2025, on a planet far, far away from Earth

It was late afternoon. The two suns were shining brightly and it was extremely hot. It had to be over 120 degrees outside, horrible conditions for anybody. Blasts shot up against a figure, running in the distance for his life. He was moving a fast as he could trying to get out of the open and into the woods that seemed like they were nearby, at least to him anyway. More firing shot against the person which made him lose his footing and stumble to the ground.

"I got you now!" The monster said running to the person as fast as it could.

"How can this be? Why is there a monster this far out in the galaxy. I thought there weren't supposed to be any monsters in this part of space," the person said to himself.

The monster was big and ugly. It had one eye, two horns, and a yellow belly. The rest of the monsters skin was blue. The monster was rather large, not really fit, but fatter than most monsters have been. It being bigger than most monsters also made it slower, which is why it was having a hard time keeping of with the person that was being chased. But what the monster lacked in physical bodyment, it made up for in strength. The monster might have been rather fat, but once it got a hold of somebody it could destroy the person by breaking him or her in two, shattering the body.

The person got up. He was a male, who muscular built, with dark brown hair. He was black clothes, unusual clothing. This was not a regular human, nor was he from Earth. It was Trey, the person from Triforia, who was the gold zeo ranger. He had not aged a day since he last helped the Zeo Power Rangers and looked like he was still in his middle twenties.

Trey looked at the monster who was heading towards him. "Time to end this. Gold ranger power!"

Trey morphed to become the gold ranger. He looked at the monster who stopped and looked at the gold ranger. The monster then started running again.

"It's time for a gold rush!" The gold ranger got his gold power staff and started to run towards the monster. Flashes of light started to form on the staff. The gold ranger finally got to the monster and hit it with the gold power staff, causing gold flashes to hit the monster and knock it down. The gold ranger ran back to finish the monster off once and for all. Trey was lifting the staff when suddenly several shots of fire hit him from the back causing him to fall down.

The blasts nearly wiped out Trey, almost causing him to go unconscious. With the energy he had left, Trey looked up to see what happened. He saw a figure approaching. A woman, that was wearing gold around her walked to the gold ranger and then walked over to the monster.

"Get up!" The voice said to the monster.

To the gold ranger, it sounded like the voice was female. The gold ranger thought about the villains he had faced in the past, but they weren't female, at least female in monster status.

"I can't, I'm too weak, the monster cried out in pain.

Trey looked back at the woman who was looking at the monster. She was dissatisfied with the way the monster handled the fight against the gold ranger. With her being disgusted, she grabbed her sword and hit the monster in the chest, causing the monster to cry out and then die.

"My god," the gold ranger muttered to himself as he saw the monster lie on the ground dead.

The woman then turned her attention to the gold ranger as she moved over to him, positioning her sword to his chest.

"Wh, wh, who are you?" Trey struggled with the question.


And with that, the woman threw her sword in the chest of the gold ranger, causing him to scream out in pain. He then demorphed and screamed even louder. The gold ranger suit was protecting him somewhat from experiencing major pain, but once Trey demorphed, there was no protection. This was the worst pain he had ever experience. Trey started to grab the sword that was deep in his chest to pull it out but he couldn't and finally gave in to death. His lifeless corpse of a body laid there on the ground.

Scorpina pulled her sword out from Trey's chest, which was now covered in blood. She looked at him one last time and then walked away and then disappeared in a flash.

As the dead body of Trey laid there, sitting for all sorts of bugs to start eating his flesh, a energy wave was flying near the two suns towards Trey, until the energy wave finally hit Trey. Trey's body started to glow and some of his fingers began to move a little. Trey then got a breath of air and started to open his eyes part way.

"You must get help. There is a familiar evil that is returning from the ashes of hatred, and it will engulf the entire galaxy, causing evil to blanket every planet," the voice said to Trey. "You must go to Earth. Only there will you find people of good, who can help you."

The energy wave left and flew away from Trey and eventually the planet. Trey was barely even half awake, still engulfed in pain, to move his body. But it would only be a matter of time before he would recover and go to Earth to seek help.