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Another little one-shot from me, this time James is thinking about Lily's charm! I'm having trouble writing the next chapter of The Bond, so hopefully this will help me with some inspiration!

NOTE: If you have not read the first story 'Prongs Rides Again' and it's sequel one-shot 'Lily's Final Spell' then you will not understand this story. It is a very good idea to read them before reading this.



By MissBlackPotter

Summary: James Potter muses over his wife's last act of magic before her death, and what it means to him. A one-shot set after my fic 'Prong's Rides Again'.


From the moment I met Lily I knew she was an extraordinary. The moment my eyes fell upon her, I knew we were bound to be together. In all my wildest dreams I did not think Lily would like me, no matter how hard I tried, yet I was wrong.

She fell for me and our love blossomed. We were far more powerful together then separately.

Her long, red hair….her green eyes…everything about her was…gorgeous. I loved Lily with all my heart, I'd die for her.

And yet, as fate would have it, she died for me, something that I can never forgive myself for.

"I invoked an ancient piece of magic that bonded father and son together…."

Her voice sounds as sweet as it does now within my head as it did the day she said 'hi' to me on the first day of term when we first met.


What she told me within the veil was something that changed my life.

And fate.

If it was not for her, I would be dead and Harry would have no one. Her spell….her final spell enabled me to be here today, to be with our son, and aid him to survive. Without Lily, none of this would've happened.

Without her, I am nothing, and yet I am whole.

Harry is my priority, just as Lily would feel if she was here today.

Even in her final moments, Lily's thoughts were on the welfare of her son. She had lost her husband, yet she still stayed strong.


That was the spell Lily performed to save my life, and yet I didn't know. She sacrificed her life to give me and Harry a chance, and for that, I will always love her.

She is my flower, my shining star, my savour, and I will never forget her brave deed.

My Lily is gone, but her magic flows through me and Harry, keeping her alive. And that is something I will strive to keep for as long as I live in this world.

My Lily charmed me, and that has done more then she ever thought possible.

May she live in peace, where ever she dwells.

I will forever love you.

Well, there you go. My little one-shot. I hope you lot enjoyed it! Please let me know what you think!