Title: Remember Me
Author: Honeybunnycw
Summary: Draco remembers his first love
Rating: PG for language and angst.
Disclaimer: these characters do not belong to me. They belong to J.K. Rowling. No infringement is intended. I just want to tell a story.
A/N: This is my first attempt at posting a story on Fanfiction.net. I usually write Harry/Draco slash. But my girlfriend and a lot of other people who know me have been after me to post something, so here we go. The song is called "Remember me," and is sung by Leann Rimes and is off the Coyote Ugly soundtrack.

Time, sometimes time just slips away
And you're left with yesterday
Left with the memories

Is it possible that it has been 5 years since I graduated from Hogwarts? Since the day I walked away from everything I knew and loved. Has it been five years since I walked away from the place that I felt safest? From the time after I graduated and refused to go to the Dark Side, despite the threats from my father. My father? I think laughingly to myself. How was he ever a father to me? All he did was beat me and belittle me, wanting me to be something I wasn't, which was perfect. All I have are memories of yesterday.

I'll always think of you and smile
And be happy for the time I had you with me
Though we go our separate ways
I won't forget so don't forget the memories we've made

I always will think of you, my first love, my only love. I smile as I think of the first time we ever met. It was in the robe shop before our first year at Hogwarts and I didn't know who he was. It turned out he was "The Boy Who Lived," The Harry Potter. Didn't know that at the time, all I knew was that he looked lost when I started going on about Quidditch and everything else. Then I met him on the train, sitting with Ron Weasley and I was struck by his beauty; later on through the years, he grew quite handsome. I was not supposed to fall in love with Harry Potter, "The Boy Who Lived," because he was not 'approved' by my father. He hated me on sight, I know this now, and I only pretended to hate him for the fact that he was supposed to be my mortal enemy, but I fell in love with him that day on the train.

It was a warm day when he confessed he loved me. He looked at me and said, "Draco, I don't know how you're going to take this, but I'm in love with you. I have been for quite sometime now." He looked so hopeful that day, and all I could do was stand there and gape at him. How long had I dreamt of hearing those words? I couldn't say anything, couldn't do anything but lean down and kiss him softly. We made a lot of memories, him and I. We always talked about forever, that nothing would ever separate us. How young and naive we were. My love, I can never forget the memories we made.

Please remember
Please remember
I was there for you and you were there for me
Please remember
Our time together

Please remember me, my love. Please remember all the times that we shared, my love. We always said we'd be together forever, but somehow forever slipped through our grasp. You were there for me when the nightmares came about my father and when I snuck into your room in the middle of the night, shaking and sweating. You held me and told me everything would be alright. Please remember the nights I was there for you when your scar was hurting you, when you had nightmares about Voldemort, when you needed someone to hold you and you turned to me, and I was there for you and you were there for me. Please remember our time together, for I have never forgotten them.

The times were yours and mine
And we were wild and free
Please remember
Please remember me

The times were yours and mine. The Christmas Holidays we spent, together at Hogwarts, up in the dormitory, together. We were wild in those days, weren't we? We tried to christen every classroom when we thought no one was looking. We tried everything in those days, because we believed in forever, and we believed in each other. Remember me, Harry, please remember me. I loved you. I still love you. I will always love you. I never felt this way about anyone since you and I never will again.

Goodbye, there's just no sadder word to say
It's sad to walk away with just the memories
Who's to know what might have been
Believe the life and times that we'll never know again

"Goodbye, Draco." He whispered that night, so long ago, in the dormitory our last night at Hogwarts.

"What do you mean, goodbye?"

"Just what I implied. How are we going to make this work Draco? how? Your the son of a Death Eater. I'm supposed to be going and fighting for the Light."

"Harry, what am I supposed to do? Walk away from my heritage, my upbringing? The thing that Father has groomed me for."

"Father?" Harry scoffed. "What kinda father is he when he has done all what you have said he's done to you? He's not your father, he's a monster?"

"What would you know about a Father's love, Potter?" I asked coldly. "you never had one."

"Yeah, that's because your father killed them. Along with Voldemort."

"Yeah, but at least my mother didn't die trying to protect me."

"At least my mother loved me enough to try to protect me."

I slapped him across the face then, hard. He looked at me with hurt in his eyes, because that's the first time I'd ever resorted to physical violence. He looked at me and said with a finality that shook me to the core. "Goodbye, Draco."

There's no sadder word than goodbye, I learned that night, so long ago. I was naive to think that Harry and I could have had forever, but instead we had four years. Four wonderful years and then I ruined it with my mouth. Have I known happiness since then? No. Never since Harry Potter in my life have I been happy. He was my everything and the day he walked out of my life, five years today, it has been impossible for me to happy.

When time was yours and mine
And we were wild and free
Now remember, please remember me
And all my life I will smile
and time was yours and mine
and all our dreams were in our reach
I stood by you; you stood by me
We took each day and made it joy
And when I thought our dreams were out of reach
and we wrote our names across the sky

I remember when we wrote our names in that tree in the forbidden forest. Remember when Snape found out about us? I think that was the only time I remember Snape being speechless. He treated you better after that. Well, after he woke up from fainting. I remember when we were wild and free. I remember these times now and smile, Harry. I smile for you and for me. Am I happy? No. I will never be happy again. My dreams were within reach when you were in my life, for the fact that I had you, and you were the first person to ever love me and see past the sneer and the attitude and love me for me. I stood by you and in you I found my best friend, my soulmate, my lover, my everything. We took each day and you made it joyous for me, and all my dreams were coming true with you in my life. You wrote your name across my heart forever, Harry, and I hope that you remember all the times we shared.

we arrived so fast and so complete
you stood by me and
please remember
please remember..........

You stood by me like no one else. Please remember, please remember as I write this final note to you my love. You were my everything and you left me. Left me and never returned, and with my father long dead, I cannot bear that thought. The thought that you will never return to me. It kills me inside, thinking that you hate me. I write this final note to you, in the hopes that someday you will get to read it. I never did go to the Dark Side after graduation, Harry. I stayed true, as my promise to you was all those years ago. I never followed Voldemort and you know it, because I was on your side, fighting for good, instead of evil. I was the one who killed my father in battle, because he was going to kill you my love. So, see, My love, I did end up good after all. I am not Lucius Malfoy's son, I am Harry Potter's lover. You turned me into something better than anyone ever could've. Please remember me Harry.....Remember me......

please remember
please remember..........