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Six Months Later

"Hey guys, what are you doing here?" asked Naruto, spotting Sasuke and Sakura at their training ground.

"Don't really know. Kakashi-sensei told us to come here today, though he didn't say why," Sasuke calmly answered, leaning against a tree.

"I can answer that," Kurenai answered calmly, arriving in a puff of smoke. "Normally I'd say to wait for that sensei of yours, but knowing him he won't be here for another two hours, right?"

The two nodded in agreement. They had had quickly discovered that their sensei was a lot of things, but punctual wasn't one of them.

"So why are we here sensei?" asked Hinata softly.

"Well, as I understand, both teams have completed approximately 15 D-Rank missions and about 7 or 8 C-Rank missions each." The Jounin looked around and noticed the four each wearing distracted looks, undoubtedly remembering their previous missions. "After talking with the Lord Hokage, Kakashi and I decided that if we were to team you guys up, you could probably handle a B-Rank mission."

The four Genin's faces seemed to light up with glee. Having experienced one or two minor scuffles, thoughts of having a real mission filled each of their heads with action.

"Sakura-chan wishes to know what the specifications are," Sasuke responded, not even glancing at the girl. Having spent months as team-mates, the boy could tell when the girl would want him to ask questions most of time.

"We are to locate a group of missing-nin located near the border of our village. They are thought to be the same group that attacked the village of the Sand three nights ago. Our mission is the retrieval of the Kazekage's forbidden scrolls."

"Why us, sensei?" Hinata asked, confused. "Wouldn't this be considered a Suna affair?"

"Indeed," replied Kurenai. "But upon location of the missing-nin, the Hokage offered to complete the mission for them as a sign of peace. Such an important mission is vital to the Leaf's friendship with the Sand, thus we are combining your three teams."

"Wait," Sasuke interrupted. "Your three teams?"

"Hey there Hinata, it's been awhile," came a masculine voice from behind them.

The five turned to find themselves facing what seemed like another Genin team and their leader.

"Hello," greeted their leader, a tall man dressed completely in green. "You must be teams 1 and 2, pleased to meet you." With that the strange man gave a blinding smile and wiggled his enormous eyebrows.

'Gross' thought the four Genin, shivering at the sight.

"Teams, allow me to introduce you to Team Gai," Kurenai started.

"I'll take it from there," the man cut in, flashing his smile again. "My name is Gai Maito, the beautiful green beast of Konoha. These are my students, Lee Rock, Neji Hyuuga, and Tenten Kuregama."

The three students bowed respectively, each looking at their new partners curiously.

"Hey there Neji, been awhile," Naruto growled, watching the white-eyed boy.

"Indeed, Naruto," the Hyuuga replied in a scathing tone.

The older Hyuuga and the honorary Hyuuga had become rivals in the few years Naruto had stayed at the Hyuuga household. Neji had been unfriendly towards Hinata due to the main house and branch house systems. Naruto had challenged the boy, but had backed down at Hinata's request.

"Do you know him Neji-kun?" inquired the girl introduced as Tenten.

"Knowing Neji-san, he probably never mentioned us," Hinata replied, offering her hand. "I'm his cousin, Hinata Hyuuga, and this is my team-mate Naruto Uzumaki."

Tenten promptly shook hands with the two, introducing herself. "Nice to meet you. You were right, Neji-kun didn't mention you, not that he talks that much anyway."

The Hyuuga scoffed, causing the girl to laugh.

"Who are the other two?" Gai asked, looking at Sasuke and Sakura.

"My name's Sasuke Uchiha, and this is my team-mate Sakura Haruno," the boy replied bowing to the group.

"YOSH! Sakura-chan, would you like to go on a date with me?" the boy known as Lee asked, appearing in front of the surprised girl.

Sakura promptly hid behind Sasuke, who'd crossed his arms. The girl peeked over the Uchiha's shoulder and looked at the blatant boy. He was dressed like his sensei, from head to toe in green, and seemed to have the same fuzzy eyebrows.

"Sakura-chan says no way," the Uchiha replied in a cold tone. "And she thinks you come on way to strong to girls." Seeing the confused look on Lee's face, Sasuke continued. "Sakura-chan doesn't speak to anyone other than myself, don't take it personally."

The boy seemed to hesitate at the next part until prodded by the pink-haired girl behind him.

"She also says she has no romantic interest in anyone other than me," the boy finished, blushing.

As if proving her point, Sakura threw her arms over the boy and proceeded to kiss him on the cheek.

Naruto and Hinata simply laughed at the show, knowing the boy was uncomfortable with public displays of affection. The two had walked in on the couple a month back and found the couple kissing. After hours questioning, the two had gotten the Uchiha to admit his relationship with the silent girl.

"Yo," greeted Kakashi, appearing in a puff of smoke.

'You're late…' everyone thought simultaneously, sweat-dropping at his casual greeting.

"Well, now that everyone is here, let's formulate the plan of attack," started Kurenai, taking control of the situation. "We're going to divide into two teams. Team A is going to distract the main group with a head-on assault. Remember, capturing the enemy isn't necessary, so if you find yourselves unable to hold them off, retreat. Team B will use the distraction to steal the scrolls. After securing the objective, Team B will regroup with Team A at Konoha."

"Wait, isn't necessary? Then we should just use hit and run tactics? The scrolls are the objective," Sasuke stated, pointing out the obvious.

"That is true," Kakashi answered, "But if we capture the group we'll get paid double."

Seeing the faces of their charges light up, the three Jounin sighed.

"However," Gai started, in a serious tone. "If the enemy is stronger than anticipated, do NOT hesitate to retreat. We have little information about them, so be prepared for anything. Got it?"

The Genin nodded, understanding the seriousness of his words.

"So what are the teams?" asked Lee, breaking the silence.

"Team B will consist of Hinata, Tenten, Sasuke, and myself," stated Kurenai. "Team A will be Naruto, Sakura, Neji, Lee, Gai, and Kakashi. Understood?"

Everyone nodded, the Genin looking apprehensive, and the Jounin watching their charges reactions.

"Don't worry guys, we wouldn't have taken the mission if we weren't sure you could handle it," Gai assured them, calming their fears. "Everyone ready?"

The groups nodded, separating into the new teams.

"Okay, Team B will proceed in 10 minutes from our departure," Kakashi stated, leading Team A out. "Good luck."

15 Minutes Later

"Well, well. Look what we have here boys, this wench seems to have hurt herself." With that the voice cackled, having spotted Sakura on the ground, clutching her ankle.

The pink-haired kunoichi suddenly smiled and started waving goodbye.

"Wha-" he started, being interrupted by a green blur.

The thugs watched in surprise, as what appeared to be greenish orbs pummeled their friend.

"Shocking First Bullet" a voice roared out. A blond-haired blur came from the side and punched one of the enemy ninjas, knocking him unconscious.

"Attack!" yelled one the goons, summoning the rest of his crew.

His yells were cut short as Gai appeared in him, sweeping out his legs. He barely had started falling before a second green figure appeared, kicking the nin into a tree.

More thugs started rushing to his aid, but were stopped by two figures.

"Byakugan!" yelled one, eyes pulsing. The white-eyed figure charged, unafraid of the odds.


'Sounds like they started' thought Kurenai, waiting behind some brush. "Now Hinata!"

The young Hyuuga girl disappeared in the blur, having been waiting with her Alter activated. She reappeared as quickly as she had left, slightly winded. "Three guards remain sensei."

The Jounin nodded, quickly thinking up a strategy. "Wait for my signal, then go straight for the scrolls, we'll handle the rest." She then led the other two Genin cautiously, trying to avoid unwanted attention.

The trio stopped, sighting the three guards. Kurenai quickly looked at Sasuke and motioned to the guard on the right. Turning, she did the same for Tenten and the guard on the left. Receiving understanding nods, she counted off, using her fingers.


Two …


The three instantly sprung into action.

The young Uchiha summoned Zetsuei, making quick work of unprepared fool.

Without leaving her spot, Tenten launched numerous kunai that embedded themselves in the guard's unprotected back.

In a flash, the Jounin appeared in front of the final obstacle, eyes shining red. The two Genin watched in fascination as the guard proceeded to knock himself out. Eyes returning to normal, Kurenai gave a sharp whistle, signaling Hinata.

A few moments later the white-eyed girl appeared, scrolls in hand.

"Okay, let's get back to Konoha on the double. Team A will be fine on their own," Kurenai stated.

With that the group took off into the trees, disappearing among the foliage.

Back At The Battle

The surprise attack had gone downhill quickly. After the initial shock had worn off, the enemies had started fighting back quite fiercely.

Sakura and Naruto had been forced to fight back to back. Sakura kept their attackers at bay while Naruto knocked them unconscious, one by one.

Lee and Neji had teamed up as well, but were barely holding their own. It was apparent that neither had focused to hard on their teamwork drills.

"Earth Bullet" Neji roared, using his chakra to fire condensed clumps of earth at his enemy.

Unfortunately, that's when things went from bad to worse.

Kakashi was in the middle of the fray, rushing from one enemy to another. He suddenly noticed a tingling around his body, and felt his chakra quickly draining. "What in the hell?" he growled. The Jounin quickly pulled up his headband, revealing his Sharingan eye, looking for the source of the drainage.

Gai noticed Kakashi's drop in chakra, and quickly made his way over to his silver-haired partner. "What're doing? This is no time to be slacking!"

"Something's draining my chakra Gai, I can't help it!" Kakashi growled, as he fell to his knees, gasping.

Gai noticed his rival fall to the ground, completely drained, and swore loudly. The enemy's number seemed to be dwindling, but they were still going strong.

Suddenly, the ground seemed to rise up, and converge on the unsuspecting Jounin. He struggled briefly, suffocating from the lack of air. A few moments later the ground crumbled away, leaving the Jounin to fall, unconscious.

Team B

Sasuke landed on a branch and stopped. "Something's wrong," he murmured, looking back. "Kurenai-sensei, I have to go back!" he called, racing towards the battle.

"Sasuke stop, stick to the mission!" Tenten called.

"What do we do sensei?" Hinata asked, clutching the scrolls.

"Let him go. He knows what he's doing," Kurenai murmured, watching the boy race off. 'Good luck…'

Team A

Lee watched in horror as his sensei fell, defeated. 'Damnit,' he thought, "I guess I'm going to have to use that move."

The Taijutsu specialist rushed at his opponent, dodging the enemy ninja's punch. The boy landed his patented 'Konoha Whirlwind', sending his enemy into the air with a powerful kick.

Unfortunately, as the boy prepared to leap after his enemy, he felt his body become heavy. He stumbled forward; not realizing his chakra was being drained, and soon fell, unable to move.

Neji, using his Byakugan, watched awe as his team-mate's chakra was absorbed into the ground. The Hyuuga genius quickly jumped into the trees, realizing he would be safe there. He looked around, hoping to give the bit of advice to his cousin, but realized they had been separated.

"Well, well. It looks like someone actually figured out what was going on," mused a voice from below. "Unfortunately for you, there's no escape."

Looking down, Neji caught sight of what looked like a boy no older than himself, staring right back at him. The boy seemed to where a large overcoat, covering most of his body.

"You can't hide from me, my bugs see everything," he stated, readjusting his sunglasses. "If you surrender now I won't hurt you."

"You never had a chance!" Neji growled, launching himself at the boy. "You're within my divination field. Hakke Rokujuyon Sho!

"Two hands, four hands, eight hands, sixteen hands, thirty-two hands, sixty-four hands!" he yelled, sending the boy flying backwards from the assault. "I've closed all of your Tenketsu points…it's over," the Hyuuga said with a smirk.

His smirk faded into a look of disbelief as the mysterious figure got back up.

"Sorry, but all you hit were my bugs. Since they live in my body and feed off my chakra they act as a shield to protect their home." The boy took a second to fix his glasses before continuing. "Don't bother trying to attack again; you're completely drained of chakra by now."

As if agreeing, Neji fell over, no longer able to stand. "H-How?" he managed to gasp out.

"I spread my bugs out once the fight started. They're quite fond of chakra, and told them to have their fill of yours."

"Annihilating Second Bullet" Naruto roared, charging into the clearing at the boy.

In response, the figure raised his right arm. The ground, is if controlled, rose in front of the charging shinobi and collided with him.

"Woah," Naruto remarked, skidding backwards. "You have an Alter too?"

This seemed to enrage the boy, causing the ground to shake. "My Alter is the might of the earth, and you're gonna get a first-hand taste of it traitor!" He figure pulled back his right arm, and punched the ground. This caused the ground to ripple towards Naruto.

The shinobi flipped backwards and landed on the ground, panting. "Who you calling a traitor? If you have that power that means you must have been born in Konoha too. If anyone's a traitor it's you!"

"I'll destroy you!" the boy cried, ignoring the blond. "Gaia Twister!"

The ground began moving in a circular motion around Naruto, slowly rising. Soon a small tornado filled with rocks surrounded the Leaf-nin, preventing him from escaping.

"Now, Gaia Crusher!"

The tornado seemed to converge on Naruto, endlessly pummeling him. Getting desperate, the boy punched the ground with all his might, launching him into the air. 'Heh…time to see if all my training paid off,' thought Naruto.

"My turn!" the Uzumaki yelled. "Exterminating Last Bullet!"

The other boy, realizing the danger has was in, quickly formed a shield of earth, protecting himself. Naruto's fist collided with the shield, momentarily stopping the shinobi's assault.

"Now!" the boy yelled, creating a spike from rocks below the Leaf-nin. He clenched his fist and the spike launched, catching the boy in the stomach.

Naruto fell backwards, stumbling a bit. "Heh, barely scratched me," he lied, forcing himself to stand straight. Gripping the spike-shaped piece of rock, he pulled it out.

Sakura, arriving at the scene, ran to Naruto's side and took a battle stance, summoning her Eternity Eight.

"What? Another one!" the figure growled, looking at Sakura. 'I swear I'll get my revenge and Sound and Stone for what they did you.' "But I'm afraid I can't let live!" he roared, raising his arms.

The earth obeyed, and swallowed the two Leaf-nin cutting off their air supply.

"Zetsuei, attack!" Sasuke roared, arriving at the scene.

The blue and white robot appeared, thrusting out its whip-like blades at the surprised ninja.

The missing-nin barely dodged, losing his death-grip on Naruto and Sakura. The Uchiha quickly ran over to the two, checking their pulses.

"You bastard!" he growled, standing with his head still down. "I'll make you pay!"

With that, the raven-haired boy's head snapped up, revealing two blood-red eyes. Each containing two swirling commas, indicating he had achieved the second level of his blood-line limit.

Zetsuei continued its assault on the ninja, preventing the boy from countering.

"Grand Fireball" Sasuke shouted, releasing a large burst of flame from his mouth.

The bug-wielding ninja dodged, only to find himself in the grip of his opponent's Alter. "I'll never go back with you!" he shouted, trying to free himself. "I promised myself I'd return to the village of the Hidden Leaf and you won't stop me!" He quickly ordered his bugs to eat their way out.

With that, Zetsuei's whips crumbled, freeing the missing-nin.

"What the hell are you talking about; we're from the village of the Hidden Leaf," Sasuke explained, calling Zetsuei to his side.

"Prove it!" the boy called, not trusting his enemy.

Sasuke quickly untied his headband and tossed it the boy. "Look, it's got the symbol of the Leaf on it, proving I'm a ninja from that village. The question is, who are you?"

The boy looked up…and laughed. "Impossible! You're really a Leaf-nin! Seriously!" he asked, almost in disbelief.

"Yeah, what's the big deal," Sasuke asked, genuinely confused.

"My name's Shino Aburame, formally of the Sound," he replied with a bow.

"The Sound," Sasuke asked, confused. "But that would mean…" Realization dawned on the boy as he exclaimed, "No way! You're one of the kidnapped children?"

"Exactly!" Shino cried out. "I thought you guys were sent to retrieve me. Those Sound morons can't have liked my escape, so I figured they'd hunt me down. That's why I joined these dopes!"

"Well, that's quite a story," Kakashi grumbled, sitting up. "And knowing the Aburame's use of bug contracts, I believe you." The Jounin managed to stand up, and covered his Sharingan eye. "Now let's wake up everyone else."

"Hey Sakura-chan, wake up," Sasuke called, walking over to his girlfriend.

The pink-haired girl coughed a bit and opened her eyes. Upon seeing her boyfriend, she immediately hugged him, realizing he must have saved her.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm glad to see you too. Now let me wake up that bum over there," Sasuke murmured, pointing at Naruto.

The kunoichi nodded and let the boy go. She began brushing herself off until a strangled gasp caught her attention. She turned to find the object of her affection fall to his knees, crying. 'Sasuke…crying? I've never seen him cry…' The girl slowly walked over, unsure of what she'd find.

The sight wouldn't be one she would soon forget.

Blood ran freely down the side, as it gushed from a fist sized hole in the boy's stomach. With a cry, the kunoichi threw her hands over the hole, using her small medical knowledge to try and stop the bleeding.

"S-Sensei!" Sasuke shouted, having overcome his shock.

The Jounin, who had been rousing Gai, looked over and noticed something was off. "What is it?" he called.

"It's Naruto! H-He needs medical treatment fast!" the Uchiha choked out.

Kakashi noted the seriousness of his charge's voice and rushed over. Removing Sakura's hands, his eye visibly widened in shock.

Sakura, unable to hold back, turned from the boy and began vomiting.

"Sasuke, Sakura, wake up the others and escort Shino back to Konoha. I'll be taking Naruto directly," he snapped. Gently grabbing the boy, he raced off into the forest, careful not to disturb the gaping wound.

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