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Chapter Eleven:


"Unlikely. Let's get the test. Naruto I will ask you questions first. Are you ready?" Kakashi said raising his clipboard.

Naruto gulped.

"Now there is no reason to be nervous Naruto. These will be easy questions that I am sure you can answer if you have done your homework. You have been working on this assignment this past week haven't you?" Kakashi asked his tone dead serious. He leaned towards Naruto a little and pinned him with a look that told Naruto he wasn't goofing around.

"Of course Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto said quickly, grinning and scratching the back of his neck. "You told us to, so we worked very hard on it,"

"Good Naruto, that means you won't have any problems answering the questions I ask. Ok let's begin. Question number one; what is Hinata's favorite food?" Kakashi asked, his pen rose above his clipboard ready to write.

"Um… let's see… I know! Cinnamon rolls!" Naruto said grinning. Kakashi turned towards Hinata to see if this was correct and she gave him a slight nod.

"Ok good job Naruto. Let's move on," Kakashi said looking down at his list for the next question.

This is easy! I got the first question right! Naruto thought and his grin grew bigger. Now let's see, I only have nineteen questions to go…WHAT! I am so doomed. I cannot fail this test. His grin disappeared entirely, and sweat beads started to form on his brow as he listened to the next question.

"Is Hinata scared of anything?" Kakashi asked looking at Naruto with amusement. He really did love test days, all of the students were so nervous.

"Um… I think so… wait… no… yes… um…" Naruto was panicking. They had never talked about what they were afraid of. What was he going to do?

"Naruto that isn't an answer. You get the question marked wrong if you can't even come up with an answer," Kakashi said raising his eyebrows at Naruto's behavior.

"Um… give me a sec. Yes, yes Hinata is afraid of some things," Naruto said uncertainly. He just guessed, and he prayed he got it right. Kakashi turned towards Hinata who once again nodded her head. "Yes!" Naruto said loudly, almost shouting, and then remembering where he was sat back down again. "Sorry about that Kakashi-sensei,"

"It's alright Naruto, just please don't do it again. Miss Hinata and I are only a few feet away from you, and we can hear you just fine when you don't yell. Now, question number three; what is Hinata's favorite sport?" Kakashi said flatly, giving Naruto a don't-you-dare-do-that-again-or-I-will-fail-you look.

"Her favorite sport is track and field," Naruto said, and Hinata gave another nod.

"Ok, question four, who is Hinata's gym teacher?" Kakashi asked. Naruto isn't doing too bad, looks like this assignment worked after all, Kakashi thought.

"Gai-sensei just like the rest of us," Naruto said a little bit of a grim coming back onto his face. One fourth of the way done! Yay, he thought. Kakashi didn't even look to see if Hinata nodded, he knew who had what teachers.

"Very clever Naruto. Question five; is Hinata missing any digits or limbs?" asked Kakashi.

"What the hell kind of question is that Kakashi-sensei? 'Is she missing any digits or limbs?' Of course she's not! I mean where did you come up with these things?" Naruto said, mumbling the last part when Kakashi fixed him with a pointed look.

Kakashi turned to find a beet red Hinata looking at her desk. "Um… Hinata? Is that correct?" Kakashi asked the shy girl. He hadn't meant to embarrass her; perhaps he should read the questions before printing them off the internet to ask his students.

"Y-yes K-k-kakashi- sensei," she muttered her skin slowly returning back to its original color.

"Thank you Hinata. Ok Naruto, what kind of music does Hinata like?" Kakashi asked turning back towards the blonde.

Several minutes later and Kakashi was getting towards the last questions. Naruto had gotten all of them right so far, you could tell by the huge grin on his face and the way he was impatiently jumping up and down in his seat.

"Ok, only five more question to go and then it will be Hinata's turn. Question number sixteen, what kind of grades does Hinata get in school?" Kakashi asked.

"I think she gets A's and B's in school," Naruto said hesitantly. He really didn't know what kind of grades she got, he didn't pay attention. But she was smart so she must get good grades right?

Hinata nodded and Naruto congratulated himself on guessing the right answer.

"What is Hinata's favorite car Naruto?"

"She likes Volkswagen bugs sir," Naruto said confidently. That was one thing Hinata and he had talked about. Hinata gave a nod to Kakashi when he looked towards her for confirmation.

"Ok, here is a question that is for you Naruto. Am I your favorite teacher?" Kakashi asked looking Naruto square in the eyes.

"Um… y-yes sir. You a-are my favorite teacher," Naruto stuttered, the look Kakashi was giving him was freaking him out slightly. Kakashi probably had some insane punishment if Naruto didn't say yes. Naruto wasn't going to take that chance.

"I hope you aren't lying Naruto. Anyway, back to Hinata, does she prefer laid back or classy places?" Kakashi asked moving his gaze from Naruto to his clipboard.

"Hinata likes laid back places Kakashi-sensei, I think," Naruto said. Hinata nodded, Kakashi continued.

"Ok, last question for you Naruto and then you are done, does Hinata like to cook?" Kakashi asked.

Naruto opened his mouth, started to say something and decided against it. He closed his mouth, looked deep in thought for a few seconds and opened it again.

"Hinata doesn't like to cook Kakashi-sensei," Naruto said leaning back in his chair, crossing his arms and nodding his head. He was done with this test and he had aced it!

"Wrong Naruto," Kakashi said, a smile forming under his mask as Naruto's eyes popped open and he fell off of his chair.

"What do you mean wrong?" Naruto asked from his position on the floor.

"What I mean Naruto is that Hinata likes to cook. Right Hinata?" Kakashi said looking at the girl sitting next to Naruto. She blushed slightly but nodded her head. "Your final score for the test is nineteen out of twenty. Good job Naruto most people didn't do that good. Now, shall we move on to you Hinata,"

Naruto couldn't believe it. He had gotten them all right just to blow it on the last question. What an idiot! Of course she likes to cook! She cooks all of the time! Sighing Naruto got back into his chair and looked at Hinata who was playing with her fingers while Kakashi chose a question for her.

Hinata had almost fallen out of her own chair when Naruto answered the last question wrong. Boys could be so thick headed sometimes. She and the other girls did most of the cooking around the house, hadn't he even noticed when she cooked breakfast in the mornings? Shaking her head slightly she turned her attention on her teacher who seemed to be taking his sweet time picking her first question. She started playing with her fingers, a habit she did when she was nervous, while she waited.

"Ok Hinata, I think I have the perfect first question for you," Kakashi said smiling and raising his head to look at Hinata. "What is Naruto's favorite color?"

"Um… o-orange I t-think sir," Hinata said quietly, she turned to see it Naruto would nod or shake his head. He nodded, and she released the breath she didn't know she was holding.

"Good job, without looking at him can you tell me what color Naruto's eyes are?" Kakashi asked looking at her to make sure she didn't look over at Naruto and cheat.

"He has blue eyes Kakashi-sensei," Hinata said trying to resist the urge to look at Naruto and cheat. She had never cheated in her life and this would not be a good time to start.

"Correct Hinata, on to the next question, what ninja rank is Naruto?" asked Kakashi.

"He is a genin," Hinata said.

"Very good, here is a question I asked Naruto. What kind of grades does Naruto get?" Kakashi asked.

Hinata finished quickly because she didn't make as many outbursts as Naruto, and she got a score of twenty out of twenty. As Kakashi moved onto his next pair of students (coughvictimscough) both Naruto and Hinata took a deep breath and sank into their chairs. They had been sitting with ram rod straight backs through the whole entire thing.

"That sure was nerve racking wasn't it Hinata?" Naruto asked laying his head down on his desk so he could see her.

"Y-yes it was N-naruto," Hinata said fighting the want to rub her head. She could feel the beginning of a headache.

"I'm glad it's over. I wonder how the others are going to do," Naruto said, wondering what his friends reactions would be at the questions. Images of Shikamaru falling asleep and Neji's and Sasuke's glares made him chuckle slightly.

Hinata laughed quietly as well, she could picture Sakura hitting herself with a book, Tenten throwing weapons, and Ino turning red with rage. "I h-hope they do well t-too," she said when she stopped laughing.

"Me too, me too," Naruto said seriously and turned in his seat to look at the other three groups. Hinata turned as well and they looked at their unaware friends. They had no idea what they were in for.

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