By: Sokai

Note: This was just something I found on one of my old floppy disks, that I actually remember having to write back in elementary school when I was eleven (by creating a short story out of a picture we'd find in a magazine. And since my older brother had a lot of those video game mags, I found one, a little cartoon drawing of these geeky, glasses wearing, red headed kid, playing his Sega Genesis in the dark. And so, here's my story).

This story was written in February 1995.

There once was a boy named Kid who stayed in is house all day and never came out no matter

what. All he ever did was play Sega Genesis. Kid's parents warned him that if he played the Sega

Genesis one more time, he'd become the game. Of course, Kid didn't believe them, so he simply


"Yeah right!"

One day, Kid went downstairs to his room to play video games. When he did . . . Zap! He got

sucked in his T.V.! Unfortunately, the game was Mortal Kombat 2!

"What am I doing here!" Kid questioned.

Just then, Kid saw Kitana and Mileena fighting against each other! Then, suddenly, Kintaro had

come out of nowhere and started running after Kid. Kid ran, and ran until he got tired. Kintaro

threw a fireball at Kid, but he ducked. Then Kintaro jumped up to stomp on Kid, but he moved just

in time. Then Kid jump-kicked and hit him!

When Kintaro was about to jump up again to stomp him, something had caught Kid's eye . . . It

was Sonya and Kano captured! Kid thought about freeing them, but Kintaro had taken advantage

of his poor concentration. He had come down to stomp on him!

"Aaaa!" Kid cried.

Just at that moment he woke up.

"Whew, it was just a dream," said Kid with a sigh of relief.


Suddenly the door flew open. It was . . . Kintaro!

"Aaaaa!" screamed Kid.

It was just a dream, he thought. Or maybe it was a nightmare come to life!

-- The End

(A.N. I know: "Horrible!" Well, what'd you expect? I WAS only eleven years old at the time that I wrote this. But, actually, I always liked this cute story of mine, and so decided not to revise anything in it and post it as it was written back then, eleven years ago! So don't waste both of our times with flames, because they'll only be ignored.)