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Chapter One:






"Shut up," groaned Tenten as she threw a knife at the alarm clock successfully shutting it up. Looking at the clock she saw that it read 6:00. "6:00, why the hell am I up at 6:00? The only time I set my clock earlier than 7:00 is when it's an important day………… Oh. My. God. I totally forgot, today is the first day of school!" Tenten screamed the last part. Jumping out of bed she ran into Sakura's room that was across the hall and shook her since she was still asleep.

"Five more minutes Tenten," she mumbled before turning over and snuggling into her pillow some more.

"You can't have five more minutes today Sakura, it's the first day of school!" Tenten said loudly. Sakura immediately shot up, and Tenten went to wake up Hinata and Ino. They woke up as soon as Tenten had said 'first', 'day', and 'school.'

Forty minutes later, all four girls were in the kitchen eating their breakfast which Hinata and Tenten had set up for them. In between bites they talked and discussed what this year at school would be like. The mood was not happy like most teenagers in high school would have been, but instead the girls were not looking forward to the new school year.

"Probably be the same as last year," Hinata said taking a huge bite out of her toast. She was wearing loose fitting jeans, a loose white tee shirt, and white sneakers. Her short blue hair was left untouched, and no makeup adorned her face.

"Yeah probably," Sakura said and then sighed, taking another bite of her cereal. She had very baggy skirt, and a very baggy collared shirt on. Her pink hair was back in a braid. She readjusted her thick black framed glasses on her face, and frowned.

"Lets hope not, last year I got shoved into a locker, and wasn't let out until you guys came and found me," Ino said frowning as well. She wore a black skirt that went down to her knees, and a long sleeved light blue sweater. Her blonde hair was also in a braid.

"I know what you are talking about, I got spaghetti spilt all over my outfit last year," Tenten said standing up from her stool and throwing away the wrapper to her pop tart. She had baggy black pants on, and a tight fitting pink ¾ quarter sleeve on that read 'I MAKE THE RULES' written in thick black letters. She had black skater shoes on, and a black choker. Her hair was up in her normal two buns.

All four girls went quiet as they thought about all the things that had happened during the school year last year. All of the times they had been laughed at, made fun of, shoved in lockers, had food spilt all over them, and ignored completely. They all came to the same conclusion…

"Were losers," they all said at the same time and sighed again.

It was true, the four girls were the losers at Kohona High, and they had been since their first year there. It hadn't been because of something they had done, it was just because of their personalities. And the girls had gotten used to being an outcast at their school, but it still made them sad sometimes. Their friendship had gotten them through a lot of the harassment they had to endure, and no one else in the school understood each other as best as they did.

Sakura was the geek of the school, she was the smartest, studied more than anybody else, and always had an answer to every question which made everyone make fun of her. Ino was demanding and bossy, so most people just ignored her completely. Hinata was shy and always stuttered which was why people picked on her. Tenten was a tomboy, so neither the girls nor the boys accepted her, but instead shunned her.

"Come on guys, this year could be different!" Hinata said happily, trying to cheer up her three friends. She didn't stutter around her friends, just around other people.

"Hinata's right, maybe this year will be different," Sakura said smiling as well. Ino and Tenten also cheered up, and they went to get their things for school. They left at 7:00, walking to school. It wouldn't start until 8:00 but they wanted to be there early. Sakura had five books in her arms and was struggling to carry them. Hinata took two off of the top, without saying a word and Sakura just smiled. Ino also took one, and continued walking. Tenten was playing with a very sharp needle; she had always liked sharp things. The three girls were lost in thought until they arrived at school.

They were surprised at how many kids were already there. There was twenty minutes until school started yet there were about a hundred girls standing in front of the doors; they were all holding chocolates, flowers, cards and other things.

"Shikamaru," Ino said, her expression turning into one of disgust.

"Sasuke," Sakura said coldly.

"Naruto," Hinata said.

"Neji," Tenten hissed, venom dripping in her voice.

"I swear if we can't get into the school because of those guys fan girls, I will personally kill all four of them. That way, there won't be any more fan girls, because their idol will be dead!" Sakura said, and started pushing through the fan girls. Hinata, Ino, and Tenten sweat dropped. Sure Sakura was a geek, but she was really tough.

And so they began pushing through the mob trying to get to the door, they finally did and entered the school. All four of them were panting. "I pant swear pant that pant they pant need pant to pant get pant a pant life," Tenten said trying to get her breath back.

"I agree, I mean what is so attractive about Shikamaru, Neji, Naruto, and Sasuke. They are just a bunch of jerks that are really rich, and think they own the whole entire school. Not to mention they are the most popular people in the school," Hinata said.

"Way to make us feel better about being losers," Ino said sarcastically, and began walking towards their first class. All of their classes were together this year, which made them really happy.

"Sorry," Hinata said quietly and everyone started following Ino. Then they all heard screaming, a lot of screaming, and a lot of feet pounding on the ground.

"Oh god no. RUN!" Tenten said looking behind her. All of the fan girls were running towards them, like a huge stampede. Without even thinking, Tenten grabbed the books from Hinata and Sakura and started running towards their classroom. The other girls started sprinting as well, trying to get away from the crazed fan girls that were coming their way.

Taking a sharp left turn, Tenten ran to their door opened it and let the other girls come in. She quickly shut in after Ino who was last, and sunk down to the floor her back resting on the door.

"I bet you anything that was those stupid boys faults," Ino said angrily. She was also on the floor trying to retrieve her breath, Sakura and Hinata didn't look any better. Hinata was the only on standing up, and Sakura was on her knees.

"I am gonna kill them," Tenten said.

"You can't," said Sakura calmly.

"And why the hell not?"

"Because, number one, they are the most popular people in school. Number two, we are the losers of the school. Number three, all four of them know self defense and wouldn't let you. Number four, if you somehow possibly managed to kill them, a lot of fan girls would kill you in return." Sakura finished, standing up and readjusting her glasses.

"Oh right," Tenten said and stood up, and then helped Ino. She handed Sakura her books and proceeded to take her normal seat. Or at least the one she had last year. The other three sat down next to her. It was two people to a table, Sakura and Hinata sat down at a table in the front, and Tenten and Ino took the one behind them.

People started coming in, or at least the boys and a few girls did. 'Stupid fan girls,' Tenten thought and rested her elbows on the table. Their teacher arrived at 8:05, early for usually he was always late.

"Good morning everyone," Kakashi said and looked around.

"Good morning Kakashi-sensei," they all replied.

"I see we are missing four people," he said casually and pulled out his famous book, Come Come Paradise. Sure enough, when the four girls looked around four seats were empty. 'I wonder who is late,' Tenten thought.

All of the sudden, the door opened and four boys stepped in casually, shutting the door behind them. 'Great, it's them! Why do they have to be in my class?' thought all four girls at once.

Sure enough, Shikamaru, Neji, Naruto, and Sasuke had just entered the room. Unlike the girls, they were the most popular kids in the school. They each had huge fan clubs, were great in sports, and even got good grades in school. Not to mention they were hot! Sighs could be heard from almost all of the girls in the room, causing Sasuke and Neji to smirk.

"Sorry we are late," said Shikamaru, and the four proceeded to take their seats near the middle of the room.

"Well since it is the first day of school, I will let your tardiness slide today but make sure it doesn't happen again boys," Kakashi said and then smiled under his mask. He had a surprise for them this year, and he wasn't sure what was going to happen. "Ok, this year we are going to do something different. I hope you guys like it, think of it as something new to start the school year off. Instead of you picking out were you are going to sit this year, I am going to!" he said.

Groans could be heard from many of the kids, and all of the girls (except our four) had day dreams of sitting next to one of the four popular boys. "Shut it," Kakashi said and started to list where everyone would be sitting. He did the girls first, and then the guys.

There were three tables, each with two students, in each row, and four tables per column. Sakura was in the second row, on the left side. Hinata was in the third row in on the right, Ino was also in the third row but to left, so behind Sakura, and Tenten was in the last row but in the middle.

Kakashi finished the girls and began to read out the boys names…

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