Title: Is That Welsh?

Author: Sparky

Betas: Unless you count fish, none…so you can probably tell.

Warnings: Insane fluffiness! Literally!

Sequel to: none

Series: All Dogs go to Atlantis

Summary: You'd think somewhere along the way everyone would learn not to play with strange ancient technology. Major Sheppard does so anyway and ends up with a rather fluffy problem.

A/N: First fic in the SG: Atlantis universe. Well, SG period. It just hit me one day at work, when thinking what would happen if people were changed into dogs. What would they be? For some reason, Rodney just screamed Corgi.

"Is That Welsh?"

Elizabeth Weir stared at the bundle of tan and brown fur that Major Sheppard now bore in his arms. Her mouth opened and closed a few time before she found her voice once more.

"You mean to tell me that," she pointed at the creature. "That's Rodney?"

Major John Sheppard attempted a faint grin and sighed a bit heavily, "Yup."

Dr. Weir rubbed her temples and echoed his own sigh, "Okay Major, one more time, what happened down there?"

The Welsh Corgi wiggled around in Sheppard's grasp and growled in agitation. John was frowning as he tried to keep it from struggling so much.

"Maybe you should him down," Weir tentatively suggested.

"He'll run off if I do–OW!" Sheppard swore, grabbing his hand and dropping the corgi. "He bit me!"

The dog, rather, Rodney shook his whole body and looked up at John. By the way he was glaring at the Major, Weir held little doubt that this was the scientist.

John glared back Rodney while nursing his hand, "Its like I said, we were down in the north sector, checking out yet another research lab. There were a handful of little devices in there and Dr. McKay decided to have me try out one." His glare remained steady on the dog, "See McKay, where using me can go wrong?"

Rodney huffed in reply, sitting down before Weir's desk.

She took a deep breath and nodded slowly. "Okay, Major? Lets go have a look at this lab."

The two glanced at the corgi although John's look was still along the lines of a glare, "I'm so not carrying you anymore."

The small dog cocked his head and was back on his feet again. Weir and Sheppard found themselves hurrying to catch up with him as he trudged off down the hall. Said leader of Atlantis wondered momentarily if Rodney would make it on those short little legs – but was surprised to find that he seemed to make better time this way. Of course, it could be the fact that he was trapped in the body of a dog and wasn't too thrilled with the prospect of it, that was speeding him along.

They arrived at the lab without too much hassle, although there were several odd looks as a Welsh Corgi went trotting past, followed by two top officials. There weren't any questions though, which was just as well, since Weir really didn't have an answer for them.

"Alright, Major?" She was looking at the assortment before her, "Which one was it?"

His face was calm as he looked over them, "It was like a remote…"

Weir raised an eyebrow, "You don't know which one your were playing with?"

"I wasn't playing with it." It was an automatic denial, which made Weir believe that the Major had indeed, been playing.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when Rodney barked at them. The sound was something she hadn't heard in a long time. A reminder of what they had left behind, on Earth. Back to reality though, no trips down memory lane right now. Weir crouched down in front of the corgi and saw that he had something in his mouth. Taking the device she stood and faced Sheppard.

"Is this it?" She asked and John grimaced as he took the slobber-soaked remote.

"Yeah, that's it…" The next several moments were spent with John staring at the device. He finally frowned and shrugged. "I don't think its mind activated." A glance at Rodney, "I'm gonna have to mash a couple of these buttons and see if they do anything."

Rodney's whine was so pathetic that Weir had to restrain herself from swooping him up and hugging him. Memories of her dog back home welled up in her mind and she had to squelch that too.

"Try to remember what button you pushed. Did you do some kind of combination?" The Major shrugged. "Well, give a few tries. But," she eyed the Major, "if we don't have any luck then, we're taking that thing back to the others to see if we find something out."

Sheppard didn't need further encouragement as he began trying various combinations on the remote, which only have maybe 15 different buttons. Couldn't be that many combinations. Weir looked over at the other devices lying across the broad table. The more she looked at them, the more they looked like simple toys. Was this some kind of toyshop or something? She was about to reach out and pick one up when she heard a clattering sound.

"Major…" Weir turned and her eyes were wide in surprise at what was, ironically, Sheppard. A German Sheppard. The moment was too much to resist, "I didn't know you were of German background, Major."

The large dog gave her a very John look of 'I know you aren't laughing at me.' Weir was sure that Rodney's little bark/growls were a sign of laughter. She picked up the remote and sighed.

"Alright boys, lets get back up to the gate room and see if we can't find Dr. Zelenka."