Sara now lay still underneath the white sheets of the hospital bed. Around her sat the only people she had. Her co-workers. Her friends. They were all one to her. Sara slept in her unconsciousness but everyone around her did not, they all held weary eyes open as they looked upon Sara, willing her to wake.

When Sara finally opened her eyes onto the new day, she sat herself up and looked upon her friends. She looked as if she had no memory of the events of the day before. Each of them looked upon her, and all showed their own form of relief.

Sara did not stay in the hospital for long, for she improved just as quickly as she had crashed. Medications were prescribed for her to take and Nick was the one that made sure that she took them. Nick slept on her couch in order to give Sara the space that she needed. He cooked all of their meals so that he was sure that she would gain the desired weight that her doctor had prescribed.

It had become a ritual for Sara to stand upon her balcony and stare at the stars with a wine glass in her hand ever night after dinner. Nick usually walked out onto the balcony and stood beside Sara. Most nights they stood in silence, but tonight Sara broke the fragile calm of the night.

"Do you ever miss home Nick?"

Shifting to look at Sara glowing in the light of the moon, replied, "Sometimes, I miss the silence of the country. But then again back home didn't have a skyline as beautiful as this."

"You don't ever miss your family and friends?"

"Of course I do. But I've got friends out here. And here I'm just Nick Stokes, criminalist, not the son of a judge." Nick pauses and looks out onto the skyline momentarily. "Why do you ask Sar?"

Sara turns toward Nick and answers, "It was just a question."

Not wanting to press the issue Nick changed the subject, "Will you let me show you something?"

"Show me what?"

Smiling Nick replied, "That's a surprise. But it does require an overnight bag."

Smiling back Sara replied, "Well Mr. Stokes you are in luck, I checked my schedule and it seems that I have absolutely nothing better to do."

Nick drove out to Lake Mead and stopped the car in a field that looked out onto the lake. Sara looked puzzled as they both stepped out of the car, she followed Nick to the lakes edge and stood beside him.

After a few moments, Sara asked, "We're sleeping at the lake?"

"It would seem that way wouldn't it Miss Sidle. And besides you need a little of the outdoors every once and a while you know."

Sara poked him in the side, "I do get out of doors."

Turning towards her, Nick whispered, "Not like this you don't."

"What do you mean?" Sara whispered back.

"Because as of right now this lake is the closest thing I could give you to the ocean tonight."

Sara smiled at his words, knowing that Nick understood her and why she had questioned him about home. Sara took his hand in hers and squeezed it, reassuring Nick that he had made her happy.

"You have no idea how much I've missed that smile of yours, Sar."

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