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~~~~~*Chapter Three*~~~~~

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Birdy's fingers tapped at the controls with ferocious speed and accuracy. Alongside that, she shouted a string of commands and questions to the ship's computer.

"Find the Symbiote's point of weakness. What is the health status of the girl's body? How much longer before the Symbiote regains consciousness?"

The computer kept up with ease. "Symbiote is intertwined to the female's spinal cord. Health status is at 38% below normal readings and falling. Symbiote is claimed to not regain consciousness until host's mental capabilities are restored." It also provided a screen showing Sakuri's internal structure, with a long worm-ish creature braided rather messily into her back.

"Eww. Is that me? That looks so painful, but it wasn't." Sakuri had time to explore, and figured out that she could tap in and take a look at what was going on the outside.

"That's the way the Symbiote works. If it hurt, the host would get tired of it and end up killing themselves to get away from the pain. Just how did you find that it?"

"I got lost. Not for very long though. Just maybe 15 minutes. I wandered away from a party my folks were having. It was so boring, it was either scream or leave. We live a little while away from where I found it. I'm going along, not really panicking about my situation yet, and I see that huge, funny-looking worm on the ground. I pick it up, and then I'm here with you and that weird guy."

"Plausible enough." At least it wouldn't be hard when she did the police report. She picked the girl up from the medical table and carried her to the stasis field. The girl seemed to magically stand up and reach her arms out to the sides. "Sakuri, I think it's best you don't look at this part."

"What are you going to do?"

"First we're going to try the gentle approach and see if we can't coax that thing out of you. Most likely that's not going to work. Then we're going to have to tear it apart, and you really don't want to see that."

"Eww… You're not going to hurt my body, are you?"

"Ummm… No. At least not that much…" Birdy lied through her teeth. Birdy was a police officer, not a surgeon.

The stasis field rotated until Sakuri's back was facing Birdy. There was a hole at the base of her neck, and a long growth that went all the way down her back.

"What do I do now?" Birdy looked at her computer panel confused.

"YOU MEAN YOU DON'T KNOW?!?!" Sakuri was panicked.

"Wait a minute, I'll figure it out!!!" Birdy scanned through her computer looking for more documents on this species of alien. She was relieved to find exactly what she needed, but grimaced when she found out what was required.

|| Species: Dugane (dew-gah-nay). Type: Symbiote. These worm-like creatures feed and live off of the bodies of species with complex intelligence. Highly intelligent themselves, they can be considered extremely dangerous. Once it has found a host, the Dugane will absorb all needed nutrients until the host is dead.||


"Shh. I'm still reading."

|| Dugane cannot be removed from the host by physical extraction, as when it senses movement, the Symbiote will crush the host's nerve centers.||

Sakuri was crying her eyes out.

"Wait, here's the good part!" Birdy read on:

|| They can however be removed by poisoning the body of the host, making it impossible to for the Symbiote to absorb the required nutrients. The toxicity will drive the Symbiote out to search for other means of sustenance. The level of poisons needed have damaging effects on the host and are often times fatal.||

"… Never mind what I said about that being the good part."

Sakuri fainted.

"Well, that gets her off my back. Now what to do. I can't poison her, can I? Just what kind of poisons are we talking about anyway?"

|| Elements and Chemicals Toxic to Dugane: Iron, Chlorine, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen fuels.||

"Alright! And there's plenty of all those components on Earth! Except for the last one."

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: Birdy isn't a chemist either.)

"And Iron is a supplement in the human diet, so that's the one we're going for!"

(A.N.: Just to clarify, Birdy is NOT a chemist. Also, I don't think she's too well versed in human nutrition either.)

Birdy concentrated on where she could get safe levels of Iron, and immediately thought of Tsutomu's house. "His mother has all kinds of weird chemicals in her medicine cabinet! And it's just down the street! I'll be back in 10!" She left Sakuri's body in the stasis field and dashed out of her ship.

Going at top speed, she was able to make it back to Tsutomu's house in under a minute. As soon as she climbed in through the window, she was caught by Hazumi.

"Look. I didn't know it was like that, Tsutomu. I'm not sure if I would've believed you at first. Wait, why are you climbing in through a second story window? And it's not helping me that you prefer walking around as a female. What else are you doing?"

"Wait, you know?" Birdy's confused now…

"Of course I know! You screamed like you were going to rip somebody's head off and then you changed into a girl! How could I NOT know!!"

"I did WHAT!?!" Birdy finally put it together. But how did he get to her form? And what ELSE had he done while she was out?! No. He wasn't like that. Knowing him, he probably spent the whole time panicking like a wussy. But then he did manage to get her back to the ship, and keep the girl safe…

"Look, I'm Birdy. Tsutomu is preoccupied at the moment. Preoccupied with being DEAD. I need iron and I need it now. Hopefully something that can be consumed by something little."

"Iron? What do you need that for?"

"To poison something. It's an emergency! Please hurry up! I don't want to have to look for it myself!"

"Poison something?!" Hazumi sighed and went to the bathroom's medicine cabinet. "You mean like this?" She produced a small bottle of vitamin capsules.

"YES!! THAT'S EXACTLY IT!!! THANK YOU!!" Birdy practically snatched the bottle from her and was gone as quickly as she came.

She arrived back in her ship almost out of breath. "I got it! I got it! I got it!!! Yeah! Hey Sakuri, open up cause- . . . Oh crap."

Sakuri's body was GONE.

After Birdy picked her jaw up from the floor, she asked the computer for help. "I was only gone for 5 minutes!!!! Where is the body that was in the stasis field?!"

"The Child/Symbiote are closing in on your position from the lef-" The computer barely finished before the Symbiote tackled Birdy again.

"I THOUGHT YOU SAID THE SYMBIOTE WOULDN'T WAKE UP!" Birdy held the child at bay effectively by holding her forehead at arm's length.

"Claimed. She is claimed not to regain consciousness. Her health is also back to 100%."

The Child/Symbiote bit Birdy's hand to distract her. It took the capsules from Birdy and ran off. "Shame on you, Detective! Trying to poison an innocent girl!!" It laughed and disappeared down the hallway.

"NO! NONONONONONO!" She took off after it and caught it before it reached the cockpit.

"Are you really foolish enough to endanger the child's life?" The child's back arched a little accompanied with a few popping noises.

"Well I was getting ready to poison her! What do you think!? Now give me the bottle!" Birdy lunged at her and missed by a few inches. The Child/Symbiote hissed and took off running again.

"Alright you little brat, let's see how far you get without AIR!!!" Birdy linked her wrist console to the ship and turned off the air in the cockpit.


"I've got her ship, now all I have to do is destroy it and then I can go finish lunch!" It began to hack at the controls and ignite the engines. It was almost finished until it began to feel sleepy. "…Air. She cut off the air here. She'll pay extra when I escape!" It pounded at the door which (conveniently) it locked behind itself. Panic took hold and made it harder to undo the lock.

"Bitch!!! Okay, we can play that game! She forgets I have the advantage!" It dragged itself back to the controls and gasped over the PA. "Detective Alterra… You forget I have the girl's body... With her last breath, I'll kill her… *gasp* You WILL turn the air back on!!"

"Great. Now…? … AH!" Birdy ran to the main door as she restored the life support to the cockpit.

"I'm out of here." With the air back on, it had the strength to get the door open. Birdy was there waiting for it, and grabbed Sakuri's neck as soon as the door opened.

"You WON'T escape again." Birdy looked it in the face and dragged it back to the stasis field. "I don't know how you got out in the first place, but that was the last time." She reset the field to keep them both in suspended animation and hoped it would hold this time. "Oh no. Where are the pills?!" Birdy raced around to find them, and found a small pile of powder on the cockpit floor. "I'll just have to turn it into an injection."

(A.N.: Oh no.)

Birdy prayed the Symbiote hadn't escaped again and cheered when it hadn't. "Now I can get this over with and we can go home- YOU IDIOT! YOU CONFESSED!!! If you weren't dead, I'd kill you! ....Sakuri, are you awake yet?"


"Good." Birdy put together the iron into a solution for an injection. She used what would be equivalent to 8 pills and hoped it was enough. "Don't die, don't die, don't die..."

"All life signs failing. Cardiac arrest and brain damage imminent." The computer chimed.

"NOOOOO!!!" Birdy tried to reverse the process, but it was too late.

The Dugane Symbiote released its tendrils from the girl's spinal cord and ripped it's way out from Sakuri's skin. It looked sick, and moved slowly.

"HEY! That's evidence, dammit!

The worm turned its attention to Birdy. It's tendrils shot out and grabbed her.

{{AN: For those of you that are hentai freaks, please remove brain from gutter and promptly clean with soapy water. -_-* }}

"Why isn't it dying?!" Birdy gave the worm creature a swift kick and watched it fly across the room and smash into the wall. The worm still wouldn't die, and only latched tighter to Birdy and drill its tendrils under her skin.

The fight continued on, mostly with Birdy trying to pull the worm's slimy fingers out of her skin and the Dugane putting them back. The Dugane was winning, despite the fact that it was dying.

"Cardiac Arrest in progress..." The computer said indifferently.

"Well stop it! GGAAACCKK!!!" The Dugane wrapped a tendril around her throat and tried to choke the life out of her. Two more tendrils lodged in her forehead.

"Sleeeeeeep..." Birdy smiled and closed her eyes blocking the fact that the Dugane slithering towards her... "NO! Kill this thing, and worry about sleep later!" A second wind kicked in and Birdy slammed her foot down on the Dugane just as it reached her.

This finally stopped the alien Symbiote as it collapsed under the weight of her foot. The tendrils dislodged from Birdy's skin and fell to the floor. Birdy followed them down, ignoring the computer's voice.

"Pulmonary functions shutting down. Circulatory system operating at 25%..." The computer went on, unaware that there was no one listening to it.

".... Restore life functions any way you can...."

"Restoring life functions. Removing foreign substance from body..." The stasis field lit up for a few moments and shut down again, letting Sakuri fall gently to the base. Her body was breathing, but that was it.

"Bleh..._" Birdy sat up and groaned. The Symbiote's tendrils had left marks all over her skin that felt worse than they looked. She looked around and saw Sakuri on the stasis field base and the Symbiote dead on the floor. "Yay..." she croaked.

"Can I go back now?" Sakuri was wide awake and watching over both Birdy and Tsutomu.

"Please go." Birdy crawled over to Sakuri and opened her wrist computer. With a few commands, she pulls a white ball of energy from her head and pushes it into Sakuri's.

Sakuri woke with a start and immediately began crying. "My back! It hurts!"

"Forgot to fix that first!" Birdy materializes the healing gun she first used on Sakuri and fired it at her again. Sakuri's wounds closed up, and left her disoriented.

"What happened?"

Birdy quickly changes into Tsutomu. "I don't know. I found you here crying. Where do you live so I can take you home?"

Sakuri could've sworn she just saw a woman standing there... "I live on Okaido Street. Where are we?"

"The dump, believe it or not... Come on." Birdy figured she'd get rid of her first and get back to Tsutomu when there aren't any other disturbances.

After taking Sakuri home, she returned to her ship. She opened a channel to headquarters and prepared for a serious reprimand.

"Commander Mikar, this is Detective Cephon Birdy Alterra calling..."

"Birdy... I still want to know what happened. And have you revived Tsutomu yet?"

"No sir, I haven't. I have however apprehended and neutralized the Dugane Symbiote and spared the host's life. She remembers nothing. The only thing left is to write this reports, transport the Symbiote to the authorities, and revive Tsutomu."

"I can't exactly say good work, as you neglected the safety of Tsutomu. But you saved the girl, she remembers nothing, and the Dugane is no longer a threat. While I can't overlook the measures you took, I will restore Tsutomu and make sure your punishment isn't too severe.

"Sigh... Yes sir..." Birdy tried to keep composed. Her wrist computer interacted with the ship and in turn the HQ, and the little nagging thing (not meant as an insult ^_^') in the back of her mind regained consciousness.

"Birdy...." Tsutomu growled. "What in the world...?"

"He's ALIVE!!!!" Birdy danced around.

"You killed me again?!?!?"

"Ummm.... technically no..."

"Detective!" Mikar shouted over the view screen.

"Yes, sir. Resurrection worked as expected."

"Good. Your trial will be announced soon. And I expect the report by tomorrow."

"Signing off, sir." Birdy didn't want to hear anymore. "And YOU. Why did you give away our secret to your family...?"

"I didn't mean it. How was I supposed to know it would trigger when I got mad? I wonder if I can do it now that you're conscious..."

"Try it, and I'll be willing to risk court-martial for killing you again."

"Never mind."

"You get to explain the whole thing fully, and then I'll erase their memories." Birdy grinned evilly.

"If you're going to erase their memories, why do I have to explain?!"

"I want to see you suffer, Tsutomu." She narrowed her eyes.


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