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Long Ago

A semicircle of strategically placed ninjas surrounded a massive figure, resembling a fox. This was no ordinary fox, however, but the feared legendary nine-tailed demon fox, Kyuubi.

"The Kyuubi is too powerful! Even you can't hope to defeat it Yondaime, sir!" cried one ninja, looking towards the leader of the ragtag group.

The muscular blond-haired Hokage looked around and noticed his comrades falling, one by one. "Gather the remaining ninjas and return to Konoha. I have one final trick up my sleeve, and I can't risk anyone getting hurt."

The ninja considered arguing, but noticed the fierce gleam in the man's eye. "Will do, sir," the leaf-nin called out, "and good luck!" With that, the shinobi disappeared in a puff of smoke, off inform the others of the order to retreat.

That being taken care of, the Yondaime, fourth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf village, began making hand seals.

'This attack is the village's last hope. As much as my son may end up resenting me for this, I have no other choice.'

Sensing a familiar chakra, the Hokage turned to find his predecessor, the Sandaime appear, assisting an unnaturally large woman.

"Are you sure you wish to do this?" the Yondaime gently asked the woman, knowing her mind was set.

"We have no other choice dear," she calmly replied with a smile. "Besides, as your wife I can't let anyone else carry this burden."

"Tell our child…I loved him." With that, the Hokage finished the grueling set of hand seals, calling forth all of his chakra to complete the forbidden ritual.

The Kyuubi, sensing its power being sealed, began to thrash about, using its tails to decimate everything around it. Realizing it was of no use, it began to summon its own demonic chakra, preparing a farewell gift for the fearless human that selflessly gave his life to seal its own.

A thin line of chakra appeared, connecting the Kyuubi and the pregnant woman. The beam quickly thickened, drawing the chakra from the beast and placing it within the seal placed on the woman's stomach.

With a final roar the enormous beast started to fade, unleashing its power into the ground, causing a massive earthquake.

The Yondaime swayed a moment and fell to the ground, dead. The Sandaime, prepared for any tricks the demon may have tried, grabbed the now unconscious woman and disappeared.

Little did anyone know, this encounter would change the Hidden Leaf Village forever.

Eight Years Later

The sun had set, and the sky was a brilliant shade of red.

Whistling a random tune, a small boy walked towards his home. He kept his eyes straight ahead the whole time, avoiding the cold glare the villagers gave him. Long accustomed to such treatment, the boy wore a fake smile and trudged on.

That is until he heard a small voice squeak out 'T-Tou-san? W-Where are y-you?'

The little boy looked around and noticed a lavender-haired girl about his size on the verge of tears. What caught his attention was that her eyes were shockingly white.

"Hey there, are you okay?" he asked, genuinely concerned.

"I c-can't find T-Tou-san," she sobbed, covering her face in her hands.

"Hey, it's okay," he murmured, trying to soothe the distraught girl. "I can help you look for him if you want."

"The small girl looked up, eyes red, "R-Really?"

"Sure!" he exclaimed, offering the girl a hand up. "By the way, I'm Naruto Uzumaki, who are you?"

The white-eyed girl accepted the hand and brushed herself before meeting the boy's shockingly blue eyes. "M-My name is H-Hinata H-Hyuuga. Nice to m-meet you Naruto-kun," she said with a small bow.

"Naruto-kun? Does that mean you want to be friends?" the wide-eyed boy asked, genuinely astounded. For as long as he could remember everyone had always seemed to hate him and give him cold glares. The parentless boy had never had a friend, and the idea seemed impossible to him.

"S-Sure!" she squeaked, with a small smile. "After all, y-you were the only one nice enough t-to help me Naruto-kun."

"Okay!" he shouted. "Then we're friends from now on Hinata-chan!"

The small girl blushed at the suffix, but nodded all the same.

Hand-in-hand, the two wandered the streets, looking for Hinata's father. Rounding a corner, they accidentally bumped into a tall stranger.

"What's this we have here?" he slurred, looking down. "Some white-eyed brat and the demon kid!"

Naruto ignored the 'demon kid' comment like always, but got angry at the insult at his new friend.

"Hey!" he yelled. "She's my new friend, so apologize!"

The man growled, and shoved the blond-haired boy backwards. Hinata cried out Naruto's name and rushed to his side. After helping the boy to stand she turned to their assailant.

"Hey, that w-wasn't very nice," she huffed, hands on her hips. "Adults s-shouldn't be mean to little kids, it's not right."

The man started to walk forward and cracked his knuckles. "Shut it kid, anyone that can call that monster a friend deserves the same treatment he does." Raising his arm, the drunken brute prepared to strike the small girl that was protecting her friend.

"NO, HINATA-CHAN!" the boy shouted, rushing in front of the frightened looking girl. Using his body as a shield, the boy threw himself in front of the defenseless girl. The brute's fist collided with a sickening thud, sending the two crashing backwards.

"You bastard," the boy started, weakly rising to his feat. "I'll make you pay for threatening my friend." Overcome with rage, he pulled back his small arm, and collided with the large man's stomach.

What happened next shocked the small boy.

The large man went flying backwards into a trashcan, and the boy stood there, unmoving.

"Wha?" he murmured, looking at his right arm. His right arm was covered in a gold-looking encasing, and his fist in a red-colored glove.

Suddenly the encasing disappeared and Naruto's right arm reappeared, looking normal again.

Hit by a wave of exhaustion, the boy fell to the ground, unconscious. Hinata rushed to his side and started shaking her new friend, scared for his health.

"Wake up Naruto-kun! We gotta get out of here before he gets back up! Come on!" she pleaded.

The large man had gotten up by now and approached the pint-sized duo, royally pissed.

"You two are gonna get it no-" he started before he slumped forward unconscious.

A tall figure stepped over his victim and approached the two, and sighed with relief.

"Hinata, I found you at last! Where have you been?" he demanded, thankful he had gotten there in time.

"Tou-san, thank you!" she cried, quickly hugging her father. "This big man attacked us because he thought Naruto-kun was some kind of monster, and Naruto saved me! We have to help him!"

"Of course, but what were you doing with him in the first place," her father asked, still unsure if he should help the demon boy.

"I was looking for you and he offered to help me when he heard me crying," she said softly.

With a nod, the man slung the boy over his shoulder and took his daughter's hand. He then walked the miniature duo back to the compound, re-evaluating his thoughts on the sleeping boy.

'Hmm…he offered help to Hinata, and attempted to fight off that thug for her sake. Maybe I was wrong in thinking of him as the Kyuubi, and not as the container of the beast.'

The man laid the slumbering boy down on the couch and sent Hinata to her room. With a final glance, he left the boy, thinking of what should be done next.

The Next Day

Following the death of the Yondaime, the Sandaime had resumed his role as the Hokage. He had just arrived at his office when he heard a knocking at his door.

"Enter," he called, wondering who could possibly want to see him this early.

A white-eyed man entered, followed by Naruto and Hinata. The children both yawned sleepily, wondering what they were doing here.

"Lord Hokage, sir, my daughter and Naruto here were attacked yesterday, and I wish to consult you on this."

Intrigued, the old man nodded, and motioned for the three to take a seat.

"Hinata and I were separated yesterday. When I found her, she was with Naruto, protecting his unconscious body from a drunken thug. I closed his Tenketsu points in his neck and brought the two back to the complex. They claim something unusual happened beforehand though."

Taking his cue, Naruto bowed to the Hokage and recounted the story, getting mad when he mentioned the thug.

"He hit me backwards and called me a monster. When Hinata-chan came to my defense he prepared to hit her too. I jumped in front of her and he hit me into Hinata-chan, sending us backwards. I got back up and hit him in the stomach, and he went flying into the trashcans. I looked at my arm and it was all gold and red! That's all I remember sir."

With a nod, Naruto sat back down and Hinata stood up. She recounted the story, matching Naruto's details word for word until she got to his punch.

"I was so scared I couldn't move, when Naruto-kun rushed passed me. I noticed the angry look on his face, and then saw his arm change! It got surrounded by a green light, and then changed, like Naruto-kun said." The girl finished the story and sat back down.

Clearing his throat, the Sandaime stood up and glanced over the three, contemplating the news. "Naruto, Hinata, please step outside for a moment."

The two children quickly stood up and bowed, leaving the two adults alone.

"Yondaime sir, I pondered my treatment of the boy for the last seven years, and wish to make it up by taking him in. My treatment of my best friend's son has been horrendous, and I wish to make it up for him. Not to mention he's the first friend my shy daughter has made."

"I believe it would be good for the boy to be around other people, so I accept this proposition. I'm glad to see you taking care of the Yondaime's son, Hiashi; it'll be good for the boy. Now as for the occurrence in their story…" the Sandaime trailed off.

"This is the fourth similar case of a child manifesting some kind of special ability. All of the children having been born after the defeat of the Kyuubi. I shall watch the boy closely," he murmured.

The elderly man nodded and led his friend out, only to be greeted by an unusual sight.

Being fully trained shinobis, the Sandaime and Hiashi were used to getting up early. Naruto and Hinata, however, were not. The duo had fallen asleep while sitting against the wall, and both leaning against each other. Hinata's head on Naruto's shoulder, and Naruto's head leaning against Hinata's.

The Sandaime chuckled at the sight and whispered, "And this? How will you treat their relationship?"

The elder Hyuuga gave a sigh and gave a half-smile. "So long as he makes her happy and treats her well I'll be satisfied. He already gained my trust when he tried to protect her last night."

With that, Hinata's father carried his daughter and his new charge back home.

Later That Day

"I refuse," Naruto stated, stubbornly crossing his arms.

"But why? Surely you can't wish to return to that filthy hovel, living all by yourself!" reasoned Hiashi.

Ever since the elder Hyuuga had announced Naruto's adoption into the clan, the boy had stubbornly argued.

'I can't let Hinata-chan experience the hatred the people show me…She's my only friend…' "I sorry sir, but I must refuse," Naruto said with a bow. "I have my reasons, but if it's okay I'd like to be allowed to visit Hinata-chan every day sir.

Hiashi sat there, contemplating the boy's offer. 'He must be trying to shield Hinata from being hated. Arashi my friend, he truly is your son, thinking of friends before himself.' "As you wish Naruto. You may come and go from the Hyuuga household as you please, as an honorary Hyuuga."

"Thank you sir. Now I really must be going," Naruto replied, bowing again. "See you tomorrow!"

Two Years Later

True to his word, Naruto had visited the Hyuuga compound everyday, frequently spending the entire day there. The elders, ordered to keep their comments to themselves, gradually accepted the boy.

The Hyuuga heiress was still shy around strangers, but was open with Naruto. Having a friend her own age was a nice experience, and made it easier to do her daily training.

The boy had found Hinata training one day and asked if he could join her. She was reluctant, due to Naruto's lack of the Byakugan, but had lost despite her advantage. Since then the duo had trained together everyday. Hinata helping Naruto with his chakra control, and Naruto helping Hinata with her confidence and stamina.

Hiashi had noticed the change in his daughter's fighting, and welcomed it. He noticed that Naruto was very protective of Hinata, and agreed that her training with a partner was a good idea. He had also noticed his daughter's growing affection for the boy, and was amused to see Naruto clueless to her adoration.

Naruto, unable to use the Byakugan, was forced to create his own fighting style. The boy seemed to fight by instinct, making it impossible to help him train. It didn't seem necessary though, as the boy showed natural talent in Taijutsu.

By this time, the Hokage had declared that a majority of children born after the Kyuubi incident had 'special gifts' nicknamed Alter Abilities. Children with these abilities soon became common.

Naruto had gained a level of control over his ability and found he could perform high damage punches using his right arm. When he focused his chakra, the boy discovered he could even unleash fearsome attacks he named his 'bullets.' These deadly attacks seemed to increase the boy's strength by exponential amounts, making the strongest ninjas blanch. Unfortunately, he found that he could barely pull off two of these 'bullets', if that.

Even Hinata had been gifted with the mysterious ability. While training with Naruto, her power had activated one day, encasing her legs in a matter similar to that which covered Naruto's arm. The Hyuuga found that the ability granted her incredible speed. Two months later, the heiress, with Naruto's help, started trying to create her own amazing versions of Naruto's 'bullets', except that they were made into high powered kicks. She even got so good she was able to imitate Naruto's first 'bullet.'

The real shock had come in their "friendship" with Sasuke Uchiha. Two years ago, Sasuke had come home one day to find his family murdered, by none other than his brother! The shock had sent the boy into unimaginable grief, but had also unleashed his Alter power. The boy had found he could create a robotic companion that mirrored his actions in combat. Wishing to train this newfound ability, the young Uchiha had gone to the Hokage, and asked if there were a way to train his ability.

That had led him to Naruto, who at that time had also begun his training with Hinata. As time progressed, the duo grew to like the boy, as Sasuke became 'friends' with the couple. His cold demeanor threw Naruto and Hinata off at first, but they slowly drew the boy out of his shell, making him much more social. This was the start of a friendly lifelong rivalry between the two boys, each sure that they were the strongest. Little did they know this friendship would be their saving grace one month later.

One Month Later

Sasuke too, had become a regular visitor at the Hyuuga house. The young Uchiha had found his own home empty and depressing, and welcomed his daily excursions with Naruto and Hinata. The boy frequently challenged Naruto, battling him to exhaustion. This rivalry, though unusual, seemed to deepen their friendship. This impromptu training would come in useful very soon.

The day had started like any other. Sasuke had come over to the Hyuuga compound to find Naruto trying to learn new justus, and Hinata working on her Jyuuken arts. He joined the duo, and began his own training, which consisted of trying to master a fire jutsu he'd seen the other day. As the day grew late, the two boys lured the unsuspecting Hinata inside her house. There, she was shocked to find they had set up a surprise birthday party! The merriments lasted late into the night, causing Hiashi to invite the two to spend the night.

That night would change the village forever.

Unknown to the village of the Hidden Leaf, stories of children and they're Alter Abilities had spread. The newly formed village of the Hidden Sound had sent spies across the country, keeping an eye out for potential ninjas to kidnap and convert. Needless to say, Konoha's 'special' children interested them greatly.

This had led to the alliance between the village of the Hidden Sound and Stone. The Sound village was smart enough to know they would need assistance for their plan. They concocted an elaborate mission, where highly trained ninjas would simultaneously kidnap the children of the village. The children would then be divided between the Sound and Stone, giving each their own 'gifted' children to mold into powerful ninjas. The village of the Sand had been the initial choice, but taking advantage of the grudge the Stone held against the Leaf from the war was too hard to pass up.

The now 10 year-old Hinata Hyuuga was blissfully unaware of the danger as she slept. Thus, when a hand covering her mouth roused her from her sleep, she was quite surprised. The girl managed a muffled scream before her captor quickly hit her vital points, effectively knocking out his prey.

In the next room over, a blond-haired boy heard the muffled scream, and quickly jumped out of bed. He tripped over the slumbering Uchiha, and rushed to Hinata's room, a strong sense telling him she needed him. Naruto opened the door just in time to see a man jump out the window, carry a familiar girl over his shoulder.

"Come back here you BASTARD!" Naruto yelled, enraged someone would dare to hurt his precious person. The reckless boy jumped out the window and on to the rooftop, where the ninja stood waiting.

"Trying to protect your girlfriend, eh kid? Sorry, but she's coming with me, just like you!" the mysterious Stone-nin yelled, dropping the unconscious girl and charging Naruto.

"Bad move," the boy growled, transforming his arm. His arm seemed to split open, only to be wrapped up again in a golden cord.

"Shit!" exclaimed the surprised ninja. "A second Alter user here!" He quickly stopped his charge and began making hand seals, preparing to blast the brat with a lightning jutsu. "Lightning Strike no Jutsu!"

Naruto finished his transformation, arm fully covered, just in time to see a streak of lightning heading towards him. As a reflex, he through his arms up, and his right arm acted like shield, deflecting the attack.

"What? Time to get serious!" growled the Stone-nin, as he began a fire jutsu.

"Fuck you!" Naruto yelled, clenching his fist, consumed with rage. "Shocking First Bullet" the boy yelled as one of the three spikes on his back disintegrated. The boy took off the stunned ninja in a burst of speed, and sent him flying with a powerful right hook.

His target managed to get up, but it was obvious he was in pain. "Okay kid, Plan B! If the target resists, eliminate the target!" he yelled. With that the ninja quickly made some hand seals, before the boy could recover. "Flying Spike no Jutsu!"

The ground trembled as spike shaped clumps of earth began to hover next to the grinning Stone-nin. "Die!" he yelled, launching the projectiles at the smirking boy.

"Annihilating Second Bullet" Naruto growled, using the burst of speed from the attack to evade the spikes as he approached the wounded ninja. With a powerful uppercut, Naruto sent the ninja over the compound walls and into the forest somewhere, undoubtedly dead. Concerned for Hinata, he jumped back up the roof to find Hiashi inspecting his daughter.

"What happened here?" he asked, stunned at Naruto's serious face.

"They tried to kidnap Hinata-chan, but I stopped him in time. I think he was an enemy-nin, his forehead protector was different than the Leaf's!"

"Stay here and protect Hinata, I'll go tell the Hokage," he said softly, noticing the tears in Naruto's eyes. 'The boy has killed' he thought, as he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Well, well," murmured a voice from behind him. "I already got one freak, and here's two more!"

Naruto turned to find a Sound-nin, carrying a pink-haired girl over his shoulder. "Another one! Damnit!" he growled. As determined as the boy was, he had to admit he was exhausted.

The Sound-nin's grin faded as his arms fell to the ground. A red line appeared on his neck, and his head began to slowly slide off his now still torso. The lifeless body slumped forward to reveal a familiar purple and white robot behind the corpse.

"Good work Zetsuei, that's all," said a voice from behind Naruto. The robot, seemingly trapped in a straight jacket, cocked it's head and vanished.

Naruto turned to find none other than Sasuke standing there. The boy seemed ill, however, and quickly collapsed.

"I had to!" the raven-haired boy sobbed. "He would have hurt you and Hinata! I could tell you were exhausted!"

Naruto fell to his knees and cried as well. "He wouldn't stop! He was going to take Hinata-chan from me, and I couldn't let him!" The boy stopped and looked up, "But I'd kill him again if I had to, to protect Hinata-chan. She means everything to me," he finished in a strong voice. "She's my first and most important precious person."

The Uchiha stopped his sobbing as well and met his friend's teary gaze. "Your right. I would do it again if I had to. I won't let you guys die no matter what, because you're my friends."

"At least you two understand the need for your actions. If you had killed without remorse you'd hardly be human," the Sandaime murmured, appearing between them. "If you had not done what you did, they would have killed you. This doesn't make the fact that you ended someone's life easier, but the fact you did it to save another means you're not a killer. I have sent as many ninjas as I could to follow the others, but I fear this attack was too well planned."

"Attack?" Naruto asked, looking up.

"Yes. They were after children around your age. I believe the Sound and Stone worked together so they could get their hands on their own Alter users. I'm glad you four are safe." The elderly man noticed the boy start rubbing his arm, but dismissed it as a battle shock.

"So, they got everyone else?" Sasuke asked in disbelief.

"Not everyone, but a lot of the oldest ones, such as yourselves. Regrettably, the parents of most of them were assassinated. They must have heard of the Hyuuga's fighting prowess and attempted a simple kidnapping, trying to avoid Hinata's father." The elderly man took out his pipe and lit it, sighing in disappointment of himself. "Hiashi will return shortly, so I want you to take Hinata and Sakura inside. He has already agreed to take in Sakura, and tell her of her parents end," he stated, and with a puff of smoke, vanished.

Naruto carried Hinata back to her room, leaving Sasuke to carry the pink-haired girl, Sakura.

'She's pretty cute…' the Uchiha thought. Realizing what he was thinking, the boy quickly shook his head and laid the unconscious girl on the couch.

The two boys agreed to stay up until Hiashi got home, in case of another attack. Fortunately, there wasn't, and the cursed night came to a close.

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