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As time passed on, the two would live for many happy centuries, and also get to see there son get married to his true love, Rose, six months after the masquerade. With the taking of his first and only bride, Rose, Vlad and Helena gave them the summer palace in Bucharest for there new home.

Anna and Gabriel would have three children together, one of which they named after Helena.

Time would pass on and the new spring would bring Vlad and Helena another joy. A baby girl would be born to them, and Adorjan would be blessed with a sister. They gave there daughter the name of Maura, in remembrance of Maura's sacrifice.

In the end, everything was as it should be, and it would go on as such for a years to come. For there love was stronger then death, and no matter what happened, they never forgot each other, and not even time itself could break them apart.

For in the end, True love Conquers All.

The End

WOOOOOO...DONE!. That took so long to write. I'm so sad this is over! BUT...there's gonna be a SEQUEL! WEEEEE! LOL. Remember, My dear...forgive me for tricking you. It wasn't my fault...LOL...I told you my plotline was really...really...REALLY...twisted. LOL. Welp...Hope to see all of you in the sequel.