Blood Room

I walk out and I walk back in
And I see blood with you two,
Being in the same room…
I also see limbs and smears

Broken glass litters the ground,
The wind howls in the silence,
That should not live.

There's the moon shining down;
On the two figures below
The chasm splits across the
Opal mist that spreads in the distance
As the Watcher walks ever-so closer.

The Watcher walks towards the impending doom
But does not ready for combat,
The Watcher merely stands there
Deadly as the death of night:

A cold rose to the touch
Only to send you crashing down to
The depths of the Abyss and terror…

The expression in the Watcher's eyes speak
Of more and yet nothing that a mere mortal
Could comprehend in their lifetime,
Something that is to be told
And withheld within that same breath…

A blade whistles through the air,
While a gun's chamber clicks and is pulled.
The recoil snaps as the blade screams,
And I am the Watcher who
Stands there and does nothing.

For there is no emotion in my heart of ice and death;

Thus called the Wander of living lies…
Conceit and betrayal…
For a Watcher and a Wander
Never helps another soul;
While a war is being waged between the two…