Fall down and I'll get back up.
Keep walking; I'll still be here,
Waiting until death…

I'll be forever sitting there.

Keep listening for the words,
You'll never hear out loud,
Just keep blocking it out.

Denying is easier than telling the truth.
Chains will hold you down,
The truth will restrain your heart and soul.

Raised from the ashes of pain,
And the lake of your tears,
Still you don't see me as I wave,
During the midsummer walking;
By the cold stream of our loneliness the dark…

Looking up you can see that golden moon.
The one we use to dance under in the golden age.
The one you destroyed with your loneliness.

For once a upon a time, I could always see
A ray of life in your black soul…
A key to fit the sacred lock,
That covered your heart.

Turn back or walk on.
I'll be waiting here in the darkness,
Just waiting until death
Or when the silence dies…

Because they make their rounds
At the midnight hour end…