Sasuke swore he wasn't curious. Even when Kakashi came home lugging a odd shaped bag behind him. Sasuke never got curious about anything. Except maybe what was under Kakashi's mask, why Naruto liked ramen so much, why Sakura didn't fangirl him anymore, why fans were so scary, what Tsunade really looked likeā€¦ er okay, he was curious about a lot of things. One comment about a kitten and he'd rip you a new one, he got enough comments like that from the people he knew.

But as it was the fact still remained he didn't have a clue what was in the bag. He refused to give in to curiosity. I mean look at where it got him with Kakashi's mask. A big fat nowhere. It's when he gave up trying that he got anywhere. He didn't mind really, had team 7 seen Kakashi's face when they all ganged up together, he wouldn't be able to lord it over them that he knew what Kakashi's face looked like. He was still pretty proud of himself.

Back to the bag though. Damn it! Bag! Bad Sasuke! No side-tracking! Alright, he's calm.

Kakashi took that moment to walk out into the kitchen where Sasuke was.

"I'll cook dinner." An odd look from an odd man, but no comments.

"I'll go have a shower!"

"Don't touch the bag." Sasuke didn't like Kakashi's psychic moments. They happened at inopportune moments.

"What bag?"

Sasuke wasn't happy. Really unhappy actually. Almost brood worthy unhappy. He knew Kakashi was enjoying every minute of his discontent too. Dinner, movie, cuddles on the couch. Alright, he wasn't complaining about that part. Who in their right mind would? What he was unhappy about was that Kakashi was stalling their ascent into their bedroom. If he didn't know any better he would swear that Kakashi was trying to get him to fall asleep on the couch. Nah! No one ever slept on nights like this. All Kakashi's fault of course. Sasuke felt rather than saw the look his brain sent him.

Sasuke awoke to sunlight streaming through a window that was usually covered. Wasn't it? Wait, that's where Kakashi normally slept. On that side of the bed. Okay. Sasuke started to fall back to sleep.

Wait! Where was Kakashi! Straining his hearing the sound of pots, pans and refrains of song wafted up into the bedroom. Odd, but so was Kakashi. It was plausible. Sasuke wasn't paranoid like the rest of the ninja, he wasn't going to assume that some strange killer wasn't making pancakes in the kitchen with Kakashi's blood. Besides, no one would eat Kakashi flavored pancakes.

By this time Sasuke had woken up and realised that something else was different. There was a piece of paper stuck to his forehead. Pulling it off and reading it made him realize the blanket was different too.

"Dear Sas-uke-chan, (angry veins popped up)

I decided to take initiative and buy you a blanket so you might stop stealing mine.


Sasuke threw the paper behind him carelessly. He leaned over and grabbed the blanket he'd named as his. Proceeding to curl up into both new and old blankets he fell back into the oblivion that is sleep smiling at the though, 'Kakashi said 'might stop' not that he had to stop.'