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So, this is being a human. He thought, It's not what I supposed it would be. He took a deep breath, noticing the air as well as his other senses. The smell, the sounds… the feelings.

"Yes, maybe this world deserves to go on. I hope that." He said smiling.

Shinji couldn't believe his eyes. That crazy german girl was in front of him and his bedroom was full of boxes.

"What are you doing here" He asked with anxiety.

"Baka! This isn't your home anymore. When Misato see which one is better piloting an evangelion, she'll choose me" She said with a smile.

"In fact both of you are gonna live here" Said a third voice from the door.


"I'm sorry, but as long as the repairing goes on in the building where you were to live you're stuck in here, Asuka."

"But, Misato" Replied the redhead angrily "I can't live with him. I was told that from 7 years boys and girls don't live together".

"Take it as a challenge, maybe you can't" She joked.

"I'll show you and that baka that I can!" She exclaimed going to the bathroom.

Misato winked to an astonished Shinji and went to the kitchen. Shinji look at the bathroom door, then the kitchen door and then to his own room filled with boxes.

"Oh my!" He whispered.

The crimson eyes looked at the destroyed east part of the city until he found what he was looking for.

"That place will be fine"

He walked and looked around with something that was new for him. Curiosity. Then he found something.

"I wonder if this thing still works"

The following morning Shinji entered the class with a depressed look than usual.

"Hey Ikari, What…" Started to ask Touji Shuzuhara, one of his mates, but he stopped when he saw who was behind him.

"Gutten Morgen!"

"Asuka, here!" Shouted Hikari Horaki, the class rep. They began to talk. And Touji looked at Shinji.

"You've met her on your way here? That's not a good way to start the day, bud".

"She lives with Misato and me" Shinji sat on his desk with closed eyes.

"God! At school, at work and in your home too? Someone hates you".

"That's for sure" Said Kensuke Aida, Touji's best friend, with his video camera in his hand. Both of them knew quite well Asuka's "kindness" as they were with Shinji the day she arrived, the same day that the sea angel attacked, 2 days ago.

The argue started at lunchtime.

"Baka! You forgot our food? It was on the table".

"What? We did the list yesterday and today is your turn, Asuka".

"That's stupid. You're the boy; you're supposed to do it".

"Ok, I'll do it next time…"

"You know?" Interrupted Touji "You look like husband and wife arguing".

"That's not true!" They said simultaneously. Kensuke started to laugh.

When classes ended they were going home when Shinji stopped.

"What is it third child?"

"Didn't you hear it, Asuka?"

"Hear, What?"

"Nothing. Can you go with Horaki? I need to do something".

"Ok, see you later."

Shinji saw Asuka and the other going.What I'm doing? I hear things or is my mind sorting out a way not to be with people?

Then he heard again. It was music. Piano.

Shinji began to walk following the sound of a melody that he knew somehow but couldn't determinate. As he entered the part of the city destroyed in his battle with the angel the sound was getting stronger until he saw him.

A boy about his age was sat on a piano which has miraculously survived the destruction of the place surrounding it. He was tall and slender; his hair was silver and had pale skin. His eyes were closed and he has a smile of satisfaction on his face. Then Shinji recognized the song. Ode to Joy. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the music. He was so absorbed he didn't realize the music had stopped and the boy was smiling at him. The most surprising thing was his red eyes. Like Ayanami's eyes.

"I'm sorry"

"A good song isn't it. I think music is the best thing created by lilims"


"The human beings. The only good thing about their loneliness is their need to create. I understand that feeling now"

"Are you alone?"

"No. You're here" The boy smile broader. Shinji blushed and looked away. "You know how to play?"


"The piano"

"Erh no, well, I play the violoncello".

"That's good, we could play together. If you want"

"Uhm, well, ok, someday, you live around here?"

"More or less."

"Oh, by the way, my name is Shinji Ikari"

"Mine is Kaworu Nagisa"

"Ok, Nagisa-san…" Kaworu interrupted him "You can call me Kaworu, Ikari"

"Well, then you can call me Shinji." He blushed again and looked his watch. "It's late; I should go home, please to meet you, Kaworu"

"The pleasure has been all mine"

All the way home Shinji couldn't take that conversation from his mind.

He was nice, thought Kaworu, And quite cute. Let's see what more I can do to see him again.