Summary: A simple visit to see family in small town Fantan, Missouri turns deadly when a vengeful sprit comes to play. Will the brothers win the game or die trying?

Disclaimer: I sadly do not own Supernatural or Dean and Sam. The name of the town is a name that I totally made up because I got board and wanted something weird. I do own the other part of the Winchester family. i.e. the cousin, aunt and uncle.

Chapter 1

Dean pulled up to the high school which his young cousin attended. When the car was parked Dean looked over at his younger brother who had a look about him that he seemed to know something was about to happen, something bad. So he asked, "You okay dude?"

"Yeah" came Sam's reply.

"You sure man?"

"Yeah…it's just that I get the feeling that something is going to happen. I don't know what though."

"Stop worrying about it. Nothing bad is going to happen." At least he hoped not.

"Whatever" Sam said getting out of the car just as the bell rang so that his cousin would be able to see that they were here to see her.

Abigail Winchester walked out of class with her best friend Susan Masters. "So what are you doing this weekend? Anything fun?" Abby asked her friend.

Susan give her laugh "Well if you call working at DQ and doing homework fun…then yes I'm in for loads of fun." Came the reply

"So I guess you can't do anything then?"

"Well I can do something tonight."

"Ok cool lets go bowling." Abby said as they walked out of the front doors of the school.

"Awesome. I will see you at about eight that cool with you?"

"Perfect see…" the sentence trialed off when she spotted her cousin, "SAM!" Abby yelled as she ran over to him; dropping her bag just before she jumped into his arms for a hug. Sam lifted her off the ground with ease.

"Hey you feel to light you need so more meat on you." Sam said as he setting her back on the ground.

Abby looked up at Sam's face and returned the smile he had given her, "Shut-up Sammy" she giggled at Sam's annoyed face.

"Hey only I can call him that." Dean said walking around to that side of the car. "Now where is my hug?" Dean asked trying to make a puppy dog face.

Abby laughed at the look on Dean's face and walked up to give him a hug as well. "Not anymore you're not." She said as she wrapped her arms around Dean's neck. "It is great to see you two. What are you guys doing here?"

"What we can't just come visit our only cousin?" Dean asked with a look of fake hurt.

"No!" Abby replied with a laugh as Susan walked up to her. "Oh, hey this is my BFF Susan. Susan these two weirdoes here are my cousins Dean and Sam."

"Hi" all three said as they shook hands.

"Hey you don't mind if I go home with my cousins today do you?"

"No, I am going to have enough of you tonight…if we are still going out."

"Well of course we are." Abby replied in a 'yea duh' voice.

"Great see you at eight. Bye Abby, Dean, Sam." Susan said ignoring her friend's sarcasm.

"Bye, Susan."

Abby got into the car with her cousin and they drove her home. They of course also wanted to see their Aunt and Uncle.