~~~~~~~*Birdy the Mighty*~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~*Birdy the Mighty*~~~~~~~~

~~~*How Much Water Can a Vessel Hold?*~~~

I haven't been keeping track at all, so I can't tell you what number fic this is. I've been writing all kinds of goofy things ever since I could write, and often call it my guilty pleasure, because if anyone knew what kind inspiration, passion, and life writing gives me, there's a good chance it would be taken away from me. I just jumped in with FF.net, and this is the first thing I've ever written for it. So I guess I could say, this IS my FIRST fic. No more mushy stuff...

Birdy the Mighty is pretty obscure so I'll give you a quick rundown. Its actual name is Tetsuwan Birdy. It's an anime about an intergalactic police officer who tracks down a mad scientist to planet Earth and in the middle of a battle, kills an innocent bystander, a young boy named Tsutomu. As some kind of plea bargain, Birdy gives her body to him so he can live as normal. When she is called to duty, she can take over Tsutomu's actions and take her body back. When a character talks like this, it is in the mind, either as a thought, or the character is not on the outside. For some reason I fell in love with this story, unfortunately, there's only a handful of episodes. Oh well. More for me to expand on. I don't remember all the names; so don't be surprised if I just start making them up. The names I did remember are property of US Manga Corps.


      "RRRRR!!!! I'm telling you! Tsutomu is the only one who could possibly be taking my clothes! I don't know what he's doing with them, and personally I wouldn't be surprised if the dork were wearing them!" Hazumi angrily rummaged through her closet ripping empty hangers from the rack and tossed them across the room. She hated her brother with a passion, and knew there was something weird going on in his room.

      "Honey, I'm sure that my little boy is straight, and he is NOT taking your clothes. Maybe you lent them to a friend and forgot." Tsutomu's mother shook her head. She knew something was wrong lately with Tsutomu, and she even might have heard a female voice, but she just put her fingers in her ears and denied the whole thing.

      "I'm going to catch that creep, and beat him senseless for taking my favorite chenille sweater!" Hazumi pushed past her mother and across the hall to Tsutomu's room. The door was locked, and it was silent inside. "TSUTOMU!!!!!! GET OUT HERE NOW! GIVE ME BACK MY DARN CLOTHES!!!!

      "Dear!!!! Don't be so harsh! Tsutomu, honey, we'd like to speak with you..." She gently knocked on the door.

      "He even snuck out! Right now he's on the street wearing my clothes! Oh my gosh, my friends know he's my brother! I'm ruined!" she collapsed to her knees and cried into her hands.


"Birdy! Hurry up! It's late morning and they've probably noticed I've gone! And you're wearing my sister's clothes!" A voice rang out in Birdy's head.

"Don't worry! I'm hurrying. As soon as we're in the window you can be you. The clothes are your department since you took them." Birdy snickered as she floated up the side of the house and pried the window open.

Birdy was young, despite being a police officer, and still enjoyed the follies of being a teenager. She had gone out for a late night on the town, while Tsutomu was allowed to "sleep." The arrangement had worked for most of the time, unless Birdy was called to duty. Thankfully it was never in the middle of class. He would never be able to explain to Mr. Tanakawa on why he had turned into a scantily clad alien woman who fought interstellar criminals who experiment on the human mind.

They had just gotten into the room when she plopped on his bed and crossed her arms. She bowed her head, and when she raised it, it was Tsutomu's, and when they stood up, her body turned masculine, and soon she was gone. Tsutomu regained control and quickly composed himself.

"Gah! Birdy! You absorbed Hazumi's clothes! How am I supposed to return them!?!?" He felt around his body and bed and found that he wasn't wearing any clothes, and his sister's were gone too.

"Oopsie. She'll get them back later. She always does. I'd put something on if I were you. There's a draft in here." Birdie yawned and soon went to sleep.

"Grrr." Tsutomu hastily grabbed a robe and covered up. "I hope no one heard you as you came in here. It seemed like you could wake the dead with the noise you made."

"Ssshhh. Sleeping. Hee hee!" Birdy curled up and giggled to herself as she took comfort in his mind.

"Tsutomu!! I heard a lot of noise in there! Are you okay?" His mother knocked again.

"I'm fine mom! Just getting a late start this morning!" He ran to the door and unlocked it quickly. "Good morning! And how's my lovely sister this morning?" He smiled nervously.

"You have my clothes, Tsutomu. I'm going to get you. And if one thread is out of stitch, your head is nailed to my wall." She marched past him and burst into his closet. She tore everything down, and didn't find a single garment of her own. "You're lucky. But I will hunt you endlessly. And I will get my favorite sweater back from you."

"Well, it's Saturday dear. Your day is free, but I want to see you back for dinner at 7." His mother waved and ushered Hazumi away from the door.

Tsutomu let out a huge sigh and sat back in a chair. "I don't think I could put up with that every single weekend. Birdy?"

No answer.

"Never mind." He took a quick shower and put on his own clothing. The day was his, and there were no insane space aliens to muck it up. Birdy was asleep, and he was still in good with his girlfriend.


Natsumi was the only one who knew the deal between Birdy and Tsutomu, and didn't know whether to curse Tsutomu for helping that alien fugitive, or to thank Birdy for sustaining his life. For some reason, she wasn't concerned about sharing him with Birdy. Either way, her darling was still alive in some way. She was surprised to see him that afternoon. "Tsutomu! What are you doing here? How are you?"

"I'm fine, Natsumi! Care for some time downtown? We could catch up on things..." A smile was on his lips as all his cares and alternate bodies floated out of memory.

"Sure! There's a new shop on Kiro Street. And it's my favorite kind, ice cream!"

Tsutomu instantly turned green. "No ice cream. Please. That's all Birdy ever eats. It's like she lives off the stuff. When she tastes it, I taste it. And she eats at least 5 flavors at once. No more ice cream. EVER."

^_^' "Uh, okay. We can just go shopping then." She grabbed him by the arm and whisked him away.

They had a usual day, as a normal couple, no space aliens, no police APBs, no extra cool battles involving touching live power lines. They had made it through most of the day, and then Birdy woke up.

"*Yawn* Good Morning! What'd I miss? Oh, it's Natsumi. HI NATSUMI!" She called out to Natsumi in her voice, and waved Tsutomu's hand.

"Birdy must be up. Hi Birdy." She waved awkwardly at Tsutomu.

"I'm in the middle of a date. Go amuse yourself for a while. And tell someone else to cover the beat today. I want to spend the day with her!" Tsutomu didn't want anything to go wrong today.

"There's no one in this entire galaxy neighborhood but me. If something happens, I HAVE to go. Be lucky if I let you say goodbye. I'm turning on my signal. You can't hear it, but I'll give you some warning." Birdy said.

"Thanks a lot..." '¬_¬ Tsutomu tried to shrug off the comments, but made him slightly paranoid the rest of the time.

"What did she say?" Natsumi wanted to know what was going on in his head.

"Basically, Birdie's on call."



      Their date lasted until 5 pm. Tsutomu was happy that he was able to spend as much time with her as he did, he usually didn't get more than an hour with her. He had just dropped her off at her home, when Birdy shouted.

      "We gotta go! I just got a call that an unknown threat has been spotted outside the city. It will most likely be something that humans will try to confront so we have to hurry. I'm sorry Tsutomu." Birdy prepared them for transformation. Tsutomu tried to speak to Natsumi, but nothing came out.

      "Tsutomu! What's going on? Why are you just standing there? Is that Birdy?" Natsumi tried to reach out to him.

      Tsutomu jumped back quickly and gasped in pain. He quickly grew long white and pink hair, and his clothes started to absorb into him. His body turned feminine, and Birdy stood in his place. She hit a button on her wrist device, and her body armor appeared.

      "Birdy! Why did you do that! Do you just take over his life whenever you feel like it?" Natsumi looked at her with vengeful eyes.

      "I'm sorry. I have to go." Birdy didn't give either of them a second thought and leapt into the air. She was sorry that she had left so suddenly, but her work came first, and it seemed like an inconvenience at best to be sharing a body with a hormone crazed boy.

      "I didn't even get to say goodbye Birdy! The creature would still have been there." Tsutomu's voice was angry, and made Birdy slightly uncomfortable.

      "That's true, but the fact is, if the creature kills anyone, I'm responsible. And I can't let that happen. I can't return home until I get rid of you, and I can't get rid of you if my record says '40 bystanders killed when maverick demon attacks city.' The more people that die, the more time I get to spend with you."

      "Birdy? What will happen to me when your sentence is over?" Tsutomu was worried. Dying twice in a year wasn't the way to get into the Guinness Book of Records.

      "I don't know. Two things might happen. You might die. I hope that doesn't happen. The other thing is that you'll be given a new body. But for that to happen, you'll lose all memory of me. I think that would be best for you. It would scar you for eternity to flashback into knowing you are also an alien police chick who hunts down the worst of the universe and fights them in hand to hand combat." Birdy kept her eyes on her tracker. "We're almost there."

They landed in a heavily wooded area that was slightly dark. It was unusually silent, except where she softly tread on leaves.

      "What are we looking for? I don't hear or see anything!" Tsutomu strained to see through the trees.

      "I'm not sure. We'll know when we see it." Birdy dared not say anything aloud.

      They continued on until they spotted a young girl lying down under a tree. She was bruised and broken, breathing heavily, and barely conscious. She turned her head towards them and breathed a small whine. Her eyes were an odd white color.

      "She must've tried to confront the creature." Tsutomu looked at the body sadly.

      "Wrong. She IS the creature. She is a symbiotic creature. It had to seriously hurt the girl to take over her body."

      "What are you going to do with them?" He wondered if she was even going to live.

      "We'll see if we can heal her, and then we get the monster out of her." Birdy's wrist device glowed as a small portal opened over it. A menu shone in the darkness, and she selected a very large gun.

      "BIRDY, NO!!! You'll kill her!" Tsutomu tried to hold Birdy back, but couldn't even move her hand away.

      "I'm not going to kill her. First we have to heal her. If I try to remove the creature while she's this weak, it won't hesitate to kill her. If she's strong, she can fight it enough to reject it." Birdy aimed carefully and fired a clear beam at the child.

      The beam started at the girl's heart, and moved outward. Her wounds shrank and disappeared, her bones shifted and fit together. The girl remained still for a minute, then discovered she'd been healed. She stood up and faced Birdy.

      "My name is Birdy Cephon Alterra. I am an Intergalactic Federation Detective. You are under arrest. I command you to surrender or I will take actions to stop you."

      "Do they even understand-" Tsutomu was cut short as the child ran towards Birdy and tackled her with the force of a train.

      Birdy was thrown backwards into a tree, and surprised when the girl quickly came after her, fists clenched and ready to plant them on Birdy's face.

      "WHY DID I SEE THIS COMINNGGGG!!!" Tsutomu screamed as he was forced to watch Birdy get pummeled.

      "Oh shut up." She quickly moved her hand around to grab the girl's hand and push her away.

      The girl used Birdy's momentum to pull her away from the tree and swing Birdy off of her arm.

      "Okay, Sherlock. How do you plan to get the creature and not kill the girl?" Tsutomu sounded critical.

      "I think I have one option left. You know my Hyper Resolve?" She turned and ran away to buy some time. The girl quickly gave chase.

      "You can't use that! She'll disintegrate the minute you touch her!" He watched as she pulled out the bright white ball and pressed her fingers into it.

      "I'm not going to use it! Hyper Resolves don't work with human chemistry! It only works with alien DNA! And then it's harmful to any DNA but mine!" Birdy shouted. The ball grew tiny spikes and began to glow brighter.

      Birdy suddenly stopped and faced the girl. She stopped too, and finally opened her mouth. Her voice was distorted from the mind control. "Detective Alterra. I have done nothing wrong. I need hosts to survive. The child will not be harmed if you depart now."

      "Life forms out of the defined range cannot be controlled. Humans are low on the evolutionary chain, and must be left in peace."

      "Hey!" Tsutomu was insulted.

      "I see you have broken that rule yourself. You have two forces, Detective."

      "He is my ward and none of your concern. Earth is off limits to races outside of Andromeda space. Leave the child and surrender yourself." Birdy held up the Hyper Resolve. "Don't make me use this."

      "You would be willing to sacrifice the child?" The symbiote spoke quickly, and soon the child clutched her throat and gasped for air.

      "You asked for it!" Birdy screamed and charged. She quickly grabbed the child's arm, and before they could attack, she slammed the Hyper Resolve into the girl's hand.

      The girl's body began to glow, and Birdy's eyes turned white. The girl struggled to get away but couldn't get out of Birdy's grasp. The symbiote began to scream in pain, and reflected it in the child. Birdy ignored it, and pushed the pins of the Hyper Resolve deeper into their palm. Birdy could not understand why the symbiote had not tried to escape, and felt the Hyper Resolve begin to weaken.

      "Time to speed this up a little bit…" Birdy took the Hyper Resolve's power and turned it into a painful shock. The entire area turned bright with her power. The girl screamed louder, and Birdy felt the shock coming back to her…


      Tsutomu awoke from a deep sleep. Birdy was gone, and the child lay unconscious again at his feet.

      "Oh no…" Tsutomu lay back down and tried to assess the situation. "Birdy!! BIIRRRRR-DDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!"

      His mind was completely silent.

      "Rats." He sighed and tried to get up. He was incredibly sore, and found that some of his body had been burned like the last time she used too much power.

He couldn't think of what to do with the child, and then remembered that Birdy could control him. He wondered if he could do the same. But he was human, and much weaker than Birdy. He finally decided he couldn't do anything, picked up the child, and headed home. He snuck in the door and hoped to God that he wouldn't be caught.

He managed to get into his room and lay the girl on his bed. Tsutomu stood over her for a while and finally fell asleep on the floor. His watch beeped 8 o'clock. He was too tired to care whether his parents caught him or not. Hazumi could go to hell. He had just walked several miles into the city with an alien girl in his arms. He experienced more power than any human can dream of, and had already been dead and resurrected. No one could tell him anything. He pulled a blanket over himself and went to sleep.


      Tsutomu awoke three hours later to three surprised faces. Mom and dad also had a slight look of worry. Hazumi looked as charming as usual.

      "TSUTOMU! Why are you on the floor? Who is this child? Why weren't you at dinner?" His father pointed to his watch.

      "I'm not on my bed because she's there. She's there because I saved her from an accident. I wasn't at dinner cause I was busy saving her. I'm not sure who she is. She's been unconscious for the past several hours." He told a half-truth. All of it was true except it wasn't him doing the saving. "I'm fine, mom and dad. I just have second degree burns on a third of my body and I've passed out twice from exhaustion."

      "Oh, dear…" His mom gave him a big hug. He screamed from the burns.

      "Don't make like you're in pain. What have you been doing? You save children? You couldn't save a cat from a tree. Something is up! I'm telling you, mom!" Hazumi grabbed him by the collar.

      "Grrr. Don't touch me, Hazumi. I'm telling the truth and nothing is wrong." He slapped her hand away.

      "Why are you acting like this? You never act like this, Tsutomu." His mom looked slightly worried.

      He was getting tired of his family and wished to clear up this entire mess. "BIRDY! WAKE UP! WAKE UP NOW! BIRDY! PLEASE. GET UP! DON'T MAKE ME TAKE OVER!" He began to growl in the back of his throat.

      "Are you going to get me? Right in front of mom and dad?" Hazumi taunted and poked him.

      "RRRRRRRRR!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" the frustration finally took over and he screamed loud enough to scare everyone.

      His concentration focused on Birdy and he started to glow. His eyes turned white and began to morph into her. His hair lengthened and changed colors, he grew a few inches taller, and gained a woman's body. Birdy in full armor stood before them.

      Mom passed out. Tsutomu's dad could only stare at Birdy's body. Hazumi shouted, "I knew you took my clothes!"

      Tsutomu's voice changed into Birdy's. "This is why I've been missing. This is not "me." This is Officer Cephon Birdy Alterra. She saved my life. I as Senkawa Tsutomu am dead. As a plea bargain for her life, her commanding officer gave me my life back in her body. I think I'm part alien now." Tsutomu put his hand to the back of his head and laughed.

      "You look good as a woman, son!" His dad tried to ease the tension.

Tsutomu and Hazumi looked at him ugly. He shut up immediately and tried to revive their mother.

Tsutomu glowed again and came up with a stack of clothes in his arms. He tossed them at Hazumi. "I'm sure Birdy would say thank you if she were awake." He concentrated again and melted back into his regular body. "I have to wake Birdy up, so we can figure out what to do with this girl." He pointed to the unconscious child. "I wonder why they aren't awake yet."

"Why are you sharing the same body? Couldn't she have just given your life back without having to share?" Hazumi asked. "And just HOW LONG have you been 'dead'?"

      "About four months. It hasn't been too bad except when Birdy drags me out of my warm bed in the middle of the night to battle intergalactic mad scientists. I think Birdy destroyed my body when she attacked me. She says we're too fragile." Tsutomu rolled his eyes.

      "Um, riiiiigggghhhhttttt…" She went to help dad revive mom.

      "Hmm. And somehow I feel much better. Now that that's done, Oh, BIRDY…" Tsutomu tapped his head.

      Still no response.


      He walked around. How am I supposed to wake her up? I can't get to her! I don't want to ask her commander. She'll probably get in trouble. Although she deserves it for using that Hyper Resolve…" ¬_¬ He quickly locked his bedroom door and opened the window. "Dang! What do I do about the girl? And how do I get down from a two-story building? This is really starting to bite."

      He went over to the girl and felt her pulse. Strangely, there was one, but she also wasn't breathing. He looked down at his hand and his regular watch turned into Birdy's computer. He switched it on and blindly pressed buttons. Since he couldn't read her language, he'd just have to guess. He went through a menu of guns, ID's, names, and an odd array of what he thought was supposed to be food rations. He quickly went through the entire computer, with no success or clue.

      "Okay Birdy. You've slept long enough. I can't keep her here. Something's wrong with her. And who knows when that alien will wake up." He stopped talking out loud. "Dangit Birdy. Don't make me come in there after you-" he stopped. If he could take her body, and she could take his, and they could communicate, then surely there must not be too much a partition between them. "Yes! Now how to do this… And she's not going to approve. Tough."

      Tsutomu sat down at the foot of the bed. He closed his eyes, and used the same concentration that brought out Birdy's body. Nothing happened on the outside. Tsutomu felt a strange headache as if he'd been thinking to hard. A sharp pain hit his mind so that he quickly stopped.

      "Grr! That wasn't it. This isn't working. How in the world am I supposed to do this!? Stupid human brain!" His frustration clouded his mind further.

      Tsutomu calmed down and tried again. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…" he stared at the ceiling and concentrated on the sound of his voice. All thoughts disappeared and he finally managed to hear it. A tiny voice, very faint, crying softly.

      It didn't sound like Birdy. It surprised him and he returned to his normal state. "Jeez! What is going on in there!? Where is Birdy?" He turned around and looked at the vacant shell of the girl. "No! No no no no no!!!!! Anything but that! Her too?! GAH! I don't have enough room up there! Someone's got to go." He sighed heavily and tried to get her back.

      He lay back again and concentrated. It was easier this time. He cleared his mind and the same soft crying. By focusing on it, Tsutomu was able to get closer to its source. He found a small spark, moving very slowly. "Who are you? You can't be Birdy. Where is Birdy?" He spoke softly.

      "Who is Birdy? I can't get out! Help me! Please! Where are we?" the voice started crying again, and the spark moved away from him.

      "No! No! Come back! I can help you! Please don't run away. Don't cry. I need you to help me too. Who are you?"

      "I'm Sakuri." The spark replied.

      "My name is Tsutomu. Sakuri, I'm looking for a woman named Birdy. She rescued us, and she's our only ticket out of here." He lied. Birdy probably didn't know anything about what was going on. And since she hadn't responded to him in several hours, there was a small chance she wasn't even alive.

      "What does she look like?" she stopped crying.

      He quickly thought. Why did she look like a spark? Why couldn't it be easy and they look like people? "Grrr. I'm not sure exactly. I guess she normally looks like a tall girl with pink and white hair. On the other hand she might be nothing more than a spark."

      "I saw a very dim light, then you found me. But this all looks the same. I don't know where it is."

      _ "Rats! Why did all this have to be so complex?" He thought to himself. "Okay. I'll find her. I can't lose you so you'll have to come along. Stay with me, okay?" He reached out to the light.

      Tsutomu looked at his own body and saw that there was nothing there but light. The other light touched him, and he was able to see her. He knew it was the same girl that was lying on the bed, but now she had a face and body.

      "Tell me, what do I look like, Sakuri?"

      "A boy, kinda short. You must be in high school. You have black hair. Brown eyes. Don't you know what you look like?" Sakuri said.

      "Um, sure. It's just that I can't see very well in here, and I wanted to make sure you weren't afraid of me." He assured.

      "Okay." ^_^ Sakuri wasn't sad anymore.

      "I need you to help me. I need you to concentrate VERY HARD on the dim light you saw." There was no way he was going to find her by just 'walking' and looking around. He might as well try the asinine solutions first.

      Sakuri closed her eyes tight and clenched her fists. Nothing happened at first, but when Tsutomu followed her and concentrated on Birdy, they felt an unearthly breeze blowing past them. When he opened his eyes, he saw Birdy. Her spark was very dim, and flickered sometimes.

      "Oh Birdy!" He let go of Sakuri and 'ran' to what was left of his friend. He reached out to her, and her body formed. Tsutomu grabbed Birdy's shoulders and supported her head. She was unconscious, but breathing heavily. "C'mon! You still have your sentence to serve. You die, we both die! Please wake up!!"

      "What's wrong with her? Are we all gonna die?" Sakuri looked panicky.

      "Why do children ask those kinds of questions?!" Tsutomu hastily answered with a hollow "No." Then his concentration went back to Birdy.

      "Birdy, it's me. It's Tsutomu. Did you really shock yourself that hard? I need you." His thoughts jumped around. "Medical attention. No, that won't work, she's not human. I could shock her, that's not an option. Use that gun she used on Sakuri. No, I'd just be shooting myself. Another Hyper Resolve? She'd go into shock and die…" The random scenarios continued until Sakuri walked around him and sat beside Birdy.

      "She's pretty. Can she really save us?" Sakuri touched her arm to see Birdy.

      "I don't know. I think I have to save her first. I'm going to get help. I need you to do something very special. You have to stay with Birdy and keep her company."

      "But what about you? I can't stay here by myself. You still haven't told me where here is."

      "We are inside me. You're kind of like a thought now. I'm thinking about what's inside me. Birdy and you are inside me. Get it?"


      "That's okay. I swear I'll be right here all the time. You just won't be able to see me. All you have to do is shout real loud if you need me. If Birdy wakes up, I need you to tell me immediately. It's really important."


      Tsutomu inhaled sharply and opened his eyes. He was back in his room, and only a few minutes had passed. He decided that with no mind to take over the alien couldn't do much with just a shell. He left her body on the bed and proceeded to try and climb out of the window.


He forgot about his transformation and fell two stories to the garden below. After groaning about his broken butt for five solid minutes, he made his way up the street. All he knew at this point was to find Birdy's ship in the junkyard.

When he got there, his task looked impossible. It was dark, and the amount of debris had tripled since last time he'd been there. "Birdy, if we get out in two respective pieces, you can have your life back. Putting up with you is just too much work."

Tsutomu set to work on finding the pile of old cars with a silver ship underneath. It took him two hours, but he opened the car door to an old pickup truck and found a long hallway.

"This is absolutely ingenious, Birdy. Now, how do I start this thing?" He reached the ship's computer and stared at the 12-foot across panel. "I better not need all of this." Tsutomu began to blindly touch pictures on the panel.

The computer started quickly, and showed the seal of the Intergalactic Federation Police. It took away the seal and displayed four menus. All were in Birdy's language.

"Not again! This thing is too big for me to hit any button and not fire the laser cannons. Translate, blast you!" Tsutomu kicked one of the bottom panels.

The computer heard and obeyed. The panel went dark and came back up in Kanji. Tsutomu gave it a hard stare for a minute before he walked over to the wall and started banging his head against it. _ "If I knew it was going to be that EASY!" he growled. He brought up Birdy's watch. "Translate!" he spoke into it. Again, the watch went dead and lit up again in Kanji. "Well shoot. I'm here now…"

Tsutomu studied the panel for a few seconds. He decided he could only open a channel and hope that lion creature who spoke to Birdy would answer. The screen darkened, and lit with Commander Mikar sitting at his desk. Tsutomu breathed a small sigh of relief.

"This is Commander Mikar. How may I help you?" the lion didn't recognize him.

"Commander, It's me Tsutomu Senkawa. Birdy Alterra is my other half."

"Tsutomu? What are you doing using her computer? Where is Birdy?"

"We need help. I think Birdy is dying. I can't help her. There's another person with me. I think Birdy saved her too, the way she saved me. She's keeping watch over Birdy. You have to help us. There's a symbiote alien in my room, and I can't get rid of it until Birdy wakes up and gets this child out of us."

The commander could only shake his head. "You've got all kinds of problems don't you? I told Birdy not to do anything to you and here you are, she's not here, there are aliens loose, there's a third person with you, and Birdy's got some serious explaining to do-"

"Don't be mad at her. She was fighting the symbiote, and it was killing the girl, so she used a Hyper Resolve. She used it against the alien's DNA, I remember it got very bright, and then everyone passed out. Haven't heard from her since." Tsutomu thought about leaving this part out, but it nagged at him that this happened even though Birdy said it wouldn't.

"I'm not sure what to do… Things are screwed up all over. I don't even understand how you're still alive. I need to do some diagnostics and ask her what the hell happened-"

"First Birdy has to wake up. Because she's in my mind, I can't do anything for her. The only thing I can do is this." He quickly morphed into Birdy. "A lot of good this does me. I wish I could put her outside so you could do something for her."

"Why do you have access to her body?" Mikar narrowed his eyes at him.

"Why did she have access to mine? I turned into her when I tried to scare my family." He changed back to himself. Being a woman felt wrong to him. Especially Birdy.

"If you can force her body to the top, then why not her mind? You somehow managed to cross the barrier between two entities, then you can manipulate her entire entity. I can revive her from here if you can just let Birdy be completely on the outside." Mikar opened his computer controls and took control of the ship.

Lights flickered on, machines in the background began to hum softly, and the computer began to display more options.

"But Birdy can't control my mind, and she's a bit more powerful than I am. Isn't there something else that I can do?" Tsutomu sat down at the ship's control panel and began to think.


That's it for Chapter One. I really need to know what y'all think of this so I can keep this up or give up and call it a day. Comments and Flames alike welcome!