Chapter 1

Molly Weasley looked around. Everybody was in bed.

Sighing, she attached another hand to the family clock, and watched as it pointed, as always, to mortal peril.

Sept, her third son, had done one thing no-one else she could think of would have done. After witnessing the death of his family, he had gone back in time and changed that.

For what he had done, she was immensely proud of him.

Neither Ron, nor Ginny even knew of his existence, of course.

When he had back-tracked, Ron had blocked it out.

Ginny was too young to remember him, or so she thought.

In reality, Ginny was the only one who had recognized her brother, even with the glamour charm in full force.

For Sept Weasley had become someone else, as he had had to, to ensure his family's continued survival.

Crying slightly, she removed the hand, never noticing the lone figure in the doorway.

Percy had come downstairs to fetch a glass of water when he heard his mother crying.

However, on reaching the doorway, he had stopped dead. There were eleven clock hands now, all but one pointing to the home position.

However, the last was not situated on dead.

Instead, it was pointing to mortal peril.

Although this wasn't much better, Percy was relieved to discover his brother was alive.

Slowly, things he half remembered about his brother began to take on an alarming pattern. Each of them was good at a different subject, and, if he remembered rightly, Sept's best was Potions. With a gasp, the final pieces resumed their rightful places in his mind, and he knew.

Sept was alive!