A Father's Story: Main Cast

Bardock: The main focus of the story and the father of Dragonball's hero, Son Goku, Bardock is born into a high class family, thus is considered a disgrace to his entire bloodline due to his third class status. He strives for his whole life to one day prove that he is somebody, despite his birth as a low-class warrior, and along the way will meet the friends who mean the most to him in the whole world. Bardock is a newborn at the start of the story.

Kale: Bardock's mentor and the captain of the team Bardock is assigned to after he gets out of the Academy, Kale is very powerful for what is considered a low-class soldier, besting a few of the King's elites! He once served under Bardock's father as a lieutenant and later got promoted, so he knows how proud the general was and just why Bardock resents him so. Kale is 18 zurals old when we first see him.

Toma: One of the more powerful low-level fighters at the Academy and one of the friendliest to newbies, Toma and Bardock form a fast friendship when Bardock stands up for a girl named Zana. The two go through many travels together and even train together for their first tournament a few years into their Academy schooling, without the knowledge of their headmaster. Toma is 7 zurals old when we first see him.

Celipa: A weaker female fighter, barely ranking as a third-class warrior by her birth power level, Celipa is a young warrior that hails from the northern part of Vegetasei, giving her a darker skin tone than her allies. Celipa first meets Bardock in his second year at the Academy when she is transferred there by her father, who sends her there after she got kicked out of her previous institute. Celipa is 7 zurals old when we first see her.

Panboukin: A somewhat portly boy from a clan of third-class warriors, Panboukin is actually the strongest to ever be born into his family and as such he is the only member of Bardock's future crew who isn't shunned by his relatives. Panboukin is much slower than most other members of his race due to his large size, but makes up for it with a fighting prowess and strategic genius rarely seen in Saiya-jin. Panboukin is older than his three friends, at 8 zurals old when we first meet him.

Totepo: A member of Kale's crew when Bardock and his friends are first recruited, the only surviving member after their last mission, Totepo is a silent man by nature and tends to keep to himself. He is much older than any of the others, having lived through the war between Saiya-jin and Tsufuru-jin decades before, and as such they often turn to him for advice and stories of their race's history. Totepo is 24 zurals old when we first meet him, one of the oldest living Saiya-jin in the story.

Zana: A girl that Bardock defended from older boys in his first year at the Academy, and who he wouldn't meet again until many years later, Zana is a second-class Saiya-jin and as such is slated to be a member of the King's Guard. That all changes when she meets up with a certain bed-headed Saiya-jin again later on in life, however, as the two get caught up in something that will have consequences for both. Zana is 7 zurals old when we first see her.

Perejil: Bardock's ultimate rival throughout his life and the one who pushes him to always get stronger, Perejil is a first-class Saiya-jin boy who attends the Academy under the impression he'll become a great general one day. He is the same boy that Bardock fought with to protect Zana at the Academy and fought many times afterwards, each pushing the other to improve more and more. Perejil is 8 zurals old when we first see him.

- A zural, or Saiya-jin year, is the equivalent of two Earth years.