A scream filled the entire hospital.


The alluded one smirked and looked fake-guilty to the two eighteen year old boys in front of him. The dark haired one giggled from the window while the blond one left the magazine he was reading and shrugged. A teenaged girl laughed without taking her eyes from her game. At least until a red little light appeared on it.

"Aw… low battery…Big brother; can you lend me some money? I need new batteries."

"No, Yui. I lend you some yesterday in exchange for some duties at home that you haven't done yet." denied the dark haired boy.

"Come on Shinji, don't be like that!" said the blonde.

"You're always on his side, Kaworu" replied Shinji. "And your puppy eyes don't work on me, sis."

"Hm!" she complaint

"I'm the only one nervous in here?" asked Kaji amazed for his frivolous speech.

"Well, you're the only one having a baby right now." Pointed Shinji.

"Hellooo? It's Misato who is in there, not him." Said Yui, suddenly angry.

"Whatever…" sighted Shinji.

Kaji smiled. Growing into a teenager has changed Yui more than he expected. In her fourteens, she reminded him to a redhair he knew quite well although physically se was exactly as Rei was, except for the albino part. Shinji and Kaworu have changed as well. Recently nineteen, Shinji was now the taller of the two. And the broadest. After being fed up with Asuka comparing him with the spaghetti he cooked so well he joined a gym. Besides, he was now more open than before and had a stronger will, but was also as kind as ever. Kaji knew perfectly that the blond next to him was the reason of the improvement in his personality. Kaworu has grown as well and even if his charming and good looks had all the girls lusting for him, he only had eyes for Shinji. Seeing them so well together, he and Misato decided to adopt the three of them legally five years ago, just after the…incident. And the five had been living together since then. Life was never craziest, but never happiest as well. Another scream interrupted his thoughts.

"BASTARD!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!!"

"She said just that two weeks ago…" said Kaji.

"When you broke a filled rubbish bag on the carpet?" asked Shinji


"Oh! That was when you finished her last beer." Pointed Kaworu while humming a melody he played in his last concert. He was quite gifted playing musical instruments.

"Exactly. By the way, Shinji, Shouldn't you be studying? I know you have a test in two days. It's the first test at college, isn't it?"

"Aw, give me a break! It's been a month since I started and I haven't stop studying yet! I can't study anymore! I wonder how Asuka did it when she was 13." He complaint.

"Oh! I forgot to tell you. She called two days ago." Said Yui with a fake, innocent face.

"Who? Asuka?"



"So, What?"

"What did she said?" Asked Shinji with impatience.

Kaworu raised a brow and smirked. He knew Asuka still intimidated Shinji. Even if he didn't admit it. Asuka was not to be afraid of… if you don't know her, of course. Finishing college at 15 she got a job which could really boost her ego as she wanted. Top model. She never lacked attention.

"She knew about the birth, so she's coming to help us." Answered her.



There was a mix of screams.





They all started laughing at the situation.

"She said she was going to stay with Horaki. Her family's restaurant has some bedrooms in the 2nd floor." explained Yui.

"Well, I wasn't worried." Lied Shinji.


"I guess Hikari will take care of her when she's not working at the restaurant." Said Kaworu taking again the magazine from the table. Then another person arrived. It was a woman. She had dark red hair and glasses. Kaji was very surprised to see her.

"Ritsuko? What is the famous Dr Ritsuko Akagi doing in a public hospital? Weren't you working?"

"I got the day off."

"Like in our wedding day. I guess having a so high position in the company let you have free days whenever you want. By the way, how's Maya?" asked Kaji.

"Very well, thank you." She said blushing. They were together for a year now " My Yui, You've grown!"

"Thanks, Dr.!"

"How are you two?" She asked looking at the pair. "Do you like college, Shinji? Studying hard?"

"Aw, not you too!" complaint him. The rest of them began laughing.

"And what are you investigating now, Ritsuko?" Asked kaji.

She looked at him slowly with a brow arced, sat on a near sofa and lit a cigarette.

"Born a spy always a spy, don't you?" she joked.

"Come on!"

"Ok, Inspector Riojy." She said addressing him by his work name. Both him and Misato worked for the police. "If you're so interested… We're developing a new processor to accelerate the nexus in negative particles within the energy supply for the new Hydrogen batteries in a new model of commercial car." She said all that without breathing. She let them with an "?" marked in the faces. Yui looked at Kaji ironically.

"That's for asking."

"Yes!" said Ritsuko smiling.

"Ritsuko, maybe you shouldn't smoke in here…" advised Shinji.

"True! I'm sorry… I really have to give up smoking."

"You dyed your hair? Now I like it more!" said Yui changing the subject.

"In fact, this is my natural colour. I dyed it blonde before."

"It's weird…" commented Kaworu

"What? My hair colour?"

"No… the fact that there has been a while without screams"

"It's over?!" Exclaimed Kaji getting up. Then a doctor and a nurse got out from the room and met the excited people waiting.

"Congratilations, You've got a very healthy kid. By the way, the mother is asking for you." Informed him.

"Maybe I should come later…" said Kaji (remembering the screams), looking to the exit.

"My hero…" murmured Ritsuko rolling eyes and pushing him towards the door of the room.

They all entered and found Misato on a bed with a tired face. She looked at them smiling and made a signal to Kaji with a finger to get closer. That was the hand whose arm was attached to the I.V. As she seemed tired he didn't feel so scared but when he got at range she suddenly took her other hand, which was hidden under the sheets, and grabbed him by the collar of the shirt. He feared for his life for a second until she got him closer and kissed him passionately. She then pointed to the other side of the room where another nurse was cleaning the baby. Yui was already there looking at it, then she smiled and went back with them.

"You owe me twenty, big bro. It's a girl!" she said with a big grin.


"A girl, huh?" Said Kaji with the same expression as Yui, but looking at his wife.

"Ok, you win…" Said Misato annoyed.

"Then it's decided, her name will be Megumi!" Said him happily while the nurse put the clean sleeping baby in her mother's arms.

"Isn't it wonderful?" said Kaworu hugging his lover.

Yui decided it was the moment to annoy his brother a bit.

"Shinji and Kaworu under a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G" She sang.

Shinji glared at her, but Kaworu grabbed Shinji's hand and carried him outside, running.

"Not here…not here either…" he murmured looking to the sides while running..

"Where are we going? Are you looking for something?" asked Shinji

"Of course. Didn't you hear her? I'm looking for a tree!" Said him surprised for the question.

Shinji rolled eyes and chuckled. Then Kaworu stopped.

"Thinking about it… We better go home." Said Kaworu with a thoughtful face.

"What for?"

"Well, you seem annoyed by that test, so I think I could distract you there." Said him with a smile and moving the brows.

"Thanks, but don't worry it's not such big a deal…" said Shinji without noticing it.

"Really? It's a pity." He exaggerated a disappointed face. "I really thought about straining my self…to relax you…" He added with a roguish look and a wink. Shinji (finally ¬.¬) understood and, blushing, he smiled. Both took each other hands and walked home. Together. Forever.


Finally!!!! My happy ending. After watching the last film and the creepy end I really need one. Curious, I really have to create it my self to be a happy end… sight…

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