of his success. His fist tightened in her hair, and the silvery mass slid across his chest.

A curve of victory appeared on Bardock's lips as he slowly started to wind her hair around his fist until his knuckles brushed the back of her head. She murmured softly, pressing her body closer to his, unaware of his movements.

Now that the sun was up, using his ki was no longer off limits. The tip of his index finger started to glow, and without remorse he cleanly cut her hair off at the nape. Lunara jerked awake, knowing immediately something was wrong. She turned around to face Bardock, realizing as her head turned that it was way too light.

Her hand reached up to ruffle her short cut hair at the same time her eyes lit upon her prized mane wrapped around Bardock's fist. Her mouth gaped disbelievingly as her wide eyes shot to his. They tilted arrogantly, matching the curve of his lips.

"Something to remember me by."

Lunara could barely contain her rage. Long hair was prized by both men and women in her tribe. It had been agreed that hers had been the most beautiful of them all. The longer the hair, the more mature the person; and now her locks had been shorn mercilessly by some smirking male.

She glanced around, realizing that sometime during the night they had made it back to her clothes, and to her weapons. Her eyes locked on his face once again, taking in his strikingly male features only marred by one gash. The rest of his wounds, the slash marks from her claws had healed, but the cut on his face was still red and raw. It ran diagonally across his cheek from his eye to his jaw. She could also see the dagger wound in his thigh was packed with dirt, and wrapped with a cloth.

Her fans had been dipped in a mild toxin that prevented natural healing. It didn't allow blood to clot, and a normal opponent would bleed to death. Bardock obviously was far from normal. His body was healing very slowly. His ribs where she had clawed him were unmarred, but she knew that his cheek would more than likely scar.

When she didn't answer immediately, Bardock smiled. It was full of male smugness and arrogant conceit. He could see that she was angry, but she was cowed by him. She was afraid of saying anything, because she knew who the boss was. He was the male and he was the strongest.

Lunara held his eyes, letting him read her scorn clearly. Her fingers reached beneath her, finding the fan she had pulled close before drifting off to sleep. He grinned at her, treating her as though she was nothing more than a female to be owned. She snapped open her fan, her blade descending on him in a flash of light.

He wasn't ready for it, and she slashed him across the cheek, from temple to the edge of his upper lip, crisscrossing his other gash. 'X' marks the spot she thought viciously.

Bardock reared back out of her reach, gathering his body on his heels in case she decided to lunge at him again. Gingerly, he probed the wound, drawing his fingers back to see blood. His enraged eyes shot to her and she returned his previously arrogant smile.

"Something to remember me by," she purred, her silver eyes lighting with challenge.

Slowly the anger died from Bardock's eyes, and something unreadable twinkled in them. Lunara backed up, suddenly more than a little apprehensive.

Without warning Bardock leaped on her with lightning speed. Even prepared for his attack she wasn't fast enough to escape him. He crushed her to the ground, his strong hands easily subduing her. He sat upon her silently, patiently waiting for her struggles to cease.

Breathing heavily, Lunara looked up at him. His mouth was so close to hers that all she had to do was tilt her head back to touch his lips. Her lips were kiss-swollen from the night before, and they tingled at his nearness. Her body knew the pleasure he could bring, and she craved it like a thirsty man craved water.

"I don't think I'll be forgetting you."

His lips crashed down on hers, and he couldn't stop the growl of appreciation that bubbled up from his throat. She was so soft and hard at the same time. Saiyan women were hard, with even harder personalities. Like the men, they liked to fight, drink and fuck, mostly in that order. But this creature who he had pinned beneath him was a mixture of soft and fierce.

She could hold her own in a fight. In fact she had nearly taken him down a time or two during their chase, but when he finally caught her it had been worth it. When he held her there was no mistaking her for a male. She was soft in the right places, her muscles delicate but firm, not ostentatious like so many females he knew. He could lie on top of her all day long, and never dream of moving.

The morning light warmed his back, insistently reminding him that night's embrace had released her world fully into the hands of the sun. And with the sun came reality. As much as he wanted to lie there with Lunara he could not. As much as he wanted to keep her, he could not.

He lifted his head, trying hard to mask how she affected him. She lay unmoving for a moment, her eyes closed, her lips pink and thoroughly ravished. Her lashes fluttered open, her molten silver eyes holding his obsidian ones for a moment. It was a perfect moment, and he was loathe to destroy it.

"There is a port city about two days walk west of here. You should be able to find a ship back to wherever."

A stricken look crossed her face for just a second, but she quickly hid it away.


Smoothly he lifted his body off of hers, taking her hand with him. Easily, he helped her to her feet, admiring the glow of her body in the sun. He wrapped his arms around her once she was standing, enjoying the feel of her one last time.

She leaned back, sweeping her thick, short hair from her eyes.

"Thanks for not killing me," she smiled up at him, her regret of seeing him go now completely hidden.

Bardock thought of their night together. How she had tested him, making him prove that he was worthy to mate with her.

"Thanks for not gelding me."

Her laughter rang out, filling him with warmth. He couldn't stop his lips from curving up into a pleased smile. Something that was a rarity for him. Saiyans rarely smiled outside of battle or a bar. Her eyes sparked up at his, and he couldn't help but to kiss her one last time. She returned it fully, wrapping her arms around his neck to bring him closer.

He put her away from him abruptly. Lunara knew in that moment, that he didn't want to leave her, and she was making it damned hard for him. Bardock saw her understanding in her eyes and he snorted. Women, they are so sentimental.

Without a word he turned away, disappearing in the brush, leaving her alone. He didn't bother to dress, he didn't look back, and he didn't hesitate. Lunara knew that because she watched every step he took.

With a sigh, Lunara pulled her clothes on, sheathed her weapons and headed in the opposite direction. Now that she was thoroughly mated she could return to her world to live peacefully until her next heat.

Bardock strode out of the jungle, into a small glade where his ship waited for him. His father stood on top of the ramp, his arms folded, and his tail tightly wound around his waist.

"About time. I was starting to wonder if I kept the right son, instead of sending you off planet when you were a babe."

Bardock rolled his eyes. His father was always pushing him to be stronger, lamenting that he hadn't sent his weakling, too smart for his own good, son off to some foreign world when he was a baby.


Bardock lifted his hand to his father, showing the silver-hair glove that he wore. His father harrumphed in disapproval.

"You could have least brought back a heart as a proof of the kill."

Bardock smiled, already bored with his father.

"This was my favorite part about her."

He brushed past his father, entering the ship, Lunara's hair firmly in his grip.

"Well get you to the Regen chamber. You're bleeding all over the ship, and those gashes on your face make you look even uglier."

Bardock paused, looking back at his dad. His fingers brushed the wounds on his cheek, sure that they were going to scar, compliments of his little jungle cat. He smiled wolfishly, an animal glint in his eye.

"I think I'll keep them. Something to remember her by."

His father was speechless as Bardock entered the ship, leaving behind the jungle, the night, and his lover.