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Rock and Roll Love

Chapter 1: Of Evil Best Friends and Pools

Beep! Beep! It was 5:00 a.m., still dark outside. A lone arm sneaked out from under a pile of sheets and pushed hard on the alarm clock's snooze button. But a few seconds later, the sheets moved and a red head was revealed.

Lily Evans crawled out of bed, wincing when her feet touched the cold stone floor. She padded softly towards her closet, cringing every time her feet touched the floor. She quickly pulled on a pair of black jeans, Green Day shirt, and a pair of black converse high-tops.

Lily ran over to the window of her room, opened it, and crawled out onto the roof. She sneaked past her parent's window and to the end of the roof. She grabbed the pipe gutter thing and eased down it expertly, sighing as her feet touched the ground a few seconds later.

She ran across the back yard and into a small hole in the fence that was hidden by bushes and trees. The small hole led into her next door neighbor's house, a.k.a. her best friends' house. Lily glanced up at the sky. The sun was coming up. She had to hurry. She ran across the back yard of the house and up the gutter just as quickly as she had gone down her own. After years of practicing, she was getting pretty good.

The 3rd window from the gutter was open, as though waiting for her arrival. Lily rolled her eyes at her friends' stupidity. She snuck under the two windows and swung into the open third one, her shoes softly hitting the ground. In the room were two four-poster beds, both red and gold with a hint of black. Lily smiled mischievously as she approached the first bed.

She quietly pulled back the curtains to reveal a lump with black hair. Lily breathed in and out, preparing herself. A few seconds later Lily yelled, "WAKE UP SIRIUS!" , right into the poor boy's ear. The black-haired boy, also known as Sirius Black, jumped up, startled.

"Damn, Lils. Loud much?" He ruffled his hair and plopped back onto the bed. "It's still dark out. Come back in 5 hours."

"No can do, Siri. The train for Hogwarts leaves at 11:00. Anyways, now that your up, we can wake up James…" Sirius sat up again, grinning mischievously at Lily. "…Lily and Sirius style!"

"The pool?" Sirius was getting excited.

"Yep, the almighty and wonderful pool." Lily returned Sirius's mischievous grin and got off the bed. Sirius also got up, but jumped back when he touched the cold floor, yelping.

"Shut up, Sirius! You'll wake up James." Lily and Sirius crept to the other bed, and positioned themselves on opposite sides of the bed. They both pulled back the curtains and looked at their unfortunate victim. Sirius, having turned 17 just a few weeks ago, pulled out his wand. With a quick wave of it, James Potter was floating.

Trying to contain their laughter, Lily and Sirius quickly filed out of the room, down the stairs, and into the back yard. There, in all its pool-y glory was the Potter family pool. Sirius waved his wand again and James moved to the middle of the pool, still levitating. Sirius silently mouthed to Lily, who was next to him, 1, 2, 3.

On the count of three, they both yelled, "GOOD MORNING JAMES!" James jerked awake. The second he awoke, Sirius took the levitation charm off of him and James fell with a splash into the cold water.

Lily and Sirius burst out laughing. James's head popped out of the water. He shook the water out of his hair before yelling, "LILY! SIRIUS!" Both of the pranksters gulped and ran. James came out of the water and ran after them. Soon they were running around the backyard, screaming and laughing and tickling each other.

Up at the house, Mr. and Mrs. Potter had awoken. They both glanced at the clock and smiled. This event, called "Operation Wet Jamesie" by Lily, happened every September 1st. It consisted of Lily sneaking into their house, waking up Sirius, and both of them dunking James into the pool.

This year, they were a little late. The clock read 6:07 am. Usually they were running around and screaming, waking up the Potters, by 6:06 am. They were their human alarm clocks. Scott and Judy Potter smiled. Here comes another fun-filled September 1st.