2025, on a planet far, far away from Earth

New York City

The crowded city beckoned with millions of people, mixed with different races, some who were different in nationality, some who were here for a short time in order to provide money for their families in their respective countries.

In one of the sky scraper building towering the city Zach Taylor, the former black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger and former world ambassador for the World Peace Summit sponsored by Angel Grove High School, was walking down a hallway.

Zach looked the same as he had before, although he was sporting shorter hair than he did back in his high school days. Zach was dressed professionally, wearing a back dress shirt, black dress pants, black sports coat, black shoes, and a lime green tie.

He stopped by and started to talk to a man in his early thirties.

"Hey Zach Man," the man greeted.

Zach smiled and shook his hand. "Jeff, nice dance video you made with Beyonce."

The man smiled. "Ya thank so? I tell you, that lady is a formidable woman."

"That's what I head," Zach knew how Beyonce Knowles was sweet but also very work minded.

"But I have to say your chorography moves in the last video you made are great too," Jeff was being polite.

Zach started to laugh a little. "I know, but it just seems like singers care more about dancing than singing good music."

"Hey, it's a sign of the times my friend," Jeff understood and also thought the same how music isn't really music anymore.

Moon Palace

Finster came walking to the main room where Zedd's thrown chair was at. The only person he found was Rito. "Where's Lord Zedd?"

Rito was sniffing at his own arm pits for some odd reason which Finster did not want to know why. "Boy, I think my stitch is worse than it was back at dad's castle."

Finster asked again. "Where's Lord Zedd?"

Rito stopped what he was doing and looked at the dog faced monster. "Oh him, he and sis went to their bedroom. I think they're going to do it, if you know what I mean!"

Finster shook his head and walked to another side of the palace where Rita and Zedd's room was located.

Rita was surveying the bedroom. "Still as grotesque as ever."

"Ah yes, but with you in here, it makes it look even worse," Zedd charmed his wife.

Both laughed together.

Suddenly there was a noise at the door. Finster knocked on it.

"If it's that idiot brother of yours, I'm personally going to break all the bones off of his body. He probably thinks we're doing you know what and is trying to get a good laugh out of it," Lord Zedd told his wife.

"Porbably doing it," Rita mumbled to herself. "Fat chance."

She went to the door and opened it and saw Finster. "Well, what do you want?"

"Sorry to disturb you my queen but I have just found the location of the former black ranger."

"Ahh," she smiled at the monster maker. "Where is he?"

By then, Zedd had joined her to listen to Finster debrief them.

"He's in New York City," Finster continued.

"New York City!" Both villains said in unison, curious as to why Zach was there of all places.

Zedd started to walk around, thinking to himself. Rita looked on at her husband, wondering what he planned to do.

As lightening seemed to strike in a bottle, Zedd got an idea. "Time to send Goldar after the former ranger, my sweet."

"Apparently the former black ranger is on his way in to a meeting and is in a building," Finster added, giving more details.

Zedd clapped his hands with delight. "Oh this is just too perfect."

Rita and Zedd walked out of their room and headed towards the main thrown room. Finster was behind them.

"Poor Zach is about to have the last meeting of his life," Zedd said. He started to laugh.

New York City

Zach made his way to the front area where his meeting was going to take place. He approached a young woman of Aisin descent, in her early twenties, who was behind a desk. "Hey Rhona."

"How you doing today Zach?" The lady asked.

Zach nodded. "Not bad, and you?"

"Still having problems with my boyfriend, you know the story," she answered, not going into too much detail attention, as she had told Zach her story several times before.

"Sounds pretty touch. Hope you two kids work things out," Zach understood how love can be a tricky thing. After all, he had his fair share of problems of the opposite sex, one particular woman named Angela who went to the same high school as he did. Angela needed too much attention and Zach couldn't give into her demands every minute.

But that still did not stop Zach from going after women who seemed to be the same way, stuck up and conceded about themselves. Maybe that's why Zach had not pursue anybody in a good while. He always seemed to attract the wrong women.

"Anyway, your meeting is in there," Rhona said as she smiled the man."

"Thanks Rhona."

He walked past the receptionist and opened the redwood colored doors. As he entered, he looked at the room which was quite enormous, or so Zach thought.

The room itself housed a circular round marble table accompanied by ten office type black chairs. Behind the room were a series of windows that started at the end of the floor and stopped at the top of the wall, giving a clear view of the city.

Zach looked at the only chair that was turned away, facing the direction of the windows. "Mr. Brock, I'm Zach Taylor."

The chair swiveled around. Zach was thinking he was about to see the man in question for his meeting. But there was someone else, which surprised him.

"Oh my god. Goldar?"

Suddenly two tenga birds appeared from out of nowhere and grabbed a hold of the former black ranger.

Zach tried to get out of their grasp, but was unsuccessful. The birds were to strong for him.

He looked at Goldar. "What do you want with me? I thought you were dead."

Goldar walked over at him and smiled with delight. "You shall soon see my friend, very soon indeed."

And with that, the tengas disappeared with Zach.

"Meeting adjourned," Goldar started to laugh and then disappeared in a flash of light.

Moon Palace

Goldar walked into the thrown room where Zedd, Rita, Vile, Rito, and Scorpina were at.

"One down, five to go," the golden warrior said to his masters.

Zedd started to snicker. "Ha ha, excellent. You finally did something useful for a change Goldar."

"Yes, about time someone from your army did something worth talking about that was not a mishap," Vile probably should not have said such a remark, but already blurted the statement out, even though Zedd probably did not want to hear it.

Zedd glared at his father in law for a brief moment before being interrupted.

"Lord Zedd, Queen Rita," Finster said as he was quickly walking over to them from another room.

"What is it?" Zedd looked at him.

"I have found the location of the former red, yellow, and pink rangers," Finster stated his findings to the villains in the room.

"Oh excellent," Zedd was happy. "You do have your moments Finster, few yes, but nonetheless."

Rita looked at Scorpina. "I believe you have some former business to repay back to Jason, do you not?"

Scorpina nodded. "It's been so long since I've faced him. This shall work out beautifully," she said smiling at Rita Repulsa.

"Wait a minute," Rito said scratching his helmet. "I thought Rocky was the red ranger?"

Zedd's skin turned a different shade of red. "Idiot! There were two red rangers. Jason was the first one."

"Oh, I knew that," Rito replied. "Thanks for the info Ed."

Zedd didn't even bother but just growled.

"Just where is the red ranger anyway?" Vile said.

"He's actually in Angel Grove working in the Angel Grove Police Force," Finster answered Vile's question.

"I can easily disguise myself as one of the local law enforcements," Scorpina knew she could carry out the task and get the former red ranger.

"Good," Rita said. She then looked at her brother. "You can go after the yellow ranger."

"Who, Aisha?" Rito looked dumbfounded at her sister.

Finally Zedd snapped. He grabbed his staff by his thrown chair and used it to hit Rito on the head. "Fool!"

Rito cried out in pain, rubbing his head. "Owe, why did you do that for Ed?"

If Zedd had eyes, he would roll them in disgust. "Aisha was the second yellow ranger. The first one's name is Trini."

"Oh yeah," Rito continued to rub his head. "You know, this helmet doesn't do that much protecting."

"That's because there's nothing to protect in there," Goldar chuckled at the skeleton.

Getting back on track, Finster continued. "Trini is currently in Japan, in a small village." Finster gave Zedd a piece of paper that had the coordinates of Trini's location.

"Ah very good Finster," Zedd studied the piece of paper. He then gave it to Rito. "Try not to fuck up this time, will you?"

"Hey, I'm not Goldar here," Rito looked at the monkey faced warrior.

Goldar didn't care for the remark. "Why I oughta," he said pointing his sword at Rito.

Zedd glared. "Stop it, both of you!" He yelled at both monsters.

"And where is that precious Kimberly at?" Rita was wondering.

"She is actually in Florida, teaching gymnastics at a high school in Miami," Finster replied.

Zedd looked at Goldar. "You shall have the pleasure of getting her Goldar."

Finster gave the coordinates to Goldar who accepted the piece of paper.

"Now go, and get those rangers," Zedd ordered.

All three warriors obeyed and disappeared in a flash of light.


Peaceful tranquility Trini thought to herself.

She looked at the open space of wilderness as she walked on her front porch. She moved to one of the chairs by the front door and sat down.

In her hand was a cup of tea. She started to drink it.

As Trini drank, she looked around. Trees surrounded the home that she was now occupying. It was peaceful, relaxing. Trini would often sit on the front porch and gaze at the scenery, mother nature, her friend. Since she was little, Trini enjoyed being in the wilderness with nature for it let her clear her mind of everything that was going on with her life. She let herself go. She did not have to worry about anything at all.

But there was something to be said being out away from everyone. She was isolated from the major cities in Japan. True there were homes in the small town she lived in, but the nearest house was half a mile down the road. It wasn't like the neighborhood she grew up in Angel Grove where there were rows of houses stacked up right next to each other. although Trini was a nature lover, she did have to get used to the idea of not having someone next door to her. It took some time but she started to enjoy not having to worry about seeing someone next door.

"Ah, this is the life," she said as she continued to sip her tea. She put her head back against the chair and started to close her eyes.

For a minute, it was quite, the way Trini wanted it to be. But then several birds flew by screeching. They started to fly in circles around her house. She opened her eyes to see what was going on. She continued to look at the birds, wondering why they were acting strangely.

Suddenly a flash of light appeared right next to Trini.

Rito looked at the former yellow. "Hi honey, I'm home!"

Trini dripped the tea cup which crashed to the ground and broke into several pieces. She got up and stared at the monster.

"Oh don't get up on my account sweetie," Rito looked at Trini. "Say, you're kinda cute."

Trini swallowed hard. "Who, who are you?"

"Rito Revulto's the name and kidnapping you is my game," he started to move towards the woman.

Trini started to walk backwards, walking away from him. "Hey, you're the monster the power rangers fought after I left."

"Oh do tell sweetie," Rito continued to advance towards the former yellow ranger.

Trini then started to run away and headed to the grass. But as she was looking at Rito who was still chasing her, she hit two putties and fell to the ground.

Her eyes widened with horror at the foot soldiers she used to fight before giving up her powers and going to the peace summit.

The two putties grabbed Trini and disappeared.

Satisfied, Rito also disappeared in a flash of red.

Miami Florida

Kimberly Hart, the former pink ranger, looked at her class, full of young high school girls who wanted to become better at the sport of gymnastics.

Kimberly had on her usual outfit tights, showing of her small petite figure she was still displaying. "Okay guys that's it for today. Remember to get some rest for since we have a big competition in the following weeks."

The bell rang and the girls grabbed their things and headed out the gym doors.

Kimberly walked back to her office, about to get something. As she approached her office, she saw a figure sitting behind her desk with the chair faced the other way. She saw some wings stretched out and quickly put two and two together. "It can't be….."

The chair swiveled around to reveal Goldar. "But it is Kimmy!"

"Goldar!" She screamed his name out, wondering if someone had heard her. She turned around and started to run away. "This can't be happening. This has to be a dream."

Kimberly had moved out of the gym and started running in the hallway of the high school she taught at. She darted past high school students and teachers alike. She didn't care what they thought she was doing. All Kimberly knew is her past had come back and wanted her.

Kimberly managed to find a bathroom and went inside it. By then she was breathing heavily due to being scared by Goldar. She locked the door and placed her back on the door.

She decided to put some water on her face and moved towards one of the sinks. As she splashed water on her face, she looked in the mirror. "Tell me I was dreaming."

Suddenly Goldar appeared and grabbed her. "Oh but you weren't." He looked at his image along with Kimberly's image in the mirror. "We make such a nice couple, don't we?"

Kimberly started to scream and squirm her way out of Goldar's grasp. Goldar and Kimberly disappeared leaving the bathroom empty.

Angel Grove

After high school, Jason had a calling to join the police force. He thought that by becoming an officer, he would be making a difference just like the time he was a power ranger. It was something about helping people and protecting the innocent and stopping the criminals that appealed to Jason more so than anything else. He thought that becoming a police officer would continue his job of helping people when he started to do it when he because a power ranger his freshman year of high school.

Still there were quite a few differences in being a police officer compared to a power ranger. For one he did not have a costume that protected him from bullets like he did in the past. Nor did he have any special weapons other than his pistol he carried around that could help him. But that did not bother Jason at all as he enjoyed his work.

He pulled his red 67 Ford Mustang he had purchased and restored in his spare time into a parking spot. He looked at the Youth Center, the old hangout spot he and his friends used to spend hours in, drinking smoothies, doing homework, and working out. Jason missed those days as he sometimes thought back with nostalgia. But those days were gone and all of his friends were spread out across the world, heck, across the galaxy since Billy no longer lived on Earth.

Jason got out of the car and approached the doors to get inside. Since Jason was a detective, he got to wear a dress shirt and dress pants, and a sports jack to complete the suit if he desired.

He walked in and saw Ernie, the owner of the Juice Bar helping a customer, a young boy probably the age of fourteen.

Ernie glanced at Jason. "Oh hiya Jason."

Jason smiled at his friend. Ernie had managed to lose some weight while he was in South America for a year.

He sat down at a stool.

"What can I get you Jas?" He asked.

"Strawberry smoothie, Ernie," Jason smiled.

"You got it."

A woman walked over to Jason, another police officer, only she was actually wearing a uniform. "There you are."

Jason did not understand. "Can I help you?"

"The captain needs you in his office," the woman stated. "I'm Officer Yusara. I'm new to the force, probably why you don't know me."

Jason looked at the woman and finally got up. "But if the captain needed to see me, why did he not call me on my cell phone?"

The woman shrugged her soldiers. "I don't know. All I do know is I was ordered to come over here and tell you."

Suddenly Jason though of something. "I bet the guys are planning something for me."

The woman did not understand where Jason was coming from. "Guys? Plans?"

Jason smiled at the woman. "Yeah sure you don't understand. That's how it always works."

Ernie came back with the smoothie Jason had ordered. "Here you go Jason, one strawberry smoothie."

"Uh, Ernie, afraid I'm going to have to take a rain check on that smoothie. Something came up."

"Hey no problem Jason. Just pay me the next time you come around," Ernie understood Jason needed to go.

Jason gave a thumbs up at the man. "Thanks Ernie, you're the best."

Jason and the woman officer walked off. They finally got outside when the woman got in front of Jason and stared at him.

He did not know what was going on. "What's wrong? Jason asked.

Suddenly the woman's wardrobe changed along with her appearance.

Jason's eyed widened. "Oh shit!" The woman in front of him was Scopina.

"You're coming with me red ranger."

Two putties appeared and grabbed Jason. The strawberry smoothie landed on the ground with some of it spilling on the concrete sidewalk.

"Let go of me clay heads!"

Scorpina grabbed Jason's face and looked at him. "You're still has handsome as ever."

Jason tried to break free of the putties but couldn't.

Scorpina went in and kissed Jason on the lips. She then stepped back and looked at him. "Maybe we can do that some more later."

The putties, Scorpina, and Jason disappeared.